In Which Episode Does Tara Chamblers Die In The Walking Dead?

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In Which Episode Does Tara Chamblers Die In The Walking Dead?
Tara Chamblers and her group

The Walking Dead is one of the most critically acclaimed zombie TV shows. Over the course of several years, this show has won the hearts of millions of its fans, who fell in love with its intense storyline and brilliant characters. The show is based on one of the most critically acclaimed works of Robert Kirkman. It tells the story of the final survivors of a deadly zombie apocalypse that wiped out almost all the population from the earth, and now the remaining human beings must group together in order to survive and fight back these man-eating monsters.

It’s one of the few shows which has successfully portrayed the true nature of its characters, showcasing their struggles, their past, their heroisms, their emotional stories, and their fight for survival in the cursed land. And not to mention that it never shies away from making its characters do things that are completely inhuman in nature, but they have to do it in order to survive.

The show is also quite infamous (in the right way) for killing some of its main characters, especially the characters with whom the audiences have already developed a deep connection. And one such death is the death of Tara Chambler.

About Tara Chamblers

Tara Chambler is played by actress Alanna Masterson. Tara is one of the most humane characters from The Walking Dead. She was first got introduced in season 4, episode 6 of The Walking Dead. It’s a flashback episode where The Governor gets abandoned and is later chased by a group of zombies, but he is rescued by April, one of Tara’s sisters. Tara and her family give to allow the Governor to stay with them, but later, things get really intense between them when Governor shoots Tara’s sick father, who suddenly turns into a zombie.

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In Which Episode Does Tara Chamblers Die In The Walking Dead?
Tara Chamblers from The Walking Dead

Who is Tara Chamblers: Her Story

Tara Chamblers is one of the most interesting characters in The Walking Dead. Her journey started in season 4, episode 6, where she was just a survivor who was trying to take care of her sisters & her sick father. But her life changes forever when she decides to give shelter to the governor, who later ends up killing her father. Later on, Tara learns the true identity of the governor & realizes his true intentions when the governor makes an attack on the prison. This was one of the most important arcs in the story, which marked the rise of the governor.

After the prison attack, Tara feels guilty for supporting the governor & she joins Rick grimes group. Who forgives her for being part of the Governor’s gang?

This marks a new chapter in Tara’s life as we see her character develop, and she becomes stronger in the later seasons. After joining Rick’s group, she falls in love with Dr. Denise. But Dr. Denise’s death changes her life forever, making her stronger, more determined, and vengeful. But later on, she lets her vengeful feelings pass away as she realizes that she is going down the path of evil and she’s becoming more like the governor. And finally, she becomes the leader of a group for whom she fights to protect them from all kinds of dangers.

In Which Episode Does Tara Chamblers Die In The Walking Dead?

Although Tara Chamblers was one of the most loved characters from The Walking Dead, with her death, the makers have proved that it’s the story that shall always come before the character, no matter how much the character is loved by the audience. Her death also proves that no one is safe in this cruel, lawless Zombieland.

In Which Episode Does Tara Chamblers Die In The Walking Dead?
Tara’s death scene

Tara Chamblers dies in season 4 episode 15 “The Calm Before,” where Tara and her group get kidnapped by Whispers. Though they fight back the Whispers & kill several of their members ultimately, they get outnumbered & get killed one by one. Tara’s head gets cut off and is put on Apha’s pike. It was truly one of the most heartbreaking deaths from The Walking Dead, which made many of the show’s fans sad.

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