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30 Best Manga Like Tokyo Ghoul To Read

dark fantasy

If you are a fan of anime or even if you just read manga, there is very less chance that you might have missed Tokyo Ghoul. The series is about creatures called Ghouls that feed upon human flesh and how a boy named Kaneki Ken encountered a ghoul, and his life completely changed.

After getting involved in an accident with her, Kaneki becomes half-human and half-Ghoul, and he struggles to exist in between these two different worlds. This series is a huge hit, and it really got a very positive response from the audience.

It has already been adapted into an anime, and several spin-offs, live-action movies, etc., have also been made by some studios and fans. The series can be put in the genres of Action, Horror, and Fantasy. If you want to read more mangas like Tokyo Ghoul, then you should check out this list of the 30 Best Manga Like Tokyo Ghoul.

1. Chainsaw Man

The story takes place in a world where demons are born out of human fears and desires. Demons are really strong and malicious in nature, but mostly their power depends upon how big and deep that fear means for a person.

However, some humans can also use their powers by undergoing a contract with them. When demons run loose and start killing people, there is a special unit that has been created to find and kill all the demons, and they are called Demon Hunters.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

The protagonist of the manga is a young man named Denji, who lives with his demon dog with a chainsaw and works for a shady organization to kill small or weak demons so that he can pay off the debt taken by his father before he dies. If you loved the action sequences and weird creatures from Tokyo Ghoul, then you will also like this one.

  • Writer: Tatsuki Fujimoto
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: December 3, 2018
  • Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Comedy Horror
  • Chapters: 121
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Viz

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2. Ajin

It tells us about creatures that are called “Ajin.” They are a small number of specialized humans that possess the ability to instantly recover from any injury and are practically immortal. They are also capable of creating some shadowy creatures that are resistant to any physical attack, have incredible physical strength, and can attack with their sharp claws and teeth.


Ajin (Credits: Gamon Sakurai)

Nagai Kei is a student who discovers that he is an Ajin after getting injured in a traffic accident. The public treats him like he is some kind of monster, and the government wants to capture all these creatures to use them as subjects to run experiments on them.

But Kei wants to work with the Japanese government so that they would let him live a normal life. This world is also full of intense action, a good storyline, and a variety of characters that you will definitely enjoy reading.

  • Writer: Gamon Sakurai
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Date of Release: July 6, 2012
  • Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller
  • Chapters: 86
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Good! Afternoon magazine (As there is no legal site to read it)

3. Claymore

In a fictional world, humans co-exist with a species of demons known as Yoma. They pray and hunt human beings and are also called Specters. They also have the ability to transform themselves to take a human form, which allows them to live among human beings without any suspicion.


Claymore (Credits: Norihiro Yagi)

There is a mysterious group known as The Organization that creates hybrids. They look exactly like humans, but they possess incredible strength and power and aim to fight and kill Yoma.

These are female warriors that are known as “Claymore” because of their Claymore swords or “Silver-eyed Witches” due to their silver eyes. As you can see, both of the series are a lot like each other, so you should deficiently check this out if you liked reading Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Writer: Norihiro Yagi
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: June 6, 2001
  • Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
  • Chapters: 154
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Viz, MangaPlus


4. Deadman Wonderland

It was a normal day, and Ganta was sitting in his classroom. But then a strange person comes floating from the classroom windows. He furiously murders all the students in the classroom, and Ganta is the only surviving student. The “Red Man,” instead of killing him, puts a red crystal in his chest and just leaves. After the investigation, he is found guilty of the crime and is sentenced to death at Deadman Wonderland.

It is a high-security prison that is a combination of a theme park and a respectable detainment facility. After arriving at the prison, Ganta has now to survive the dangerous and dark environment of the prison and its inmates and, at the same time, try to find that mysterious “Red Man” in order to prove Innocence.

  • Writer: Jinsei Kataoka
  • Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
  • Date of Release: May 2007
  • Genre: Action Thriller, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic
  • Chapters: 57
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Viz

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5. Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori is an exceptional high school student who lives in Sendai. He is a member of the Occult Club, that research about supernatural things. One day, they found an ancient relic, and when they opened it, they found a rotten finger talisman that attracted many cursed demons and captured his friends. To save his friends, Yuji swallowed the finger, becoming a host to the king of all curses named Ryomen Sukuna.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen (Credits: Gege Akutami)

Seeing that he is still retaining his personality as a human, Satoru Gojo, a sorcerer, rather than eliminating him immediately, admits him to the Jujutsu High School, which is a school made to train young sorcerers and teach them to control Cursed Energy, which arises from our negative emotions and that all living beings emanate.

