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40 Shows Like Shameless To Watch Right Now

Top Movies like shameless
Top Movies like shameless

The six children of irresponsible single parent Frank Gallagher—Fiona, Ian, Debbie, and Liam—are depicted in the series as a poor, crazy family. By emphasizing how Frank’s drunkenness and drug dependency affect his family, the show’s creators hoped to set it apart from earlier American working shows.

The American comedy is a remake of Paul Abbott’s television program with the same title. The show debuted on Showtime in 2011. Shameless was reported to have ended after eleven successful seasons in April 2021, making it the longest-running Showtime program ever. We shall thus talk about the final episode and comprehend how Shameless ended.

Here is a long list of television shows similar to Shameless that will entertain the audience in the same way that Shameless did. Audiences with the same taste in entertainment can check out the following list: One can go through the plot lines of the movies, and it is up to them to give these movies a chance.



Well, family dramas have been a part of entertainment for the public, and it gives them a sense of fun watching it on the big screen. So grab a seat, a bucket of popcorn, and your favorite snacks, and make your weekend worthwhile by signing up for these family dramas, thrillers, rom-coms, and many more categorized and listed movies that are sure to be entertaining.

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House of Cards is a thriller drama that will give you goosebumps from the first to the sixth season. Beau Willimon created the American political drama online television series House of Cards. 

There are a total of six seasons, with a maximum of 13 episodes available on the latest Netflix streaming platform. According to the records and reports in the media, one of the cast members was involved in some kind of sexual abuse, due to which the team had to maintain the last episode without that member.

Netflix cut ties with popular actor Kevin Spacey in 2017 in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against him. Without his participation, the final and sixth seasons were made and released in the year 2018.

House of cards

House of cards

House of Cards, which is set in modern-day Washington, D.C., tells the tale of the main character in the movie, Frank Underwood, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, who is a Democrat from South Carolina’s fifth district and the Republican House Whip.

It can be seen in the show that he decides to seek revenge on those who deceived him after being passed over for the position of secretary of state. There is a lot of drama and an air of revenge in the show, and for audiences who are fond of watching thriller dramas, it could be the perfect match for them to watch with other loved ones for sure.

Orange is the New Black

The stories of many females are main to Orange is the New Black. The entire story revolves around the main character’s name, which appears in the show as Piper Chapman, portrayed by Taylor Schilling, who can be seen as a 33-year-old who lives and works in New York City, Who is also sentenced to 15 months of prison at Litchfield.

Chapman, on the other hand, was convicted of bringing a bag stuffed with drug money for her international drug smuggler lover, Alex Vause, portrayed by Laura Prepon. Ten years had passed since the offense, and Chapman had since settled into an upper-middle-class lifestyle in New York, leading a quiet legislative life. 

Orange is the new black

Orange is the new black

As there are many romantic moments between the leads in the production, “Orange is the new black” also supports the LGBTQ community. In Vause, the main lead character can be seen loving, and their love story of hate and love is enough to keep the show’s fire burning.

In short, the plot line of the show revolves around Piper Chapman, a typically law-abiding person who was sentenced to one and a half years in jail after being found guilty of delivering drug money to a fraudster’s ex-girlfriend ten years prior. She must now confront the fact that incarceration can have a profoundly negative impact on her life.

Well, it is obvious how it maintained its fame in the media through its acting skills, and we would say the entertainment was always there to provide fun to the audience. The love stories that support the lesbian community.

Mad Men 

The storyline of Mad Men starts with a Draper marriage that appears to be on stronger ground, and his wife, Peggy, has started working again. The story further goes with the plot line, where it can be seen that Draper’s prior choice for head of sales, signing young talent, takes on greater importance as Sterling Cooper moves deeper into the “Pepsi Generation.”

In further detail, it can be seen that after the airline known as American Airlines publicly announced a change in advertising, Duck persuaded the company to attempt to retain its previous client. 

Mad Men 2008

Mad Men

A drama about one of New York’s most famous advertising companies during the early 1960s, centering on Donald Draper, who can be seen as one of the company’s most enigmatic but incredibly talented advertising managers.

In the show, it can be seen that he is centered around the suspense of the company; his bravery and intelligent mind are what make him go far in the story. There is a warmth of love and fire of suspense in the show, which makes it worth watching.

There is humor, but it is dark, which adds to the seriousness. It is set in the 1960s, so everything is a little retro, whether it is romance or business. We would recommend the show to the audience who are fans of business tycoons because, here in the story, Donal gives the vibe of a business tycoon for sure, and we are pretty sure that the audience will enjoy it.

Six feet under

The program deals with topics like personal relations, instability, betrayal, personal development, and spirituality on one level, just like a typical family drama would. It stands out due to its emphasis on the subject of death, which is examined on a psychological, religious, and intellectual level.

Each episode opens with a fatality, the reason for which can be anything from a cardiac arrest to a crime to an accident. Each episode’s theme is usually established by that death, which gives the protagonists a chance to consider their present good and bad luck in light of the death and its consequences. Throughout each of its seasons, the program also employs surrealism and dark humor.

Six feet under in 2001

Six feet under

A common story element involves a character imagining a dialogue with the dead; for instance, Nate and Federico occasionally “converse” with the dead person at the start of the episode, throughout the embalming process, or during the preparation or execution of the funeral.

The conversations between the characters and deceased people occasionally. This, according to the showrunner, Alan Ball, is an expression of the inner dialogues of the living characters as seen through the eyes of other people.

Although in the plot line, the main lead is Alan Ball, who devised the series’ broad stories and characters, there are conflicting accounts of how the show came to be. Ball once claimed that the idea for the movie’s plot came to him following the passing of his sister and father. We would suggest the movie Six feet under to the audience and watchers s for their wonderful weekends. 

