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30 Characters Who Can Beat Ghost Rider In A Fight

How powerful is Scarlet Witch to beat Ghost Rider
From left to right - Professor Xavier, Thanos, Scarlet Witch, and Superman

We all know how much Marvel Comics have influenced us as children and adults to believe in purple guys who snap, causing more than half of the population to vanish, and a group of superheroes who were initially villains but later turned out to be the right guys and girls began to fight and re-establish the world they previously lived in, as well as the thunder king who lives in the cosmic country and his mischievous brother who tricks people in order to satisfy his greedy ambit.

And one of them is the Ghost Rider, who arrives in a bullet with shackles and whose head transforms into a hellish fire that transforms his head into a skull, giving off a ghostly vibe.

And he is one of the best-written and hottest characters in Marvel Comics, who appears under several names but remains known by only one during the night: The Ghost Rider.

Those who are familiar with the extensive list of Marvel heroes, both protagonists, and antagonists, will recognize Ghost Rider as both a hero and a villain.

Several characters have adopted the name “Ghost Rider,” and according to the exhaustive list of the same, Johnny Blaze, Carter Slade, Alejandra Jones, Robbie Royes, Kushala, Michael Badilino, and Danny Ketch have welcomed the same name and fought against those who came in his righteous way.

Since 1972, the name has appeared in the comics of the well-known American publishing company Marvel.

Created by Gray Friedrich, Ray Thomas, and Mike Ploog, the character has been driven by the spirit of vengeance in order to find its purpose and complete his and her vision of revenge.

The character Ghost Rider has a history dating back to 1972 when Marvel Comics used the name to describe a ghost-like gunfighter who rides a horse and aims for wrongdoers in the old west, later renamed Phantom Rider.

The Ghost Rider story begins with Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle specialist who made an agreement with a demon (Satan or Zarathos) in order to resurrect his father, and this incident caused him to grant the demon permission to use his body to carry out its vision.

This story continues in Daniel Ketch’s story, where Johnny Blaze also appears. The story divides into the other alter egos, namely Alejandra Jones, a Nicaraguan woman who became consumed by the power during a ritual, and Kushala, a tribe woman in the US who was possessed with the power of vengeance in order to eliminate the people who were responsible for her parent’s deaths.

The others include Michael Badiliano, a New York Police Department officer who was initially assigned to kill the Ghost Rider and complete the task assigned by Zarathos but later became a part of these Ghost Riders. And Robbie Reyes, a Mexican American who is known as the series’ most recent Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider, apart from working alone, which is quite famous to say, has been affiliated with several “teams,” such as the Avengers, both dark and new, the Ghost Riders itself, the Fantastic Four, the S.H.I.E.L.D., known as the Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Enforcement Division, which later became the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate, the Fantastic Four, The Defenders, and the Thunderbolts.

Because of the Ghost Rider’s vast array of supernatural or superhuman abilities, no enemies or allies believe it is defendable or defeatable.

These abilities or strengths, which include flames and lava, Pyrokinesis, stamina and invulnerability to fire and flames, reflexes and resurrection, immortality, and the ability to travel between interdimensional worlds, have been identified as both threats and positive powers.

And these powers were also consumed by many other various superheroes, both in Marvel and DC, another prominent comics production company that is known for the introduction of superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aqua man, Green Lantern, and Cyborg.

However, one can assume by comparing the super abilities possessed by other comic book characters who have the potential to defeat the Ghost Rider, some of whom are listed below.

1. Scarlet Witch

Now you know who I’m talking about a strong and enigmatic powerful holder who holds the primary position in the Avengers and the mystic realm, who can travel and change anything with their mystic power. Yes, you are right! It’s none other than our Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Mary Maximoff.

Wanda maximoff as Scarlet Witch in Wanda vision

Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch

There are various sources regarding the character’s origin story, and some claim that both the Scarlet Witch, a.k.a. Wanda, and her twin brother Pietro are mutants and carry X-genes that give them power and distinguish them from other common humans; as a result of some horrific experiments performed on them.

