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Fargo Season 3 Ending Explained

Fargo Season 3 Ending Explained
Fargo Season 3 Ending Explained

Fargo season 3 wrapped up its episodes almost 4 years ago in 2017. There were a lot of mixed reviews over the plot with some fans actually thinking that the show was Fargo was actually a quirky Midwestern crime series created by Noah Hawley being the best yet by him. On the other hand, the other batch of fans thought that the plot did not portray enough drama with it. Whatever be the case, the entire set of episodes provided to us were loaded with entertainment and contributes to our good time.

Now, by the ending of season 3, some basic details got clear to us almost instantly. We saw that the story of Emmit as well as Ray and Stussy along with Gloria Burgle and Nikki while there was a huge evil plan plotted by V.M. Varga, was becoming familiar. At the end of every episode, one question was pretty clear to all the fans. We were not able to make out the meaning of a fictional place that does not have any rules now and anybody could do literally anything and any point they wish to. Fargo seasons 1 and 2 were not as volatile as what we saw the third season to be.

Fargo Season 3 Ending Explained

A still from Fargo Season 3

Fargo Season 3 – Plot

In Fargo Season 3, we literally saw a world that went total nuts and was uncontrollable. Previously, the plot mainly focused on the story of Solversons and the level of madness that this world can actually attain. But the third season changed the game. Things went horribly wrong before and this season was all about making it right. We saw the main spotlight shared by Gloria Burgle as well as Nikki Swango, paving their way through the hardships. There was surely a lot to swallow in the third season but it hinted at something more than just an unjust society with zero rules. There was a certain vibe of hope and array in this season that could not be easily faded away.

From the point, this show started Nikki Swang was some chaotic messy character who could not get to the bottom of her world easily. Despite having all the odds, she generously played within the world and had her specific rules set. At one point, she was made accountable for her own actions but this gave her a chance to have her own share of revenge. Given the fact that she is living a life divided by law and no law, it is tough to navigate her choices and decide what she actually wants.

Fargo Season 3 Ending Explained

Although, we all appreciate the character development given to her throughout the episodes and how her personality emerged in the form of power and revenge. Also, it is obvious that Nikki is able to do everything that Gloria will never be. The example was right in front of us during the conclusion of the show. We saw how she raged her anger against Varga without the help of red tapes as well as dunderheads such as Moe Dimmick. We damn well saw that Nikki was not able to get to Varga despite all of her many efforts. In the end, Gloria kind of did the task though. Varga has a lot of egos. He thinks that no sort of rule is ever going to apply to him. But well, there surely are some rules existent in this world that can simply never be broken.

Also, we should keep in mind that Nikki truly surprised us all this season. She started out as a simple lady who just knew the basics, to a professional and most entertaining player. Something like eliminating Varga off his game is truly a task that just clicked with Nikki and her character. Although, the end did not see this happening. Instead, her arc was closed by an intense shootout with a cop. It was simply a matter of ‘being at the wrong place at the wrong time’. Well, her fans were surely disappointed about this story and wanted something else for their favorite character, but well, it is what it is. Obviously, the creators love tragedy and this time, it was in store for her.

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