Game of Thrones 

Well, Game of Thrones is one of the best series to watch, and it will never disappoint its viewers. Moreover, it is a tale of thrones, cruelty, kingdoms, freedom, and royalty, which is a perfect mixture of entertainment.

The plots of author George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, which take place in the fictitious 7 Kingdoms of Winterfell and the region, are basically the inspiration for Game of Thrones. The very first story arc centers on a struggle for the Iron Throne of the one and only Seven Kingdoms between rival contenders, with other powerful families battling for freedom.

The third recounts the danger of the approaching winter and the fabled beasts and ferocious populations of the North, while the second focuses on the steps taken by the banished scion to retake the crown.

Game of Thrones 2011

Game of Thrones

In terms of good and evil, with a dash of magic and wizards. It’s always an interesting plotline to see who will win at what cost. The most interesting aspect of Game of Thrones is the dragons of the queens; it is truly fascinating to watch dragons perform their best in the series. We would recommend Game of Thrones to anyone who enjoys historical dramas with a touch of magic and dark fantasy, as well as romance.

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Here the plot line is described as “Dexter streaks,” with the main lead in the story named Dexter, portrayed by Michael C. Hall, who was left abandoned at the age of 3 after witnessing his mother’s violent chainsaw murder. It can be seen that he was fostered by a Miami policeman named Harry Morgan, as in the movie Harry Morgan, portrayed by James Remar.

Harry, who understood the boy’s trauma and how it caused him to develop his psychopathic traits, persuaded Dexter to use his horrifying bloodlust as a vigilante, killing only evildoers who try to destroy the legal system. Dexter joins the Miami Metropolitan Police Department as a forensics investigator with a focus on bloodstain pattern recognition in order to conceal his extensive trail of murders.

Dexter is very cautious and careful; to lessen the danger of being discovered, he employs plastic-wrapped “death room” masks and carves up the bodies before throwing them into the Gulf Stream of the Ocean.

Dexter  2006


The storyline further moves with a scene where it can be seen that Dexter balances his two egos, seeing that they are individually unique aspects of himself that must function as a single entity. He relies on their relationship to maintain his survival and sense of normalcy.

Although he initially asserts that he has deeply rooted homicidal impulses, throughout the episode, he tries to feel regular emotions and keeps up the image that he is a socially conscious person.

Well, when it comes to finding the best investigation thriller drama with a twist and suspense, Dexter could be a good match to try for a while. We would suggest the drama series to all fans of the Dexter-like series.


The Suit series plot begins with a scene depicting the male lead as Mike Ross, an excommunicated student, makes a profession of fraudulently taking the LSAT on behalf of others. To help pay for his grandmother’s treatment, he made the decision to start doing something like this.

For a sizable payment, Mike offers to deliver a case of cannabis to his closest buddy, named in the series as Trevor, who is a drug dealer, where it can be seen that For a sizable payment, Mike offers to deliver a case of cannabis to his closest buddy, named in series as Trevor, who is a drug dealer.

Where it can be seen that Mike deftly avoids getting detained in a sting operation, only to unintentionally land a work meeting with Harvey Specter, who is regarded as the city’s best lawyer, Harvey hires Mike as an associate despite the fact that Mike did not graduate from Harvard, which is a typical requirement and does not possess the necessary credentials to lawfully practice law. Harvey is impressed by Mike’s persistence and legal sense.

Suits 2011 


In short, the story of The Suits is all about Brilliant dropout Mike Ross, who is a drug dealer and is dealing with Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s top attorneys. Here in the story, it can be seen how the modern world is cruel to its own benefit. Here, the victim is Mike, who trusts his best friend with drugs and gets into trouble after some time. The Suit Series began in 2011 and lasted until 2019.

Breaking Bad 

Breaking Bad is the story of a man who becomes a criminal due to his inability to cope with the conditions of his daily life and his need for things to survive. We can see here that no one chooses to be a criminal; it is just that circumstances sometimes force them to be one.

The main character of Breaking Bad is Walter White, a chemistry professor who lives in New Mexico with his wife and adolescent son, who has cerebral palsy. White is informed that she has stage III cancer and has two years to live. Considering his medical prognosis, he now feels courageous and motivated to protect his family’s financial stability.

Breaking Bad Season 8

Breaking Bad

Before he passes away, White turns to a gangster in his life and teams up with a school friend, named in the series Jesse Pinkman and portrayed by Aaron Paul, to create and sell methamphetamine while avoiding the perils of the criminal underground. To save his life, he chooses to be a criminal and decides to continue.

An honest high school professor attempts to earn a living for his household after learning that cancer hasn’t given him much time left to live. The misadventures of two drug lords attempting to survive in the complex and tainted world of organized crime will drive the others away from making a living and toward working to survive.

The Walking Dead 

The Walking Dead has a plotline that revolves around the fact that mutation can change and transform a human being into a zombie and cause real chaos in the world. After a global zombie outbreak begins, The Walking Dead is set. The “walkers,” or zombies, step towards living people and other animals in order to haunt them; they are drawn to the commotion, such as gunfire, and to various smells, including human odors.

Early in the series, it is discovered that all live humans possess the infection that causes the mutation, despite the fact that it first appears that only people who are bitten or clawed by walkers can transform into other walkers. But after the pathogen’s host dies, the mutations take effect, and the only way to completely end a walker’s life is to either cause brain damage or completely kill it, such as by crematorium.

The Walking Dead 2010

The Walking Dead

The plot line starts with the main character, Rick Grimes, who emerges from a coma and serves as the series’ main character. He takes on the role of leader for a group of survivors from Atlanta.

