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    7 Underworld Brokers You Didn’t Know About In One Piece

    In the series, the brokers concentrated on are underworld dealers, trading in illegal goods such as slaves of different species, highly priced products, or weapons of mass destruction.  Brokers A broker is an individual or a party who makes an illegal transaction or dealing with others. Joker Donquixote Doflamingo, the most influential underworld broker under […]

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    All Known Members Of Underworld In ‘One Piece’

    The Underworld is the complete system of connections, smuggling, and dark dealings which avoids the World Government’s control. The Underworld is made of the maximum criminal organizations from all over the world. Influential people such as Yonko, Shichibukai, World Nobles, or Supernovas might be included in it, as it provides for a lot of slave […]

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    10 Fastest One Piece Characters – Ranked

    Debates on who are the fastest characters in One Piece are numerous and quite heated! Everybody has his/her favorite, and at the end, we rarely get the same results. Moving quicker than your opponent means that you’ll be capable of landing numerous hits and being able to avoid your opponent’s attacks as well. So, today […]

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    A Non-Devil Fruit Power That Can Even Beat An Admiral or Yonko, Not Haki

    The series has indicated continuously at a secret ability of Minks like Carrot; The “Zou” arc provided a plenty of evidence that it’s not a good idea to battle against the Minks besides the moon is covered up. The moon appears, and Carrot transforms into a much more significant version of herself with long flowing […]

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    ‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 891 Spoilers

    At Reddit, some fans speculated that break would be this week, and the upcoming chapter will be out on January 12, 2018. Eiichiro Oda chose to take a one week break. Still, fans can’t help but speculate on what will occur to the Strawhat Pirates as Big Mom continues to attack the Thousand Sunny, searching […]

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    Oda Speaks The Truth About The Worst Generation

    One of the most significant bonuses to the post-time skip era of One Piece was the 11 Supernovas, the prime rookies of the “Worst Generation.” But it turns out their creation was utterly random. Worst Generation is a word that refers to the eleven top rookie pirates, with bounties over Beli 100,000,000 who arrived in […]

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    Konohamaru Is Going To Fight [SPOILER]

    In Anime Fans may be waiting for the next arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, but in the manga, the series is pushing forward into some uncharted new territory. As a significant new threat appears on the horizon, Boruto and his friends are about to get into one of their toughest battles yet. After […]

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    11 Backstories That All One Piece Fans’ Really Wanna See

    11.Bartholomew Kuma Kuma is a Shichibukai and a former part of the Revolutionary Army with a bounty of Beli 296,000,000. According to Perona, Kuma was one a violent, tyrannical pirate, who was supposed to be “brutal beyond measure.” Because of this, he was identified as “Tyrant” Kuma. Whether this was correct or not remains to […]

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    ‘One Piece’ Jinbe Just Had His Epic Chapter

    The slimmed-down Yonko tears through the upper deck to find the cake she craves. She sees nothing, and Jinbe affirms that there is no cake on the ship, but Big Mom refuses to believe him because that would mean Prospero lied to her and she would have to kill him. At the end of chapter […]

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    Big Mom On The Ship ‘One Piece’ Spoilers Chapter 890

    Warning! Spoilers for One Piece’s 890th chapter: Source – Sandman(AP) Chapter – “Big Mom on the ship.” Yonko Big Mom tries to destroy Thousand Sunny to investigate for a wedding cake. Jinbe explains to her that there is no cake on the ship. She replies that if that is the problem she has to kill her eldest […]