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100 Best Action TV Shows To Watch on Netflix

100 Best Netflix TV Shows To Watch
100 Best Netflix Shows

In this article, we will let you know the 100 Action TV Shows TV shows to watch. You are on the right page, then! Indeed, if lockdown offered us anything, it was that there are a tonne of excellent TV episodes on Netflix that can be viewed at your own pace. Fortunately, Netflix offers a massive selection of films and television programs in its top-rated section, which organizes popular episodes and movies according to who is watching them.

However, it is challenging to keep up with which of Netflix’s dramas, comedies, and reality shows are must-watches because the streaming service creates original content at such a consistent rate.

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Action TV Shows on Netflix

Here are our selections for the 100 best streaming shows to add to your watch list, ranging from lighthearted comedies to somber dramas. There is a vast selection of TV series on Netflix. We did the labor-intensive work for you. The best network imports and Netflix original shows are included on this list. So, without any further ado, let’s go through the 100 best Netflix shows to watch.

1. Breaking Bad

It won’t do justice if we do not add Breaking Bad as one of the best shows Netflix has. Indeed, the best! The series stars Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, RJ Mitte, and Giancarlo Esposito. If you are looking for a perfect crime thriller, then this is the best choice for you. The major subject of the presentation is how the tragic narrative of science teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White has endured its name over time.

Top 10 Netflix show

Breaking Bad

Scoop up the chair and prepare to be riveted by Vince Gilligan’s masterwork about a terminally ill teacher (Bryan Cranston) who starts producing and selling drugs, and does all that the world was not ready to witness. The series spans five thrilling seasons. 

2. The Order

The Order, a horror drama written by Dennis Heaton, is one of the top choices if you’re hunting for the ideal one. Jake Manley, Kayla Heller, Sarah Grey, Matt Frewer, and Sam Trammell play the primary characters in the series. The protagonist of the tale is Jack Morton, a student at Belgrave University. When he joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a rumored secret society, things for him drastically change. He is suddenly plunged into a dangerous, fantastical realm.

Best Tv shows

The Order

Jack has a reason to enroll in the class of 2023: he and his grandfather Peter (Matt Frewer) want to exact revenge on Jack’s father for killing Peter’s daughter and Jack’s mother. It is simply the best supernatural and horror thriller drama.

3. Stranger Things 

It’s not exaggerating at all to say that one of the most well-liked television shows of the modern age is the nostalgia-heavy, kid-focused sci-fi/horror/mystery hybrid from the Duffer Brothers. Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, and Charlie Heaton are among the well-known actors who appear in the series. Its intrepid group of young children and teenagers fight off monsters (either external or internal) and visit the shopping center.

Top 50 best shows

Stranger Things

It is both a terrifying nightmare and a dream of nostalgia. However, what makes Stranger Things so fantastic are mostly the coming-of-age tales, relationships, and family ties. Following a somewhat rocky second season, the assured, never-ending entertaining third season shattered Netflix viewership records and left fans clamoring for more. Recently, the fourth season was released with enormous success.

4. Halston

This is the one for you if you’re looking for something associated with the fashion and glam industry. Halston is a five-part miniseries. For his portrayal of American fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick in this, Ewan McGregor was awarded an Emmy. The intervention drama focuses on key periods in Halston’s career, including his rise in the 1960s and his fall from grace in the 1980s.

Top 100 Best Netflix TV Show


Halston, a middle-class Midwesterner, was inspired to reinvent himself as a cosmopolitan aesthete by his work with notable clients like Jackie Kennedy, Liza Minnelli, and Martha Graham. It will be a perfect watch for viewers who are keen to learn fashion and a lot more.

5. Grey’s Anatomy 

The first episode of this American medical drama TV series aired on March 27, 2005. Hard to imagine now, but Shonda Rhimes’ multifaceted medical drama with Ellen Pompeo, which debuted on ABC as a mid-season replacement, is now the network’s longest-running scripted primetime series. The series is about medical interns and their mentors beginning a professional journey in which they take part in horrific situations and make decisions that will change their lives and help them become the best doctors possible. It’s a fantastic show with hilarious lines and humor that will make you smile right away!

Best series to watch

Grey’s Anatomy

6. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The series stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Melissa McCarthy. Now available on Netflix for streaming are all seven seasons of the show as well as the spinoff Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. It’s the one series you can watch with your mother, and your teenage daughter/sister, and know that you will all find it to be equally entertaining. The story centers on Lorelai Gilmore, a strong-willed young lady who maintains a close relationship with her rebellious daughter Rory.

Best Shows to watch on Netflix

Gilmore Girls

She does not get along well with her mother, though. Along with the expert storytelling, the conversation is filled with never-before-or-since-matched banter and pop-culture allusions. That’s not it, the stories of love too. One of the most romantic love tales on TV is between Lorelai and Luke. As a result, you won’t grow weary of viewing this show repeatedly.

7. Peaky Blinders

In Birmingham, two World Wars are split between the adventures of the criminal Shelby family in Steven Knight’s well-known British series. In a country that is being racked by economic turmoil, returning military recently minted revolutions, and criminal gangs are competing for survival. A stellar cast with many well-known actors is led by Cillian Murphy in this very drama. It is one of the best show that Netflix offers. 

20 top shows to stream

Peaky Blinders

8. Sex Education

The series stars Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, and Connor Swindells as the main actors. Sex Education on Netflix is a coming-of-age dramedy that is both extremely naughty and utterly endearing. A socially shy youngster and his mother, who also doubles as his sex therapist, are the subjects of a critical and commercial hit. Otis, a high school student, is the focus. Otis has reluctantly become an authority on the topic as a result of being surrounded by films and tediously frank chats about sex.

Shows To Binge-watch

Sex Education

Otis partners up with whip-smart bad girl Maeve to establish an underground sex therapy clinic to address their classmates’ issues once they discover his family life. Otis wants to exploit this knowledge to elevate his position at school. The series is captivating and credits to the strength of character development. One frame is never wasted by any of its masterfully created characters.

