31 Shows Like Sons Of Anarchy That Are A Must-Watch

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31 Shows Like Sons Of Anarchy- Similar Drama Series That You Must Watch

Here is a list of 31 Shows Like Sons Of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy, a biker drama on F.X. created by Kurt Sutter, is one of the most-watched television shows in recent memory. It has been getting new admirers every day because viewers who missed it when it was on the air have been binge-watching it on Netflix.

Eight years have passed since the critically praised Sons of Anarchy series finale, “Papa’s Goods,” aired on F.X., and the show is still among the most watched on television. Sons gained its name as a beautifully binge-worthy drama in the streaming era, despite being a remnant of the bygone era of broadcast television.

The only drawback is that after the series concludes, viewers will have nothing left to watch. So, we’ve updated this list with a few new items. A superb show that combined action and Shakespearean family drama was Sons of Anarchy. You’ll undoubtedly adore these shows if you are a fan.

31 Shows Like Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is well-liked for a variety of reasons, including its appealing cast of characters and the politics of a criminal organization. As soon as “Papa’s Goods,” the series finale episode, airs, viewers begin to miss the show. So, here are 31 Shows Like Sons Of Anarchy that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy. 

1. Justified

Justified, which aired on the F.X. network from 2010 to 2015, is another criminal series that deserves to be mentioned. In Justified, Raylan Givens, a US Marshal deputy, is profiled in his life as he employs unorthodox methods to apprehend criminals, much to the chagrin of his superiors.

When he is transferred to his hometown of Kentucky to fight dangerous criminals who will do whatever to dismember him piece by piece, the plot changes, a little bit like the blue hero stories that were common in the early 1990s; justified is a throwback. Fans of drama and crime continue to adore this timeless tale.


2. The Punisher

Before starting Netflix and Marvel’s comic book series The Punisher, a two-season program that finds the humanity in its irate lead, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), in between bursts of severe violence, you might want to speak with someone. The character’s fury and kill-or-be-killed mentality frequently prompt debates about the show’s bigger themes, including grieving, mental health, veterans issues, and more, in addition to morality and vigilante justice.

In addition, there are other parallels if you look past the machismo attraction of the show. The most startling aspect is that one of his brothers betrayed Frank, a former Marine, which led to the breakdown of their friendship and forced him to question everything he had previously taken for granted.

The Punisher

3. Hand Of God

Ron Perlman accepted the lead in Hand of God, one of Amazon Prime’s first original shows, after his run as Clay on Sons of Anarchy came to an end. It’s simple to binge since there were only two seasons of the show.

Perlman portrays a character who is perhaps even more broken than Clay: a judge who enjoys breaking the law and looking for exceptions, who cheats on his wife with a call girl, and who, following his son’s suicide attempt, believes he can hear God’s voice.

Hand Of God

4. Boardwalk Empire

HBO is known for producing enthralling crime-themed series, and Boardwalk Empire does not disappoint. Enoch Nucky Thompson is a name that not many people are familiar with, despite the fact that I’m sure you’ve heard of the top bosses that oversaw the numerous criminal rings on the U.S. West and East coasts.

With the assistance of his Sheriff’s brother Elias and several local dons, he had made a name for himself as the top dog in the illegal alcohol trade. He did not, however, soar for very long. When one of his former protégés turns against him, the police rush to the area with the express purpose of eliminating him.

The boardwalk is a tell-all account of the powerful families who dominated many governments during the Probation era while disguising themselves in high-end suits and posing as respectable businesspeople. Boardwalk Empire ought to be your finest option if you’re seeking a top-notch show with the best production standards similar to Sons of Anarchy.

Boardwalk Empire

5. Ozark

The multi-episode arcs of Sons of Anarchy, where the criminal characters are never truly out of danger, contribute to the show’s appeal. Everyone is in trouble because every action has repercussions, and those consequences have subsequent effects.

The Byrde family at the center of Netflix’s Ozark, starring Jason Bateman as a money-laundering accountant who flees with his family after his business partner offends the wrong people, is in a similar situation.


6. Mayans M.C.

Is the Mayans M.C., a rival motorcycle gang that has sided with SAMCRO, lying by being a part of the spin-off of Sons of Anarchy? Maybe! This does not change the fact that the show still merits being on this list, though. The series follows Mayan charter aspirant EZ Reyes (JD Pardo) and his completely patched sibling Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and is set on the U.S.-Mexico border a few years after the conclusion of SOA.

