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When is So Ji-Sub’s Birthday? Everything About The Actor’s Life

When is So Ji-Sub’s Birthday? I am pretty sure that everybody’s aware of their favorite Korean stars. Fans are always looking for every possible information about their celebrity crush. Just like this, amongst every other Korean celebrity, So Ji-Sub is a part of this too. Fans are constantly looking for all the little details about his life, whether it be his career, his personal life, or his birthday.

Moreover, People are often looking for something new when it’s anything related to their favorite stars. So Ji-Sub stepped into the industry as a model in 1995. Gradually he landed himself in many notable roles in dramas like ‘What Happened in Bali’ and ‘Cain and Abel’ in 2004 and 2009, respectively. It’s so great to know that he’s become such an incredible actor through his skills and experience.

Moreover, In 2010, So Ji-Sub even released his photo-essay collection. These were all his photos before he made it into the Korean Industry. The actor revealed all his feelings and thoughts through the book. Simple things about his favorite books, his interaction with other celebrities, and the reason behind his infatuation with rainy days. So Ji-Sub became so popular through this book that it landed on the best seller’s list and even began its third printing.

When is So Ji-Sub Birthday?

So Ji-Sub

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When is So Ji-Sub’s Birthday? All About His Acting Journey.

So Ji-Sub celebrates his birthday on 4th November. He was born in 1977 in Yongsan District, Seoul, and he grew up in Incheon. In his childhood, he was described as an introverted and timid child. But soon, he became a professional swimmer through his 11 years of training. He even bagged a bronze medal at the Korean National Games. So Ji-Sub’s biggest dream was to pose alongside Kim Sung-Jae as a model, so he tried out a few modeling gigs in his earlier years.

He believed that apart from his interests in swimming and music, he could earn good money through modeling. So Ji-Sub made his debut through his role in ‘Three Boys and Three Girls’. Throughout the season 1990s, he struggled with popularity and often appeared in smaller roles in several television dramas. But in 2002, he rose to prominence through his role as a second lead in ‘Glass Slippers’.

So-Ji Sub even appeared in a time travel historical drama named ‘Thousand Years of Love’. Throughout his life, he thought he was going to end up as a supporting actor. But this changed as soon as he appeared for his role as a tragic hero in the melodrama, ‘I am Sorry, I Love You’. He was critically acclaimed for his role and titled the Top Star in Korea and all over Asia.

In 2009, he revealed his thoughts about his roles in an interview. So said, he still considers this drama as his biggest breakthrough. In 2005, So Ji-Sub had to opt for Mandatory Military Service as a Public Relations Officer at the Mapo District Office, and he came back on 27th April 2007. He made his comeback through Jaang Hoon’s directorial debut ‘Rough Cut’ – A story about a gangster wanting to become an actor. Since the movie had a low budget, both So Ji-Sub and his co-star Kang Ji-Hwan decided to invest their fees back into the movie as producers. But, the movie turned out to be a box office hit.

When is So Ji-Sub birthday

So Ji-Sub

More About So Ji-Sub

In 2009, he made his attempts in the Japanese industry and bagged the role of a mysterious killer in ‘I am GHOST’. So Ji-Sub even acted in a Japanese manga adaption television drama named ‘GeGeGe No Kitaro 2: Kitaro and the Millenium Curse’. Apart from this, So Ji-Sub even appeared in the Chinese romcom ‘Sophie’s Revenge’ with Zhang Ziyi. His main aim of working in this drama was to take up a cheerful role because he’s done many sad and depressed roles.

So Ji-Sub even signed under ATN Entertainment, a Chinese talent agency. Through his role in ‘Cain and Abel,’ a Korean drama, a story about the competitiveness between two brothers. He was bestowed with the Best Actor Award at the Grimae Awards selected by many honorable directors in every broadcasting station in Korea. After appearing in many prominent roles in dramas like ‘Be With You,’ ‘My Secret Terrius’ and ‘Oh My Venus’. He’s all set for his upcoming role in Choi Dong Hoon’s Science fiction, Crime, and Action film. In 2020, he married his long-time girlfriend, Cho-Eun Jong.

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