9. The Most Hated Man on the Internet

This crazy story is one of the more well-known types of true crime shows, in which a person or group that has acted abhorrently is revealed and punished. An American man named Hunter Moore created the pornographic website “Is Anyone Up?” and he got some photos that had been seized or intercepted. This three-part Netflix documentary, “The Most Hated Man on the Internet,” follows the fight to have the website taken down. Irony abounds in this compelling and fascinating show, a must-watch. It is a dark show, though!

Which show to watch on Netflix?

The Most Hated Man on the Internet

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10. The Umbrella Academy

Starring in the series is Aidan Gallagher, Eliot Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, and Robert Sheehan. The lead vocalist of the rock band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, is the creator and writer of the bizarre superhero comic book series “The Umbrella Academy.” It emulates Way’s preoccupation with heroics, science fiction, and teen angst while retaining the original’s wildness. The result is a visually appealing and surprising television series about a family of superhuman celebrities who reconnect after the death of their adopted father and then must put aside old grudges to save the world.

Best TV shows

The Umbrella Academy

11. Emily in Paris

Looking for something cute, dramatic, glam, and work, Emily in Paris is an ideal show for you guys. It is one of the best! Getting a chance to peek into Emily’s life and how she deals with work and her romantic life is the main focus of the series. This popular Netflix original, which centers on an American immigrant in the City of Lights: Paris, stars Lily Collins and Ashely Park. Emily Cooper shifts to Paris in response to an unexpected employment offer. She has been tasked with providing an established French marketing company with an American perspective. It is really enjoyable to witness these vibrant, jovial scenes.

5 top shows to watch on Prime

Emily in Paris

12. Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Richa Moorjani, Poorna Jagannathan, and Jaren Lewison in the lead, and each one has done an amazing job. A first-generation Indian-American teen’s difficult life serves as the central theme of the story. Anyone who remembers the family pressures, personal traumas, and unrealistic expectations that keep some youngsters from having to feel cool should be able to relate to this heartfelt sitcom, which is partly a high school romance and partly a depiction of a thoughtful kid who keeps screwing up her social life. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan captures the anxiety and charm beautifully.

Fav show on Netflix

Never Have I Ever

13. Squid Game

According to critics, this hugely popular Korean hit could end up being the greatest success ever for Netflix. Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, Jung Ho-Yeon, Heo Sung-Tae, Anupam Tripathi, and Oh Yeong-su are among the actors who appear in the Hwang Dong-hyuk-created series. It revolves around a group of poor individuals competing in a series of dangerous kid activities. The hype is true to form. Watch it out.

Shows to watch on Netflix?

Squid Game

14. All of Us Are Dead

A unique spin on the post-apocalyptic zombie trope, the Korean high school horror epic “All of Us Are Dead” follows a group of teens whose normal lives are already rather brutal, zombie invasion or not. It focuses on who needs to flee their school after it serves as the epicenter of an epidemic of the zombie virus. The action is violent and bloody. Cho Yi-Hyun, Lomon, and Park Ji-hoo are the film’s leading actors.

Netflix Top Series

All of Us Are Dead

15. Narcos

Who wouldn’t have heard of the very famous Pablo Escobar? This series is all about him. It stars Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, and Pedro Pascal as the series’ leads. This popular drama, which is set and shot in Colombia, is about the drug business and, notably, the rise and fall of leader Pablo Escobar. It dramatizes the bloodshed and filth brought on by the drug wars in Colombia and drug society as a whole. The way that Narcos was able to develop some sinister characters and convey a complex plot with such intensity and transparency made it one of the most successful TV shows ever.

Top show on Netflix (2022)


16. Bridgerton

Experience the royalty with the Bridgerton! It is a series of romantic novels that Netflix has gorgeously and swoony interpreted. This period drama recounts the loves and lives of eight siblings from a wealthy family during the Regency Period. The show also has some very graphic sexual content, but it does so with a female lens that is almost revolutionary for a period drama. Bridgerton, which debuted on Netflix on Christmas 2020, became popular instantly and became its most-watched show ever. It is a brightly colored, wonderfully anachronistic frolic that gives frock plays new life and is a blast to watch.

Top 100 Netflix series to stream


17. GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Glow stars Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Sunita Mani, and Marc Maron as the main cast of the series. It is a professional wrestling documentary feature film. The plot begins with a betrayal that affects two of the characters’ closest friends, but once the vibrant colors and brash energy of this series, which is set in the 1980s, get going, there’s no stopping them. GLOW will always be a show with a unique understanding of womanhood and a lot of pop culture fun.

Best action drama to watch

GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

18. Lucifer

This suspenseful thriller, which is enjoyable, starring Tom Ellis. The British hottie portrays the devil, who becomes bored with hell and moves to Los Angeles, where he develops a relationship with a private investigator. The fact that Lucifer went from Fox to Netflix for seasons four and five means that there is more profanity and even a little nudity.

World's top Netflix shows to watch


19. Outlander

The series stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in the lead, and it is one of the most recommended series of all time. The plot of Outlander centers on Claire Randall, a nurse from 1940s England who travels to Scotland and, while there, uses enchanted stones to travel back in time to the 1740s. She encounters a tall, dark, and attractive Highlander called James Fraser there as she battles for survival and a route home, and the rest is history. It does a fairly good job of following the couple’s whereabouts throughout history while also offering a suspenseful, captivating, and romantic narrative.

Romantic shows on Netlfix


20. The Queen’s Gambit

Anya Taylor-Joy, Marielle Heller, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Moses Ingram are featured in The Queen’s Gambit. It is one of 2020’s top dramas. The story follows Beth Harmon, an orphaned chess prodigy who battles addiction while trying to become the best player in the world. This 1983 novel by Walter Tevis adaption is a new gem in Netflix’s crown thanks to its Cold War-era vintage setting and excellent portrayals.

