11 Shazam Facts You Need To Know About!

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Facts About Shazam You Need To Know About!
A stil from Shazam 2

The first trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods was slated to premiere at this year’s Comic-Con, which made fans eager to attend. The first trailer’s humor completely won over viewers, but when word of the movie’s release date delay spread on social media, the Twitterati expressed their profound sadness. The sequel was expected to debut at the theatres on the 21st of December this year. But Warner Bros. made a disappointing announcement for a new release date for the Shazam! Sequel and caused a social media panic. The previously scheduled release date of “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” has been moved to March 17, 2023.

Fans witnessed Shazam teaming up with his foster siblings as they fought against the Hespera and Kalypso sisters of Atlas, who were displeased with the Shazam family using the gods’ power in the new trailer. The change in the release date comes at a trying time for the newly established Warner Bros. Discovery. CEO Zaslav has been taking the help of content removal and employees’ removal to bring the cost to low levels. Given the high expense of marketing theatrical releases, Warner Bros. Discovery is probably aiming to space out these major releases over a two-year period. Until that time, we bring you the facts about Shazam that you need to know before the movie hits the theatres.

Stick with us as we reveal 11 facts about Shazam! Even though we are eagerly anticipating the release of the movie, we will have to wait until 2023 to see the action unfold on the big screen.

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The Wizard Is Actually Called Mamaragan

When the Wizard, who had always been renowned as Shazam, exposed himself before Billy Batson as Mamaragan, it was one of the biggest revelations in DC Comics. The name is well-known for being the lightning-related entity that communicates with the voice of thunder. This is based on Gunwinggu, a myth from Australian Aboriginal culture. Mamaragan is renowned for riding storm clouds and striking people and trees with lightning. The God of Thunder is a fictional deity that, according to DC Comics, embodies wisdom, bravery, and righteousness.

Facts about shazam
The Wizard from Shazam

The Origin Of The Moniker: Shazam

While our hero, previously famous as Captain Marvel, and the wizard both go by the moniker Shazam! Shazam is actually an anagram of another word. In both the books and the film, Shazam is a Greek pantheon god, demigod, and legendary warrior. Given that Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus, this has significance in the DC universe. Billy is given the wits and wisdom that were possessed by Solomon, the energy that Atlas had, the bravery that Achilles possessed, the strength that Zeus had, and the swiftness that Mercury is known for. Together, these elements create the word Shazam, which Billy Batson used to unleash the power of his physical prowess.

Black Adam Got His Powers Because Of The Wizard

A warrior for Earth was supposed to receive the Wizard’s powers around 1200 BC. Teth-Adam, a youthful prince of Kahndaq and the son of Ramses, was that champion the Wizard was looking for. Teth-Adam came across as a decent and fair man. The Wizard’s daughter, Blaze, gave “Shazam” the ability of Egyptian gods, corrupting Shazam’s abilities. As a result, Mighty-Adam did not acquire his abilities from the Wizard. Despite being a hero in Egypt, it didn’t take long for him to become corrupted by his grief and hate and overturn Kahndaq’s regime by force.

Facts about shazam
Black Adam from Shazam

Numerous people perished at his hands, and the Wizard contained the now-known Black Adam’s soul and abilities behind a potent spell.

The Wizard Was An Inhabitant Of Kahndaq

The Wizard was once a lowly inhabitant of the Middle Eastern nation of Kahndaq, which would eventually come under the authority of Teth-Adam. The land was harsh, and a movie still needs to show it. However, the Black Adam teaser suggests that viewers will see such cruelty. The Wizard was able to flee the horrific oppression of the nation and eventually transformed into a Thunder God of the Dreams. The Wizard’s adventure really got started at this point when he tried to join the council of wizards, a group of beings who had authority over magic coming out of the Rock.

The Rock Of Eternity Was Wizards’ Home

The Wizard Shazam’s hideout is at the unknown place known as The Rock of Eternity. It was fashioned from two enormous rock formations by The Champion more than 4,000 years ago. The “Three Faces of Evil,” a demon that looked like a dragon, was imprisoned in these structures. The place also maintains other collections of magic and ancient legacies in addition to housing the Seven Deadly Sins. Before they passed away, the wizard council called the Rock of Eternity home. Today, the Shazam family uses it as their private headquarters. The Wizard came before Shazam and his family.

Facts about shazam
The Rock of Eternity was home to Wizards

Everything We Know About Atlas

By chanting the word Shazam, Captain Marvel, formerly known as Shazam, gains his abilities. Each letter represents the name of a powerful deity. With his endurance, Atlas possesses one of these similar abilities. Atlas, who is known for being a powerful warrior, annihilated magical beginnings multiple centuries ago. Atlas was brought up to guard the defenseless, but he, unfortunately, succumbed to a dark and deadly instinct. Atlas has always been known to demonstrate throughout that his aim has remained only one, and that is to earn the title of the greatest combatant ever.

Atlas And His Daughters

DC is not new to using Greek mythology, as Wonder Woman from Fury of the Gods dealt with the background of both Greeks and Amazons. This pagoda’s significance will only grow with the return of Atlas and his daughters, especially in light of Zeus’ appearance in Justice League by Snyder. The Hesperides, also dubbed the West’s Nymphs, are the names of what we know as Atlas’s daughters, according to Greek mythology.

They were the golden lights of sunsets, the nighttime nymphs. It’s unknown which exact components of their mythology will be used in Shazam! and inserted into the DC Extended Universe. The Gods’ Fury

Atlas’s Eldest Daughter Is Hespera

In Shazam! Helen Mirren will portray Atlas’s eldest daughter. She will be seen making a comeback for the concluding two parts. Hespera, the golden-armored demi-god, is portrayed by Helen Mirren. We know Helen from The Duke and Catherine The Great. We also know what a spectacular actress Mirren is since she has been bestowed with several awards, including Academy awards and BAFTAs. She has also won the Golden Globe.

The Second Daughter Of Atlas is Kalypso

Kalypso already appears to be a significant threat as the second daughter of Atlas. This is partly because Lucy Liu, who gained fame for her role in the Charlie’s Angels franchise and has a long list of acting credits, is playing this interesting part. In Kill Bill: Vol. 1, she was indeed a power to be reckoned with. Kalypso is not really a DC Comics character, although it is obvious that Calypso of Greek mythology served as her inspiration. Calypso, one of the legendary daughters of Atlas, resides by herself on Ogygia Island. Although she has a minor part in Greek mythology, she serves as Shazam’s principal enemy. It appears like Kalypso and Shazam will have a difficult time with one another in Fury of the Gods.

Who Is Athena?

Athena, the third child of Atlas, is much younger than her siblings Kalypso and Hespera. The role of Athena has been bagged by the well-known Rachel Zegler. Given the character’s young and lack of experience with her as-yet-unknown powers, Athena might be torn between siding with her sisters and enjoying the novelty of being a part of the Shazam Family’s loving family. Since she isn’t the child of Atlas, Athena’s character has an intriguing quality cause we will get to know about her real origin. Athena became Zeus’ favorite child and Ares’ sister in Greek mythology. 

Incarnation And Shazam

The Batman Who Laughs has emerged as a formidable new foe in the DC Comics Universe in recent years. This villain, who was developed for the Evil Multiverse section of DC Comics, has terrorized the multiverse. Billy Batson was one such victim. After being wounded with a Batarang while acting as Shazam, Billy was transformed into a satanic and malevolent Shazam. Shazam, in this incarnation, fought against the gods who bestowed his abilities. Shazam battled Atlas, his first opponent, and was crushed and beaten in his hut.

Athena put up a fair battle, but Shazam was the better opponent due to his strength.

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