  • Writer: Gege Akutami
  • Publisher: Shueisha 
  • Date of Release: March 5, 2018
  • Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Chapters: 214
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Viz, MangaPlus

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6. Parasyte

One day on earth, some alien creatures fell from the sky. They are very small in size and are able to easily enter the human body. Their main objective is to somehow reach the brain of a human and then take control over their entire body. They then use their body as a host to do prey upon other people.


Parasyte (Credits: Hitoshi Iwaaki)

Shinichi Izumi was one of the unlucky ones to encounter one of these aliens. It entered his hand and tried to reach its brain, but it failed and instead got melded with his right arm. He was fortunate enough not to get killed. That creature can now talk with Shinichi from his hand, and it has become a rather difficult task for him to live in harmony with the alien.

  • Writer: Hitoshi Iwaaki
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Date of Release: 1988
  • Genre: Body Horror, Horror Thriller, Science Fiction
  • Chapters: 64
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Morning Open Zōkan, Monthly Afternoon magazine (As there is no legal site to read it)

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7. Hunter x Hunter

The story started after twenty years prior when Ging Freecss left his son in the hands of his aunt Miko on Whale Island. Gon is now a teenage boy who believes that his parents are dead, but one day finds out that they are actually alive and are one of the best hunters in the world, whose job is to find and hunt precious treasures, exotic creatures, and sometimes even some special individuals.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter (Credits: Yoshihiro Togashi)

After listening to his parents’ story, he is also very motivated and is also interested in becoming a high-ranking hunter himself, so he decides to leave his home and take on the Hunter Exam. Gon needs to pass a test in order to become an official hunter. Even though this series is not as dark as Tokyo Ghoul, you would still love it as it has a little plot of dark and horror.

  • Writer: Yoshihiro Togashi
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: March 16, 1998 
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts
  • Chapters: 400
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Viz, MangaPlus

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8. Happiness

You might have also been told by your parents in your childhood that you should not wander around outside at night. Well, in this story, certain monsters do roam around during the night, and they are none other than—- vampires. Makoto Okazaki is a regular high school student who always gets teased by his classmates.


Happiness (Credits: Shūzō Oshimi)

One night, he goes outside to give back the DVD that he borrowed from his friend, but he gets attacked by a female vampire, and she bites him in the neck and drinks his blood. She gave him two choices: either to die or become like her. He chooses to live and thus becomes a vampire himself. But this is just the start. His life is going to become even messier now than ever.

  • Writer: Shūzō Oshimi
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Date of Release: February 9, 2015
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Chapters: 50
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Bessatsu Shōnen magazine (As there is no legal site to read it)

9. Dorohedoro

The series is set in a fictional world that is divided into three different realms: Hole, which is a very polluted and violent place inhabited by humans; the Sorcerers’ world, which is a very beautiful, clean, and colorful place where a lot of magic users and sorcerers reside; and Hell, a dark, gloomy and torturous underworld where the dead souls of all the sorcerers live alongside demons.


Dorohedoro (Credits: Q Hayashida)

The story is about a man named Caiman, whose head got transformed into a reptile’s head by a sorcerer, and he also doesn’t remember anything about his former life. Along with his friend Nikaido, he is now on a mission to get his memories back and also to find the sorcerer responsible for his transformation.

  • Writer: Q Hayashida
  • Publisher: Shogakukan
  • Date of Release: November 30, 2000
  • Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Science Fantasy
  • Chapters: 167
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Viz

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10. Berserk

Berserk is set in a medieval Europe-inspired world, where Guts is a lone warrior who is trained by his abusive father to become a mercenary. He left his mercenary group after being forced to kill a drunk person in self-defense. He then joins a group known as the Band of the Hawk, whose leader, Griffith, takes him in after defeating him in a battle. Guts become the best fighter and earn Griffith’s trust.


Berserk (Credits: Kentaro Miura)

After getting hired by the Kingdom of Midland, Guts start to see and hear about some strange and supernatural things. First about Griffith’s mysterious pendant, then a being known as the “Skull Knight,” and at last, archdemons coming from another realm.

After Griffith mistakenly summons them into this world. Guts, along with his surviving comrades, now have to travel across the world, finding and killing these supernatural creatures.

