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Black Mirror Season 6 Cast: Who Are The Fresh New Faces?

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast

Netflix hit series Black Mirror is finally coming back after three years. Along with announcing the new season, the production team has also announced the Black Mirror season 6 cast members. Everyone is hyped for the series’s return. It has been a long time since we heard anything about the future dystopian TV series. The last season aired in 2019, and after that, the world almost entered a dystopia of its own. But now that things have settled down and become normal, the people behind Black Mirror have started working on the show again.

Though the show has not begun shooting yet, the Black Mirror Season 6 cast has been announced, and we can expect to see it start sooner than later. While we are unsure if any new faces will join us, the new cast members look promising. And with the Black Mirror Season 6 revealed, we won’t have to wait long before the release date is announced. In the meantime, it is good to check out the old ones until the next season drops.

What Is Netflix’s Black Mirror About?

It is not a hard question for most shows, though that is not the case here. Black Mirror doesn’t have an overarching plot that follows throughout the season and reaches a grand conclusion. No, Black Mirror is an anthology that brings us different stories that focus on varying aspects of Sci-Fi dystopia. The same will be true for the upcoming season, which was revealed a few days. So far, we only know Black Mirror Season 6 Cast, but from that alone, there is no way to learn what the series will bring us.

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast

CC: Black Mirror Franchise

And it makes sense that Netflix announced the series, given the condition it is in. The company has been in a downward spiral for a while but saw a return after shows like Strange Things Season 4 and a True Crime documentary. Given how well those two did, no doubt Black Mirror season 6 will be good as well.

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Meet The Black Mirror Season 6 Cast Members!

We have quite a cast joining us in the upcoming season. The cast of Black Mirror Season 6 includes a lot of talented people. Zazie Beetz: Known for Playing Vanessa on the Atlanta series, Paapa Essiedu: Known for his performance in I May Destroy You, the British actor began his career in RSC’s King Lear. Josh Hartnett: Known for his role in the crime drama Cracker. Aaron Paul: Critically acclaimed for portraying Jesse Pinkman in breaking bad. Kate Mara: Played reporter Zara in the show House of Cards, Shari Rothenberg in 24, and much more. Danny Ramirez: Played Wes in ‘The Gifted’ and Mario in ‘On My Block’. Clara Rugaard: The youngest of the cast, is a Danish actress and singer she rose to fame for her role in the sci-fi hit ‘I Am Mother’. Auden Thornton: Known for her role in ‘This Is Us.’, the actress began her career when she was only 9 years old. Anjana Vasan: is a Singaporean Indian- Singaporean Actor-Songwriter based in London, she is critically acclaimed for the sitcom ‘Lady Parts’, and gained a nomination for her performance in ‘A Doll’s House.’

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast

CC: Black Mirror Franchise

What Is The Release Date For Black Mirro Season 6?

Even though we have a confirmed Black Mirror Season 6 Cast, we do not know when the show will air. It can come this year or next if things don’t go well. When the pandemic was high and low, there always were uncertainties, and they won’t go away that easily. Even now, there is a possibility that we will have another outbreak, and production will be halted. It will be for the best if that doesn’t come to pass. And given how popular the series has been despite the three-year break, it will be the last thing fans want.

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