As a group, they make an effort to survive and defend themselves not only from invasions by walkers but also from other survivor groupings eager to use all necessary means to survive. We would recommend The Walking Dead to all viewers whose choice of entertainment are zombies and human wars to survive.

Zoombies could be a possible mutation when it comes to humans; there will be no humanity, and it will be more chaotic than anything else. 

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Mr. Robot 

The show centers on its main character, named in the series as Elliot Alderson, who is a young New York City resident who works as a cybersecurity researcher for the corporation Allsafe. It can be seen that Elliot appears to be greatly impacted by paranoia and delusion, and he struggles with social phobia, dissociative identity disorder, severe depression, and drug usage all the time.

The main reason behind his addictive behavior is that, because he connects with individuals by hacking them, he frequently serves as a cybervigilante. 

Mr. Robot 2015 (10)

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is about cyber security, and Elliot got involved in some serious hacking, which is why he is always seen in drug and alcohol companies. Hacking and drug abuse cause severe depression in Elliot; it can be seen how they affect his life and, moreover, how cybercrime happens. We recommend Mr. Robot to all hackers and cybercrime lovers who get a kick from watching.

Modern Family 

Modern Family is a typical family drama of three families, where it can be seen that the Los Angeles-based television series Modern Family centers on three distinct types of families—nuclear, mixed, and same-sex—that are connected by affluent businessman Jay Pritchett and his kids, a daughter named Claire and a son named Mitchell.

There is a level of madness that has made modern family series popular on American television. It is evident in the series’ main character, Jay, who has already been given a second chance and is now married to his lovely young bride Gloria.

It’s a test of wills, though, as he tries to adapt to life with the same passion and intensity that Gloria exhibits, which is mirrored in the series by her brilliant 12-year-old son named Manny. There are some misconceptions and cultural differences, but there are also many wonderful successes along the way. The proud mother of three children wants an open, wholesome, and honest connection with their offspring.

Modern Family 2009

Modern Family

Alex, the middle daughter, is too bright for her own good, whereas Haley, the adolescent daughter, is maturing a little too quickly, and Luke, the bright child, Add to this the fact that Phil, despite his best efforts, is just a big kid, too.

In this family, opposites attract because Mitchell is more tucked in, and Cameron has a lovely, large personality with perhaps a flair for the spectacular.

These devoted fathers complement one another well and take great pleasure in playing the role of parents as they grow their own small families. It is the best family drama in history and has a massive fan base, earning an outstanding box office rating for sure.

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The Californication show starts with the main lead role Hank, Who struggles to prove to his children that he is capable of being a responsible, loving father to Becca and a dependable partner to Karen, despite coping with the ramifications of his unwillingness to say “no” to temptations. A writer strives to balance his writing, his daughters’ and ex-relationships, his girlfriend’s, and his thirst for attractive women.

In conclusion, there was some problem concerning Hank and Karen’s future as a couple. Hank and Karen being together was the movie’s nice outcome, which was truly what the series was about—that family with their daughter.

Californication 2007


Furthermore, a writer who can be seen surviving in every possible way tries his best in all aspects of his life. Even when he has a girlfriend, he has affairs because he is attracted to females.  A writing career is not an easy task, and it is what makes people switch careers most of the time, as can be seen in the movie through many scenes.

Better call Saul 

Better Call Saul depicts its main lead as Jimmy McGill, portrayed by Bob Odenkirk, who can be seen as a convicted scam artist seeking to become a respectable attorney as he develops into the defense attorney named Saul Goodman. It can be seen further that Jimmy is motivated to abandon his past as “Slippin’ Jimmy,” a scam artist in the Chicagoland region, and his older brother named Chuck.

Further, it can be seen that his archenemy is a senior partner at Howard Hamlin, whom he first encounters while working in the mailbox of his brother’s Albuquerque law firm. 

Better call Saul 

Better call Saul

The story further goes with the scene where it can be seen that after being admitted to the law but being turned down for a job at HHM company, Jimmy focuses on representing low-income clients, such as as a defense lawyer. Later, as he establishes an elder law firm, he files a protracted lawsuit against a chain of nursing homes that he gets to know is cheating its patients.

He starts working with Chuck on a category lawsuit, but Chuck immediately passes it off to HHM, shutting Jimmy off. Chuck’s persistent insults, sabotage, and vengeful actions toward Jimmy cause him to start to fall apart. People and plot lines from Jimmy’s life and work start to overlap with the illegal drug trade and carry over into Breaking Bad.

Sons of Anarchy 

Sons of Anarchy’s plotline starts with a scene where, prior to Wendy, Jax’s ex-wife, taking her own life, a rival club destroyed the club’s primary source of income—the warehouse where they store and manufacture weapons. Due to an emergency C-section, their son Abel was born ten weeks earlier than expected.

Further in the story, it can be seen when Jax goes to a storage facility to retrieve some outdated baby clothing, he discovers his father’s autobiography. The book details the struggles and aspirations John Tinker, Jax’s dad, had for SAMCRO. John was one of the club’s pioneers. 

Sons of Anarchy 2008

Sons of Anarchy

Gemma and Juice, who are on the road and hidden from the gang, fuel the hatred and lie after Bobby dies in the coming fight. where it can be seen Jax attempts to make amends with all parties after he learns the truth. In order to finish his chapter of SAMCRO’s narrative and realize his father’s goal, Jax makes the final commitment at the end of the story.

In the last season, that is, season seven, the ending can be seen as After experiencing a devastating loss, Jax brings himself to the police station. Jax uses the club to wreak revenge for the murder of his wife as he is imprisoned for making important decisions.