  • Writer: Kentaro Miura
  • Publisher: Hakusensha
  • Date of Release: August 1989
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
  • Chapters: 371
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Monthly Ikki, Hibana, Monthly Shōnen Sunday magazine (As there is no legal site to read it)

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11. Black Clover

I can surely say that you are going to absolutely love to read this series if you liked Tokyo Ghoul. Black Clover is about an orphan boy named Asta. He is raised in an orphanage with his friend and rival, Yuno. Everybody is born with some kind of magical powers, but Asta is an exception who doesn’t possess and can’t use any magic. So, he focused on working on his physical strength instead.

Black Clover

Black Clover (Credits: Yūki Tabata)

They both have the desire to become the next Wizard King, a public figure who stands second in authority to the king of Clover Kingdom and also the strongest magic user in the country. When they both decide to join a Magic Knight Squad, Yuno receives a four-leaf grimoire, a rare grimoire only given to a select few individuals, and Asta, a five-leaf grimoire that holds mysterious dark powers.

  • Writer: Yūki Tabata
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: February 16, 2015
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Chapters: 352
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Viz, MangaPlus

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12. Dawn: Tsumetai Te

A new epidemic has hit the town, and no one can escape it now! Have you ever wondered about the plague that we are taught about in our history class? Well, something similar has happened again. After coming into contact with the virus, people turn into zombie-like creatures. The name of this abnormal disease is called ‘Nightshift.’

Dawn Tsumetai Te

Dawn Tsumetai Te (Credits: Shinshu Ueda)

Nagasawa Takashi is an ordinary high school who is trying very hard to get the attention of his classmate Shirai Kyouko. One night, Takashi is attacked by an infected man, and he barely manages to escape.

Doctors who have been examining Takashi said that he is suffering from a disease they have never even heard about, Nightshift. The dark, horror, and fantasy theme of this series makes it a must-watch for people that like Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Writer: Shinshu Ueda
  • Publisher: Unknown
  • Date of Release: April 27, 2002
  • Genre: Drama, Horror
  • Chapters: 37
  • Status: Completed
  • Where to Read: Unknown

13. Death Note

In Tokyo, Light Yagami is a high school student who is really good at studies and always ranks number one in his class. One day while returning home from school, he found a notebook lying on the ground. He picked it up, and it was written “Death Note” on it.

At first, he was about to throw it away, but then he changed his mind to give it a try. He discovers that book can kill any person just by writing their name and remembering their face while writing it.

Death Note

Death Note (Credits: Tsugumi Ohba)

He used the book to kill the world’s most dangerous and notorious criminals. He is then visited by Ryuk, the previous owner of the book, and a Shinigami, who dropped the book in the human world out of boredom and is entertained by Light’s actions. After seeing all these mass murders around the world, the media and police department decides to conduct a joint operation alongside a secret detective, L.

  • Writer: Tsugumi Ohba
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: December 1, 2003
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Supernatural Thriller
  • Chapters: 108
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Viz, MangaPlus

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14. Attack on Titan

Although the theme and plot of this series are totally different from Tokyo Ghoul, it is still one of the manga out there to read and enjoy. Hundreds of years ago, humans almost got extinct after a massacre by man-eating humanoid creatures called Titans. The remaining humans built huge walls and were forced to live there only.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan (Credits: Hajime Isayama)

Now almost a century has passed, and humans are living peacefully inside the walls. But on an uncertain day, a special type of titan came and was able to break the outer layer of the first wall, and all the titans started rampaging in the area.

Eren Yeager, a small young kid, saw from his very own eyes her mother being eaten away by a titan. After seeing this horrific site, he decides to join the Survey Corp made for the sole purpose of extermination of titans.

  • Writer: Hajime Isayama
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Date of Release: September 9, 2009
  • Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic
  • Chapters: 139
  • Status: Finish
  • Where to Read: Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine (As there is no legal site to read it)

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15. Elfen Lied

If you liked the idea of Ghouls, creatures that look like humans and live among them but are a lot more powerful and intelligent, then you should also give this manga a try. The plot revolves around “Diclon,” a new type of mutated species. They are very much like humans in terms of their appearance, but they have horns on their forehead and invisible arms called “Vect.”

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied (Credits: Lynn Okamoto)

As these species are deemed very dangerous to human civilization, they are either killed before birth or taken by scientists for cruel and harsh torture and experiments. One such kid actually manages to escape from the facility, and while escaping, she gets hit on her head and develops a split childlike personality.

She is found by two locals, Kouta and his cousin Yuka. They took her in, and their life has now become a living hell as the organization is chasing her down, and they also have to deal with her personality changing from oblivious to murderous.