Top 10 thriller series

The Queen’s Gambit

21. The Crown 

Possibly their most prestigious original, Netflix’s historical drama about Queen Elizabeth II, directed by Peter Morgan, is one of their flagship shows. By shifting the focus away from the queen herself, the series’ complex, intellectual design and episodic structure flesh out the supporting cast, which includes Elizabeth’s husband Philip, and sister, Margaret. It is a surprisingly thorough analysis of both the personal and professional lives of famous individuals in Britain. You can check out the trailer below.

22. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a fantasy drama with lots of emotions. The series stars Taron Egerton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nathalie Emmanuel, Simon Pegg, and Mark Hamill. It is a prequel to Jim Henson’s well-known Dark Crystal film, in which two old characters are telling our protagonists a crucial story. It explores the lovely country of Thra and a long-ago incident that led to an imbalance and blight in the crystal that sits at the core of their universe. It is an epic fantasy adventure journey that is sure to win over both longtime and new fans.

List of 100 Netflix shows to watch

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

23. Riverdale

Of course, who would not be familiar with the very famous Netflix teen drama Riverdale? The series stars Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes, and KJ Apa in the lead. Teenagers Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica deal with being in a town full of ominous events and vicious criminals. The initial idea for this inconsistent show was to combine the teenage protagonists from the family-friendly Archie Comics line with a sinister adult thriller. It’s difficult to pinpoint what “Riverdale” has evolved into after six seasons. It is a vibe!!

Top 100 Netflix programmes to watch


24. Shameless

Wanna laugh and have a gala time with your near and dear ones? “Shameless” has got everything for you. John Wells created the comedy-drama television series, which has had a successful run for 11 seasons. William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher), an Oscar winner, and Emmy Rossum are the show’s leading actors. Based on a British television series, the siblings in this comedy-drama struggle to deal with their alcoholic father in their chaotic Chicago household. He has six children on his own and spends most of his leisure time drinking at pubs.

Comdey-Drama on Netflix


25. Cobra Kai

Fights, fun, and drama are all you’re going to get in this amazing comedy-drama called “Cobra Kai.” Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Courtney Henggeler, Xolo Mariduea, and Tanner Buchanan are the leads of Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai continues the inevitable struggle with a now-successful Daniel LaRusso more than 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. However, Johnny is motivated to reopen the infamous Cobra Kai dojo after saving the victim of bullying, Miguel, from his bullies.

Action show on Netflix

Cobra Kai

26. Russian Doll

Dramedies are a kind of therapy for the mind. One such is Russian Doll. The series stars Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez, and Elizabeth Ashley. Real mess hipster art buddies Rebecca Henderson and Greta Lee are prepared to spice up parties throughout the Netflix span. The series, however, centers on a young woman traveling to New York City to attend a party as the guest of honor. But she finds herself in a strange pattern where she keeps going to the same event and passing away at the night’s end. Interesting, right?

What To Watch On Netflix?

Russian Doll

27. The Witcher

There is plenty of thrilling noir adventure in this adaptation of the novels and short tales by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. As the expert monster hunter Geralt, played by Henry Cavill, Geralt explores the countryside, working his trade and running into both aristocrats and commoners. The Witcher is an immensely enjoyable schlock with lots of blood, love, and sexuality, and Henry Cavill’s passionate acting tops everything.

28. The Sandman

The series “The Sandman” stars Tom Sturridge, Jenna Coleman, and Gwendoline Christie as the lead cast. It is a fantasy thriller. It is an amazing drama about the Lord of Dreams’ stormy relationships with the human world that touches on centuries of world culture and history. The series follows the episodic format of the comic book rather closely, tracing the Dream King’s journey to restore truth after spending decades confined. Every actor and actress did a fantastic job with the debut and growth of their roles.

Best show on Netflix

The Sandman

29. The Magicians

In The Magicians, Quentin (Jason Ralph) enrolls at Brakebills, a school where magic is taught. The series’ main actors are Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman, and Arjun Gupta. The Magicians is a fast-paced, funny story that is also based on the mental health concerns that each of the main characters has to deal with in their unique ways. The show frequently emphasizes the fact that depression cannot simply be cured. You can look out at the trailer for “The Magicians” following this para.

30. Lupin

Lupin stars Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Vincent Londez, and Soufiane Guerrab. It is a tv show about a little child named Assane who turns into a burglar. Assane may be experiencing an identity problem because he appears to think he is the gentleman burglar Arsene Lupin (Omar Sy) from a collection of short tales by Maurice Leblanc. Lupin is a pretty fantastic way to pass the time, especially in a year when you have to take what you can get, even when it tests and then shatters credulity at the best of circumstances.

Which Netflix TV show should I watch?


31. 13 Reasons Why

“13 Reasons Why” is considered one of the best TV shows on Netlfix and has never failed to entertain the audience with its gripping plot. It is a teen drama that explores the enigmas surrounding the suicide of high school student Hannah Baker. A classmate by the name of Clay discovers a mystery box on his porch two weeks after her untimely death. Each character served as their finest self in this fascinating show. The show has a total of 4 seasons. See the show’s trailer down below.

32. The Kominsky Method

In Chuck Lorre’s comedy-drama for Netflix, a seasoned acting coach who once achieved celebrity is the main character. As they traverse the ups and downs of aging, acting coach Sandy Kominsky and closest buddy Norman Newlander keep each other giggling. The supporting cast is completed by Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin, and a who’s who of seasoned, well-known comedic veterans.

What to watch on Netflix?

The Kominsky Method

33. On My Block

On My Block is a coming-of-age story about dark 14 and 15-year-olds who are only attempting to live daily on their gang-ruled streets. It is one enormous, irreverently cocksure gesture to all the sections of the current cultural canon. Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao, Jessica Marie Garcia, and Ronni Hawk are among the series’ leading actors. Watching it is so much joy, and we would recommend you to watch it for sure.