Well, the series is all about a biker who wants to be a father and fulfill his family responsibilities, but at the same time, he also wants to be a biker. He wants to join the club and experience all the craziness of it; the love for rides can be seen in the movie.


Fargo has rated well in the box office collection and is one of the best black crime dramas with a taste of humor. Where it was reported that Noah Hawley is the creator and main writer of the American television series popularly named “Fargo,” which is a black comedy crime thriller.

The series is based on and set in the same fictitious world as the Coen brothers’ 1996 movie of the same title and name. It can be seen that Hawley’s script captured their attention, and they decided to serve as executive producers.

Fargo 2014


The brand-new “crime fiction” case from the latest episode of Fargo takes place in the year 1979 in South Dakota. A youthful state police officer named Lou Solverson, who had just returned from Vietnam, looked into a lawsuit concerning a significant mob organization and a street crime gang.

Where it can be seen that his father-in-law, named Sheriff Hank Larsson, assists him in making sense of the situation, further, another secondary role named Karl Weathers, the city attorney of Luverne, will be among the bright ensemble of personalities they will encounter as a result of their research.

Here we have another secondary role in Karl, who is a veteran of the Korean War and also a poet with the humor and poetry of a genuine serial liar. It is clear that the film is a mix of comedy and suspense, which makes it worth seeing.


The Westworld series revolves around the hypothetical idea of trained people who work for people under whose control they are. The plot continues with Delos, running a number of amusement parks in 2050, one of which is Wasteland, which has an American Old West theme. The “Servers,” which are biological robots that cannot be distinguished from humans, occupied each area.

The guests will partake in every form of violent and/or sexual activity since they are designed to gratify the visitors’ every want. The hosts’ coding, on the other hand, prevents them from harming any living thing or causing harm to the visitors.

The managers of the park write tales for these guests to act out while engaging with visitors, but after each story is over, the hosts’ memories are erased. Here in the story, Delos claims that because the hosts are machines and, therefore, can not feel the pain, they cannot be seriously damaged by these events in the same way that a person would.



Further, it is clear from the plot line that the narrative is set in Westworld, a made-up amusement park with a Wild West theme that uses cutting-edge technology and is populated by artificial “hosts.” High-paying visitors can engage in their wildest desires without worrying about punishment from the hosts, who are forbidden from injuring people by their training in the park.

Eventually, the setting of the series is expanded to the actual world in the middle of the twenty-first century, where Rehoboam, a potent artificially intelligent being, governs and directs someone’s life.

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The series, which is mainly centers on an Italian-American gangster named Tony Soprano, who lives in North Jersey and seeks to strike a balance between his family life and his position as head of the Soprano clan.

All through the episode, Tony occasionally sees psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi for counseling since he frequently experiences panic episodes. Throughout the course of the show, Tony finds himself in conflict with his uncle Junior, his wife Carmela, and other gangster members of the Soprano family. It can also be seen how Lupertazzi’s relatives in New York City repeatedly endanger his life.

The Sopranos 2000

The Sopranos

In short and simple words, we have a lead role named Tony Soprano, the head of the mob in New Jersey, who contends with domestic and professional problems that have an impact on his mental health and have prompted him to seek psychological care.

The sopranos have made a real and good impact on the audience. It has a good rating at the box office, and it is pretty sure that the audience wanted more of the season of The Sopranos for entertainment and also more curiosity in the drama.

The Wire

The plot starts with an intense scene where it can be seen that, according to Simon, he first intended to produce a cop drama that was largely based on the experience of his writing collaborator, named in the show Ed Burns, who can be seen as a former murder investigator and educator in public schools who had collaborated with Simon on works like The Corner.

The Wire

The Wire

In short, the story is all about how the alleys of Baltimore serve as a microcosm of both US drug policy and general urban deterioration. Seen through the perspective of the individuals who affect and live in their globe—the press, drug users, and regular citizens—rather than just a few law enforcement officers and drug street gangs.

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This is our storyline, as stated with The “big three” Pearson siblings, named Kevin, Kate, and Randall, as well as their parents, Jack and Rebecca, are the subjects of the television show. While most of it takes place in reality, other major events in the family’s history are shown through memories and advances.

Jack and Rebecca opt to adopt Randall, an African-American boy who was born prematurely that morning and brought into the same clinic after his biological dad, William Hill, left him at a firehouse, as they feel they were intended to have three children. When Jack’s kids turn 17, he passes away. 

This is us in 2016.

This is us

The film’s plot concludes with the observation that, as adults, the locations of their residences differ significantly. It can be seen in the movie that Kate stays in Los Angeles, whereas Randall continues to reside in New Jersey before moving to Philadelphia.

It was also noted that Kevin plays another secondary role as he moves back and forth between San Francisco and New York City while briefly making a pit stop in western Pennsylvania. It’s a complicated, fun family drama; at first, viewers may be confused by the amount of drama and suspense, but they’ll eventually figure out why things are happening and how they make sense in the end.


Viking is one of the most-watched series according to media reports, so it broadly follows the deeds of the famous. It was also recorded that approximately 200–400 decades after the events they depicted, the Norse mythical sagas, founded on the Norse oral history, were actually written. Isn’t it amazing to watch written stories on the big screen? 

Additional inspiration for the story comes from historical documents from the time period, such as accounts of the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne. Viking is a story about Michael Hirst, author of the historical television drama Vikings for the Documentary Series.

Vikings 2013


The television series Vikings were influenced by the storylines of Ragnar Lodbrok, who is a famous Norse warrior and is also best known for being the tormentor of Anglo-Saxons. In the movie, Ragnar is shown as a farmer who gains notoriety by attacking England with the help of his family and other soldiers go on to become a Viking king.

