50 Books like A Husband’s Regret

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Best books like a husband's regret to read
Best books like a husband's regret to read

When it comes to books where the story plot comes with a husband and wife, we all know how it brings lots of mixed feelings during reading. Even as the husband and wife fought romance and love and wanted to kill each other for cheating, we all, as bibliophiles, wanted to read more about it.

A Husband’s Regret, written by an author named Natasha Ander, is one of those books to read on your weekends. These books filled their readers and audience with lots of suspense and mystery, which they enjoyed. We are pretty sure how much they enjoy them. So, we have come up with a book like the husband-and-wife mystery.

Kiss an Angel
 Kiss an Angel, one of the books with the same plot as A Husband Regret (Credit: Amazon)

Well, there are many novels that one can read, and those books come with lots of mystery and suspense. Where readers can find how regret and love are a main borderline of a relationship. Here is a long list of books that readers can check with plot and summary. It is up to them if they like the plot; they can continue the reading.

It could be the best match for a bookworm with a particular type of interest in reading. We would like to recommend Mysterious and with lots of suspense books listed below for bibliophiles from all-time best authors and writers, which will keep you out there holding the book.

The Divorce

In the story, one can read how a couple who were college sweethearts are now married. The twist comes when a wife opens up about how she has been in a 7-year relationship that is now ending.

It was like a fall from grace; there was a time when every day felt like paradise. One can read how a wife is now tired of being unseen and unheard of for a long time. She can be seen dealing with an unhappy marriage for a long time.

The Divorce
 The Divorce (Credit: Amazon)

On the other hand, the husband can be seen as named Chris, and how he told the therapist that he has no idea why his wife wants a divorce from her. Meanwhile, indeed, he was never able to get time for each other, and it is only becoming complicated for them and their kids.

It was one of the best novels of all time to read. One can read the novel The Divorced to see marriage from another lens of life. It was one of the best novels of all time, and a movie is also made on the same title.

  • Author: Nicole Strycharz
  • Released year: 2016
  • Number of pages: 327

The Amateur Marriage

It is all about a mismatched marriage, where the couple is not in love but more in suffering, where it can be read how they are facing all the issues and consequences of marriage. A couple who, for the world, can be seen as perfect with no flaws, and they adore being with each other.

In the book, one can read how this couple has realized that, with time, it was unfair to marry each other. Their hatred for each other can be seen to increase with time, and the marriage becomes unbearable soon.

Rep. Elizabeth Scott wrote of the Amateur Marriage
 Rep. Elizabeth Scott writes of Amateur Marriage (Credit: Amazon)

If you are one of those readers who want to read more marriage stories and how people deal with them in real life and fictional ones. Well, one can find answers in books too, and without going to a therapist.

As they said, one can learn from others’ mistakes and lessons too. So here, people and readers out there can learn more about how marriages are not made in heaven but in real life; they need to be pampered by both parties so that they can feel alive in it. We want to recommend the book to all readers out there.

  • Author: Anne Tyler
  • Released year: 2004
  • Number of pages: 352

Nothing in My Heart

Here is the story of Beckett, who can be seen trapped in a marriage. Here Grace feels like she is not the one who has trapped her husband in the marriage, but they both are equally responsible for not working out marriage in some way.

The twist comes when she loses one of her babies, and she realizes how distant her husband is and no longer shows interest in the relationship they are in. Grace decided to give divorce to her husband and move into life.

Peri Elizabeth Scott.
 Per Elizabeth Scott (Credit: Amazon)

The twist comes in the story when Grace realizes that she is pregnant again, and now it could become a reason for her to heal an unhappy marriage again. One can read how it is way harder to maintain a relationship or marriage when one loses a baby.

Now Grace, as a sad wife, can be seen in what she can do to save a marriage and trust her husband again by giving her a chance. We would like to recommend Nothing in my heart book to readers out there reading.

