10 Best Supernatural BL Manhwa/Manga to Read

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Supernatural BL
Supernatural BL

BL or Boys Love is a genre that’s getting more popular by the day. The genre is self-explanatory, as it covers stories that feature a romantic relationship between two guys. There are also certain classifications within the BL genre. The stories can either be “Yaoi” which usually contains explicit stories between two main leads that feature 18+ scenes or the stories can fall under “Shounen-ai” where the relationship between the main leads becomes secondary. The best part about the BL storyline is that it may contain a sub-genre that shapes the whole plot. Supernatural BL is one of the most fascinating criteria.

Supernatural BL has diverse storylines, Ranging from Vampires to exorcists we have tons of BL stories with some classic supernatural factors. Thus today we’ll take a look at the 10 best Supernatural BL manhwa/manga to read. This list doesn’t follow any ranking thus the order has no significance.

1) At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road is a classic Supernatural BL manhwa with an interesting plot. Yoon Tae min is an 18-year-old boy, who works multiple jobs to collect enough money to pay off his loans. He lives in a slum all alone after his parents abandoned him but he always wanted to have a normal life and go to school like others. One day he dreamt about a strange kid that committed suicide after being bullied by others, on the same day while he was returning home Yoon Tae min got into an accident and died. With some twisted fate, he woke up in someone else’s body, as it turns out that he was reborn as Si won, the kid that he dreamt about. After freaking out for a while he decided to just go along with it.

The doctor informed that Si won has Retrograde Amnesia, which led to his memory loss. He suggested that Doing things that he used to do regularly might trigger his memory. Thus he returned to his home where he found that Si won had a younger brother that seemed to hate him. In the middle of the conversation, they had a visitor named Min woo Jin. He used to be an old friend of Yoon Tae, although he had no connections with Si won. They both belonged to the same slum, and Yoon Tae often protected Min woo Jin from his abusive mother. But one day Min woo Jin suddenly disappeared from the slums never to be seen again. After looking at such a familiar face Si won (who is Yoon Tae) felt somewhat relaxed.

At the End of the Road -Supernatural BL
At the End of the Road

The next day when he went to school Si won saw that everyone weirdly looked at him. Some kids even tried to bully him, but they were all defeated since he is no longer the Si won that was taken advantage of, now he is Yoon Tae. While Si won was a scared and fragile kid, Yoon Tae was a man who can take down delinquents with ease. This sudden personality change made Min woo jin suspicious of Si won. Everything about Si won reminded him of Yoon Tae. The person Min woo loved the most in his life. What will Min woo do now to find out the truth?

2) Mo Dao Zu Shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi is a popular Supernatural BL manhua adapted from the novel of the same title. The story features the world of Spiritual Cultivators that used to exist in the ancient Chinese era. The plot revolves around Wei Wuxian, the adopted son of The Jiang Sect Leader, and Lan Wangji the nephew of the Lan Sect Leader. Wei Wuxian is a genius cultivator known for his free and childish personality. Through the course of the story, Wei Wuxian turns out to be tangled in evil sorcery leading to his death. However, after 16 years his spirit is called back by Mo xuanyu who wants him to take revenge on his behalf.

Mo Dao Zu Shi
Mo Dao Zu Shi

In Wei wuxian’s second lifetime he starts understanding how things went wrong in his past life. During this time he gets a lot closer to Lan wangji, who has been in love with Wei Wuxian for over 16 years. This time will Wei Wuxian figure out what happened in his past life that led to his demise?

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3) Hotel Phryne

Hotel Phryne is one of the most underrated Supernatural BL manhwa. However, its story is so intriguing that it can hold the title of being the best Supernatural BL. On a rainy night, Kang Doyoung and Kim hyunjin find themselves in a difficult situation as they have lost the route to their hotel and their phone has no reception. In reality, Kang Doyoung has been in love with Kim for a long time and today he came prepared to finally confess his feelings but his plans were crushed. Soon they found the hotel where they were supposed to stay. When Doyoung went inside the hotel, he found that the manager had a huge rose on his neck instead of his head.

He freaked out and told him to cancel the reservations, however, it was too late for him. The Manager gave him a key to his room and 12 keys for Kim. But why would 2 people need 13 rooms? That’s when the unimaginable happened! As Kang turned around he saw 12 Kims instead of one and that’s when the games began.

