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44 Gangster Korean Drama To Watch If You Like Action Series

44 Gangster Korean Drama To Watch
44 Gangster Korean Drama To Watch

Korean dramas with lots of action, drama, and suspense with a good story make us entertain, and this is important that we can decide and find out a good Korean drama with our favorite zone.

Today in the days of drama and K-pop, we all get confused about finding real entertainment because a lot of episodes with a new drama per week eat lots of work hours, so finding a good k drama with our favorite zone is significant.

Here I found a lot of suspenseful action and mafia or gangster-related Korean dramas, and you must watch them. These are some interesting dramas that can entertain you when you feel bored. The story over there is very interesting that can entertain you every time.

A Bittersweet Life 2005:

This Korean drama is the whole interesting and emotional at the end when the violent guy falls in love with a woman, and he kills all the opposites, even himself, to show his true love.

Here Kim Sun-woo is a loyal employer sent by his crime boss to track his young mistress, Heesoo, to spy on whether she is with another man. His instructions are to kill them both if it is true. Lots of action, love, and emotions make this drama worth watching.

A Bittersweet Life (Image credit to Youtube)

A Bittersweet Life 2005 (Image Credit To YouTube)

Kim Sun Woos plays an important role all over the theater. His action and emotions pay huge attention to the drama. He himself supported the whole drama with his real acting, which made this drama more exciting and amazing.

  • Box office collection: 76 lakhs USD
  • Release date: 1 April 2005
  • director: Kim Jee-Woon
  • Starring: Lee Byung-Hun, Shin Min-A, Hwang Jung-min
  • Music: Jang Young-Gyu
  • Genres: Action, thriller, suspense, drama
  • Awards: Beaksang Arts Award for Best Leading Actor in the film

Yong Pal 2015:

In this Korean drama, a doctor named Kim Taehyung, also known as Yong Pal, seeks the help of a criminal personality to save her younger sister, who is suffering from major health problems.  He is a good person at heart, but because of his personal need (money).

He throws himself into criminal activities. Thus, he meets Han Yeo-jin, a billionaire CEO who has been in a coma for almost two years due to his brother’s conspiracy; he helps her and also falls in love with her.

Action Movies

young pal 2015 (Image Credit To Youtube)

This series also shows that criminals are also good in some ways because when the actor is in need, the criminal or gangsters help him to pass that through.

This Korean drama is nicely directed and beautifully presented by the actors. The coordination between the actors made this drama more enjoyable. You can watch it here.

  • Release date:  5 august 2015
  • director: Oh Jin-Suk
  • Starring: Joo Won, Kim Tae-Hee, Jo Hyun-Jae
  • Music: Park Gi-Heon
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Suspense, Drama, Medical, Romance
  • Awards: APAN Star Award(winner), Best Supporting Actress

Gangnam Blues 2015:

this south Korean action movie is based on two friends who become gangsters because of poverty, world-famous Korean actors like lee min ho and Kim Rae won named like jong-Dae, and Youg-Ki were friends and lived in Gangnam areas part in Seoul,

This movie was based in 1970, during the violent political clashes. At this time, these two childhood friends separately joined two political organizations,

In there, one friend plays a simple and honest role in a political organization based on developing in the local area, and another one becomes a gangster in a powerful gangster and corrupted organization; the whole movie is run around this.

Gangnam Blues 1970 (image credit to youtube)

Gangnam Blues 1970 (Image Credit To YouTube)

Lee min hoo, who plays romantic roles in most movies, proves himself by playing a tough role as a gangster. The visuals of this Kdrama are rich, and this movie can make you will watch it again. The crime, crime scene, and of course, the emotional and hard times will speak their self in this movie.

The music made the movie more novelistic. Lots of melodramatic south Korean movies make things false, but this movie and such realistic scenes in this movie made it a watch.