Best shows to binge-watch

On My Block

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34. Dead End: Paranormal Park

Who does not love horror with some drama and comedy??? Well, most of you do! So, Dead End: Paranormal Park is one of the perfect shows to binge-watch on Netflix. It is inspired by the paranormal adventure animation “Dead End: Paranormal Park,” a graphic novel series by Hamish Steele that was itself based on an animated short Steele created. The story goes in a haunted amusement park where two teenagers and a talking pug team together to battle evil. It is a cute and fun horror comedy.

Netflix's best shows

Dead End: Paranormal Park

35. The Mole

“The Mole” is different. Twelve participants collaborate in challenges to accumulate money to a pot that only one of them will win after this high-stakes competition series. They take on a variety of mental and physical tasks. A player using the alias “the Mole” has been accused of hindering the group’s efforts to generate money. One player will ultimately outlast the others and uncover the Mole to get the prize money. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Best Netflix drama

The Mole

36. The Blacklist

One of the best thriller show that won’t disappoint you is “The Blacklist.” Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former government agent, has been listed as one of the most wanted captives on the globe for many years. He thereafter unexpectedly turns himself into the FBI and offers to assist them in apprehending dangerous criminals: this is the show’s overarching topic. It is thrilling to see and has a compelling plot.

37. Arrested Development

Its Jason Bateman-starring dysfunctional family comedy was dropped in 2006. In 2013, Netflix brought the series back. It transforms broken family humor into something ambitiously intricate and marvelously quick-paced. The Bluth family, a once-powerful force in commerce, loses everything in the course of the story as the head patriarch is found guilty of fraud. It is worth watching, and you should give it a try!

Top thriller shows

Arrested Development

38. The Great British Baking Show

Are you looking for a cooking or a baking show?? So, here it is. The show’s stars include Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Mel Giedroyc, Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, and Noel Fielding. In the series, a gifted group of enthusiast bakers competes in a 10-week competition by creating their best dishes to be named the best in the United Kingdom. It’s very entertaining to watch them. It is still a fantastic, encouraging, energizing, whimsical, and all-around joyful series.

Top 10 TV shows on Netflix

The Great British Baking Show

39. Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

If the show mentioned above did not excite you, then this is the one for you. In the show, the daring cooks square off against their superhuman coworkers in a massive stadium while being watched by a fickle “Chairman.” In a fierce battle, they square off against cooking legends for the chance to become the Iron Legend. If the challenger triumphs, they are awarded the title of Iron Legend, get a cheap golden chef’s knife as a trophy, and of course, a cash prize. Alton Brown, a former contestant on “Iron Chef,” is one of the hosts of the Netflix adaptation of “Quest for an Iron Legend.”

What to watch on Netflix?

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

40. Unsolved Mysteries

Quite an old thriller mystery show but, hands down, the best! The intriguing plot of this series never fails to disappoint the viewers. This show employs conversations and re-enactments to recount the events surrounding, well, mysteries. More mysterious deaths, puzzling disappearances, and strange paranormal activity are featured on the show. They also discuss crimes, stories of lost love, mysterious past events, and paranormal occurrences. Viewers are invited to contribute any information that can help solve a mystery. A mystery might even be solved by you.

Horror TV Shows

Unsolved Mysteries

41. Ozark

Are you an Ozark fan too?? This is one of the most hyped shows and is worth it. Jason Bateman plays a crooked money manager in this Emmy-winning crime drama who relocates his family to a Missouri resort enclave, where they settle in a while becoming more and more dependent on crooks. The spectator does not have to wait through numerous episodes before the story begins; it begins right away. The amazing casting of this show makes it crazier.

42. Borgen

Sidse Babett Knudsen, Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, Pilou Asbaek, and Sren Malling are the show’s main actors. The show follows Birgitte Nyborg, a minor centrist politician who, by a sequence of fortunate events, becomes Denmark’s first female prime minister. She upholds her ideas throughout its duration while coping with the competitors and the media who criticize her initiatives. It’s impressive how much suspense and psychological drama a small Scandinavian country’s cabinet changes and health care reform legislation can generate.

Thriller tv shows to watch


43. Call the Midwife

This tremendously emotional, frequently controversial series, based on the memoirs of British nurse Jennifer Worth, demonstrates how true to life the show is. Vanessa Redgrave tells the story of Jenny Lee, played by Jessica Raine, who must swiftly adjust to life in an underdeveloped neighborhood where medical supplies are scarce, and infants are in great supply. The show is a must-watch because it teaches so much. Whatever you want to call it, Call the Midwife is a courageous television.

Netflix TV Shows

Call the Midwife

44. Love, Death + Robots

We have not heard of any show so different, queer, and beyond our minds. “Love, Death + Robots” is that show. The third installment of Tim Miller and David Fincher’s Emmy-winning animated anthology promises strange settings, odd creatures, and unusual stories. It is a reimagining of a famous adult-only comics publication that featured gorgeously illustrated tales laced with sex and violence. The stories are connected by ideas of a future in which people, aliens, and machines struggle to coexist. It has a diversity of visual styles and tones. It is just all full of fantasy, crime, and everything you’re looking for.

45. The Watcher

“The Watcher” is a mystery horror show that will hold your heart captive. It tells the story of a family who finally gets the home of their dreams only to be confronted by threatening letters, odd neighbors, and other perilous threats. The Watcher house in New Jersey, which became notorious, served as the basis for the plot. An entity called the Watcher dwells beyond the realms of space and time. He is aware of every instant that has occurred, is occurring, or will occur. A fascinating peek into the psyche of both a serial killer and the man who must hunt him may be found in this gripping psychological thriller.

46. Vikings: Valhalla

It’s entertaining to follow the exploits of illustrious Vikings as they forge new roads through a changing Europe. Valhalla is audacious, gory, and brilliant like the first Vikings series. It chronicles the exploits of some of the most well-known Norse people in history, including Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett), Freyds Eirksdóttir (Frida Gustavsson), and Harald Hardrada (Leo Suter). There is so much action in the first episode of the season that you may be wondering where the series will go from here. Below is the trailer for Vikings: Valhalla.