  • Author: Peri Elizabeth Scott
  • Released year: 2018
  • Number of pages: 151

Virtue & Vanity

The main lead of the story is Isabelle Walsh, who becomes a rich wife of a millionaire named Sebastian. She realized that soon she married a man who would show her what real hell looked like. In the book, his cruelty is the main theme and how one can, with possible cruelty can, torture their life partner.

Isabelle is now in hell, and she knows that her husband’s blue eyes are not that innocent to her now. There is no compassion in him when it comes to torture. The twist comes in the story of when her devil husband started acting differently, as now, he can be seen treating her like a queen.

A devil who has shown her what hello looks like now wanted to show her what heaven looks like and treat her with care and pamper her. This is confusing for Isabelle. We would like to recommend a fantastic story of a couple where the mystery is hidden and to find one has to read it till the end.

  • Author: Astrid Jane Ray
  • Released year: 2016
  • Number of pages: 528

Kiss an Angel

Here is the story of a woman named Daisy who has only two choices, either to marry a mystery man or to go to jail. Here the scary arranged marriage can be seen as no longer happening and best like others.

On the other hand, a man named Alex can be seen as serious and with no sense of humor. What we met first was not like love at first sight but more like a stranger meeting each other. In the story, one can read how they both feel about each other, and Alex realizes that she is her dream woman.

Kiss an Angel
 Kiss an Angel (Credit: Amazon)

This story where marriage was all fixed, but they both fell in love after a while is the best thing one can enjoy by reading and all. There is lots of suspense and mystery to enjoy when it comes to reading about two different people who get married to each other.

Well, here, the concept of marriage is scary, and if strangers marry each other in these ways, it may be enjoyable for readers, but they can also feel what it could be like in real life so far.

  • Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Released year: 1996
  • Number of pages: 384


Sarah and Eddie met each other and fell in love for the very first time. They both decided to live and die with each other, but the universe has other plans out there. The risk comes when one of them decides to go back to a place, and they promise each other to call.

One can read how with time, one of them never called, and the relationship seemed to fade away, although it did not. One can watch how, after a while, they get married.

 Ghosted: The movie version of the Gosted book (Credit: Apple TV)

After the marriage, life becomes miserable as they decide not to be with each other anymore; we would like to recommend a fantastic book on soulmates and how sometimes it is pretty fine. We want to recommend a book to all people out there who want to read something like this. It could be the best match for you all, and what else can matter more than a good book as a friend?  

  • Author: Rosie Walsh
  • Released year: 2018
  • Number of pages: 337

The Billionaire’s Baby 

Amandine can be seen as the main lead who wants to fit in with her in-laws as they are super rich and live different lives. In the book, one can read how her husband Gavin can be seen giving her every possible happiness when he comes from the point of view of wealth but is never able to give her his heart which might be amazing to read.

She is not able to get fit into a relationship where they are quite different from each other when it comes to status.

Nadia Lee
 Nadia Lee’s book of the same series as The Billionaire’s Baby (Credit: Audible)

One can read that after she gets pregnant, she decides to save her kid from a rich but unloved family. Her husband realized that it was no joke anymore, and he had to save the marriage at a cost because he couldn’t lose his lover and kid all at once.

One can read how they managed to go on a second honeymoon. Gavin realizes that it is not easy for him to win his wife’s heart with money; this time, it will require love and lots of love.

  • Author: Nadia Lee
  • Released year: 2014
  • Number of pages: 378


Here one can read a story from the wife’s point of view and how she describes her love story. One can read from the first page how she described Mark Walker when she first met him.

She describes him as rich and handsome and shows interest in her when they first meet each other, and it becomes obvious how they both after married each other. One can watch how after the marriage, they both get to know a whole new other side of the world, and it surprises them a lot.

 Faithless (Credit: Amazon)

After 15 years of marriage and being together, they both realize that they are not for each other and it will be good for them to let each other go in peace when she lets her husband know that there are sparks between the bond and it is getting boring and going nowhere.

One can read how her husband has a different opinion on it and how he did his best to save and protect the bond he was going to lose. We would like to recommend the book to all crazy and fun readers out there.

