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  • One Piece Grand Cruise New Interaction Details

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    One Piece Grand Cruise New Interaction Details

    Apart of the old big three anime, One Piece is still dominating in the manga department as the number one sold manga in the world (with Dragon Ball Z ranking second, and Naruto ranking third). However even if the anime and the manga are doing very good, they’re also stepping it up in the video […]

  • Bleach : Paradise Lost

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    Bleach : Paradise Lost – New Story Mode And Mission Mode Details

    Although the Bleach anime has been finished for quite some time now and the fans begging for more content as the manga hasn’t been animated, there is another department of media content that can satisfy Bleach fans like you and me! Video games seem to be the solution, seeing as how they’re cheaper to make […]

  • Sword Art Online - Fatal Bullet Game's New Trailer 3


    Sword Art Online – Fatal Bullet Game’s New Trailer 3

    Sword Art Online has kept its known presence in the anime industry for quite some time ever since its first season, however anime formatted episodes are not the only thing that sells from underneath this franchise title. Ever since the success of the anime’s first season, a second season, and even a movie, it seems […]

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    Nintendo is Back in the Game

    Nintendo is back on top. There is no denying it anymore; Nintendo is back to the forefront of the gaming world. They can no longer be dismissed by saying “That’s a kid’s console/no real gamer plays Nintendo games/Nintendo isn’t for hardcore gamers.” In all honesty, even though the PlayStation is capable of pushing games to […]

  • most anticipated video games 2018


    Top 10 Most Anticipated PS4, Xbox One And PC Video Games Of 2018

    Even though we’re still in 2017, it never hurts to look at the upcoming games. In fact, if anything, it gets us all the more hyped for the games to come. 2018 has an amazing collection of Games that is headed our way, and today I’ve decided to make a list of Most Anticipated Video […]

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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 New Characters DLC

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is still creeping as it remains one of Dragon Ball’s most popular games, mainly for its vast character customization feature. Apart from that, the game is still supported by fans and the developers listen to the feedback. As developers see the dedication from the fans, then it means they can offer […]

  • Golden Frieza Joins Dokkan Battle

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    Golden Frieza Joins Dokkan Battle

    V – Jump magazine keeps delivering content and we are here to present it to you! Today we have content news for Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle! Just like from the Dragon Ball Super anime as well as the Resurrection F movie, Golden Frieza makes his grand debut in Dokkan Battle! As described on the scan […]

  • Attack Titan 2 : Details Story World Mode

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    Attack On Titan 2 : Details Of Story And World Mode

    First and foremost the following information is for Attack On Titan 2 ; Future Coordinates for the Nintendo 3DS and not Attack On Titan 2 for consoles. Now that has been said, Famitsu presented the public with a two page scan showcasing new information for Attack On Titan 2 : Future Coordinates! Judging from the […]