The show follows his kids’ adventures and exploits in later seasons as they go to Britain and Scandinavia. Viking is a plot that follows the storyline of King Arthur’s world and the royals. The era of kings follows the rule and regulations of kings and decides on their children’s misfortune and fortune.

Greys Anatomy 

The show tells the story of Meredith Grey, portrayed by Ellen Pompeo, the renowned physician’s assistant Ellis Grey’s daughter, portrayed by Kate Burton, beginning with the day she was accepted into the patient’s fictitious surgical residency.

Here in Grey’s anatomy, we can see that Grey works with other medical professionals such as Cristina Yang, portrayed by Sandra Oh, Izzie Stevens, portrayed by Katherine Heigl, and George O’Malley, portrayed by T. R. Knight, while she is a trainee. These individuals also struggle to juggle their private lives with busy schedules and demanding residency obligations.

Greys anatomy 

Greys Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy depicts the experiences of surgical students, trainees, and internists at the fictional Grey-Sloan Medical Center as they evolve into experienced practitioners under the guidance of their chiefs of surgery, and subspecialists. 

Every episode usually starts with a narration by Meredith Grey or another recurring character that sets up the program’s main subject. Concerns about medical ethics are frequently brushed aside in the series in favor of character growth and interpersonal interactions. While treating their patient’s illnesses, frequently through difficult surgeries, doctors also exhibit a sense of competition and seek recognition.

Grey’s Anatomy comes with a panel of interns who are trained to be future doctors and shows how hard it is to be a doctor. Being a doctor is a full-time job, and becoming one is the hardest part, as mentioned in the movie through scenes that detail the hardships of the trainee.

The Office

A great documentary crew uses cameras to chronicle the daily activities of employees at a paper mill. Michael Scott, the employer, who isn’t particularly smart or witty, is one of these employees.

Dealer Dwight Shrute, who is extremely serious about his work, where Jim Halpert, a salesperson who plays practical jokes around the office, works, Pam Beesly, the secretary, is both someone else’s workplace crush and a married woman. The everyday antics of this section are anything but typical for these individuals.

The Office

The Office

Let’s talk about the famous characters of The Office, as they contribute their acting skills to making the show popular. The humor performance is held at the Dunder Mifflin office in Scranton, a struggling paper business. The major characters are area manager Michael Scott, portrayed by Steve Carell, and top salesperson Dwight Schrute, portrayed by Rainn Wilson.

There is an office “funny guy” named Jim Halpert, portrayed by John Krasinski, who can be seen as awkward all the time. Even the show’s shorts and reels are now widely available on the internet and in Instagram reels. Well, The Office is a 2015 comedy show, and it is still viewed by fans when they want to enjoy something, which is a big compliment for the show.


The plotline of Hannibal starts with a scene where it can be seen that it is all about a serial killer so far. The FBI’s Behavioural Laboratories head, Jack Crawford, enlists FBI analyst Will Graham to assist in the investigation of a Minnesota mass murderer.

The relationship Lecter forges with Graham starts to put his survival in jeopardy. Graham’s capacity to identify with psychopathic killers fascinates Lecter, who pushes the limits of Graham’s frail sanity in an effort to transform him into a murderer.



Hannibal is one of the best American psychological thriller television shows on NBC. The connection between Dr. Hannibal Lecter, played by Mads Mikkelsen, and FBI special researcher Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy, is the focus of the sequence, which is based on protagonists and elements appearing in Thomas Harris’ works of fiction, Red Dragon and Hannibal.

Hannibal has received a lot of flak for the lead roles and performances. Aside from critics, the show has received praise from its audience and fan base.

American Horror Story

An anthology series focusing on various settings and characters, such as a house with a homicidal past, a mental institution, a witch secret society, a circus sideshow, a ghostly hotel, a possessive farmstead, a secret society, the end of the world, a slasher summer camp, a desolate beach city and wilderness valley, and New York City.

In this chilling anthology series, physical and psychological horrors strike a decomposing family, the staff and patients of a mental institution, a coven of witches, a troupe of circus clowns, the staff and visitors at a troubled hotel, a relative who moved into a strange farmstead, the citizens of a small Michigan neighborhood, the survivor of the apocalypse, and the counselors of a creepy summer program.

American horror story

American Horror story

In fact, all four seasons of the show are devoted to depicting the personal stories of the main characters. Every season of this horror franchise presents a distinct tale. The first season centers on a family that has moved into a haunted mansion.

The focus of the second season is on a mental hospital and a guy who is falsely accused of killing several women, notably his wife. The third season follows a group of witches as they endeavor to identify their new “ultimate power.”


The girls’ storyline starts with a scene where it can be seen that when Hannah’s folks, who are visiting from Michigan, say they will stop supporting her financially as they have done since she graduated from Oberlin College two years ago, she is stunned.

Hanna was really surprised by the way her parents behaved toward her, as it was something new to her, and she was not used to it. After some time, she accepted her parents’ boundaries and decided to live on her own. The entire series revolves around girls of various personalities trying their hardest to experience their twenties, which is not as easy as it appears to be in the twenties. They have gone through many ups and downs, and it was obvious that they had to survive on their own. With no financial support from family and a totally messed up love life, it is enough to realize that these girls will have a long road to finding peace in their twenties.



Hanna tried her hardest to find love and friendship but failed every time; she tried to get a job with an income that could support her survival but failed and appeared to be unable to do so any longer.

Hanna felt like, in the end, she had stressed out way too much, and it was time for her to get into something that might help her, so she started finding ways to be a good writer who writes real stories. It can be seen that, in the end, she did something amazing that amazed all of her known people, and she started getting into good things in life and felt blessed.