And the other is about their parents, and according to the comics, their mother is Natalya Maximoff, who herself took the title of Scarlet Witch as she belongs to a family of Romani mystics, and due to some circumstances, she assigned her brother and sister-in-law Django and Marya, to take care of her children as they lost their twins in the past.

The second is that these twins are the children of Miss America and Whizzer, and they got their power from the combination of their powers.

Whatever the case, these stories were reformed and transformed into something a bit extraordinary by adding and cutting some events in the comics; this later made its way into the films, whereas Scarlet Witch and her twin brother debuted in the 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.

Scarlet Witch debuted in comics in 1964 as part of the X-Men series, created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

The power of the Scarlet Witch is unimaginable, as she is a sorceress who is able to change the course of events and control anything in the world and multiple universes.

She can cast spells, move objects, and manipulate in any way to enter the opponent’s mind, cause chaos, and plant negative thoughts and bad dreams that they wish would not come true.

And the most important ability that she has is teleportation, as she can travel anywhere in the multiverse.

If you’ve seen the latest MCU entrant, Multiverse of Madness (MOM), you can see not only her weakness but also the place where she is worshiped.

It is very difficult to destroy her unless she takes the initiative or is willing to destroy or eliminate herself. So she is a potential character who can defeat Ghost Rider easily.

2. Deadpool 

Created by Fabien Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, for sure, one could say that this is one of the most important flexible characters to have appeared in the history of Marvel Comics.

Deadpool suit in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Deadpool, portrayed by one and only Ryan Reynolds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been considered for its ability to attract more people due to his humor sense and dialogue delivery, which is absolutely perfect in nature.

The character is known for his power to heal faster; this makes him immortal even though he has faced death several times, and according to the comics, he is also a love interest for Mistress Death! And this became a highly plausible reason for Thanos to hate him.

As well, no one can manipulate his mental stage or make him intoxicated because of his origin history. While he was being diagnosed with cancer, he submitted himself to an experiment that burned his skin but allowed his cells, including those in his brain, to grow.

And all this healing only works when he is awake and in a positive mode; otherwise, the process of healing would differ according to the time. Apart from that, he has the ability to teleport, knows some martial arts, and is a well-trained mercenary and assassin. So it’s sufficient to defeat the Ghost Rider.

Fun Fact: Although he is a comic character, he reads the comics of himself and the other comic characters, and that makes him know more about both the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent!

3. Thor 

A Norwegian mythological character born and brought up in a cosmic galaxy named Asgard, who you can spot with a hammer called Mjolnir. This character was later recreated in Marvel Comics by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and Larry Lieber in 1962, whereas now they have affiliated him with the superheroes, thereby including a primary member of the Avengers.

Will Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

The character has extraordinary superhuman abilities along with his main ability to create thunder, which is why he is called “The God of Thunder” in popular terms. This thunder helps create weather and electrical changes in the atmosphere.

The other important strength of his is, of course, Mjolnir, the hammer, which helps in teleportation and traveling through other dimensions and the atmosphere. So, a thunderbolt is enough to finish Ghost Rider, right?

4. Kang the Conqueror

The man, the legend—and here he is! The face of Phases Four and Five! The real villain of all times and dimensions is Kang the Conqueror! A scholar who is greedy enough to conquer the whole earth but fails and travels into the future, where the people use advanced technology that they don’t know for what purpose,

Jonathan Myers as Kang the conqueror

Kang, the conqueror

He then conquered the planet and became the conqueror, and he tried to conquer the earth in the past in order to regain his power.

He is one of the best villains so far and is definitely more powerful than Thanos, according to the structure and style of character placement.

His ability to teleport and time travel into various other inner and outer dimensions allows him to better understand the heroes and villains who may pose a threat to his future.

After all, he has good and excellent knowledge of technology and weapons and how to use them; he is also a good strategist who can plot and plan things according to the available resources.