  • Writer: Lynn Okamoto
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: June 6, 2002
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Chapters: 107
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Weekly Young Jump (As there is no legal site to read it)

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16. Holyland

Yuu Kamishiro is a tormented soul who thinks that he has no place in this society. His classmates used to bully and abuse him daily at school, which made him think that he doesn’t belong in this society. He goes into depression and one day decides not to go to school, and at night, he ventures out to search for a place where he can feel he truly belongs.


Holyland (Credits: Kouji Mori)

Finally, he believes that the only place where he will find happiness is in a world of violence and anger. Yuu starts training his body and mind to become stronger and more powerful so that he will be able to defend himself.

He even achieves his objective of becoming really strong, and he also starts eliminating local street gang thugs and gangsters. He is using his strength to help others, but he de don’t realize how deep he will get into this violence. This plot about strength and dominating people is similar to Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Writer: Kouji Mori
  • Publisher: Hakusensha
  • Date of Release: October 13, 2000
  • Genre: Delinquents, Martial Arts, Psychological
  • Chapters: 182
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Young Animal (As there is no legal site to read it) 

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17. Umineko When They Cry

In October 1986, a gathering was organized of all the members of the wealthy Ushiromiya family on a private island called Rokkenjima. The main topic of the discussion is the division of assets belonging to the family head, Kinzo, whose health condition is deteriorating.

We are then told about the legend of the “Golden Witch” Beatrice, where she gave Kinzo ten tons of gold which he can use to restore his family’s poor financial condition in the past.

Umineko When They Cry

Umineko When They Cry (Credits: Ryukishi07)

After some time has passed since the discussion started, a typhoon breaks out, trapping all the people inside the mansion. Then in a mysterious and inhuman way, first murders started happening, and then strange supernatural events started occurring. Some people believe that all these things are done by the witch Beatrice.

  • Writer: Ryukishi07
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Date of Release: December 22, 2007 
  • Genre: Murder Mystery
  • Chapters: 258
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Gangan Comics (As there is no legal site to read it) 

18. Variante

This is a fantasy horror manga, which you might have guessed is the same as Tokyo Ghoul. Hosho Aiko is a teenage girl whose family is killed by a monster, and she was killed too. But she wakes up and finds herself in a laboratory where Dr. Kochigawa is taking care of her.

She observed that her left arm had been transplanted with something else. She has amnesia, but after seeing another monster in the room, she remembers everything, and her arm turns into a powerful weapon and completely destroys that monster.


Variante (Credits: Iqura Sugimoto)

After discovering her newfound powers, Aiko decides to learn more about the monster who slaughtered his family and attacked her and to find out whether that was an accident or a well-planned murder. Along the way, she also needs to learn about his new powers and how to control and properly use them.

  • Writer: Iqura Sugimoto
  • Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
  • Date of Release: 2004
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
  • Chapters: 19
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Monthly Dragon Age (As there is no legal site to read it) 

19. Another

Misaki was a very popular student of Class 3-3 at Yomiyama North Middle School. One day, she suddenly passed away partway through the school year. All the students and teachers are devastated by her death and decide to behave like she is still alive among them, which leads to a mysterious presence shown in the graduation photo.


Another (Credits: Yukito Ayatsuji)

After a few years, a student named Koichi Sakakibara is transferred to Yomiyama’s class 3-3. He quickly noticed the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the classroom and frightened students. He then saw a student named Mei Misaki, who was being ignored by his students.

After a few months, a strange phenomenon started happening, and students and their family members were dying one by one. Now along with Misaki, they both have to unravel the secret behind these strange murders.

  • Writer: Yukito Ayatsuji
  • Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
  • Date of Release: October 29, 2009
  • Genre: Mystery, Horror fiction, Tragedy
  • Chapters: 20
  • Status: Finished 
  • Where to Read: Yasei Jidai (As there is no legal site to read it) 

20. Devil’s Line

In a world where humans and vampires exist in the same society and vampires have a genetic code very similar to that of a human. This makes it very difficult to tell the difference between a human and a vampire. However, there is only one distinct feature that makes them apart. These vampires lose control when they see the blood of a human.

Devil’s Line

Devil’s Line (Credits: Ryo Hanada)

Tsukasa Taira is a 22-year-old university student who finds out that her old friend named, Shouta Akimura, is a vampire. He always remains in constant fear that he might lose control and attack her one day. To save Tsukasa, detective Yuuki Anzai comes in and arrests Shouta. As he takes her home, Tsukasa finds herself attracted to Anzai and develops feelings for him, and he is a vampire too.

