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Who Were We Running From? Episode 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast, & Streaming Guide Who Were We Running From? Episode 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast, & Streaming Guide

Television Shows

Who Were We Running From? is a new drama, crime, and thriller seven-episode Turkish series. Netflix has several different genre series and movies released...

Grey's Anatomy

Television Shows

In the latest episode, we saw that, finally, the interns were in their quarters. While Simone wasn’t sleeping any better, he started bringing random...

Invisible City Season 2

Television Shows

How To Watch Invisible City Season 2 Episodes is what the fans wonder about. With its first season, Invisible City thrilled viewers worldwide with...

taxi driver 2 episode 7


Our Rainbow crew was back again with more intense, thriller, and mysterious cases. Fans of Taxi Driver endured a long wait for season 2....


Rise and Fall Episode 6: Release Date, Preview, Recap, Cast, & Streaming Guide

Television Shows

The release date for Rise And Fall Episode 6 is here. The company behind the popular new program The Traitors has engaged host Greg James for...

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2 Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2

Television Shows

After the shocking ending of Episode 1, we’re going to see the aftermath of how Lauren actually survived and possibly what she can remember...

Extrapolations Episode 4 Extrapolations Episode 4

Television Shows

Scott Z. Burns’ Apple TV original, Extrapolations, will resume airing the rest of the episodes every week. With a timeline set in the future,...

Kpop & K-Drama

High Priest Rembrary: Rembrary as Yeon Woo


The release date of the Korean drama, High Priest Rembrary episode 12, has been disclosed. Since the K-drama is about to reach its climax...

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Korean Drama Episode 3 Release Date The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Korean Drama Episode 3 Release Date


The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 3 is set to release next week! With this week’s episode, fans have been excited to find out what...

Divorce Attorney Shin Divorce Attorney Shin

Korean Wave

Divorce Attorney Shin is a new ongoing K-drama by jTBC. It is a drama adaptation of Sacred Divorce, a famous webtoon by Kang Tae...


Did Jon Lovett And Ronan Farrow Breakup?


Want to know if Jon Lovett and Ronan Farrow broke up? Well, both have been causing a lot of drama on the internet since...

John Lennon John Lennon


Do you know how did John Lennon die? Yes, we are talking about The Beatles singer is lately making headlines for his statue getting...

Big Meech Big Meech


Ever heard about the Black Mafia Family? Know who big Meech is? What does he do? The black Mafia was one of the largest...

Video Games & ESports

Destiny 2


We all love a good online first-person shooter game. People love online games because they give them an opportunity to compete with other players....

Destiny 2 Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is one of the greatest MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) that was developed by Bungie Inc. Game was originally released in 2017,...

Discord Discord


Discord was launched on 13th May 2015, and it was initially released as a web application. It was launched under the domain, but...

Top Stories & Editor’s Picks


Editor's Picks

The last episode was high on adventure as we saw KellyAnne Judd attacking Jonna Mannion. KellyAnne blew up at Jonna, and Jonna told Ben...

The Strongest Brave Man Of The Black Wizard The Strongest Brave Man Of The Black Wizard

Editor's Picks

The fight between Zalord and Shion has come to a standstill as a new problem has appeared in front of our protagonist. Zalord has...

Peak Time Korean Survival Show Episode 8 Release Date Peak Time Korean Survival Show Episode 8 Release Date

Editor's Picks

Hosted by Lee Seung Gi and broadcasted by JTBC, Peak Time is a new K-pop survival show where former Idols and newcomers alike will...

Anime & Manga

The World After The Fall


The previous chapter of “The World After The Fall” was filled with emotional and heart touching scenes. When Jaewan finally got his hands on...

I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey


“I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey” always manages to blend comedy and action perfectly well. When people hear about a story about a...

Break Blade Break Blade


Break Blade, often called Broken Blade, is a manga and anime adaptation. It was written and illustrated by Yunosuke Yoshinaga and has been serialized...


Poster for the film, Kabzaa


It is no surprise that south Indian movies have more or less taken the Bollywood industry by storm, giving full competition to the movies...

Big Bet season 2 Big Bet season 2


Big Bet season 1 was described as a slow-paced crime drama with a slice-of-life vibe. For many, this was disappointing, while for others, this...

Call it Love Call it Love


Call it Love is a Korean language series that aired on Feb 22, 2023, on Disney+. It narrates the story and possible romance between...