  • Release date:21 January  2015
  • director: Yoo Ha
  • Starring: Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae-Won, Seol-Hyun
  • Music: Jo Yeong-Wook
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Awards: Grand Bell Award for Best New Actor, Beaksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actor in the film
  • Box office collection: US$20m

Nameless Gangster Rules Of The Time 2012:

In this Kdrama, a lot of action and crime excites you to watch this drama, and this drama excites all drama lovers with a good story and a smart screenplay

This movie is about a corrupt customs officer who has been suspended from his job because of corruption. He himself becomes a part of gangster and joins crime, drugs, hotels, casinos, and other things.

In this way, there are many scenes that show that the hero himself is not so tough but a sharp player with his moves. He had the power to fight against any situation and make rock.

Choi Min-Sik, who played the role of Choi Ik-Hyun, is a corrupt officer in Busan, so because of his corruption, he himself is suspended from his job. Secondly, on another face, he himself joins a new job as a gangster, but because of his look and his no background as a gangster, he is working under a group and proves himself well.

A fight with his boss made him in trouble, and his boss dismisses him from this job. Then the other person, who is also a gangster in Busan, comes to him and makes a proposal to him that he should have to join him and Ik-Hyun gets agrees with him. After joining another gangster, the old boss came to him and, Told him not to betray, or else he would lose his life against it.

Nameless Gangster Rules of the time (Image Credit to Youtube)

Nameless Gangster Rules Of The Time 2012 (Image Credit To YouTube)

But Ik-Hyun agrees with his boss and tells him that he would never lie to him. The police officer who was investigating all the gangsters around also comes towards Ik-Hyun and checks Hyun,

And asks him to get all the information about these gangsters. Thus we saw that it-Hyun himself is very confused about what to do and That if he can help her hide from the authorities, he will live happily ever after,

But, on the other hand, he helps the police find all the gangsters out there with his so-called boss. In the final part of the play, an older Ik-Hyun is at a party with his family and learns a name that he himself hears from his boss, and with this sound, the play ends.

  • Release date: 2 February  2012
  • director: Yoon Jong-Bin
  • Starring: Ha Jung-Woo, Choi Min-Sik, Ma Dong-Seok
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspense, Crime, Drug
  • Awards: Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor, Beaksang Arts Award for Best New Actor in the film
  • Box office collection:  3.36 Crores USD

A Dirty Carnival 2006:

this south Korean drama is an action movie from 2006; a small thug or a poor gangster becomes the so-called boss to get himself in the line of crime and drugs. This movie is really famous because of its screenplay, action, a unique story.

Zo in-Sung, named  Kim Byung-doo, is a small thug who has been working under a gangster organization; at first, he has to work for his family and collect money through criminal activities, but in the future, his ambition made him in trouble.

In this movie, he murders the people against him to become a professional criminal and puts him on president Hwang’s side. In this era, he meets his childhood friend, named min ho, who is a professional director.

After meeting him, there is another face where he meets his childhood crush named Hyung-Joo and falls in love with her, but because of Byung-doo’s criminal activities, she removes her hand from love.

Soon one night, when Byung doo gets emotional and tells all the mistakes about the murder of attorney park and his boss Sang-Chul min-ho,min-ho gets inspired by his life and fate and decides to make a movie about Byung-doo’s life.

Action Movies

A Dirty Carnival 2006 (Image Credit To IMDb)

When the movie gets released, Byung-doo gets angry with Min-ho because there is a promise between attorney Hwang never to speak of the hit to anyone, but because of this movie, attorney park becomes aggressive and mentions killing min-ho.

But because of his friendship Byung-Doo himself did not take any action against min-ho. In the last scene attorney, Hwang, keeps a hand with Minho and jong soo to kill his boss Byung-doo.

In the end, there is a saying, “as you sow, so shall you reap.” Byung-doo kills his boss to become the boss, Jong-soo kills Byung-doo to become the new boss, and all this is under the conspiracy attorney Hwang.

