30 Characters Who Can Beat Kratos From God Of War

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The demigod Kratos was fathered by the mighty Greek God Zeus and the mortal mother Callisto, who was born in Sparta and raised by them as a soldier. Kratos is the main hero of the God Of War franchise; where you can play him and go on a journey fighting Gods, beasts, magical beings, and powerful mortal enemies. In the game God Of War (2018), you will defeat many gods and demigods along with his son Atreus also known as Loki, after the tragic death of his wife, Laufey.

So, according to Norse Mythology, he is all-powerful, immortal, and possesses one of the most powerful weapons in Midgard, but if you stick to the Kratos that is shown or written in the books, a game like God Of War wouldn’t have been possible since u can one-punch your way through everything except gods or demigods which frankly would have been very boring.

So the God of war here was mortalized a bit for the sake of gameplay and story, but he is still capable enough to move weights heavier than 2 Million Tonnes and has his magical and godly weapon Leviathan Axe. Finally, the question arises of who or which characters are capable enough to defeat Kratos, the God Of War. Well, we will answer that, but we need to first establish how powerful our Kratos is and what his abilities are in the game.

God Of War
Kratos God Of War (credits: Sony)

To keep it simple and provide a clear picture of the demigod’s powers, just imagine your favorite Greek God on elephant steroids and godly; yes, you got a picture. Now let’s dive into some key details of what the God Of War is capable of in the award-winning 2018 game. Kratos has unmeasurable super-human strength that he shows when he literally forces his way out of Thor’s grip in the game and is feared by literal titans.

He has incredible stamina, durability, agility, and speed, which can be directly compared to gods, and his weapon of choice (The Leviathan Axe), which was given to him by his wife, was forged to literally destroy Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir), so it’s safe to assume if not more it’s definitely as powerful as the famous lighting hammer.

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Characters Who Can Actually Beat Kratos

Now that we have established how powerful our tragic red-and-white hero Kratos is, let’s get down to the characters who can actually defeat our God of war.

For this list, we will consider Kratos beat by the included characters if they are as powerful as him, possesses a special weapon that can defeat easily, or can completely paralyze him or trap him for eternity. We will try to keep things fair and consider every possibility as best as we can. Let’s jump in with an unordered list.

1. Thor

For this comparison, we are considering the God Of War, Thor, not the MCU Thor because to keep things simple and for better comparison. Thor was seen to go hand to hand with the God of war in the game and in its recent sequel Ragnarök where Thor was at par or more dominating in basic combat than Kratos but eventually defeats him at the end of the game.

Thor and Kratos fight
Thor from God Of War (credits: Sony)

Thor is immortal and possesses unimaginable strength and power, which Kratos cannot match, but Kratos is wiser and has a greater military mind being a leader of the Spartans, who can outsmart him. 

2. Wonder Woman

Let’s talk about Diana, the Amazonian princess who is also a demigod and a child of Zeus; what a coincidence! So they should fairly match in speed, strength, and combat abilities, right?

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (credits: DC )

No, though Kratos can fight and defeat many DC superheroes, wonder woman isn’t one of them, as she can outmatch him in speed and power easily and destroy him to pieces with her weapons or simply can trap him with her lasso of truth. But there is one scenario where Kratos can kill her, that is if she doesn’t see him coming and Kratos has his axe.

3. Shazam

It’s no match for Kratos if he goes one on one with Shazam, as he possesses the power of 6 gods in him. Shazam can move stars and punch through planets with ease if he feels like it, so it’s a no-brainer on this one, as under no circumstances do you not know anything about black holes. Imagine him eating breakfast while millions of atomic bombs are triggered on him every second. 

Shazam DCU
Shazam DCU (credits: DC)

4. Son Goku

Those who have seen Dragon Ball Z already know the power of Goku in his Super Saiyan God form, where he picks a fight and outshines the God of destruction, Beerus; Goku’s punches are so strong he can wipe out a universe with consecutive punches.

Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z
Son Goku (credits: Toei Animation)

Not to forget, he is the champion of 7 universes meaning there is no being more powerful than our Son Goku, so Kratos stands no chance. Even if he decides to run, Goku can catch him with his faster-than-light speed, and if Kratos wants to hide, he can teleport right in front of him anywhere in the universe.

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5. The Incredible Hulk 

The Incredible Hulk from the comics, not from the MCU, will squish Kratos into a pulp at his peak of power. The Hulk in the comics has incredible strength, power, and regeneration abilities that outshine Kratos by miles.

