OtakuKart Press-Kit

OtakuKart is an entertainment website focused on creating content about anime, music, manga, movies, TV shows & video games. The website was established in April 2015 by Sohel Moldharia & Jerika Moldharia.

The website was originally created as an anime store, over the duration of next three years, it was converted into an entertainment news blog. It started blogging in November 2015, while officially shutting down the shop is January 2018. Initially OtakuKart covered anime and manga for the first seven months. In 2016, Otakukart started writing on pop culture and video games.

OtakuKart was also behind the Indian Anime Movement; MD of OtakuKart, Mr. Sharma worked with a number of YouTubers and influencers in bringing a total of 56299 signatures for the petition to bring Weathering With You to India. The creator of the anime movie, Makoto Shinkai, officially recognized the petition and the first ever anime film was released in India.

Over the last 10 years, since OtakuKart articles, editors, and quotes have been featured or sourced at the most well-known publications around the world, such as:

The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, Mirror, Wikipedia, Medium, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed, among many others.


Winner Fastest Growing Entertainment News Website

(Mumbai 2017)
Winner Best Kpop News Website

(Delhi 2019)
Winner Best Entertainment News Website

(Mumbai 2018)
Winner Best Anime News Website

Key Stats:

78 Million Users In 2016

5 Billion Lifetime Page Views

81 Million Users in 2019

9 Million Pageviews Per Month

For article pitches, breaking news, interview requests, or other inquiries, contact the OtakuKart team at team@otakukart.com.