Animal kingdom 

The Animal Kingdom plotline revolves around the main character, Joshua, who is a 17-year-old and is the main character of the show. Joshua comes in with his distant cousins, the Codys. In the film “The Cody,” a crime family operates a business near Oceanside.

It was hurtful and deadly to survive after her mother’s death. To make money, the Codys engage in a variety of illegal activities and carry out various thefts. Craig Cody, the rugged and courageous middle son, and Deran Cody, the unhinged and untrustworthy youngest son, take on these tasks.

Animal kingdom 

Animal kingdom

It can be seen how young Smurf, who is a part of a team of serious criminals, launches her future crime syndicate. Where it can also be seen that Jake Dunmore, dated her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Manny, the crew’s captain, and eventually her own kids, teenagers Andrew and Baz, and her only daughter, Julia Cody, were all part of her team.

In a nutshell, Animal Kingdom is the story of a father who engages in illegal activities for money but then has a family and children. He decided to get his kids involved in illegal activities too, which caused many ups and downs in his life.


Narcos is all about dealing drugs in an illegal way, where Pablo transfers drugs from one place to another at great expense. The first season follows Pablo Escobar‘s life from the late 1970s era when he initially started producing heroin. Further, In the series, it can be seen that Escobar’s early involvement in the Colombian drug business is shown.

It can also be seen that he pitched the idea of going into business together, with Moreno running the production and Escobar disseminating a new, lucrative drug—cocaine—Vehicles carrying illegal goods are currently entering Colombia despite the fact that this is expressly prohibited.



Here the twist in the story comes when the boss Pablo declares that he is stopping the drug-dealing business completely. It can be seen in the movie when the narrative carries on after Pablo Escobar’s passing and depicts the DEA’s conflict with the Cali cartel.

With Escobar gone, the cartel’s business is expanding because of emerging businesses in the US and internationally. To everybody’s astonishment, Cali cartel boss Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela declares that his organization will completely abandon the cocaine trade within six months in order to concentrate on legal, economic ventures. Within the cartel, there are conflicting opinions about the decision.

Pablo plays the role of a drug agent very well in the story, having survived the drug dealer and his father’s pain. When it comes to surviving, people often do things that bring them money.

Silicon Valley 

Silicon valley revolves around a company called Pied Piper, which was created in his spare time by an Hooli employee named Richard Hendricks and employed ground-breaking data compression technology. Where it can be seen that Peter Gregory buys a stake in Pied Piper. Nelson, in contrast, decides to accept a sizable raise at Hooli despite his insufficient qualifications for the position.

The Silicon Valley series, which parodies the Silicon Valley technology industry, centers primarily on the main lead role in the series as Richard Hendricks, portrayed by Thomas Middleditch, who can be seen in the movie as a programmer who finally finds a start-up company named Pied Piper and details his battles to keep his business afloat despite competition from bigger organizations.

Silicon Valley 

Silicon Valley

Piper faced completion on his own and tried his best to solve all of the problems on his own, and we recommend to viewers and readers that it is a must-watch series with the magic of suspense and more. According to a record, It is not surprising that Mike Judge possessed knowledge of the subject matter because many of the aspects of the series seem real.

According to the judge, he was employed by a Silicon Valley setup. As a result, it’s possible that these stories are based on true events. Well, we would recommend Silicon Valley to the audience and people who want to know more about the Silicon Valley startup story from a cinematic point of view.

The Affair 

As per the title of the series, it is obvious what could happen in “The Affair,” which examines the psychological ramifications of Noah Solloway and Alison Bailey’s adulterous relationship. 

Whitney, Trevor, and Stacey are among the Noah family and Helen’s entire family, yet, Noah dislikes how dependent they are on his affluent father-in-law. Alison, a waitress in the area, is attempting to rebuild her life and her marriage to Cole in the wake of the passing of their four kids.

The story is told from Noah’s and even Alison’s perspectives, with memory bias frequently resulting in drastically different outcomes. There are two sections to each episode, one told by Noah and the other by Alison.

The affair 

The Affair

The related criminal probe and criminal prosecution are discussed in flashforward sequences at the end of most episodes, where it can be seen that Alison’s brother-in-law played a role in Scott’s subsequent death. Joanie, Alison’s second child, is born. There is a lot of suspense, including murder and an affair between two people who can’t manage the circumstances in the end and end up with new problems each time.


Ozark has an early plot line in which Money Manager Marty Byrde proposes to make amends by establishing a larger laundering business in the Lake. Bad things happen on one of the lakes in central Missouri’s Ozarks area, where there is a money-laundering plan for a Mexican crime syndicate.

Marty abruptly relocates his family from the Naperville suburb to the isolated summer vacation destination, where it can be seen that the Langmore and Snell families, as well as subsequently the Kansas City mafia, became involved with the Byrdes as soon as they arrived in Missouri.



Undoubtedly, one of Netflix’s most popular shows is Ozark. The real-world setting and genuine cast of characters in Ozark have succeeded in capturing viewers by introducing a seemingly normal family to the Cartel’s so-called criminal world.

The following question arises in the minds of fans: Is the Ozark series real? Considering this, especially despite the fact that Ozark is based on reality, the show’s plot is not real. Although the show’s story features fictional characters and organizations, the money-laundering mechanisms that form the plot’s basis are actual ones that are still in use by criminals today.

The Ozark plot may not be factual, but the show seems to have done a lot of research to give viewers a realistic representation of what life is like, along with the extra drama that made it one of Netflix’s best series.