47. Hellbound

Hellbound is a 2021 fantasy drama series that is worth watching. It is a magnificent yet menacing strange fantasy that allows you to see into the depths as you grasp your hands in anticipation of how things will turn out. The New Truth Society is a religious cult that was founded as a result of the series’ fabulously bizarre idea, which envisions an alternate Earth overrun by monsters ready and eager to bring mankind to Hell. You should check it out and trust us, you won’t regret it.

Which is the best Netflix series?


48. Sky Rojo

The life of a sex worker is never easy, and Sky Rojo is all about it. Verónica Sanchez, Lali Espósito, and Yany Prado are three sex workers who are evading their pimp Asier Etxeandia and his goons Miguel Angel Silvestre and Enric Aucquer, in this television series. In a mad dash for freedom, they set out on their quest. Lex Pina and Esther Martnez Lobato are the creators of this Spanish action crime drama series. This is an intriguing plot that is extremely different.

49. Bloodline

The Florida Keys, where “Bloodline” is set, are so stunning that the focus is diverted from the actors. A Florida Keys family with awful, violent secrets is the subject of the thriller drama on Netflix starring Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, and Linda Cardellini. It has a fascinating plotline and excels at mixing complex characterization with shocking turns. Bloodline has a total of three seasons.

Netflix to watch


50. Our Planet

A nature documentary series called Our Planet can aid and educate you about the world in which we live. It is the first nature series produced by Netflix and the recipient of the Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series award for Primetime. The series focuses on various global species and habitats as well as how climate change affects each one of them. Narrating is by David Attenborough. Every person who is on the planet must watch it, so what are you waiting for, watch it.

51. The Eddy

“The Eddy,” a grimy yet energetic trip around the Paris jazz scene, lived up to the promise of its worldwide level. The story is based on Jazz club owner Elliot struggling with money issues, band conflicts, and his teenage daughter’s visit before a startling turn of events completely changes his life. Playing Elliott is André Holland. This musically oriented television program moves at its own pace, occasionally pausing for introspection and, of course, a few rehearsals. If you love music and rhythms, you will love them.

Top 5 Netflix show

The Eddy

52. On My Block

The show stars Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao, Jessica Marie Garcia, Ronni Hawk, and Sierra Capri in the lead. “On My Block” is a risk-taking, ambitious adolescent drama and comedy. The effectiveness of friendships and how it impacts one is accurately shown. It is one big, cocksure wink to all the elements of contemporary culture that one would least expect to see in a coming-of-age tale about two brown 14- and 15-year-olds who are simply trying to get by on the streets where gangs dominate.

53. BoJack Horseman

The show mostly centers on BoJack and his life following the premiere of his popular 1990s sitcom Horsin’ Around. BoJack is a horse, although he has a human-looking physique like the other animals in the BoJack Horseman series, with human hands and feet, and he lacks a tail. A self-absorbed former TV star is trying to make a comeback in this Hollywood parody. The dread of losing relevance is the subject of this existential dramatization. The title character of BoJack Horseman is BoJack F. Horseman.

54. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Are you looking for a sketch comedy? Here it is. Tim Robinson himself stars in “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.” A whole bundle of fantastical skits gives the world of TV sketches new life, taking the audience on a deliciously insane voyage into Tim Robinson’s mind. Robinson is a pro at exposing himself thus that’s what makes the series fun. This may seem like a standard ground for cringe comedies, but Robinson keeps it fresh by pushing concepts past the point of reason, creating figures or scenarios that are so completely ludicrous that you won’t even consider equating them. It is loads of fun, and you should catch it for sure.

55. Love Is Blind

Is love blind? This show legit answers all about it. Love Is Blind is a dating reality television series. This captivating series, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, will explore whether love is truly blind and whether appearances such as race, age, even religion, or ethnicity do matter. They run this social experiment in which single men and women hunt for love online before meeting in person and then getting hitched. On Love Is Blind, we have fan favorites and unexpected connections in every season.

56. From Scratch

“From Scratch” is a tv series that was recently released and has gained a lot of love. It follows American student Amahle “Amy” Wheeler (Zoe Salda), who is living and studying abroad in Italy, as she meets and becomes obsessed with Sicilian chef Lino. She begins a life-altering odyssey of love, loss, resiliency, and hope through cultures and countries after falling in love with a chef in Italy. It is a stunning, intense, and heartbreaking love story.

57. Sense8

With a splash of Heroes and a dab of losing, the sci-fi series Sense8 draws on themes from the canon to construct a sweeping tale. Eight characters from various parts of the world are followed as they unexpectedly come to feel mentally connected. Isn’t that crazy? When this series first debuted, it was such a success that when it was canceled, devoted viewers sought a heartfelt send-off for the series. There are two seasons in all of Sense8 that are worthwhile to see.

Best TV shows


58. Mindhunter

David Fincher’s film Mindhunter attempts to recreate the early days of the FBI’s serial killer profiling. Watching is satisfying beyond belief for the complete opposite motive. Interviewing convicted serial killers puts Jonathan Groff’s excited agent and his displeased colleague in jeopardy. His tale is expertly intertwined throughout the two seasons, which are based on the real story of the first FBI profiler. So, if you’re looking for crime, thriller, and fantasy drama, then this is the one.

TV shows to binge-watch


59. Midnight Mass

Hamish Linklater, Kate Siegel, Zach Gilford, Rahul Kohli, and Annabeth Gish are the series’ leading actors. In Midnight Mass, a remote island village encounters miraculous occurrences as well as unsettling omens with the entrance of a brilliant, mystic young priest. Even with its forays into the paranormal, Midnight Mass is a show that digs in rather than thrusts itself outside. However, anything extra for this seven-episode series is a legitimate spoiler.