  • Writer: Ryo Hanada
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Date of Release: March 22, 2013
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy
  • Chapters: 80
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Monthly Morning Two (As there is no legal site to read it) 

21. Gantz

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are both high school students, and they get hit by a subway train when they are trying to save a drunk man who earlier had fallen onto the tracks. After they die, they find themselves in an unfinished Tokyo apartment, where they meet Joichiro Nishi, a Gantz veteran, and there are other participants as well.


Gantz (Credits: Hiroya Oku)

There is a large black sphere at one end of the room known as “Gantz.” After some time, the sphere opens up, and a bald naked man comes out with a breathing mask and wires attached to his head, carrying various weapons for them to use. They are informed that they have to kill aliens living on earth, and they and those aliens are not visible to normal people.

  • Writer: Hiroya Oku
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: June 29, 2000
  • Genre: Action, Psychological Horror, Psychological Thriller, Science Fiction
  • Chapters: 383
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Weekly Young Jump (As there is no legal site to read it) 

22. Choujin X

Azuma Higashi and Tokio Kurohara are really good friends. Even though their personalities are different like Azuma has great fighting skills with a strong sense of justice and also gets good grades in his class, and Tokio doesn’t know how to fight and doesn’t listen in class. But still, they have a very strong bond between them.

Choujin X

Choujin X (Credits: Sui Ishida)

They both live in Yamato Prefecture, where the whole city is almost destroyed by Choujins, humans that have obtained supernatural abilities. One day while returning home, they encounter a Choujin themselves who threatens to kill them.

With no other option left, the duo decides to become Choujins themselves. They take a drug that turns them into a Choujin. This manga is also written by the same person who has written Tokyo Ghoul, Sui Ishida.

  • Writer: Sui Ishida
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: May 10, 2021
  • Genre: Action, Supernatural
  • Chapters: 35
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Viz, MangaPlus

23. Fairy Tail

The earth is home to magicians, wizards, and sorcerers. Where numerous guilds have formed, where a wizard can apply to get paid job requests to earn some livelihood. Natsu Dragneel is a Dragon Slayer wizard from the Fairy Tail Guild who is currently looking for his missing father, the dragon Igneel in the Kingdom of Flore.

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail (Credits: Hiro Mashima)

In his quest, he befriends a celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia, and she becomes a member of Fairy Tail. He finds more companions that join him on his journeys, like cat-like Exceed Happily, Gray Fullbuster, ice wizard Erza Scarlet, a magical knight, Wendy Marvell, a Dragon Slayer like Natsu, and at last, Carla, who is an Exceed. They all travel together and face off against numerous enemies like demons, dark guilds, wizards, etc.

  • Writer: Hiro Mashima
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Date of Release: August 2, 2006
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Chapters: 549
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Weekly Shōnen Magazine (As there is no legal site to read it) 

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24. Fire Punch

Fire Punch takes place on an Earth where people possess supernatural powers and abilities known as “Blessings.” One such person, known as the Ice Witch, completely froze the earth and made it barren. Along with her sister Luna, the protagonist Agni is a boy who has the blessing of regeneration. To survive in such harsh conditions, few elders in the village are fed the meat of Agni’s severed arms.

Fire Punch

Fire Punch (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

One day, another blessed name visited their village and asked Agni to come to his city of Behemdorg. Seeing them relying on cannibalism, she becomes furious and disgusted and burns down the whole village with her inextinguishable flames. Her sister, who has a slow regeneration, dies in this attack but insists Agni live. Now Agni is on a mission to find and eliminate Doma at all costs.

  • Writer: Tatsuki Fujimoto
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: April 18, 2016
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, Supernatural Thriller
  • Chapters: 83
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Viz

25. Hellsing

This manga centers around the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, which is an organization formed by Abraham Van Helsing hundreds of years ago. It is still running and is currently being led by Sir Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing. As she witnessed the death of his father when she was a child, she became from once an innocent and shy girl to a force to be reckoned with.


Hellsing (Credits: Kouta Hirano)

She has the protection of the family butler Walter C. Dornez, who is a deadly foe, and Alucard, the most powerful vampire, who became the loyal servant of the family when he got defeated by Van Helsing. Their job is to protect the queen and keep the borders of the country safe from any supernatural threat and away from other social and political matters.