Hotel Phryne -Supernatural BL
Hotel Phryne

The game is simple enough at the surface, Kang has to find out the real Kim amongst the 11 fake ones. Every Kim that’s called fake by Kang will disappear forever, even if it was the real Kim. However, All the 12 Kim(s) share the same memory up to the point they entered the hotel. But now it was the time for Kang to choose the first Kim to disappear. How will Kang and Kim get out of this horrid hotel of nightmares?

4) Prince Bari

People have always been fascinated by events that they can not explain which include spirits and supernatural events. They look for other people who have a special connection with the world of Spirits and this is something that hasn’t stopped even in the 21st century. This belief people have in Shamans still prevails. This yaoi manhwa shows the story of a Shaman named Yohan, who received fame for being the Prince among Shamans for 13 years. He has made several appearances on Television shows and has claimed to be the best Shaman in the entire Seoul but in reality, he is a con artist.

With the help of the information of his clients, he simply looks up their details on various social media and easily figures out their problems. However, he can also see some spiritual beings and has been living with one of them for a long time. Though Donga (the spiritual being) barely helps him do his job as a Shaman. Just like every other day, he receives a new client, named Yoonsung Baek. Apart from his age, name, and occupation (he is the CEO of a company), Yohan couldn’t find any other information about him Since he isn’t available on any social media. Thus just for this one case, Donga agreed to help him.

Prince Bari -Supernatural BL
Prince Bari

But as soon as he stepped into the building, Donga felt anxious and ran away leaving Yohan alone. When Yoonsung came inside the room Yohan saw another spiritual being beside him just like Donga. This spiritual being told Yohan, that he is Chunho, a general that serves the great jade emperor in heaven. The only problem is that even though Yoonsung can also see Chunho, he pretends that he can’t see him. He claims that he hears voices all day long so he went to a doctor but found nothing. Thus as a last resort, he decided to visit a Shaman. Now, the first order of business for Yohan is to get Yoonsung to agree that he can see Chunho. It’s slow-burn yaoi and it’s interesting to see how these two end up together in the future.

5) Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru

When we talk about Supernatural BL mentioning this manga is mandatory. Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru is a popular Shounen ai manga as it recently received an anime adaptation. The main plot is quite similar to Prince Bari as the main character in this manga i.e., Mikado has the ability to see ghosts. He works at a bookstore and one day out of the blue he gets dragged out by Hiyakawa who claims that their meeting was destined. Even though Mikado can see ghosts he is extremely scared of them on the other hand Hiyakawa is an exorcist and wants Mikado to work with him. In the end, Mikado agrees to work with Hiyakawa for specified pay and working hours.

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Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru
Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru

With the help of Mikado’s visual abilities, Hiyakawa can easily clobber spirits and perform exorcisms. Soon they both form a special bond and start getting closer and that’s when Mikado starts noticing that Hiyakawa is a weird person in many ways. His basic sense of empathy is messed up because of his tragic past and he has the endurance to consume curse. With the revelation of his past, Things slowly start getting darker for them both, how will they face their demise now?

6) Dear Door

Dear Door is a Supernatural BL manhwa that follows the story of a Young police officer Kyung Joon. He has been investigating a cult. There have been a group of people with a certain tattoo who have been out on the streets causing violence and other commotions. One day Kyung Joon managed to get his hands on of the cult members but he was knocked out by someone from behind. When he woke up he found himself in a weird room which was burning and to his surprise, he saw various signs made by blood in the entire room. The whole room seemed to be a part of some sort of ritual. While he was trying to hold on to his breath he almost passed out. Suddenly A weird humanoid creature appeared and sucked out the flames in the room and saved Kyung Joon.

Dear Door -Supernatural BL
Dear Door

The next day he came back home from the police station with tons of questions in his head. Suddenly that same creature appeared again, this time he appeared to be in a human form and collapsed while he tried to make a move on him. KyungJoon arrested him and brought him to the police station to interrogate him. That’s when he told him, that he is a demon and his human name is Cain. KyungJoon is a special instrument, a portal that managed to survive against the will of Satan himself. Cain’s main purpose is to take his revenge on Satan with the help of KyungJoon as a door.


A serious Gore alert on this one!! This Supernatural BL manga contains extreme acts of Cannibalism and weird fetishes. But it totally deserves to be in the top 10 Supernatural yaoi manga. The plot itself is extremely disturbing and unique. Makoto is a high school boy who’s been reading several books about summoning a Demon. After trying things over and over again one day he successfully summons a high-ranking demon. The demon agrees to grant his request in exchange for his soul, but the request shocks the demon himself!! Makoto wants to trade his soul in exchange for eating the Demon’s Guts.