5. Superman 

 “Superman!” “Superman!” “Superman!” From our childhood to the present, we have heard the name. At the same time, no one else has had a greater impact on humans than this particular character.

Will Henry Cavill return as Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman

A simple red shawl transformed into a cape can represent the character’s importance and stand in everyone’s life. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938, this DC character has been influenced by several other popular culture themes.

This superhuman character hails from a galaxy named Krypto, where, due to some unusual incidents, his parents sent him away from there to save the Krypto race in order to sustain their future, and therefore he was named Kal-El but was later adopted by two humans who named him Clark Kent.

The stamina and power that the character holds are quite extraordinary, and his ability to fly and shoot lasers through his eyes has a separate fan base. Although his one laser shot is enough to burn out a whole world and turn it into hell, these are still enough, and after all, these will definitely assist in destroying The Ghost Rider.

6. Clandestine 

Created by Alan Davis, this is about a group of superhumans who were powerful enough to fight against their enemies and restore faith, humanity, and justice. These superhumans have the ability to resist being wounded, so they won’t get wounded and are not vulnerable to attacks.

Ms Marvel and Clandestine

Clandestine in Marvel comics

There are many versions of the Clandestine, and one is about the Adam Clandestine and Elayath, a Djinn, and the second is about a group of Clandestine who belonged to the Noor dimension and a Djinn, related to the stories of Ms. Marvel.

After all, these Clandestines are immortal and alive. They are difficult to destroy, and the various powers they possess pose a potential threat to Ghost Rider.

7. Dark Phoenix

Since the 1980s, the Dark Phoenix has been a part of Marvel Comics as a member of the X-Men and the Phoenix forces.

Dark Phoenix in X-Men

Sophie Turner as Dark Phoenix

A normal human girl named Jean Gray has been possessed by a solar fire that makes her body positive to the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis and allows her to consume a large amount of the cosmic power that can erase an entire population through genocide.

Her power is unimaginable, and that can be defeated unless she is ready to do it, as in the comics, which refer to her death, but she wanted it because of the events that she had caused. After all, her light power and telekinesis pose a threat to the Ghost Rider and are a justification for his defeat!

8. Namor 

The character, created by Bill Everett in 1939, is better known as “Submariner,” and the name Namor translates to “Man without Love” in Spanish. Along with Captain America, he was the first comic book antihero to appear in the golden age of comics, and he has the strength and stamina to destroy anyone who enters his vision or territory.

Black Panther 2

Tenuch Huerta as Namor in Balck Panther: Wakanda forever

An immortal character, who is never going to die, is one of the perfect opponents for any character since he is way more active in the water.

His superhuman abilities include telepathy, control over water, reflection, and a fireproof body, and his mutant powers possess a great deal of strength to fight. Also, it would be worth watching the fight between fire and water, right?

9. Venom 

This alien antihero is more closely associated with Spider-Man’s world, having appeared in Spider-Man, Scorpion, Red Hulk, and Ms. Marvel.

Tom Hardy venom 3

Tom Hardy as Venom

Even though Venom cannot function without a host, the actual work begins when he finds a potential matching host, usually a superhero, despite the fact that his abilities, with the exception of those he stole from Spider-Man, are among the more important powers that can match with the Ghost Rider.

They share a lot of similarities with Ghost Rider, including their appearance. Venom has a strange, watered-down black appearance, while Ghost Rider is in hellfire. Apart from this, both of them are required to have a host in order to express their power. So, are you waiting for this crossover?

10. Ikaris

Created by Jack Kirby, this character has a lot of common similarities with the Superman of DC, and therefore, among Marvel fans, Ikaris is known as the Superman of Marvel. Quite strange, right? But yes, that’s the truth!

Richard Madden as ikaris

Richard Madden plays the role Ikaris in Eternals

Being a part of the famous Eternals, Ikaris possesses a great amount of cosmic energy, along with other abilities, including heat vision, teleportation, and flying. After all, he is eternal and immortal to death, which makes him a good opponent for the ghost rider!