60. Selena: The Series

This new Netflix original recounts Selena Quintanilla’s life, career, and untimely death. It is popular with viewers with many mixed reviews. Selena Quintanilla, the Queen of Tejano music and a legendary Mexican-American pop diva, has a terrible life story that is the focus of Selena: The Series. Along with her siblings, the series stars her parents, Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla. In honor of a mega-talent who passed all too young, it’s worth watching.

TV shows

Selena: The Series

61. Barbarians

Barbarians is a 2020 historical drama series. This violent, attractive German drama series is very crazy and consuming. The first season of Netflix’s original series shocked viewers and quickly rose to the top of the list. It centers on Three people whose lives are connected during the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. when Germanic troops stopped the Roman Empire’s expansion. A must-watch.

62. Grace and Frankie

Whenever we hear about Grace and Frankie, there is a smile on our faces. In this well-known comedy, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda play friends who become close after their husbands wed one another. The only thing the women can truly rely on is one another, as everything else around them starts to fall aside. Their connection and relationship are just so endearing that it deserves to be seen.

Best tv to watch ideas

Grace and Frankie

63. Atypical

Sam, an autistic 18-year-old, is trailed as he looks for love and liberty in the coming-of-age dramedy series. It might be challenging to show the true nature of the autism condition without coming off as mocking. The rest of Sam’s family must deal with the upheaval in their own lives as they all question what it means to be normal while Sam is on his exploration of himself and to find happiness. Atypical complements that by being kind and humorous.

TV series on Netflix


64. Black Lightning

In search of a superhero action movie? You’re all set! A real superhero would face persistent racism and structural unfairness, as per Black Lightning, who takes on the task head-on. You will understand the allusions they made in light of how the black population is treated in America. The action fiction’s main stars include Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, and Christine Adams. Cress Williams’ Black Lightning is the father of two daughters who have superpowers.

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65. Castlevania

Vampires, horror, and anime are a winning combination. Which say? The narrative of Trevor, the final surviving member of the disgraced Belmont family, is told in Castlevania. It successfully concludes the story of Trevor vs. Dracula with style, surprises, and flips. This anime series, which is an ancient dark fiction, was inspired by the well-known video game franchise. Castlevania is a well-written, sleek, fascinating thriller that shouldn’t be skipped.

Best Netflix shows


66. Shadow and Bone

Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, and Kit Young are the lead stars of the series. The “Shadow and Bone” series centers on Alina Sarkoff as she struggles with her dramatic transformation from an abandoned nobody to the legendary savior of Ravka. The tale of orphaned mapmaker Alina Starkov, who learns she has the extraordinary and life-altering ability to call forth light so strongly, has captivated audiences. Alina is separated from her best friend Mal by those talents, which also place her under the tutelage of the enigmatic and immensely powerful General Kirigan.

67. Unbelievable

“Unbelievable” deviates from the norm by offering a unique perspective that refuses to make women the victims of the show’s vile antagonist. With Collette and Wever’s characters showing the stark inequality in how women are handled by female police officers, its leading cast lends compassion and heart to this devastating tale. This limited series stars Toni Collette and Merritt Wever as two detectives from separate districts who work together to catch a serial rapist.

Top 50 Netflix shows


68. 28 Days Haunted

The idea of “28 Days Haunted” comes from renowned paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. For a paranormal experiment based on the beliefs of the investigators, each of the three teams in the series spends 28 days at one of America’s most haunted locales. One might describe 28 Days Haunted as the hold-my-beer of ghost-hunting television shows. However, the show is very much a product of its day, it had eerie sleepovers and celebrities who screamed whenever they passed walls or other objects.

69. Dear White People

A varied group of college students is depicted in Dear White People as they traverse Winchester University, a largely white Ivy League institution where racial issues are frequently ignored. A small-screen adaptation was created as a result of the positive feedback it received. This series, as far as steamy theme shows go, charges head-on into some serious concerns. The TV show does a terrific task of picking up where the questions left off since it is wonderfully written, superbly played, and produced.

TV series to watch

Dear White People

70. Dahmer—Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

A very recent addition to Netflix is “Dahmer—Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” which has received quite an appreciation. It is a series by Ryan Murphy which stars Emmy winner Evan Peters. It covers Jeffrey Dahmer, a known serial killer who murdered 17 young men between 1978 and 1991. From there, the show jumps back and forth, revisiting Dahmer’s early years and his struggles with his mother Joyce’s (Penelope Ann Miller) depression and pill abuse as well as his father Lionel’s (Richard Jenkins) protracted excursions from home. The series had surpassed expectations and was a huge success.

71. House of Cards

We do not doubt that some of you are fascinated by politics and all the scandals that surround it. Then “House of Cards” is what you are missing. The senator plots to get to the White House while throwing everyone under the bus, and it is based on the UK BBC series of the same name. A full soap opera season’s worth of deaths, chases, and scrapes can be found in each episode, and Frank Underwood frequently breaks the theme with comic results.

Top tv shows to binge-watch

House of Cards

72. Fuller House

With DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy, and the kids confronting everything from room wars to dating nightmares, the Fuller house (as the title) quickly fill up. Fuller is a recent widow and the mother of three small boys. She is about to be living alone for the first time when her sister Stephanie, best friend Kimmy Gibbler, and daughter Ramona Gibbler notice that she is under stress and opt to move in. And when everything in the world doesn’t seem to be going as it should, Fuller House can make you smile inside as much as make you laugh and cry.

Best shows on Netflix

Fuller House

73. Love

One of the top Netflix television series is the American romantic comedy-drama Love. As they work to restore order to their disorganized lives, Mickey and Gus must deal with loyalty and everything that comes with it. The pair explores the lines between friendship and romance in the series, which also includes some stand-alone episodes that are completely out of this world. You can’t help but like the two despite their repeated errors and wish they would get their act together.

74. New Girl

The center of the series is Jess, a quirky young woman. She moved into a loft apartment with three single males following a nasty breakup. The plot centers on all four of them, their relationships, personal ambitions, careers, and the highs and lows of life. Jessica Day, Nick Miller, Schmidt, and Wilson make up the group; later, Jess’s childhood friend Cece, who is of Indian descent, joins them. “New Girl” was the platform for the careers of rising talents Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris, and Max Greenfield.