  • Author: Skyler Mason
  • Released year: 2022
  • Number of pages: 70


Here in the book, we have our main lead, who is a hero and villain at the same 50:50; one can read how cruel he is in the story. He is heartless, ruthless, and a criminal who is a monster and a murderer.

In the story, one can read a story from a girl’s and a wife’s point of view, which can show readers out there what it costs to be in love with a toxic and wrong person. One can even read how a person who is toxic acts like a monster who has to save his piece of meat from everyone.

 Luciano (Credit: Amazon)

There is lots of drama and suspense to watch in the story, and one can realize that a bond and relationship between two couples does not always end up in romance and love. Sometimes it is more than that to experience and suffer.

It could be the best book for all people out there who want to read such kind of stuff with their minds and imagination on. We would like to recommend a story of a devil who falls in love with an angel.

  • Author: Eva Winners
  • Released year: 2021
  • Number of pages: 318

The Wrong Bride

Here the story starts with a scene when her sisters do not show up on the day of marriage, and it turns out to be a total disaster. One can read how Raven has to marry another girl, and now his life is total hell.

Ares and Raven both can see that they don’t belong to each other, and things are getting harder and even uglier. One can read how people who end up with the wrong guys can see that it is nothing but kind of a thing that ends up in pain.

The Wrong Bride
 The Wrong Bride (Credit: Amazon)

The writer can show readers how with time, everyone has to accept that everything is fair in love and war. We hereby conclude that how things get uglier and even more disastrous when two people who are not in love marry each other for the other’s sake and for the sake of society.

Well, one can read how they both tried their best to keep things the way they wanted to, but God has other plans. One can read a book with hate and love on their weekends and their lazy days.

  • Author: Catharina Maura
  • Released year: 2012
  • Number of pages: 382


Here in the book, we have our main lead named Zeus Kincaid; he can be seen obsessing over sports and his boxing career. One can read how he struggles with a life of career and balancing a love life at the same time.

The frustration can be read through words, and readers can also watch how it becomes hard for people out there not to understand why Kincaid has to go through all these things in the end.

 Ruin (Credit: Amazon)

Here one can read how with time, they both become good friends, and readers can read about their own life experiences. The love stories the way starts when he realizes that someone is standing at his front door, and it takes not a second for him to realize that now his love life is beginning, and it is high time for him to face the real world.

We would like to recommend a book to all readers out there who acknowledge the reality of hard adulting.

  • Author: Samantha Towle
  • Released year: 2018
  • Number of pages: 304


Here is a story of a husband whose wife left him, and now he can’t keep up with the fact of separation as it seems like he loves his wife more than anything. The obsession is real to watch in the book; one can go beyond limits. One can watch how a husband becomes a total psycho when it comes to losing the thing only thing he loves.

In the book, one can read a wife divorces her husband as she can’t handle his toxicity anymore. He can be seen blackmailing her and showing her how he has now changed, and he will do his best to get into a relationship again.

 Forgiveness (Credit: Amazon)

A husband is afraid of losing her wife, and he becomes extremely jealous that if another man steals his only woman, he will die. A person who is obsessed over his wife, but the wife is no longer in the condition to handle his all-over obsessive nature anymore, and she wants to leave him forever.

Here the story might give you goosebumps, and even readers can find them reading possessive stuff. There is a fine line between being in love and being obsessive over a person.  

  • Author: Skyler Mason
  • Released year: 2023
  • Number of pages: 103

Forget Me Not

Here is a plotline that comes with similar to the title of the book, where one can read how a person behaves, and his brain chemistry changes when he realizes that his only love has forgotten about him.  In the book, one can read how a person realized that her partner cheated on her rudely and now forgets her. One can even read how a person forgot about marriage and divorce.

Forget Me Not
 Forget Me Not (Credit: Amazon)

We want to recommend a fantastic book to everyone who wants to read a book where it is not easy to move on from life and marriage. One can read how a person manages to move on from their lover and his memories.