Everything you enjoyed about Sons of Anarchy is present in Mayans M.C., including macho men acting macho, thrilling chase scenes and shootouts, the building and breaking of agreements and alliances, and in-depth analyses of family and the ways in which the past always affects the present. MC Mayans. Along with several well-known characters from Sons of Anarchy, including Alvarez (Emilio Rivera), from the Mayans, who has already made an appearance on the program, there are also some thrilling surprises that we won’t reveal just yet. This is available on Hulu.

Mayans M.C.

7. The Sopranos

The Sopranos has been gone for more than twenty years, but it is still incredibly relevant in the world of television today. Why? Because The Sopranos permanently altered criminal dramas. Maybe with the exception of Game of Thrones, no drama series has been able to captivate the minds of an entire generation like The Sopranos.

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Tony Soprano, the head of the New Jersey mob, must balance his duties as head of a frequently discordant family with threats from other families vying for a piece of their cake, if not the entire cake. Because of the ongoing challenges with his health, Tony must see a therapist to address recurrent panic attacks.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos vividly illustrate what The Godfather, a famous mafia novel, revealed about the larger society. It ran for six seasons until coming to a successful conclusion in 2007. Contrary to what we were used to before, The Sopranos also introduced drama series to the general public. My favorite scene in the film was when Tony beat up Perry, his bodyguard, to show the rest of the family that he was still in charge despite surviving a shooting that was close to being fatal. The Sopranos is deserving of a spot on this list since it is one of the greatest television drama series ever produced.


8. Peaky Blinders

The story, which takes place in early 20th-century Great Britain a year after the end of World Military One, centers on war hero Thomas Shelby, who comes home to a place where drug lords and criminal gangs are in charge. Shelby must reinvent himself as a criminal mastermind in order to make a living and establish a name for himself.

He is successful in accomplishing this but soon learns that a legal businessman’s life might be far better than a crime boss’. Soon after, he is given a chance to reinvent himself once more, and he seizes the chance with both hands.

Peaky Blinders

You are obviously missing out if you haven’t seen Peaky Blinders. I adore the series because it gives us a very uncommon chance to feel what it was like for individuals who survived the war in the early 1900s. The crime drama is elevated to a whole new level in Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders should be perfect for you if you’re seeking some dark television similar to Sons of Anarchy.

9. Queer As Folk

Queer as Folk probably isn’t the show for you if you’re searching for something with themes similar to Sons of Anarchy. It diverges from Sons of Anarchy as much as it is possible. The three gay men who live in Manchester, England, are the subject of the television program.

As a result, it’s scarcely a show about gun sellers and bikers in California. However, if Charlie Hunnam’s gripping lead performance as Jax Teller was your favorite aspect of Sons of Anarchy, you should definitely watch Queer as Folk, the program that launched him to fame.

Queer As Folk

10. Hell On Wheels

This five-season television program is a classic in and of itself. Cullen Bohannon, the protagonist, fought with the Southern Confederates during the American Civil War and managed to survive, but he is still haunted by the brutality that pervaded the conflict.

Cullen falls into retaliation as a means of escaping his inner problems. The plot of Hell on Wheels centers around the building of the first transcontinental railroad, and Cullen travels to the city with the same name. He pursues the trail of a group of Union troops who murdered his wife in an effort to wreak retribution. On Netflix, viewers may watch all five seasons. There is plenty of vices, retaliation, and gory revelry in Hell on Wheels. A feast fit for a dog of hell!

Hell On Wheels

11. Narcos

Sons of Anarchy was a show about a criminal organization that made its money in illicit trade, albeit not every plot involved the drug trade; occasionally, they were selling guns instead.

The true-life account of the Escobar operation and the DEA’s battle to bring it down is told in Narcos, a film that examines the Colombian drug trade in a manner that is almost documentary-like. Escobar’s cartel got away with its crimes by giving back to the community and being admired rather than feared, just like the film Sons’ namesake biker gang. This is how Sons of Anarchy and Narcos are similar in real life.


