AOA Seolhyun’s Net Worth: Her Impressive Wealth & Earnings

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AOA Seolhyun net worth

Kim Seolhyun or most popularly known as Seoulhyun, is AOA’s most prominent and famous member. Thanks to her flourished acting and singing career, she has managed to build a community of thousands of fans. And with hard work comes great rewards, one of which is a luxury lifestyle and impressive network. Seolhyun is again in the news because of her upcoming drama The Killer’s Shopping List. Besides getting information about the drama, fans also want to grab personal information about its female lead. Hence, here’s all you need to know about the lavish lifestyle and net worth of AOA’s Seolhyun.

Kim Seol-hyun was born on January 3, 1995, in Bucheon, South Korea. Seolhyun’s career officially began after she won the 8th Smart Model Contest in 2010. She was scouted by her present company, FNC Entertainment, and became a trainee there. Before her Kpop debut with AOA, she also appeared in a music video by F.T. Island. Because of her numerous talents and a pretty face, Seolhyun soon debuted as an actor and is still going strong.

Seolhyun will soon be seen alongside Lee Kwang Soo in The Killer’s Shopping ListShe will be playing Do Da Hee, a passionate police officer, and Lee Kwang Soo’s character’s girlfriend.

AOA Seolhyun Net Worth: How Much The Songstress Earn?

Seohyun has a whopping net worth of 1.5 Million USD. The songstress has multiple sources to earn her high fees, thanks to her diverse talents. Seolhyun is an incredible singer and actress, but she is also a popular name among the endorsement community. Hence, the singer enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Seolhyun is the lead dancer, center, vocalist, and face of the group. She also impressed fans with her acting skills and proved herself to be a worthy actress. Most of her earnings come from her career as a Kpop idol, AOA’s album sales, tours, and event presences. Furthermore, Seolhyun has bagged multiple endorsements and deals as a solo artist. The Heart Attack was also named the “Model of the Year” in January 2016 because of her influence. With her flourishing career, AOA’s Seoulhyun is bound to add more dollars to her net worth.

AOA Seolhyun net worth
Seolhyun for Sprite

The idol is dubbed one of “South Korea’s C.F. Queens.” Not only does she has comprehensive endorsement deals associated with her name, but she also advertises a wide variety of products: fashion, cosmetics, e-commerce, and food and beverage.

In 2015, Seolhyun became the face of Chicken Mania, a popular chain of chicken delivery in the country. The same year, she became an endorser for S.K. Telecom continued advertising it until 2016. 2016 is known as Seolhyun’s year in the C.F. field. The songstress got 10 C.F. deals in 2016: she modeled for clothing brand HAZZY, athletic-wear brand Ellesse, and outdoors sports brand Kolping. Additionally, she was the face of Sprite in South Korea in the same year. Her other deals of 2016 include video game Sudden Attack, Dongbu Insurance, Urive, Kloud Premium Beer, Acuvue contact lenses, and Gmarket.

Seolhyun net worth
Seolhyun for Nonshin

A new year emerged, but Seolhyun did not stop. In 2017, she bagged the deal to endorse outdoors sports brand Lafuma with ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo. Also, she became the face of the cosmetic brand- BIOTHERM. The singer also bagged a deal from popular noodle brand Nonshin in 2018.

Seolhyun’s Diverse Career

Above, we mentioned all about Seolhyun’s endorsements and how she earns money through her album sales. However, Seolhyun’s successful acting career is another income on her list.

After debuting as an AOA member in 2012, Seolhyun made her TV debut with My Daughter Seo Young. Later that year, she was cast in the daily drama Ugly Alert, where the viewers highly appraised her role.

Seolhyun’s credit list also includes dramas such as Orange Marmalade, Click Your Heart, My Country: The New Age, Awaken, and the upcoming The Killer’s Shopping List. On the other hand, her movie credits include Gangnam Blues, The Great Battle, and Memoir Of Murderer. The singer-actress frequently appears on various shows and television programs, garnering a certain fee. Undoubtedly, Seolhyun is working hard, and it doesn’t look like she will stop anytime soon.

AOA Seolhyun in Awaken drama
Seolhyun in Awaken (cr: tvN)

All the endorsements, acting, and singing careers have designed Seolhyun’s net worth today. We look forward to seeing the actress getting more love and projects in the future.

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