Television shows on Netflix

New Girl

75. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After spending the past fifteen years imprisoned in a doomsday cult run by the insane Reverend Gary Wayne Gary, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” opens with New York transplant Kimmy Schmidt beginning over with a clean slate. One of the most uplifting and enjoyable shows we could discover. Titus Andromedon, the musical mastermind behind Peeno Noir and Boobs in California, continues to produce one of the funniest television comedies.

Top 10 series

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

76. The Sinner

“The Sinner” is a gritty, intricate, tell-all mystery that explores the psychological dynamics of families and the drama surrounding blood ties. It centers on a small New York hamlet where a haunted investigator searches for solutions to mysterious crimes while battling his fears. You’ll appreciate the way the writers expose the motive behind the main character’s crime in each episode by peeling back her layers of lies. The story was as twisted as it could be, and the investigator was attempting to find out as many truths as he could.

77. American Vandal

American Vandal works similarly to how many crazy thrillers developed into an engrossing series in which each character and their mother had an opinion. It adds a fresh perspective to the real crime obsession that has grown in popularity recently. After a crime at a high school, 27 teachers discover that one of their cars has been vandalized by a fellow student with a taste for vulgarity and spray paint as the first season opens. One of the top Netflix original series, without a doubt.

Top 5 series

American Vandal

78. The Haunting of Hill House

The must-watch horror on Netflix was The Haunting of Hill House. The Crain family is followed as they settle into the isolated Hill House. Before they purchase their own home, the Crains intend to remodel it and sell it, but they soon learn that the house has other ideas. Having said that, even after reading this, you’ll still be afraid to turn out the lights at night. The story picks up decades after the family fled in the middle of the night as it is brought back together by that house.

Top 6 series to watch

The Haunting of Hill House

79. Dead To Me

As polar opposite friends Jen and Judy struggle through life together after experiencing loss in “Dead To Me,” a tragicomedy that takes unexpected turns with the best of them is presented. As the main pair, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are both outstanding. You won’t be able to put the series down once you start watching. This show is a gem, and the acting is phenomenal. The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat and demonstrates perhaps the best relationship in a show you have ever seen. Every feeling and every amount of suffering they experience is made real by them.

80. Heartstopper

In “Heartstopper,” a touching and heartfelt teen coming-of-age movie, Charlie and Nick’s romantic romance is beautifully realized. They have many receptive people to trust as Nick and Charlie get closer, and their feelings become difficult to deny. The cast of the TV show includes Kit Connor, Joe Locke, William Gao, Yasmin Finney, Corinna Brown, and Kizzy Edgell. Everything exudes a cheerful yet inviting mood that just tempts you to cuddle up while watching.

Top 5 Netflix tv shows


81. Maid

“Maid” stars Margaret Qualley, and her real-life mother Andie McDowell plays her mother. Nick Robinson, Billy Burke, and Anika Noni Rose are also featured in the show. Alex, a single mother with a two-year-old child, is the main protagonist of the story. Brave Alex quits her abusive partner all by herself and moves into a home where she may work as a maid to support herself. The 2019 publication of Land’s memoir led to the creation of this honest, critically praised Netflix drama. Amazing work!

82. The Last Dance

The Last Dance uses archive material and interviews with Michael Jordan and some of his closest friends and foes to depict that tragic year. Here, family stories, battles with the front office, and rivalries are all prominently included. Additionally, if you enjoy basketball, you may relax knowing that you are witnessing a lesser-known aspect of one of the game’s greatest dynasties. However, the show presents a distinctive, nuanced view of the character they originally referred to as “Air.”

Best 5 Netflix tv series

The Last Dance

83. Manifest

In the science fiction mystery Manifest, passengers on a plane that inexplicably arrives years after taking off must deal with odd new realities after returning to a world that has passed on without them. As they reintegrate into society, the travelers start to realize that their lives and their loved ones are not the same as they once were. They also start to hear leading whispers and see visions of future events. It is, without a doubt, one of the best series to watch since it is simply so insane, compelling, and over the pale.

84. Better Call Saul 

“Better Call Saul” stars Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean, Rhea Seehorn, and Jonathan Banks. It also serves as a follow-up to the “Breaking Bad” storyline, capturing Saul Goodman as a fugitive, scraping by under a false name in rural Omaha. The series also chronicles the early years of the con artist turned lawyer as he established himself. This spinoff accomplished the nearly impossibly tricky task of Vince Gilligan’s meth drama. And give credit to Odenkirk and his co-stars for elaborating on how morality may be fragile, especially when large sums of money are at stake.

TV shows to watch

Better Call Saul

85. Legends of Tomorrow

Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Nick Zano, and Tala Ashe are among the cast members of the series.  No other live-action superhero series at the present does what DC’s Legends of Tomorrow does, which is to enjoy itself. It significantly draws inspiration from DC’s Silver Age and features the mischief of the Giffen, DeMatteis, and Maguire run on Justice League in the late 1980s. It can be witty, but it can also be utterly heartbreaking as it follows a motley crew of misfits as they travel across time and space, trying to correct historical errors brought on by villains and otherworldly beings.

86. Young Royals

A Swedish teen romance titled Young Royals is a great show. The subject of the narrative is Prince Wilhelm, who settles into life at the elite Hillerska boarding school but finds that following his heart is harder than he had thought. It was truly remarkable that the two primary actors were both canon homosexual people. You won’t regret watching Young Royals, one of the top Netflix choices. Watching this show, which is significantly different from the other Netflix original series in terms of casting and the LGBTQA+ theme, is like a breath of new air.