  • Writer: Kouta Hirano
  • Publisher: Shōnen Gahōsha
  • Date of Release: May 1997
  • Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Vampire
  • Chapters: 89
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Young King OURs (As there is no legal site to read it) 

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26. Demon Slayer

The story is set in the Taisho era in Japan. Tanjiro Kamado lives with his family in the mountains. He used to help his mother with chores and also earn some money as his father was no longer alive. One day after returning from work, he finds that his whole family has been slaughtered very brutally by a demon. Only his sister Nezuko managed to survive, but she became cursed as the demon’s blood got into her body.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer (Credits:  Koyoharu Gotouge)

She herself started behaving like a demon, wanting to kill Tanjiro. He then encounters a Water Hashira named Giyu Tomioka, who explains to him what has happened to his sister and that he should become a Demon Slayer if he wants to find a cure for her sister.

He sends Tanjiro to his retired master Sakonji for training to become a demon slayer. From here on, his quest begins to help his sister become human again and also avenge the death of his family.

  • Writer: Koyoharu Gotouge
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: February 15, 2016
  • Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Martial Arts
  • Chapters: 205
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Viz

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27. Jungle Juice

Suchan Jang is a very smart and intelligent college student who is at the top of the social food chain. But no one knows that under that perfect personality, he is hiding a pair of insect wings that suddenly grew on his body when he used a mysterious medicine called “Jungle Juice.” His life completely changed when he revealed his wings to the world in an attempt to save someone’s life.

Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice (Credits: Hyung Eun)

He thought that his life would be over now, but then he stumbled upon a hidden world of insect humans, humans with insect-like wings, and everyone in this place will accept him. But he soon finds out that life here is not very simple and easy to live, as the law of the jungle governs this secret world, and all people need to look after each other themselves in order to survive.

  • Writer: Hyung Eun
  • Publisher: Naver
  • Date of Release: December 30, 2020
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Chapters: 83
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Webtoons

28. Kaiju No.8

In modern-day Japan, monsters known as kaiju appear very frequently in many cities and damage life and property. A special team called the Japanese Défense Force is assigned to kill these monsters. Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro both decide to join the special task force after their town is destroyed by kaiju.

Kaiju No.8

Kaiju No.8 (Credits: Naoya Matsumoto)

Mina is very easily able to get in, but Kafka has failed the examination numerous times and could just become a clean-up crew. One day what happens is that a small monster can enter his body through his mouth, which gives Kafka the ability to transform into a monster himself.

He is given the name “Kaiju No. 8” by the Defence Force. He again tries to join the team, and this time, he gets selected and fights from Mina’s side while keeping his abilities a secret.

  • Writer: Naoya Matsumoto
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: July 3, 2020
  • Genre: Adventure, Science Fantasy
  • Chapters: 81
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Viz, MangaPlus

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29. D.Gray-Man

The story is set in an alternate reality of the 19th century, where everything exists that should be in a fantasy manga; magic, demons, superpowers, etc. An organization known as the Black Order consists of exorcists.

As their duty is to defend humanity against the Noah Family, who hates mankind and wants to destroy them all. The exorcists use weapons of Innocence which are sentient holy artifacts, and the Noah Family uses weapons made of Dark Matter, which also gives them the ability to create demons.


D.Gray-Man (Credits: Katsura Hoshino)

Allen Walker is a new member of the Black Order and is here to get training to control Innocence properly after it destroyed the Akuma of his late guardian, Mana. Now Allen has to learn to use and control Innocence properly in order to prevent all the evil plans of the Noah Family and keep the world safe.

  • Writer: Katsura Hoshino
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Date of Release: May 31, 2004
  • Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Science Fantasy
  • Chapters: 246
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to Read: Viz

30. Shingahime

The story follows Osamu Hirota, who is a normal high school boy who has a girlfriend and doesn’t care much about school. He is living a pretty decent and peaceful and he just wants to live a normal happy life and doesn’t dream about any fantasy world where he wants to live. All the peaceful days of his life come to an end when he is taken to a mansion by a boy named Souichi.


Shingahime (Credits: Hirohisa Sato)

A female vampire named Miwako lives, and as soon as he enters, she bites him in the neck and injects some of his blood into his body. As a result, Osamu has now been turned into a vampire himself. Now if he needs to survive, he has no other choice but to feed upon human blood. He also has to bring her fresh hearts and work as her familiar, just like Souichi, who tricked Osamu.

  • Writer: Hirohisa Sato
  • Publisher: Unknown
  • Date of Release: November 25, 2016
  • Genre: Horror, Vampire
  • Chapters: 31
  • Status: Finished
  • Where to Read: Monthly Comic Zenon (As there is no legal site to read it) 

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