11. Doctor Strange/Evil Strange

Since the year of 1963, the character has been influencing the individual in order to embrace and curiously become a part of the magic and the mystical arts.

Doctor Strange in MOM

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in Marvel’s Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

The origins of Doctor Strange, also known as the Sorcerer Supreme, can be traced back to when the character, an excellent yet arrogant physician, is confronted with an accident that turns his life upside down. To find a cure for his problems and issues with physiotherapy, he travels to a mystic realm and learns lessons in mystical arts, magic, and martial arts.

His knowledge of magic and the way he resolves problems is impressive and unbelievable. Even though his main aim is to store balance, control teleportation, and understand the threats coming from other dimensions,

His vibey abilities in resolving conflicts, casting spells, and defeating enemies would definitely work on Ghost Rider, although he is a sorcerer supreme, right?

12. Moon knight

He is a mercenary with multiple personalities, each with some excellent abilities that help him defeat his opponents. Having a lot of mercenary talents, and being skilled in handling weapons, especially weapons made from and of advanced technologies, as well as some martial arts, always gives the Moon Knight more priority than the person opposite.

Moon Knight season 2

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Even when compared to Marc Spector’s other personalities, such as Mr. Knight and Steven Grant, the Moon Knight is considered the more vengeful character, capable of easily defeating any other character.

Comparing Ghost Rider and Moon Knight, they too have many things in common, and the primary one is definitely the way they were provided with their bodies by some mythical and ancient gods. And also, the spirit of vengeance both these characters are holding is the secondary one.

13. Mistress Death 

Since her first appearance in 1973, Mistress Death, created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin, has been considered one of the most important antiheroes of all time. Like I have mentioned above, Mistress Death is also a potential enemy to Thanos and a love interest to Deadpool, who is eternal and diagnosed with several cosmic powers.

Mistress death in MCU

Mistress Death in Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Mistress Death, known by many names and allied with many people, has been working to restore the balance of life and death, but it also poses a significant threat when it tempts people to surrender themselves in order to obtain eternal life, demonstrating a disruption in the flow of life as well as turning up against and working for death.

Some of the powers of Mistress Death include black magic, especially that related to the dead, teleportation, immortality, and shape-shifting. A war between Mistress Death and Ghost Rider would be the best scene of the century!

14. Mephisto 

Appearing in a reddish body form, the character is also known by various devil names, including Satan and Lucifer. And according to various sources, he is considered the reason behind Johnny Blaze becoming the Ghost Rider.

Mephisto aka the satan

Mephisto in Comic

Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema, Mephisto is an eternal and immortal being who has the ability to heal wounds, shapeshift, and other magical powers, including superhuman abilities that assist in restoring his dominance of vengeance to the human world. A fight between the former and the latter would be more interesting, right?

15. Wolverine 

A human mutant who works actively for the Avengers and X-men, as well as with Deadpool, has been considered a powerful and undefeatable antihero of all time. Created by Len Wein, Ray Thomas, and John Romita in the very year after the Vietnam War, from 1955 to 1975, his claws emerged as one of the most important symbols of power and a fan favorite.

Wolverine in Deadpool

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

His powers include the claws, along with the action speed, durability, and superhuman stamina that he possesses; he is also a specialized martial artist who is mainly focused on hand-to-hand combat rather than weapons; after all, he is a slow-aging person, which is also considered a power of his.

Rather than this, in the comics, Wolverine has faced many deaths, and analyzing these deaths can also contribute something much more powerful to Wolverine’s powers.

16. Franklin Richards 

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1968, this human mutant, born to Reed Richards and Susan Richards of the Fantastic Four, has become a superhuman by acquiring powers that are provided by the radiation-affected genes of his parents.

Franklin Richards in Suit

Franklin Richards in Fantastic suit

Franklin, who is a member of the Fantastic Four and the Fantastic Force, has many abilities, including manipulation of reality, immortality, telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation.