  • Release date: 15 June 2006
  • director: Yoo Ha
  • Starring: Zo In-Sung, NamKoong Min, Cheon Ho-Jin
  • Music: Jo Yeong-Wook
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance, Crime
  • Box office collection: 1.04 Crores USD

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil 2019:

This movie is based on a cop on his duty, a serial killer who is a psychopath and an underworld don. In this movie, the don and the cop (inspector) make a handshake to find out about a serial killer who kills people all over without any reason.

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil 2019 (Image Credit To YouTube)

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil 2019 (Image Credit To YouTube)

The screenplay is amazing all around, which compels you to watch this movie; the action and drama of this movie make you fall in love with it. However, Ma Dong-Seok and Kim Mu-Yeol give a stellar performance.

  • Release date: 15 May 2019
  • director: Won Tae-Lee
  • Starring: Ma Dong-Seok, Kim Sung-Kyu, Kim Mu-Yeol
  • Music: Jo Yeong-Wook
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, psychopath
  • Nominations: Grand Bell Award for Best Supporting Actor,
  • Box office collection: 2.58 Crores USD

The Man From Nowhere 2010:

this movie is about a man who is an ex-cop and has a mysterious past who lives alone and does not have any relationship. When a girl child entered her life, everything would be changed there, in this movie. There’s a drug mafia and organ traffickers who create trouble in other lives, then how the protagonist himself battles against crime and the organ trafficking ring.

the man from nowhere 2010(Image credit to youtube)

The Man From Nowhere 2010 (Image Credit To YouTube)

Won Bin’s name is Cha Tae-Sik, a former cop, he has a friend named Jeong So-mi, who gets into big trouble like drug, violence, and organ trafficking, so Won Bin takes her Helped and saves him from such troubles as well.

  • Release date: 4 August  2010
  • director: Lee Jeong-Beom
  • Starring: Won Bin, Kim Sae-Ron, Kim Sung-Oh
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Awards: Grand Bell Award for Best Actor, Beaksang Arts Award for Best Film
  • Box office collection: 4.3 Crores USD

The Outlaws 2017:

This movie is in two parts first one is in 2017, and the second is in the year 2022. The movie is based on different gangster teams who fight each other to become. First, police are trying to maintain their peace, so they try to make understanding between each team and stop all crime in the city. 

The Outlaw trailer

The Outlaw 2017 (Image Credit To YouTube)

Ma Dong-Seok, who is famous for his action and stunt scenes, made this movie a great one; all the action scene excites you to watch this movie.

  • Release date: 3 October  2017
  • director: Kang Yoon-Sung
  • Starring: Ma Dong-Seok, Kim Sung-Kyu, Yoon Kye-Sang
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama,
  • Box office collection: 5.29 Crores USD

The Roundup 2022:

The film is based on a psycho killer from Vietnam who, having given up asylum, kidnaps and kills people in South Korea for money; Stephen, a South Korean cop, tries to solve the mystery behind the kidnapping and murder. does. He fights and arrests the psycho named Kang and solves all the mysteries there. This movie had a lot of action and a good storyline, which can easily increase popularity.

The Roundup 2022 (Image Credit To Youtube)

The Roundup 2022 (Image Credit To Youtube)

  • Release date: 18 May  2022
  • director: Lee Sang-Yong
  • Starring: Ma Dong-Seok, Son Seok-Goo, Park Ji-Hwang
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
  • Box office collection: 10.11 Crores USD

Time To Hunt 2020:

in this movie, there are four friends who live in a gangster city where they have big dreams, but they don’t have money to fulfill them. one friend named Seok how comes from jail after three years. One day they went to a casino where they saw a locker filled with lots of money, but the casino’s owner was a gangster, so they made a plan to steal the money.

Time to hunt

Time To Hunt 2020( Image Credit To YouTube)

After knowing that the money has been stolen, the gangster hires a killer to kill these friends. And in fights with the killer, all the friends lose their life, and only Seok is left. In the last scene, Seok wants to take revenge for his friend’s death.