We want to recommend a fantastic book of all time to readers there. It is one of the most amazing books to read and understand. As per the record, forgot me not was one of the most-read books of all time, and here one can choose it.

  • Author: Q.B. Tyler
  • Released year: 2019
  • Number of pages: 298

The Ultimate Betrayal

In the story, one can read about the main lead named, Rachel, and another one Daniel. Their birth can be seen living a wonderful life, and even they both have kids together. According to Rachel, she always thought that she was in a happy marriage, and now it is hard for her to believe that she was in a happy marriage.

Her whole life changed when she realized that her husband was having an affair, and now, she has no choice but to divorce. One can read how it breaks a partner’s heart when they realize that it is not easy to forget about a cheater in a relationship.

The Ultimate Betrayal
The Ultimate Betrayal (Credit: Amazon)

Here in the plot, the main question is what a person should do when it comes to forgiving a person and forgiving all his deeds. One can watch and read about Rachel that it is not easy for her to forgive her husband for the sake of her kids.

One can even read about the ultimatum betrayal, where the author can teach their learners what one should do when it comes to cheating and betraying.

  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • Released year: 1995
  • Number of pages: 286

Painted Scars 

Here in the story, the main lead character is named Nina, who can be seen as the most charming and seductive. In the book, one can watch how Nina behaves like she is in a happy marriage, but she does not even want to get out of the marriage as soon as possible.

In the book, one can watch how she is a part of a deal and nothing more than that. She wanted to be out of the clutch of this man who she called her husband.

Painted Scars 
Painted Scars (Credit: Amazon)

On the other hand, her husband Roman thinks that he is the best man, and her wife is in love with him. He thinks that Nina loves him and he can manipulate him as she wants, but one can even watch how he is one of the toxic men, and he thinks that whatever he is doing is great.

Even after the deal was done, he never let her go of it. In the book, one can read how it is hard for him to let Nina go away even after the marriage deal is done.

  • Author: Neva Altaj
  • Released year: 2022
  • Number of pages: 240

What Price Paradise

In the book, we have our main lead named Tate McCullom, where it can be seen how he is shown as a perfect and genuine man in the book. He is respectable and a modern man.

His whole life changed when one night, he slept with a lady whom he barely knew, and he realized that she had broken the line of modesty now. When she becomes pregnant, she has no source of income to carry herself with a baby in her womb.

What Price Paradise
What Price Paradise writer Katherine Allred (Credit: Amazon)

The suspense keeps on going when readers realize that he has a lover and now he is a responsible man. He has to carry that kid and marry an unknown girl with whom he slept last night.

On the other hand, the pregnant woman named Garry is a broke persona, and it is hard for her to continue with life with no money and a roof over her head. In the story, one can read how Tate did all this on purpose, as he liked her and he wanted to make her a woman.

  • Author: Katherine Allred
  • Released year: 286
  • Number of pages: 286

The Favor

Here in the story, one can watch a bond between a CEO and her secretary. They both can be seen struggling with their company crises and for them, asking for help is not that easy as their life and opinion on anything is way different.

Even the plot can be seen how a CEO is one of the most aggressive and unforgiving people. One can read how a CEO never failed in attitude and anger issues, and somehow his attitude can be seen matched with his wife.

The Favor
The Favor (Credit: Audible)

In the story, one can read how with time, even they both learned from each other. One can even watch how with time, they both realized that they are attracted to each other and tempted each other in many ways.

Even the CEO has all the fantasies he wants to do with his secretary. It is one of the best books to read for all the people out there. It could be the best watch and could even give you goosebumps and adrenaline while watching.  

  • Author: Suzanne Wright
  • Released year: 2020
  • Number of pages: 388

The Temporary Wife 

It is the story of Luca, who can be seen fed up with his family and how his family wants him to marry as soon as possible. He plans a game where he marries his secretary and clears some rules before marrying her.