12. The Bastard Executioner

Kurt Sutter, the show’s creator, received an order from F.X. for another series soon after Sons of Anarchy concluded. His next project was The Bastard Executioner, an exciting historical series. This program may appear to be very different from Sons of Anarchy, yet it shares the same badass characters, brutal violence, and quick pacing that define Sutter’s work, making it the ideal show for any Sons of Anarchy fan.

The moral intricacy of the primary character’s employment serves as the series’ hook (remind you of anything?). Due to poor viewership, it was only renewed for one season, but if you enjoyed Sutter’s first series, you’d probably enjoy his second.

The Bastard Executioner

13. Prison Break

Sons of Anarchy is a television program for men about men. It concerns men who drive motorcycles and supply other men with weapons. Check out Prison Break if this testosterone-fueled, manly exhilaration was your favorite component of the program. The story centers on a man who inmates himself with several other men in order to free his brother and another man.

After the second season, as it hops throughout the world and the characters are hunted by a shadowy group called “the Company,” the program loses some of its storylines, but it is still an action-packed thrill trip.

Prison Break

14. The Shield

Don’t we all adore good criminal fiction? It’s fascinating to be able to witness offenders’ daily activities up close and have a clear idea of why they act the way they do. Vic Mackey, a renegade police officer in The Shield (a Special unit of the LAPD), will do anything to bring criminals to justice. The overzealous officer ups the ante in the war against crime and breaks the very same rules he originally pledged to defend. His errors expose him to countless risks in addition to endangering his career.

Although crooked cops are a topic we hear about frequently, a few drama shows have painstakingly depicted the shadowy side of crime combat. The 88-episode series finished in 2008, yet the narrative it presents is still relevant today. The Shield should be ideal if you’re searching for television like Sons of Anarchy.

The Shield

15. Breaking Bad

Sons of Anarchy is a part of what is being referred to as the “Golden Age of Television,” a larger trend on tiny screens. These are cinematic programs that go beyond the limitations of television and have more of the sense of extremely long films that have been divided into several smaller parts and shown on a T.V. network.

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Breaking Bad is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of this “Golden Age of Television.” It established the model: a damaged leading man with a protégé and a difficult marriage, the birth and fall of a criminal operation, and a number of family secrets, all of which are punctuated by excellent acting.

Breaking Bad

16. Animal Kingdom

The three seasons of Animal Kingdom, which debuted on television in 2016, have not disappointed me. What are the chances of a woman making the final decisions and taking the group by the scruff of the neck? We’ve heard and read about crime families run from top to bottom by male bosses. The same topic is addressed head-on in this series. This American crime classic’s 36 episodes were all nothing short of epic. It centers on the lives of Joshua “J” Cody, who was forced to move in with his grandmother after discovering that his mother had overdosed on drugs. Joshua was kept apart from his mother for a long time, but he never understood why.

Johusa is unaware that his life is about to become chaotic since the people he has moved in with are employed by organized crime. This time, Grandma Janine Smurf, who dominates her family with an iron fist and demands allegiance from everyone, is the one making the calls rather than his cousins. I enjoy watching the television show Animal Kingdom because it provides additional insight into the activities of crime families and how they function. Despite a sluggish beginning, things pick up after the first few episodes. You’ll be rewarded for your loyalty if you stick with it.

Animal Kingdom

17. The Wire

Up until the arrival of Breaking Bad, this show was hailed as the pinnacle of television. Do I need to say anything else? The nasty, gloomy show examines crime on Baltimore’s streets. The storytelling is significantly more genuine even though the plot moves more slowly and spans five seasons. Additionally, the shifting viewpoints between the police and the drug dealers depict a never-ending conflict between law and criminality.

This program offers a much more accurate depiction of the severity, reality, and motivations of a life of crime. Similar to how this show explores criminality in Baltimore, Sons of Anarchy explores it on the ground level in California. Sons of Anarchy and The Wire have many striking similarities, even though The Wire is far more complicated and discriminating; viewers may appreciate Sons of Anarchy if they watch The Wire.

The Wire

18. Vikings

A typical farmer, Ragnar Lothbrock only desired to travel and discover new places. The Kattegat leader preferred security to adventure, but Ragnar’s desire for exploration was unquenchable. In his ambition to rule everyone and everything, he goes much further than anybody else has ever dared to.