Makoto has always thought of eating animal and human flesh. But he doesn’t wish to take anyone’s life for his own pleasure. He used to collect the remains of animals that were run over. But he was still called a disgusting person and a sicko. Thus he decided that before he goes out of control and ends up killing someone he needs to take his own life. For him, the best way to do so was by Offering his life to a demon and tasting his flesh before he dies. After feeding on him for about a month, Makoto felt satisfied and agreed to die. But after observing him for a month the demon decided to take his head but, not his soul!! He took the responsibility to grow Makoto into a demon. This marked the beginning of Makoto’s journey to becoming a demon that surpasses the demon king himself.

8) Not for the Faint of Heart

Joo Sungwan is newly employed in a Hospital themed Haunted house of an amusement park. He dresses up like a doctor to scare off clients that walk in the room. However, unfortunately, he can barely do the job, he usually misses the time to come out and gets scared of the customers more than they get scared of him. In fact, he gets scared very easily. During his break time, he met another man who seemed to be familiar with the job and they started chatting. While talking to him Joo Sungwan explained the reason why he agreed to do this job.

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Not for the Faint of Heart
Not for the Faint of Heart

He accidentally broke his friend’s laptop beyond repair and as it turns out, the laptop belonged to his friend’s brother and he has to return it within a month. His friend recommended him the job at a haunted house that paid a lot of money for this particular position. The reason was that there is an actual ghost in that haunted house due to which several people that worked here previously had to quit their job. However, due to his situation, Joo Sungwan had no choice but to do this job despite being scared. After talking for a while the strange man stood up and went through the wall. Turns out that Joo Sungwan was explaining his whole story to the ghost himself!!

After that incident, the ghost started appearing often which made Joo Sungwan faint every time. Since he was unable to scare customers and was fainting now and then, the manager warned him that he might have to fire him if this continues. The next time this ghost appeared he proposed Joo Sungwan. He offered his help to scare off the customers since he is a real ghost, this would help him keep his job, but in exchange, he wants Sungwan to date him. With the logic that ghosts pass on when their wishes are fulfilled, this ghost never got to date anyone when he was alive, and now he wants to date Sungwan. A man that flinches at the name of a ghost is now dating a ghost, how long will this relationship last?

9) Thirst

On the surface, Ethan Blackwell and Tristan Montgomery are both huge celebrities. While Ethan is a well-established actor, Tristan is a fairly new actor in showbiz but still managed to gain fame in a short period. Additionally, they both were soon going to start working on a project together and this automatically started a rivalry between them. However, in reality, Ethan Blackwell is a mixed-blood vampire, which helps him in altering his looks. There are many other vampires in the industry but they usually have a fair complexion and light color hair. While Ethan has a dark complexion with black hair. On the other hand, Tristan Montgomery works for the Vampire hunting organization. This time he is on a mission to eliminate his target that works in the film industry. Thus, he had to become a part of the show business.


Because of a conflicting past, Tristan has a deep hatred for vampires. While Ethan lost his family because of the vampire hunters. They both start working together on a movie. With time they start falling in love with each other without knowing about their secrets. The fact that they both are sworn enemies makes the plot interesting. What will happen when they find out each other’s identities?

10) Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a disturbing and a rather confusing yaoi manhwa but its premise keeps the reader engaged with the story. Tae Joon is a typical honor student looking for a place to rent. He has many friends but he still feels like something is missing in his life. On the surface, he seems to have a great life without any distress but in reality, he has no memories of his childhood, he keeps hallucinating things and has a sinister fear of darkness. One night while he ran away from something he saw in the dark he stood in front of a house that seemed familiar. He noticed a man standing near the window who seemed to be familiar with Tae Joon.

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

As soon as this man saw him, he yelled his name in excitement and invited him into the house. The man introduced himself as Yeon woo and claimed to be Tae Joon’s childhood friend. Yeon even had the same scars that Tae Joon had. This meant that Yeon can tell him about his past, something that he’s always been eager to know about! However, after seeing that Tae Joon doesn’t remember anything about his past Yeon got anxious and turned around to get inside the house. Unexpectedly Tae Joon stopped him and asked him if he could rent him a room in his house !! What type of mysteries will Tae Joon uncover in this house of horrors?

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