  • Release date: 22 February  2020
  • director: Yoon Sung-Hyun
  • Starring: Lee Je-Hoon, Choi Woo-Shik, Park Hae-Soo
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Friendship
  • Nominations: Beaksang Arts Award for Best New Actor in the film
  • Box office collection: 6,911 USD

New World 2013:

This movie is all about a big company named gold moon, and its chairman Seok has a big network of gangsters in his organization. After his death, all the other gangsters fight for his position. An undercover officer tries to find out all gangster involvement in the organization that has worked for about seven years to solve the mystery about it. The mystery and action excite all the viewers to watch such movies.

  • Release date: 21 February 2013
  • director: Park Hoon-Jung
  • Starring: Lee Jung-jae, Choi Min-Sik, Hwang Jung-Min
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Awards: Grand Bell Award for Best Music, Blue Dragon Film Award For Best Actor
  • Box office collection: 3.17 Crores USD
New World 2013

New World 2013 (Image Credit To YouTube)

The Suspect 2013:

The Suspect is based on a north Korean spy cop who lives in South Korea. He comes to South Korea to take revenge for his family’s murder, but in this way, he finds that his little girl is alive and trafficked by a police officer, so he tries to find out her girl.

the suspect (image credit to YouTube )

the suspect 2013 (Image Credit To YouTube )

He also helps these two countries to make their relationship better by giving them a formula of highbred rice so that it can clear the poverty in North Korea.

  • Release date:24 December 2013
  • Director: Won Shin-Yun
  • Starring: Gong Yoo, Park Hee-Soon, Jo Sung-ha
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspense
  • Nominations: Beaksang Arts Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film
  • Box office collection: 2.69 Crores USD

Vincenzo 2021:

This movie will be really famous all over the world in the year 2021. A mafia lawyer named Vincenzo tries to steal the gold under a plaza and also fights as a criminal lawyer toward gangsters. Vincenzo is the most-hit movie in the year 2021. The melodrama and action scenes are superb and made this movie blockbuster.

  • Release date:21 January  2021
  • Director: Kim Hee-Won
  • Starring: Song Joong-Ki, Jeon Yeo-Been, Ok Taecyeon
  • Music: Park Se-Joon
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Romance
  • Awards: APAN Star Award
  • Box office collection: 18 billion USD
Vincenzo 2021 (Image Credit To YouTube)

Vincenzo 2021 (Image Credit To YouTube)

Lawless Lawyer 2018:

This movie is based on a former human rights lawyer who lives with his gangster family, and he is trying to help other gangsters to take revenge for his mother’s death.

Lee Joon-Gi’s extreme acting and fantastic action made this movie great, all the episodes brought a strong impression, and the romance and strong story made a combination of the enjoyable watch.

  • Release date: 1 July 2018
  • Director: Kim Jin-Min
  • Starring: Lee Joon-gi, Choi Min-Soo, Seo Yea-Ji
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance, Law
  • Awards: StarHub Night of Stars 2018 (Best Male Asian Star( Lee Joon-Gi))
Lawless Lawyer

Lawless Lawyer 2018( Image Credit To YouTube)

I Saw The Devil 2010:

The film follows an agent named Kim Soo, who seeks revenge for the brutal murder of her fiancé by a psychopathic serial killer named Jang. The agent finds out who the serial killer is and tortures him to brutally kill all the women.

This movie shows true love for someone after the death of the hero’s fiancé. How he takes his revenge on the killer is extremely satisfying, he can kill him easily, but he decides to torture him as revenge for all the women who lose their lives.

  • Release date: 12 August 2010
  • Director: Kim Jee-Woon
  • Starring: Lee Byung-Hun, Choi Min-Sik, Oh San-Ha
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
  • Awards: Asian Film Award for Best Editing, Grand Bell Award for Best Lighting, Beaksang Arts Award Grand Prize in the film
  • Box office collection: 1.29 Crores USD
Action Movies

I saw the devil 2010 ( image credit to Asian movie pulse)

The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves To Die, 2022:

This movie is based on an ex-professional criminal who hit people for money, but today he has become a simple person who loves and lives with her wife. In the next scene, his wife, who wants to go for a trip with his friend, tries to convince his husband to keep a 17-year-old girl at his house because he is not interested in keeping her at his home.