Only another epic, Game of Thrones, has surpassed Vikings in terms of popularity since its 2013 television debut as one of the most-watched historical fiction programs. The fifth season of the show saw a slight decline in ratings, but it is still continuing strong. Vikings are jam-packed with blood, glory, sexual rascality, vandalism, and absurd adventures. This historical fiction won’t let you down if you’re seeking something to satisfy your craving for jaw-dropping action similar to Sons of Anarchy.


19. Banshee

When Banshee debuted on Cinemax in 2013, many viewers had low expectations. They believed it to be an updated version of an old crime tale. Lucas and Carrie won us all over after the first five episodes.

Because of a botched jewel theft, Lucas was sentenced to prison, and at that time, his lover wed Mr. Hopewell, the town’s prosecutor. In search of his estranged love, Lucas travels to Banshee, Pennsylvania, but circumstances have changed.

A mob leader seeking retribution against Carrie and Lucas won’t let him off the hook, and his old life won’t either. Both must retain their new personas while simultaneously surviving. In the fourth season, the show came to a gratifying finish. On Amazon Prime Video, you may watch every one of the 38 episodes.


20. Black Sails

Those of us who had the good fortune to read Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson immediately fell in love with Black Sails. This pirate adventure series tells the tale of Capt. Flint is regarded as the most illustrious of all pirates from the Golden Age. Black Sails was a breath of fresh air and a pleasant change of pace from the formulaic plots of modern dramas.

The main protagonists from Stevenson’s Treasure Island return in this classic tale of pirates with style. Black Sails holds its own while not remaining faithful to its source. Nobody should pass on this underappreciated experience.

Black Sails

21. O.Z.

When asked to name their favorite show set in a prison, the majority of people immediately name Prison Break. However, before that grim drama, there was an HBO original called O.Z.

Tom McManus, the leader of Emerald City, who deals with the power struggle between factions vying for privileges and power, serves as the central character in the story. It’s a brutal environment where life has no meaning. The narrative follows a regular man as he struggles to adjust to his new situation after accidentally running over a young girl and receiving a jail sentence.

O.Z. was created and shown before stories with prison themes were fashionable, so if you liked Prison Break but haven’t seen it, take some time to catch up.


22. The Outsiders

The Outsiders, a novel adaptation by E. Hinton, is the oldest series on our list. Despite its age, the series is still relevant today, giving modern crime shows a run for their money.

The Greasers, a competing gang, known as The Socials, are engaged in perpetual conflict in rural Colorado. After a member of The Greasers is slain by Ponyboy, the group hides out of fear of reprisals from The Socials (Greaser members). Before they became well-known, The Outsiders introduced white gangsterism to modern television. Don’t pass on these underappreciated shows.

The Outsiders

23. Southland

Southland aims to offer a raw look into the life of crime in L.A. from the perspective of two police officers, whereas Sons of Anarchy gives you a glimpse into California’s life of crime from the perspective of the perpetrators. Despite having a procedural structure, this television program is highly recommended for its realistic handling of weighty subjects.

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24. The Last Chapter

The Triple Sixers biker gang from Canada serves as the inspiration for this television show. This highly regarded Canadian show follows the gangs’ attempts to enter Ontario. The Triple Sixers may be able to replace the chasm left by the Sons of Anarchy group in your heart. Those who are missing the biker way of life may immediately watch this show and live vicariously through it, although in a different nation.

The Last Chapter

25. Outlaw Empires

Even though this is the most factually correct, I’ve ranked it last as it isn’t a television show in the traditional sense. The Discovery Channel aired the six-part documentary series. Kurt Stutter designed it, and it featured some of the most infamous and powerful criminal enterprises. The Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood were undoubtedly among them, but he also devoted some of the show to American biker gangs.

Since Sons of Anarchy was compared to Sesame Street in the incredibly well-researched shows, Stutter’s assertions were found to be accurate. This show is a delight for anyone who likes seeing the gang culture in biker gangs and is curious to learn more about them. It is a true depiction of crime and how these organizations function.

Outlaw Empires

26. Yellowstone

Jax Teller, who was attempting to live up to his father’s reputation as a member of the namesake outlaw motorcycle club, was the main focus of Sons of Anarchy. Jax was engaged in a struggle for dominance over their area of the world and to keep out anyone who posed a threat to the group’s survival. The Dutton family, who are willing to kill to preserve their way of life, lives in Yellowstone and wants to keep Montana the way it has always been.

