Devil May Cry 2 Ending Explained: Is Dante Back On Earth?

Devil May Cry 2 Ending Explained
Devil May Cry 2 Ending Explained

Devil May Cry 2 is a game that was released in 2003, especially for PlayStation 2 but gradually, it started appearing on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. This single-player action-adventure game has a lot to explore. Well, the players didn’t like this game as much as they liked the first release, Devil May Cry. Also, the players loved the further games in the series, but Devil May Cry 2 was a ‘No’ for many of the players. The reason was that the game had a lot of development issues. Developers, Capcom was advised to work more on the game. Players were not having a good experience with this game. But, what about the plot of the game? The plot was less criticized. Some of the players didn’t like the ending of Devil May Cry 2, so here we will explain the ending.

The story revolves around two protagonists, Dante and Lucia. Their main motive in the story is to stop Arius, the villain, from achieving supreme power. The intense of Arius is to get those powers and summon the most powerful demon that is Argosax. After completing these wicked tasks, he could rule over both the world, the Earth, and the demonic world. Therefore, Dante and Lucia are ready to fight and kill this wicked man. So, What happens in the story and especially what happens in Devil May Cry 2 Ending?

What is the Story of Devil May Cry 2?

Lucia, one of the protagonists, is standing in a museum where she is staring at a coin-like thing. But then suddenly, a demon enters the room and takes the coin, and it was also about to attack Lucia. Here enters the Hero, Dante! Dante kills the demon, takes the coin, and gives it to Lucia. Now, they meet up again, but this time she takes Dante to a place where her mother Matier was living. Lucia started yelling the name of her mother, and an old lady came out from an opening that was on the ground. All three of them had a talk regarding Matier’s past that how they had a fight with Dante’s father, Sparda, and she then asked a favor from Dante.

She says that she wants Dante to defeat Arius, who is a businessman and uses demonic power. Also, Arius wants to raise Agrosax, who is an extremely powerful demon, and after this, Arius will be able to rule over the world. Furthermore, she says that to raise Argosax, Arius might be finding the four parts of Arcana. With the help of the Arcana, Arius can finish a ritual and summon Argosax. Well, Dante leaves his fate on a coin and flips, saying if it’s Head, he will go for the mission. Coin lands at the Head, and Dante leaves for the mission.

Devil May Cry 2 Plot Analysis
Still from Devil May Cry 2

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Further, Lucia follows a flying object and waits on the spot where it lands. She sees Arius coming out of it, and she gets ready to fight him. But, Arius reveals that Lucia is his creation, and someday she will certainly help and act like a demon. Also, the assistant of Arius, who is a demon, removes his mask and shows his face. Lucia and that demon have similar faces. Therefore, Lucia believes Arius. After that Arius spawns her to some other place. Just then, Dante arrives to kill Arius, but Arius spawns a big demon. Dante gets engaged in fighting with that creature, and Arius silently escapes with the help of that flying object. Meanwhile, Lucia is roaming and looking for the last Arcana. She finds the thing, but she was depressed with the fact that she is a creation of Arius.

Dante finds Lucia, and she gave him the last Arcana as she feels that she isn’t worthy. She says that Dante can use Arcana’s power more perfectly, and as a human, he is the best person to use such a powerful and important thing.  Well, Arcana has four pieces, and with these powerful pieces, Arius can summon his master, Agrosax. Dante goes to Matier to return the Last piece of Arcana, but Matier says that Lucia has again gone to kill Arius. She gave the last Arcana back and said that Dante must rescue Lucia with the help of the Arcana set. Meanwhile, Lucia dresses as one of Arius’s assistants and comes in front of Arius, but he identifies that it’s Lucia. Then, she comes back into her avatar and attacks Arius, but Arius uses his most powerful attack and pins Lucia on the wall.

Just then, Dante arrives and sees Lucia pinned higher on the wall. He trades with Arius and gives all the Arcana pieces to Arius in order to get Lucia back. But, the things mess up, and the whole floor of the Tower explodes, and all of them escape somehow. Dante takes Lucia and jumps from that floor, and Arius too escapes. Now, as Arius got all the pieces of Arcana, so will he Conquer the world and summon the demon, Argosax?

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What Happened at the End of the Game’s Plot?

Lucia and Dante were talking as Lucia was worried that now they won’t be able to stop Arius. But, Dante has a positive vision. He waves off and says that he might find a way to defeat him. Now, Arius was completing his ritual with the Arcana, but it wasn’t working. Suddenly, Dante arrives, but Arius was confident too as he thinks that his ritual may complete anytime. Further, Dante informs that the last piece of Arcana was replaced by him. That last piece was an Arcana Coin. It is the fake coin Dante changed. And, he takes out his pistol and shoots the weak Arius with those pistols.

He then goes to Lucia so that he can give the good news to her but sees her attacking him. She said she wanted him to kill her because she didn’t want to become a demon. Meanwhile, a big portal to the demonic worlds opens, and now, the question was who would close the portal from inside and sacrifice himself because once entered, one will never come back. Both the heroes started arguing. Lucia says with tears in her eyes that she will go so that she can at least die as a human. Dante consoles Lucia and says that his coin will decide. If it’s Heads, Dante will go, and if it’s a Tails, Lucia will go. Guess what happens!

Devil May Cry 2 Ending Explained
Devil May Cry 2

Dante flips the coin, and it again lands on Heads. Surely, Dante enters the portal and flips the coin higher at Lucia. She caught the coin and kept it safely. Inside the portal, Dante had a fight with the half summoned Argosax. He kills the half build Argosax, but the portal starts closing behind him. Instead of coming back to the Earth from the closing portal, he rides his bike further inside the demonic world. Here, on earth, Arius is alive but as a demon and attacks Lucia.

They had a deadly fight, but this time Lucia wasn’t weak. Her anger and power were more than enough to defeat the demonic form of Arius. So, Lucia successfully defeats Arius. Now, as everything was okay, Lucia was recalling everything while relaxing in the office, Devil May Cry. The office that both the heroes were a part of was known as Devil May Cry. She examines the coin that Dante used to flip before going for a mission. She saw that the coin had Heads on both sides.

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Devil May Cry 2 Ending Explained

Unexpectedly, Lucia heard a bike echoing. She hurriedly ran outside and left the coin behind. Is Dante back? Players are left with the question. So, maybe Dante is back, or maybe he isn’t. Well, anything can happen in this game because when we saw Dante entering the portal, he didn’t have any vehicle with him. But, he got a bike there inside the Demonic world. Furthermore, we saw that the coin Dante was using as his fate throughout the game only had Heads. This means that Dante always wanted to help, and he was always ready to face every challenge. This shows that Dante is a real Hero.

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