And this kid has helped in saving humanity with the Fantastic Four, and these can be one of the kinds of abilities that can control and defeat Ghost Rider at all costs!

17. Proteus 

Mutant X is an active member of the X-Men comics who is known to be a threatening yet powerful character in Marvel Comics. Since his childhood, he has lived in a cage, and because of that, people can’t control or stop him from looking for energy that can sustain him.

Proteus the powerful mutant

Proteus in comic

He has many powers, including telekinesis and telepathy, but his main ones are body possession and manipulation of reality. How possible is it to have a war between hunger for power and hunger for vengeance?

18. Hulk 

The greenish character itself is known for its body power, stamina, and simple yet very effective fighting – the Hulk! Created by the famous comic duo Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, The Hulk is the opposite of or an alter ego to Doctor Bruce Banner, and since the comic was published in 1962, the character has become famous and a symbol of power and stamina.

Hulk in incredible Hulk

Hulk in Marvel Cinematic Universe

Despite the fact that Hulk is said to be inspired by many other predecessor characters in the comic, it also became the source of inspiration for the other successors. A human mutant who is a member of the Avengers and Defenders has helped the Avengers and Defenders defeat various antiheroes from this world and other dimensions.

His body is always positive towards the Gamma Ray manipulation, and on the other side, it also helped with the endgame and restoring the balance at that time, along with other superhuman stamina and powers and the primary power of anger management.

19. Professor Xavier

Also known as Charles Francis Xavier, the human mutant is considered the leader of the X-Men. Along with the X-Men, he is a member of the Illuminati, a vast organization of superhero authorities that includes the titles of “founder” and “doctor X.”

James McAvoy returning as Professor X

James McAvoy as Professor X in X-Men

This genius and mastermind who urges the idea of co-existence between the mutants and the humans are known for his ability to enter into other people’s heads and minds. Even though he is diagnosed with paraparesis, his superhuman potential and telepathy have proven him to be the best and the strongest mutant.

20. Hercules 

Inspired by the Greek mythology of the Olympians, the character was re-created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character not only works individually but also works in a group setting with the Avengers, Olympians, and Defenders.

Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder

Brett Goldstein as Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder

His abilities of endurance and reflexes are some of his notable powers, along with others, including eternity and indestructible behavior. And recently, he was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the film “Thor: Love and Thunder.” And yes, guys, he was introduced, and now this is the time for waiting!

21. The Fallen One

Galactus created The Fallen One as his first follower to destroy enemies and opponents, but Galactus underestimated The Fallen One’s power and had to imprison him.

The first Gerald of Galactus

The Fallen One in comics

His violent and greedy nature to gain power has made him one of the top villains, but due to the intensity of his power, he hasn’t gotten enough opportunities to showcase power. But, yes, if there will be a clash between the Ghost Rider and the Fallen One in the future, which side do you take?

22. Flash 

A metahuman who, along with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and others, is a member of the Justice League. This character was created from the minds of Carmine Infantino and Robert Kanigher and introduced in 1956. This character is known for his significant superhuman powers, such as super speed, reflexes, and manipulation of air, time, and temperature.

Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League Snyder version

Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League

After all, he also has the ability to time travel, which makes him different from every other hero in the same universe. Also, he is an expert in combat, especially hand-to-hand, and a prodigy in chemistry. I’m as excited as Superman for a fight between Flash and Ghost Rider!

23. Sentry 

A human mutant is also known as Death and the Golden Guardian, who is a member of the New and Dark Avengers, created by Paul Jenkins, Jae Lee, and Rick Veitch in 2000.

sentry in marvel

Sentry in Marvel Comics

His abilities include superhuman speed, stamina, flying, and reflexes, as well as X-ray and infrared vision, matter, molecular, and energy manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, bio kinesis, and more. Well, the long-forgotten hero is returning, right?