The Sons of Anarchy protagonists perceive themselves in the same light as the Dutton family, who are striving to keep their Montana land and power. Even if it means using unlawful tactics, they are trying to keep control of their own land. The cowboys on the Yellowstone ranch and the Sons of Anarchy have the same values; they will both kill or eliminate anyone who stands in their way.


27. Heels

Heels and Sons of Anarchy have more than meets the eye in terms of similarities. Both shows include father figures who talk in a low, croaky voice and struggle with the expectations placed on their sons, and each one concentrates on a certain testosterone-rich region. In the movie Heels, in which Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig both play wrestling brothers, one of them is a ring heel (also known as the nasty man) while the other is a hero (also known as the nice guy). They are left in charge of managing their father’s wrestling promotion organization after his death. Naturally, their troubled relationship makes it difficult for them to do so.

In this movie, the melodrama simmers and eventually burns because of the emotions that arise when rugged individuals start to rethink their relationship to masculinity by Allison Picurro


28. Warrior

The story of Warrior is set in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late 1800s, when opposing Chinese gangs engaged in vicious street fights for dominance of the criminal underground, drawing influence from Sons of Anarchy. If you want more bloodshed, Sons of Anarchy has more of it in this episode. However, there will also be references to family, treachery, and brotherhood. Your mind will be blown by Olivia Cheng’s portrayal of the brothel madam Ah Toy and Dianne Doan’s portrayal of the tong leader Mai Ling.

Similar to Sons of Anarchy, the show’s machismo extends to its powerful female characters. The first two seasons of Warrior had a lot of sex and cursing because it debuted on Cinemax rather than F.X.


29. Mr. Inbetween

It would have been ideal for incorporating Ray Shoesmith from Scott Ryan’s Mr. Inbetween into SAMCRO. The Australian dramedy star on F.X. is eager to fight among bigger men despite having a bald head and a beard. He also struggles with controlling his rage, which puts both himself and others at risk. He exploits his skill as a hitman to serve a local crime boss, but this does not make him a good parent figure or romantic partner for his little daughter.

However, the show about a man who understands that his violent lifestyle prohibits him from leading a family life without making mistakes is fantastic. Mr. Inbetween, which features horrific violence, dark humor, and a pivotal plot line involving a local motorcycle gang in Season 2, will appeal to Sons of Anarchy fans. You can watch the following video on Hulu.

Mr. Inbetween

30. Kingdom

The kingdom is a family drama with plenty of testosterone that is situated in a very particular community, much to Sons of Anarchy. It centers on Alvey Kulina (Frank Grillo), a former mixed martial arts champion who now owns and operates a gym where he teaches fighters in the present, including his kids Jay and Nate. This summer, the DirecTV/AT&T Audience series made its Netflix debut.

It is set against the gore and sweat-drenched backdrop of mixed martial arts (series stand out Jonathan Tucker and Nick Jonas). The show is centered around a violent sport and is heavily testosterone-driven, yet it also offers a fascinating and thought-provoking drama about the complexity of family life.


The rest of the outstanding cast, which includes Joanna Going as Christina, Alvey’s ex-wife, and Nate and Jay’s estranged mother, as well as Matt Lauria as Ryan, a former champion boxer who was recently released from prison, Kiele Sanchez as Lisa, Alvey’s girlfriend, and Matt Lauria as Ryan, make the show a satisfying tale about the unfiltered and exhausting fight for glory and the never-ending battle against addiction. It’s an essential television program. It is available on Netflix.

31. Gomorrah

Italy’s top crime program, Gomorrah, is sometimes likened to The Wire or The Sopranos because of its organized crime focus, but Sons of Anarchy fans will also enjoy it because it is based on the nonfiction book of the same name by journalist Roberto Saviano. The show addresses universal themes of power, corruption, and a never-ending cycle of bloodshed while telling the tale of a fictitious Neapolitan crime syndicate.


The stress is increased when the leader of the syndicate is imprisoned, though, and those on the outside are left to handle operating their family’s company. Sons of Anarchy was a soap opera on wheels that kept the pace quick, but there are times when the plot and bloodshed in Gomorrah’s rival criminal businesses are darker and more haunting. Despite its somber tone, the show is extremely well-made, and you won’t want to stop watching.

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