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Anime to Watch If You Liked Parastye: The Maxim

Anime Like Parasyte

Parasyte: The Maxim is a unique anime that includes sci-fi and horror genres. The series is an adaptation of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s award-winning manga titled “Parasyte” was published in the Monthly Afternoon magazine from 1988 to 1995. The manga was later published internationally, including in America. Madhouse studio adapted an anime television series titled “Parastye: The Maxim” that aired in Japan between October 2014 and March 2015. It is a short series with twenty-four episodes and no sequels or special episodes. This distinctive anime has a plot that doesn’t resemble the plot of other series. However, there are a few anime series like Parasyte that you would like to watch if you like the anime as well.

The series centers around the 17-year-old high school student Shinichi Izumi. He lives with his parents and leads a normal teenage life. However, unknown to humans, parasitic aliens invaded the planet and quickly infiltrated humanity. They take over a human’s brain by traveling through their ears, nose, or mouth and end up killing them. The parasites then mix with humans, leading their target’s life. Not only that, they go around killing people and feeding on them. Consequently, a dog parasite will feed on other dogs.

Shinichi was a target for one of the parasites as well. However, it failed to travel to his brain and ends up stuck in his right hand. Because the parasite didn’t control Shinichi’s brain, it lived as a separate entity, having a different intellect than him. Shinichi named it Migi, which translates for “right.” The duo encounters other parasites and works together to survive, growing a strong bond in the process. The series overall explores philosophical themes such as the meaning of humanity and morality. Below are the 4 anime you can stream on Netflix if you like Parasyte: The Maxim.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Like Parasyte

This series is like Parasyte in many ways since both the protagonists struggle to adapt to their new lives as different creatures. Like Parasyte where the aliens are flesh-eating creatures, in Tokyo Ghoul, the ghouls feed on humans. This supernatural thriller follows the story of Ken Kaneki who encounters a beautiful ghoul and then gets turned into a half-ghoul himself. After the two met an accident, Kaneki discovers that someone performed surgery on him by placing that ghoul’s organ in him.

Now, like normal ghouls, he hungers for human flesh and tries to avoid eating it to keep his humanity. However, ghouls cannot eat anything except flesh so Kaneki suffers from starvation. He eventually stumbles across Touka who brings him to a coffee shop “Anteiku” run by ghouls. The good thing is that they are good ghouls who don’t unnecessarily go around killing humans and only feed on those who are already dead. The series focuses on Kaneki’s struggles as he tries to fit into the ghoul society as well as try to live among the normal humans.

2. Gantz

Gantz Anime

Gantz is also a psychological thriller anime like Parasyte. Similar to Parasyte, this anime series also involves aliens. Although this series doesn’t have the same worldwide reception as Parasyte, its theme is pretty close to Parasyte. However, unlike Parasyte, it explores life after death plot. The main objective of the protagonists is to kill the aliens. The series follows the lives of high school students Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato who died in a train accident.

They find themselves transported in an inescapable room with a mysterious black sphere in the center. The sphere is called “Gantz” and it now controls their lives. The duo became part of a semi-posthumous game in which they and several dead people have to hunt down and kill aliens. The aliens are armed with a handful of futuristic items, equipment, and weaponry. The series involves dangerous situations and extreme gore scenes.

3. Ajin

Ajin Demi Human

The protagonist Kei Nagai finds himself in a situation much similar to Shinichi’s parasitic possession in Parasyte. Following a deadly accident that leaves him with fatal wounds, Kei discovers that he is an Ajin, an immortal being with extreme regenerative abilities that trigger only upon death. Consequently, people consider Ajins are dangerous monsters and the government captures them for humanity’s safety. However, that’s only a cover-up for the public.

In reality, the government performs several inhumane experiments on them, as their regenerative abilities provide an unlimited source of organs and bodies in dangerous tests. They also perform live-fire weapon testing on the Ajins. Kei is only a normal student who only ever heard of Ajins in stories or news. Unfortunately, his freedom is compromised when the truth about him being an Ajin comes to the surface.

4. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby 2018

In Parasyte: The Maxim, Migi tries to possess Shinichi’s body but ends up forming an alliance with him living as a single entity with different intellects. Likewise, in Devilman Crybaby, the protagonist Akira Fudou merges with the devil Amon to protect his friend Ryou Asuka from a demonic assault. This somehow parallels the fate of Shinichi as the protagonists of both the series use their new powers to fight against evil creatures and protect humanity.

In the series, devils cannot take form without a living host. However, if the will of a person is strong enough, they can overcome the possession and make that power their own, making them “Devilman”. Akira is a weak-spirited boy who accepts his friend’s Ryou’s request to help him investigate the devils. Due to a series of events, Akira, the crybaby, gains the powers of a devil. He then works alongside Ryou to destroy those who threaten humanity.

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