24. Hela 

Based on Scandinavian mythology, this Asgardian goddess of death has been dubbed one of the most versatile villains in comic book history. Hela, the “Goddess of Death” and “Mistress of Darkness,” was born into the cosmic world of giants and had a highly intensified knowledge of black magic and mystic arts.

Hela in Thor Ragnarök

Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor Ragnarok

Along with these, she has the ability to perform telepathy, summon the dead, and use her superhuman abilities in combat. Sounds cool, right? A war between the goddess of death and the ghost rider!

25. Gilgamesh 

Gilgamesh, also known as The Forgotten One, was created by Jack Kirby in 1977 and is a member of the Eternals.

Gilgamesh in eternals

Don Lee as Gilgamesh in Eternals

His topmost important powers are immortality, a highly durable body, immunity to every known disease, and a faster healing process. He is known by many names and became a member of several teams, from the Eternals to the Avengers. The character was not known for death, as he hadn’t aged since adulthood.

26. Knull 

Also known as the “King in Black,” this character also bears the name of the most powerful male villain in the history of Marvel Comics. He is the one driving the God butcher named “Gorr” to complete his mission of captivating gods and goddesses throughout the realm, as well as the one motivating the other villains.

knull in marvel

Knull in Marvel Comics

He is immortal and an excellent combatant, along with other powers such as shapeshifting and flying, but he is known more for manipulating the dark energy that helps him achieve more powers.

27. Thanos 

Thanos, an Eternal and Deviant hybrid species descended from the Titan, is regarded as one of the greatest supervillains in comic book history. Thanos was the brainchild of Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich, who created him by keeping the universe of DC Comics in mind. You can spot the many similarities they have between these characters.

Thanos' snap and the 5 years in Blip

Josh Brolin as Thanos in Marvel Cinematic Universe

He is an excellently skilled combatant whose physiology and stamina are what make him different from every other villain; after all, his tactics and strategy-making are different, and these powers always assist him in order to defeat opponents. So, what are you saying—a fight between Ghost Rider and Thanos is inevitable, right?


The universe’s oldest supervillain (or hero), whose cosmic power is something more powerful and unbeatable, yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about – Galactus! Even though his ritual of consuming planets has always brought many extraterrestrial and universal planets to extinction, no one can see him in a humanoid form as it is quite difficult, but he meets his fellow mates through a very strange light.

The mighty and powerful Galactus

Galactus in Marvel Comic

This character, created by Stan Lee in 1966 through The Fantastic Four, is known as one of the most important characters in the universe, responsible for maintaining the balance of life and death. In a nutshell, the Ghost Rider has a high chance of failing in a fight against Galactus!

29. Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvel, created by Stan Lee and first appearing in 1967, is one of my favorite characters, sharing many similarities with Superman of DC and Ikaris of Marvel. An ex-military pilot, Captain Marvel is known by many names, including the most repeatedly, Carol Danvers, who was portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Brie Larson.

Brie Larson's Ms. Marvel will hit in theatres in 2023

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

She has the stamina, durability, and ability to travel at high speeds through cosmic and galaxies, and she can create some quite intense energy blasts, as well as the ability to acquire any form of energy. As a savior of humanity and a fighter in the battle between galactic wars, she has helped and become a hero in terms of saving the human and universal races from threats inside and outside.

30. Agatha Harkness 

The character, who is also associated with Scarlet Witch, was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and appeared in both Wanda Maximoff’s story and the Fantastic Four.

Agatha: the coven of chaos series will release in 2023

Kathyrn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in Wanda Vision

She is a witch who has lived on the earth for a long time—specifically, more than 800 years—so she is unquestionably a prodigy in witchcraft and has extensive knowledge in witchcraft-related studies.

She is quite a knowledgeable person in terms of casting spells, illusion casting, telekinesis, and teleportation; after all, she is also capable of creating and manipulating various and different forms of energy.

Ghost Rider is a powerful character, but there have been more powerful characters in comic book history, whether from DC or Marvel, who have always been more powerful and yet underestimated their power.

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