He allows that girl to stay with his friends, but for her safety, he drops a tracking device in her wallet. In another scene, this girl goes to chill at a club with her friend, where a girl named Hana tries to convince her to go with a boy, and if she agrees, then she will give her money.

the killer 2022( Image credit to the YouTube)

the killer: A Girl Who Deserves To Die 2022 (Image Credit To The YouTube)

But there, the hero comes and fights with the man and goes with the girl, next day, all the prosecutors are killed, and Hana, who is a member of a prosecutors gang racket, tells them that there are many powerful people in this way.

Where he knows that many girls who are in school were kidnapped by them, and a police officer is also involved in this, and these girls were smuggled to Russia from Korea.

In this way, this girl is also a new object for them to get kidnap and sell to a customer. After lots of action finally, he knew everything that the mother of that girl was a stepmother and tried to sell her daughter, and she was also involved in this racket. In the last scene,  The hero kills that woman and meets his wife at a beach.

  • Release date: 13 June 2022
  • Director: Choi Jae-Hoon
  • Starring: Jang Hyuk, Lee Chae-Young, Bang Eun-Jeong
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Drug, Love
  • Box office collection: 4 Crores USD
  • Based On: The Kid Deserves To Die; By Bang Jin-Ho

Oldboy 2003:

This movie is all about a person who takes revenge on a man for his sister’s suicide; this person actually kidnaps a man and captures him for about 20 years in a room.

After 20 years, when the man left out, he himself tried to find out what was the reason behind this and who had captured him for about 20 years. In this way, he found out all the reasons that made his life hell.

  • Release date: 21 November 2003
  • Director: Park Chan-Wook
  • Starring: Kang Hye-Jung, Choi Min-Sik, Yoo Ji-Tae
  • Genres: suspense, Drama, Romance
  • Awards: Beaksang Arts Award for New Actress in the film, Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor.
  • Box office collection: 30 Lakh USD
Old Boy 2003 (Image Credit To YouTube)

Old Boy 2003 (Image Credit To YouTube)

The Prison 2017:

This movie is about police, jail, and some other things that fight life. This movie is all about action and drama that excites you.

This movie is about a prisoner and an undercover police inspector who try to handle the jail and crime syndicate in Korea. The action scene seems to be real perfection, and Han Suk-Kyu plays a great role. Action, drama, and storyline are superb out there in the direction of Na-Hyun.

  • Release date:23 march 2017
  • Director: Na Hyun
  • Starring: Kim Rae-Won, Han Suk-Kyu, Kim Sung-Kyu
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, secret crime syndicate
  • Awards: Grand Bell Award for Best Actor, Grand Bell Award for Best New Director
  • Box office collection: 2.12 Crores USD
The Prison 2017( Image Credit To YouTube)

The Prison 2017( Image Credit To YouTube)

The Yellow Sea 2010:

In this film, a taxi driver goes to South Korea, where a local gangster calls him for his welfare to kill a professor, and he will help him find out where his wife, who has been missing for about six months. Along the way, the taxi driver gets into trouble and lives on the run from the police and others.

  • Release date:22 December 2010
  • Director: Na Hong-Jin
  • Starring: Ha Jung-Woo, Kim Yoon-Won, Jo Sung-Ha
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama,
  • Awards: Baeksang Arts Award for Leading Actor in Film, Asian Film Award For Best Actor
  • Box office collection: 1.58 crores USD
The Yellow Sea 2010 (Image Credit To YouTube)

The Yellow Sea 2010 (Image Credit To YouTube)

 Tazza (A Film Series):

This one is a film series and has many parts, like Tazza: The High Rollers(2006), Tazza: The Hidden Card(2014), and Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks(2019). This south Korean crime drama series is all about gambling drifters involved in a Korean card game. This Powerpack action movie comes with romance, thrill, suspense, and a money market with a good storyline.