The incredible hulk movie
The Incredible Hulk (credits: Universal Pictures)

The Hulk and Kratos both have the power of rage, which makes them stronger the angrier they get, but Kratos, after a point, can level up, and The Hulk has no limits; the green monster can lift billions of tons like a bag if he wants. Even if Kratos manages to swing his axe at the Hulk, it won’t do much as his skin is harder than diamond, and his regeneration ability will nullify any physical harm almost instantly.

6. Lobo

The interstellar man-hunter Lobo is a magnificent, unforgiving beast who can beat and out-combat Kratos in a fight. Despite being a Spartan and having hand-to-hand combat mastery, Kratos will still lose because of the crafty and cunning ways of warfare Lobo has acquired while going on rampages throughout the universe.

Lobo (credits: DC Comics)

The only possible way Kratos wins is if he can somehow manage to disarm Lobo or catch him off guard, well even if he kills him, his soul cannot be trapped or killed, Lobo will return, and this time you can be sure the God of War won’t have a chance.

7. Ryuk

This is an anime character who is one of the gods of death who can kill anyone if they are not immortal using his Death Note, on which he can write a person’s name, and they will die instantly. Now, what makes Ryuk untouchable for Kratos in a 1v1 match?

Shinigami Ryuk
Ryuk (credits: Madhouse)

The simple fact is that Ryuk cannot be seen by anyone unless they own the Death Note, and on the other hand, despite being a demigod, Kratos is still mortal; he can and will die of age or wounds. Thus the death note can kill him. The only way Kratos can win this fight is if Ryuk lets him walk away, and that is a possibility because the God of death doesn’t kill people before their time has come to go.

8. Akira

We talked a lot about power and strength in this article, but what about the power of the mind? This is where the anime character Akira comes in. He is the result of many illegal secret government experiments and has an ever-growing power of the mind who can create and destroy anything with his psychic powers, even the universe.

Akira movie
Akira (credits: Tokyo Movie Kyokuichi)

Although he has such powers, he is still a human, and if somehow, through tricks and deceit, Kratos can land even one slap on him, he will disintegrate into pieces of flesh, but that’s highly unlikely that Kratos can ever get close to him.

9. Madara Uchiha

There are many Kratos fans who argue online about how Madara will get put in his place if he goes against the God Of War, but sorry to break it to you. There is not just one but many ways Madara can wipe the floor with Kratos.

Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha (credits: Studio Pierrot)

The god-like Shinobi from the anime Naruto is beyond just powerful in many ways, so let’s do an easy and quick way to get the fight between these two over, the Shinobi will use his Genjutsu to render Kratos absolutely immobile, and then it’s over because Kratos won’t be able to move and Madara can use whatever means to kill the God Of War.

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10. Dante

Dante is part human and half demon, making him incredibly tough to kill. He isn’t immortal, but he has comparable abilities to Kratos in that he can do a lot of harm without dying.

Dante from Devil May Cry
Dante (credits: Capcom)

Especially when he’s in Devil Trigger form, this particular might take an interesting turn as both of them are more or less equally matched in terms of speed, durability, and strength, but Dante has the upper hand in terms of fighting strategy, and Kratos has his magical powers and rage in fueled regeneration. Who wins is a bit difficult to say, but the fight will be epic nonetheless.

11. Bayonetta

Bayonetta was created to slay gods. Therefore she has a distinct edge against Kratos, who is a demigod and relatively mortal. However, because Bayonetta is a ranged fighter rather than a melee fighter, and they are fighting in a confined arena, Kratos has the upper hand.

Bayonetta art
Bayonetta (credits: SEGA)

Finally, we turn to combos. Krato’s combos consist of him tearing stuff off of monsters and gods. Bayonetta possesses far more variety and powerful combinations, and when combined with Krato’s limitations as a god, this is a clear win for Bayonetta.

12. Hercules

During a previous game by the same franchise, Hercules went into a brawl with the God Of War and managed to render him unable to fight and beat him at strength, so it’s safe to assume that Hercules can stand and retaliate like Thor to Kratos’ punches. 

Hercules Demi-God
Hercules (credits: Wall HD)

This is what actually took place, but the God Of War (2018)  Kratos is much more clam, timid and old, so it’s safe to assume that if the mighty Hercules goes against him again, Kratos will lose.

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13. Ganondorf

Ganondorf is an all-powerful and magically gifted being who can go on par with Kratos and even outshine him in magical abilities. Their strength is comparable, but magic is not. 

Ganondorf (The legend of zelda)
Ganondorf (credits: Nintendo)

We think Kratos is faster and more skilled, and he has the right weapons for the job but lacks the strength, cunningness, and patience of Ganondorf as he can become near absolute invulnerable using his magic and frustrate Kratos out of his mind and tire him down to finally land the killing blow.