The House series comes with a plotline where it can be seen as the main lead role Joe. Joe, a young engineering graduate, is forced to quit school after learning that his parents were killed in a vehicle accident and that all they left behind were unpaid bills.

He winds up on the verge of homelessness while scrambling to find a job and a way to get his academics and life in order. This is when he meets a bright group of individuals who are squatting in a boarded-up old house where they “steal” power. Every day at home is a new adventure, filled with the good, the bad, the comical, the serious, and the turmoil and madness of life at the bottom of the barrel.



The house plot line mostly focused on how life changed for a kid named Joe after his parents died; he survived almost every day as he tried to get a job and money. Making money is not an easy thing, and Joe wants to survive, but eventually, life’s ups and downs make him frustrated, and he has no clue what he has to do further.

In the film, a house is a magical place full of adventures, which Joe and his friend can be seen enjoying. The madness of the House series is enjoyed by the fan following, and it was recorded that the House series has gotten many reviews from the audience but also from critics.

Freaks and Geeks

The Freaks and Geeks storyline gives us a glimpse of where it can be seen. Lindsay Weir, a teenager, and Sam, her younger brother, were students at William McKinley High School during the 1980–81 academic year. Sam’s buddies, named in the series Neal Schweiger and Bill Haverchuck, are the nerds. Lindsay later joined a group of friends known as the “freaks,” which also included another role as Daniel Desario.

Freaks and geeks

Freaks and Geeks

Further, it can be seen that it is a nerds’ story where they try to maintain their friendships, gangs, and love lives. 

The media has no reports on why the shows ended in 2000, but we guess the fan following still misses the days of watching freaks and geeks. For the record, there aren’t many shows about nerds and studios, so it’s one of the best and could be a source of entertainment for true nerds out there.

We would recommend freaks and geeks to any nerd who can’t find their type of series or movie on OTT platforms, and it’s nearly impossible to find nerdy and studious material to rely on. Well, Freaks and Geeks is the best weekend list for nerds to watch.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a fantasy series that is well-rated on the OTT platform. Viewers appreciated the acting skills and the well-rounded performance of the Black Mirror team’s efforts. Black Mirror is all about the story revived around the main lead, Charlie Brooker, the creator of the British fantasy television program Black Mirror.

A variety of genres are explored in each episode, but the majority are science fiction and fantasy works of fiction set in the near future with sci-fi equipment. 

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

It can be seen that Brooker, who was earlier known as a professional comedian, plotted the show. He started writing video game evaluations for PC Corner in the late 1990s era, and then in the 2000s era, he started producing television and writing broadcast television articles for The Guardian. 

In a nutshell, Black Mirror is about how the misuse of technology can be detrimental to humankind; in the series, one can see the disadvantages of technology, but the main cause is due to humans who became greedy for technology. So if you are one of those who want to know more about technology and are fond of it, then Black Mirror is a good fit for you to watch.

Prison break 

A dramatic series on American television is called Prison Break. It can be seen that Lincoln Burrows, portrayed by Dominic Purcell, and Michael Scofield, portrayed by Wentworth Miller, are the two brothers at the center of the television series. Where Burrows has been given the death sentence for a murder he didn’t commit, while Scofield comes up with a complex scheme to free him from jail and clear his name.

Prison break 

Prison break

The plotline of the story starts with the main character, Lincoln Burrows, being rescued after being charged with killing Terrence Steadman, who can be seen as Caroline Reynolds’ brother, according to the allegations.

Lincoln has been given the death penalty and is being held at the Fox River State Prison while he waits to be executed by hanging. Further, it can be seen that Michael Scofield, a great structural engineer who is also Abraham Lincoln’s brother, creates a complex escape strategy after becoming certain of Lincoln’s innocence.

Prison Break, in short, is all about an innocent guy who is placed on death row as a result of a corrupt plot, and his sole hope is his brother, who considers it his goal to purposefully have himself committed to the same jail in order to free the two of them from within.

The plot revolves around how corrupt world leaders manipulate people’s lives. A man who has done nothing wrong and is innocent is chastised, imprisoned, and sentenced to death. Prison Break is all about the story of two brothers who want to save each other from a corrupt world.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation revolve around a main lead named Leslie Knope, who is the deputy director of the Recreation and Parks Division in the fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana. Where the twist starts when the unfinished condo project next to local nurse Ann Perkins’ home causes a digging pit, which she demands be closed in after her boyfriend, named in the series as Andy Dwyer, fell in and fractured both of his legs.

Despite opposition from the parks director, Ron Swanson, who is an anti-government conservative, Leslie vows to transform the hole into a park. Leslie also has feelings for city planner Mark Brendanawicz, who pragmatically claims that the proposal is unattainable due to bureaucratic red tape but secretly persuades Ron to accept the scheme.

Leslie and her team, which includes intern April Ludgate and her colleague Tom Haverford, try to pique the public’s interest in the pit’s construction.

Parks and recreation

Parks and recreation

Further, it is apparent from the above-complicated plot that Leslie Knope, a mid-level administrator in an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department, wishes to assist local nurse Ann Perkins in transforming a sloppy construction site into a neighborhood park in order to improve the appearance of her community and advance her career.

It is all about how the department head did their best by planning strategies to make their city the best place to live. From the scriptwriter’s perspective, it is also clear that the goal of all the lead characters is to make a city a better place.

Stranger Things 

Stranger Things is the most popular Netflix series, and it features magic, evil, and a monster named Demogorgon. Eleven and her friends are there to save the world from monsters with powers. It is really magical to watch the magic, power, friendship, family, and balance all at once.