87. Orange Is the New Black

Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Michael J. Harney, Michelle Hurst, and Kate Mulgrew are the lead actors in the series. The book with the same title that served as the basis for the plot was written by Piper Kerman, but the truth is that the film adaptation is much, much better. Taylor Schilling plays Piper Chapman, a lady living a happy modern life until a decade ago, when she was temporarily a drug smuggler for her lover Alex Vause, her history reared up to confront her from behind.

88. The Fabulous

Are you looking for a rom-com and that too a Korean? Don’t worry, and this is the one! It tells the story of four close friends pursuing their aspirations in the cutthroat world of fashion. They continue to balance difficult careers, romantic subplots, and wild evenings together. You will definitely enjoy observing the difficult balance between friendship, love, and dreams. This was only recently added to Netflix.

89. Maniac

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are two strangers named Annie and Owen who enroll in a mysterious drug trial that causes weird, frequently upsetting dreams in this dark comedy miniseries “Maniac.”  The storyline is masterfully created, and the cinematography is excellent. A perplexing, modern yet nostalgic mood is brilliantly captured by the sets and costumes and vibes of the world they inhabit. Maniac is a multifaceted exploration of the psyche, therefore it’s ominous and mysterious with an unexpected undercurrent of nostalgic warmth.

90. Babylon Berlin

Volker Bruch and Liv Lisa Fries are the lead actors in the series. It is a perplexing but profoundly human investigation of a significant period in German history. It focuses on a mystery Cologne detective and a poor but determined flapper who wants to join Berlin’s homicide squad. The show’s distinct German Expressionist aesthetic, exquisite costumes, and strong character awareness make it a must-see television show. Babylon Berlin has never been a dark series; instead, it can be tragic, heartwarming as well as brilliant, and upbeat. It’s both intellectual and emotional.

Netflix TV series

Babylon Berlin

91. Master of None

“Master of None,” which appears to be a comedy about a 30-year-old New Yorker who enjoys pasta, casually intersperses poignant and complex episodes about immigrant families and their children. Lena Waithe and Naomi Ackie are the main characters in Season 3, which again pushes things in a new direction. The series integrates mostly unexplored racial, gender, and sex topics into a popular comedy. You’ll experience it with a dash of humor and genuine talks.

Sitcom drama on Netflix

Master of None

92. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III, Santino Fontana, Donna Lynne Champlin, and Pete Gardner are the lead stars in this musical show. A lawyer named Rebecca Bunch declines a partnership offer at her New York company in order to chase her ex-boyfriend Josh to West Covina, California, and attempt to win him back. This is the subject of witty musical comedy. Her insanity is occasionally funny, sometimes sad, but it’s always handled deftly and with consideration. The entire narrative is absurdly funny.

Netflix shows

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

93. One Day at a Time

Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Todd Grinnell are the lead cast members of the sitcom. It centers on a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles, and in its second and third seasons, they only became more self-assured. The two amazing women at its center, Rita Moreno and Justina Machado, serve as the series’ key elements, covering topics like romance and depression as well as migration and LGBTQ rights. In two heartbreaking late-season entries, they fully convey their mother-daughter connection.

Top 30 Netflix shows you can watch

One Day at a Time

94. Teenage Bounty Hunters

The narrative centers on Sterling played and Blair Wesley by Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini, respectively. These two witty fraternal twins defied Southern stereotypes and served in bringing runaway criminals to justice. This series has genuine action chases, clever cliffhangers, and lively conversation while still taking a refreshingly unironic view of God. In addition to being entertaining, the play offered a tender love letter to Southern tradition and a wildly new take on LGBTQ+ romances. 

95. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The idea behind “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is distinctive. It is about a lady with autism who excels as a lawyer in South Korea thanks to her creative and original case-handling strategies. Woo Young-woo is a strong female lead who provides exceptional depiction on the big screen. It’s a wonderfully made TV show with a compelling plot, and the acting is really realistic and expertly done.

96. Lovesick

You wouldn’t want to miss “Lovesick,” a comedic sitcom starring Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas, and Daniel Ings. Dylan, the main character, discovers he has an STD (particularly chlamydia), and he must inform his extensive list of previous lovers. We learn how and why those relationships terminated through flashbacks in the television show. It’s unexpectedly charming and takes a hilarious, honest look at the promise and hope that partners have.

Best 100 tv shows


97. Arcane

An animated television series was among the finest of 2021. Arcane is a show to make you think differently, and it is the kind of heartfelt portrayal that sticks with you on par with Pixar. The action-adventure takes us to the futuristic cities of Zaun and Piltover, which are competing on the basis of diametrically opposed moralities and economies. Then there are Violet and Jinx, two sisters who have been tragically separated and therefore are battling to stay alive. Graceful, natural movements that are also highly stylized.

98. Flowers

Starring Olivia Colman, Julian Barratt, and Daniel Rigby in the lead, this comedy-drama is just amazing and one of the best Netflix picks. Following the oddball and unstable members of the Flowers family is this dark, creative comedy. The stars in this show tackle everything with uplifting themes, including the absurdity of family turmoil, the intense desire to blend in, and the never-ending struggle with mental health. The show is about addressing one’s history or discovering one’s family, even yet mental health is woven into its very core.

Netflix best series


99. The Dragon Prince

In this fantasy animated series, two human princes who were meant to be killed develop an odd friendship with an elfin assassin and set out on a heroic quest to reconcile their rival realms. Awesome actors, artwork, and sound effects have been present in each of the first three seasons. The entire story’s plot is mindblowing. Even the end credits were intended for what was going to happen next in every tiny way.

100. The Society

Sean Berdy, Gideon Adlon, and Kathryn Newton are the series’ main characters. It’s really suspenseful and riveting, and it adds realism to see these older children begin to form opinions that are comparable to what most people would do in the same situation. After returning from a field trip to their small Connecticut town, a group of teenagers discovers that everyone else has left and that they are now cut off from the outside world.

What to watch in Netflix?

The Society

However, these were all the top 100 best Netflix TV shows that you guys should watch. Also, tell us in the comments section below if you have checked any of them. For more amazing information and recommendations, keep checking back on our page. 

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