14. Dracula

This one is always a no-brainer as Dracula has the power of Chaos Realm within him and can tap into it at his will, which puts Kratos at a great disadvantage even with his godly powers.

Ganondorf (Castlevania
Dracula (credits: Warren Ellis)

Dracula can harness energy into him from the entire universe, and his physical and magical powers know no limits. In a fair fight, Dracula can obliterate Kratos without even touching him, which is saying something. So Kratos cannot win in any permutation, and combination stands a chance.

15. Thirteen 

If you are a My Hero Academia fan or have watched it, this is pretty obvious, so I encourage you to explore this character if you feel like you don’t agree with this entry in the list.

Thirteen (My Hero Academia)
Thirteen (credits: Shueisha)

Thirteen literally has the suction power of a Black Hole on his fingertips which is so powerful that even light can’t escape, so Kratos being a demigod stands no chance, as not even Superman would be able to escape the suction of a black hole, and if Kratos gets too close to Thirteen, his body will tear into pieces in an instant. So this one is a clear win as Kratos cannot escape, nor can he fight with this character.

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16. Alucard

Kratos would undoubtedly be the greater opponent, but Alucard’s abilities would make Kratos unable to kill him. Kratos, for example, has no method of dealing with Alucard’s poison mist form, and some of Alucard’s magic is utterly ridiculous.

Alucard Hellsing
Alucard (credits: Kouta Hirano)

The capacity to conjure incorporeal ghosts while controlling Hellfire and Dark Inferno would leave Kratos incapable of retaliation. So, to sum up, Kratos will never get to land a punch or hit in the entire fight, and that concludes who wins. 

17. Ōnoki

One of the Kages in the Naruto Universe, this gramps might look small and fragile, but his skills and powers are absolutely the opposite of it. Onoki has a particular Jutsu that can disassemble Kratos on a molecular level beyond repair, and that is the Dust Release Jutsu.

Onoki (Dust Release)
Onoki (credits: Pierrot and Aniplex)

This Jutsu is so rare and difficult to do that only two or three people in the whole anime can do it, and Kratos, with everything he has, cannot run or go near Onoki even with his magical powers.

18. Superman

Superman is the person you call when there is a god you want to kill or want to destroy any planet, so needless to say, this will be a one-sided match in a fair one-on-one fight. But what about Superman’s weaknesses?

Superman from Man of Steel
Superman (credits: Warner Bros)

Superman can be rendered helpless and mortalized by using Kryptonite, so if Kratos gets his hands on it, the fight will be over in a flash but assuming Superman is in his healthiest form, we have all seen what he did in the comics and movies to God-like creatures.

19. Ban

The embodiment of your favorite anime protagonist and some more, Ban is a being that can disable any opponent. Whether it’s a monster, Demigod, or God, they will be diminished to a mere human or superhuman-like creature, even before they can draw their weapon.

Ban from Seven Deadly Sins
Ban (credits: Studio Deen)

So to sum it up, Kratos can come to the battlefield but won’t be able to use any of the traits that make him a Demigod, but if this is in warfare, Kratos will definitely use his tactical skills to ambush Ban and get him before he understands anything.

20. Saitama

Yes, this won’t be interesting at all to see anyone fight Saitama as it will end in seconds, and this won’t be any different. Both of these characters might have the mighty famous bald head, but their powers are as far apart as the north and south poles. Basically, Saitama can end anybody be it any god, with just one punch which can make Kratos explode from just the pressure and sheer force of the punch.

Saitama from One Punch Man
Saitama (credits: Mappa Studios)

21. Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya is a Tekken series heritage character that has played both the hero and the enemy at various points in the tale. Kazuya is an incredible warrior from the series who has the power of the Devil’s genes and the ancestral power he obtained from his grandfather.

kazuya mishima (Tekken 7)
Kazuya Mishima (credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

The power of the Devil is unimaginable, with various powers like a laser beam that can go through everything, so as long as Kratos can dodge them, he will stay alive but not for long because Kazuya can control matter and space at his will.

22. Shao Kahn

If you are born anywhere around the late 90s or the early 20s, you must have played Mortal Kombat or heard about it somewhere; Shao Kahn is one of the main villains of the game and is basically immortal with great strength and absolute power over Black Magic that he can use at will.

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Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn (credits: New Line Cinema & PB Design)

Shao Kahn has a powerful hammer that is arguably better than Kratos’ Leviathan Axe, and to top it off, Kahn can steal his enemy’s souls without even touching them.

23. Asura

Asura is the main character from the game Asura’s Wrath, and I find a menacing similarity between Kratos and Asura in that both their wife and child have been killed and betrayed by their own people.