This mixture gives the audience the urge to watch one more season and episode because the storyline is interesting and worth watching. Stranger Things is recommended to all fans of magic and anyone who still believes in monsters. As for the series’ heroes, Eleven is our favorite with supernatural abilities.

Stranger things 

Stranger things

The 1980s are shown in the fictional rural town of Hawkins in the television series Stranger Things.  A monster from the Upside Down kidnaps Will Byers. Searching for him are his mother, Joyce, the city’s police commander, Jim Hopper, and a group of volunteers.

Where the main lead, Eleven, a young girl with powers, escapes from the facility and is located by Will’s friends. Stranger Things has completed four seasons, each of which has left a lasting impression on the fan base. It can be seen that celebrities have become famous and have a huge following on social media platforms. Stranger things is a story of friendship, love, a mother’s courage, powers, and hope. Where it can be seen how every character was related to each other and fought their own battles. 

13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why is a must-watch series for all the teenagers and adults out there in college, as it shows how they impact each other’s lives through their involvement in it. Here in the series, it can be seen that the very first season centers on Liberty High freshman Clay Jensen, who gets a pair of cassettes on his doorstep.

The show is set in a fictional county where another lead character, Hannah Baker, who was a former Liberty High student who committed suicide herself two weeks prior, recorded these tapes. On them, she listed thirteen justifications for her actions. Each recording explains how different characters from Hannah’s life are related to her death. Hanna is proof of her sexual assault by Bakers. where she leaves tapes to all her mates who devasted her mental health and cost her life. 

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why?

In short, the story 13 Reasons Why revolves around Clay Jensen, who can be seen as a high school student played by Dylan Minnette. He is the main of the narrative, as is the fallout from Hannah Baker’s death, another high school student portrayed by Katherine Langford.

Here, Clay Jenson can be seen as an emotional and mature guy who solves the case on his own because he is in love with Hanna and wants justice for her. The series has four seasons, and basically, the entire main lead character in the series can be seen as being sucked into Hanna Baker’s success and trying to survive it.

In the series, it can be seen that in the end, the person who was responsible for Hanna’s death also died in mysterious circumstances, and the twist in the plot became more and more complicated. It is a story of friendship, love, mental health, and more things that an adult goes through. 13 reason why is the best series which focuses on how much mental health matters in this era, where being rude is seen as being cool. When it is not cool to be rude, and it costs someone’s life. 

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

The plotline of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts with a scene where the show centers on “The Gang,” a collection of misfit, egotistical psychopaths who own and operate Paddy’s Pub, a small, failed Irish pub in the South Philadelphia neighborhood. The initial members of the gang are the bartender Dennis Reynolds, portrayed by Glenn Howerton

It's always sunny in Philadelphia

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

The Movieline further moved with a scene where it can be seen that the ending is as follows: “The Gang concocts sophisticated plans and frequently plots against both strangers and one another for their own benefit and retaliation. 

They regularly do physical and mental harm to everyone who gets in their way, including their members, but they always go back to the way things were at Paddy’s Pub since they have estranged the remainder of society and are left with each other’s companionship in conclusion.

When chasing their goals, The Gang has no guilt and frequently engages in actions that other people would find spoiling, repulsive, or disturbing. In short, the war is devasting, and humans find it deeply disturbing for civil society. The owners are five friends with big egos and small minds.

True Blood 

The sequence assumes that the existence of vampires was unknown to the majority of people until two years before the show’s premiere night, when Japanese scientists developed synthetic blood, eliminating the need for vampires to consume human blood and allowing them to “come out of the coffin” and reveal their presence.

It can be seen that the E-1 so-called “Great Discovery” has divided vampires into two groups: those who want to become “mainstream” members of human civilization by fighting for equal privileges and nationality, and those who believe that coexisting with humans difficult due to the carnivorous and violent character of vampires.

True Blood 

True Blood

True Blood is all about the scientist who wants to reveal the presence of the vampire through his cruel experiments, and the experiment causes further chaos and many more problems for the human race. As vampires have a thirst for human blood for their survival, if a scientist can wake them up, it is obvious they will kill humans for their own survival.

Well, vampires are always there to scare humans; we would like to recommend True blood to all suspense lovers and horror lovers. Vampires are quite different from humans as they rely on blood, and it’s humans’ blood. So true blood might surprise you with its suspense and the wrong experiment outcomes of a scientist. 

How I met your mother

The plot of How I Met Your Mother revolves around The television show centers on the romantic exploits of single guy Ted Mosby, portrayed by Josh Radnor. Bob Saget narrates these tales as Ted Mosby recounts them to his teenage children after a while.

The storyline of the show starts with a scene where it can be seen that the show’s opening sequence shows This plot is used in a variety of ways in How I Met Your Mother, including portraying and re-depicting events from various points of view and establishing jokes that use quick and occasionally multiple memories enclosed within the verbal reimagining and telling.

How I met your mother

How I met your mother

How I Met Your Mother is a type of story in which the main character wants to tell the audience about his love story and how he met his soulmate. The series is a combination of love, friendship, humor, emotion, and suspense, which basically makes it worth watching in your free time. “How I Met Your Mother” is recommended to all readers who still believe in love and have a soulmate somewhere.

The long list of movies are recommended to watch on your amazing weekends; all these movies’ plot is a combination of humor, suspense, magic, and thrill. We are pretty sure that these movies are the best choice when it comes to choosing a particular categorized movie to watch in your free time.  So grab your spot and a bucket full of popcorn and snake because you might end up watching all season a day; these series are that addictive.

The shameless show comes with a mixture of friendship and love. Action and mystery amaze fans for sure, but when it comes to finding similar categorized movies, then the above list is a perfect match for you, with no doubt.

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