  • Release Years: 2006, 2014, 2019
  • Directors: Oh Kwang-Kwon, Choi Dong-Hoon, Kang Hyeong-Cheol
  • Starring: Shin Se-Kyung, Kim Hye-Soo, Lim Ji-Yeon
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Awards: Blue Dragon Award
  • Box office collection: Tazza: The High( 3.92 crores USD), Tazza: The Hidden (3.1 crores USD), Tazza: One-Eyed(1.65 crores USD)
Tazza: The Hidden Card(2014)

Tazza: The Hidden Card(2014) (Image Credit To YouTube)

The Chaser 2008:

In this movie, a police investigator is trying to catch a psychopath after one of his girls goes missing. When he knows that he only has 24 hours to investigate the mystery and save the girl from the psychopath, he tries his best to investigate.

This movie is inspired by a real incident. Here, a psychopath named Yoo Yong Chul from South Korea killed 26 women prosecutors from 2003 to 2004.

  • Release date: 14 February 2008
  • Director: Na Hong-Jin
  • Starring: Ha Jung-Woo, Kim Yoon-Seok, Seo Young-Hee
  • Music: Kim Jun-Seok, Choi Young-Rak
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Box office collection: 3.58 Crores USD
The Chaser 2008 (Image Credit To YouTube)

The Chaser 2008 (Image Credit To YouTube)

No Tears For The Dead 2014:

This movie is about a gangster who is a professional criminal, by mistake he kills a little girl, after the death of the little girl he feels guilty, so he helps her mother to get rid of his mistake. After meeting the girl’s mother, he falls in love with her, sympathizes with her, and himself recalls his past, where he lost his mother and became a gangster.

  • Release date:4 June 2014
  • Director: Lee Jeong-Beom
  • Starring: Jang Dong-Gun, Kim Min-Hee, Brian Tee
  • Music: Choi Yong-Rak
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspense
  • Box office collection: 4.15 Crores USD
No Tears For The Dead ( Image Credit To YouTube)

No Tears For The Dead ( Image Credit To YouTube)

A Company Man 2012:

Company Man, this movie is based on a contract killer who falls in love with a woman. After this how his life suffers because this is against the rule of his company, and the movie is all based on this. The Importance of family, love, and simple living encourages the killer to stop such crimes and become a good man.

The Drama, Romance, Emotions, and various superb action scenes and Storyline made this movie more interesting.

  • Release date: 11 October 2012
  • Director: Lim Sang-Yoon
  • Starring: So Ji-Sub, Kim Dong-Jun, Kwak Do-Won
  • Music: Lee Sung-Hyun
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Box office collection: 73 lakhs USD
A Company Man 2012( Image Credit To YouTube)

A Company Man 2012( Image Credit To YouTube)

Into The Fire 2010:

This movie is all about 71 student soldiers who have a mission to defend South Korea from North Korea. Into The Fire, the movie is based on a True Story of Patriotism(The  Love Towards Their Country) During the early days of The Korean War.

The Emotional scenes made this movie more interesting because the soldiers who did this are not in the official military, don’t have ranks, and were also lost in history.

So in this way, youngsters should have to remember the sacrifice of these 71 soldiers who lose their lives to protect their country. And at the same time, it reminds us of the responsibility of being devoted to our country.

  • Release date: 16 June  2010
  • Director: John H. Lee
  • Starring: Kwon Sang-Woo, Kim Seung-Woo, Cha Seung-Won
  • Genres: Action, Military, Drama, War
  • Awards: Blue Dragon Film Award For Best New Actor, Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actor in Film
  • Box office collection:  4.21 Crores USD
Into The Fire 2011(Image Credit To YouTube)

Into The Fire 2011(Image Credit To YouTube)

Apart from this, there are some other movies like Breathless 2008, Coin Locker Girl 2015, City of the Rising Sun 1999, Master 2016, The Villainess 2017, Derailed 2016, and The Unjust 2o10 which can make you a fan of such movies. Rate such movies and tell me your experiences in the comments.

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