Asura (Asura's Wrath)
Asura (credits: Capcom)

But here, there is no way Kratos can last more than a few minutes in this battle, as Asura is basically Kratos but on steroids and a god-killing machine. Kratos might have a chance if he has the sword of Zeus, but that’s considering Asura will get hit by the sword. 

24. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki is one of the top My Hero Academia villains who are feared by every hero in the show, and rightfully so because he has one of the most powerful and dangerous quirks in the anime called Decay. The quirk is basically what it’s called.

Shigaraki Tomura (My hero Academia)
Shigaraki Tomura (credits: Shueisha)

Anything Tomura touches disintegrates instantaneously, and if he wants, he can decay anything in a mile radius. Now, Kratos can be quick and throw his axe to take down Tomura, but hitting him won’t be easy, as he is quick as well. If he manages to touch Kratos even for a moment, then it’s game over for the God Of War. 

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25. Captain Yamamoto

Captain Yamamoto is a Soul Reaper with the most powerful weapon and strength in the anime Bleach. If not feared, he is respected and known by everyone he has ever met, and that’s for a reason. Yamato’s sword Ryūjin Jakka is the most powerful Zanpakutō. To give you an idea, the sword’s fire can go up to 20 million degree celsius which, if touched anything will burn it to ashes out of existence.

Captain Yamamoto (Bleach)
Captain Yamamoto (credits: Pierrot)

Also, Kratos can never go near Yamamoto when he is engulfed in flames that are ten times hotter than the Sun’s temperature. To put it simply, Kratos cannot even stand in the same arena as Yamamoto, or he dies.

26. Thanos

This will be a 50/50 match between Kratos and the Titan villain from the MCU Thanos. To fair things out, we will take the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos vs. Kratos. Now, in terms of sheer power, strength, and agility Kratos outclass Thanos every day of the week, but Thanos has many ways to defeat Kratos.

Thanos possesses the Reality Stone, which can be used to trap Kratos in an imaginary world for eternity or trap his mind in that world and then kill him at his will until Kratos finds a way to get out.

Thanos (Marvel Studios)
Thanos (credits: Marvel Studios)

Now considering these above-mentioned ways don’t work on Kratos, the purple Titan can always take a chance and snap his fingers to wipe out half the population of the universe and prey that it works on Kratos too, and he vanishes from existence, and if he doesn’t, then it’s game over for Thanos.

27. Itachi Uchiha

The fan-favorite anime character of all time, Itachi Uchiha, is from the anime Naruto. We believe that Kratos would get destroyed by just Itachi’s eyes (Sharingan). Kratos may be extremely strong in the sense of brute strength, but the Shinobi of Naruto has a lot more than all the enemies Kratos’ has faced.

Itachi Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)
Itachi Uchiha (credits: Peirrot)

Not to forget, Itachi has the eternal black flame Amaterasu which, when cast on an object or person, doesn’t go out until it completely burns them into ashes. Even if Kratos manages to bypass Amaterasu, Itachi has arguably the most powerful Suasnoo, which can block any attack thrown at it, and if its sword pierces anyone, it traps their soul inside.

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28. Zeno

Zeno is the omnipotent ruler who can create or destroy universes with the flick of a finger, and gods worship him. Zeno’s ability to wipe is regarded as the most powerful in ALL of Dragon Ball (Original, Z, GT, Super). It removes you from existence as if you never existed.

Zeno Sama (Dragon Ball Z)
Zeno Sama (credits: Fuji Network System)

Zeno has possibly the most spectacular performance in the anime, erasing the entirety of the future history, all 12 worlds, in around 20 seconds. So Kratos, with all his might and strength, won’t stand a chance against him.

29. All Might

All Might is the father figure and the most powerful character in the anime My Hero Academia, who inherited a quirk that knows no limits and is ever-growing in power and ability.

All Might (My Hero Academia)
All Might (credits: Shueisha)

All Might is arguably one of the perfect matches for Kratos in terms of one on one fights, as both of them have similar strengths, but All Might is faster and can fly. To be honest, no one can tell for sure who will win as the fight can go in anyone’s favor, but it’s safe to assume that All Might may come superior in that exchange. 

30. Dr. Manhattan

This DC character is the definition of being overpowered for no reason at all. Dr. Manhattan is a cosmic being that is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient, meaning he knows everything about everyone while existing everywhere he wants and can control matter at his own will.

Dr Manhattan (Watchmen)
Dr. Manhattan (credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Basically, if this being fights with Kratos in our universe, he can grab him and teleport him to the middle of the biggest existing star and leave him there. He is so powerful that he doesn’t need to fight Kratos; he can trap him anywhere he feels like.

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