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  • My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode Schedule
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    My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode Schedule 2018

    Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about My Hero Academia Season 3. As you all know, My Hero Academia is going to return next month with the third season of the anime. It looks like it is going to be one of the best Spring anime that we’ll be getting this year, […] More

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    INGRESS Gets An Anime Adaptation

    Hey guys. You guys must be familiar with the popular mobile known as INGRESS. It is one of the more popular games on the Playstore. This game has been developed by Niantic. It is a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game. The game was released on 15th November, 2012 for Android devices. The game actually has a […] More

  • Captain Tsubasa

    Captain Tsubasa Anime Episode Date, Schedule, Details 2018

    A couple of months ago, we got news that Captain Tsubasa was going to return with another anime in 2018. Fans who had already watched the previous series were excited, and I think that was the general consensus in the community. With Spring anime getting closer than ever, it is time we get down to […] More

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    Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Visuals & More

    Hey guys. It has been far too long since we received the new Tokyo Ghoul series. Tokyo Ghoul:re is by far one of the most famous manga in the world. It was ranked among the top ten manga of 2017 and rightly so. The manga is just far too amazing. Ishida Sui has done an […] More

  • Psycho Pass movies

    3 New Psycho Pass Movies Announced

    Hey everyone!In this post, I want to talk about the Psycho Pass series, an upcoming movies. It looks like the Psycho Pass series is picking pace as we already have an anime series on the way, scheduled for 2019. Both Psycho Pass, and Psycho Pass 2 we’re quite popular, and I think everyone among the […] More

  • Psycho Pass Sequel

    New Psycho Pass Anime Sequel Confirmed For 2019

    Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Psycho Pass Anime sequel. Yeah, you read it right! Psycho Pass is getting an anime sequel soon. Psycho Pass is based on a manga written by Hikaru Miyoshi. The first anime for the series aired back in 2012, and it portrayed the 22nd century with […] More

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    New Dragon Ball Game Announced For Mobile

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super might be ending soon but we have some amazing news from the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball is doing everything in its power to ensure that the fans are kept occupied until a new series is announced. Earlier there was an announcement regarding the movie, which is scheduled for release […] More

  • ersona 5 release date
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    Persona 5 Release Date Announced

    Hey guys. Persona 5 release date is something that all of us have been waiting for. The most recent addition to the franchise was back in 2011 when Persona 4 The Animation was released. The story focused around Yuu Narukami. He moved to Inaba. Inaba looks a really peaceful and ordinary town. Yuu immediately starts […] More

  • Mirai of the Future
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    New Trailer For Mirai of the Future Released

    Hey guys. 2018 is a good year for anime fans. A lot of great anime are going to return this year. Some of them have already begun. Like Seven Deadly Sins. The anime is in its second season and has aired 7 episodes so far. Overlord II is also out. There are several other famous […] More