There will be a contract where they will never fall for each other and keep their marriage a secret. They had to share a room and bed every day so that their family was not able to know about a fake marriage. In the story, one can read how with time, they both fall for each other, but Luca falls harder.

The Temporary Wife 
The Temporary Wife (Credit: Audible)

In the story, one can read how Valentina realizes that in a fake marriage, her boss is now in love, and he is not going to let her go. She becomes stuck in a contract where she has to do what her boss wants, and now, he is in love with her, and things are more complicated than before.

Here the story comes with a twisted storyline and which somewhere keeps engaging the audience and fans out there.

  • Author: Catharina Maura
  • Released year: 2023
  • Number of pages: 404

Something Worth Saving

Nadla and Owen can be seen living their best life in marriage, but the twist comes when they realize that in a happy marriage and handling kids, careers, and health, they somehow miss something. Nadla as a father, can be seen doing all the office work, and in he can be seen with lots of money, but he has no happiness.

Whereas on the other hand, we have Owen, who can be seen as a housewife who takes care of babies and sometimes forgets to look in the mirror and look at herself with love and affection. Here it comes with lots of struggle between a husband and a wife.

Something Worth Saving
Something Worth Saving (Credit: YouTube)

As a writer, Mayra can be seen showing people and the audience out there how they show a happy marriage on-screen, and the books are not all about love and romance. It is even more than that and comes with lots of sleepless nights and struggles to face.

We here like to recommend the book to all people out there who are not married yet and even to those who face a lot of problems in their married life soon. It could be the best book for all those who want to understand what it brings to the table.

  • Author: Mayra Statham
  • Released year: 2017
  • Number of pages: 217

Forever After All

It is a story of a lady named Elena who can be seen in desperation and wants to get into a gentleman club. One can read how she is struggling financially, and now she has to save her mother from a deadly disaster, and she needs money.

One can read how she met a person who will be his soulmate. In the club, she met a person named Alexander who proposed to Elena for marriage, and it was an unexerted experience for her. As she was in her major, she fell in her life.

Forever After All
Forever After All (Credit: Amazon)

Here is a twist Alexander wanted to marry her because she needed an act of revenge, and he wanted her to take part in it. Here she decided to marry him for money and security.

In the show, one can read how it was all about getting money for one another. It was all about getting an act of revenge. It is a perfect story for all audiences out there who love to watch such a kind of drama and have fun.

  • Author: Catharina Maura
  • Released year: 2021
  • Number of pages: 486

Frayed Silk

Here the author comes up with a plotline where one can read how two couples feel when they can be seen in a marriage where everything is just a mess and nothing more and less. In the story, a wife is fed up with her husband.

After many years of marriage being together, she experienced something strange in these six months when she saw how her husband was acting weirdly. One can even see that it is something worth realizing that married life is a mess already, and when partners are also a mess, it becomes a total hell somewhere.

Frayed Silk
Frayed Silk (Credit: Amazon)

In the story, one can watch how a wife decided to break his husband’s heart by letting him go, and now she is all single. Life doesn’t end here, one can read how her husband did everything to win her back in life, and he can be seen as no more than a psycho.

We would like to recommend a fantastic book to all readers out there who enjoy family drama more than anything and any genre. It would be the best read for you all.

  • Author: Ella Fields
  • Released year: 2017
  • Number of pages: 380

Sarah’s Child

The story starts with an accident where a family loses everything they had, and that matters. In the story, the main lead is a wife named Diane, who can be seen surviving the tragedy of her rude and merciless life.

Here one can watch how a wife gives a second chance to her husband and at the same time sacred to do so, but his husband has a chance to win her again in life. There are lots of regrets, romance, tragedy, and happenings that might keep you alive while reading it.

Sarah's Child
Sarah’s Child (Credit: Amazon)

There are lots of things to understand and study for all the people out there who are already big fans of Linda Howard as a writer. Love can come back into one’s life when a person is least expecting it.

There are even lots to wonder about and watch. A wife can be seen at the lowest in her life, and even one can read how she has taken the help of a person whom she hated most. The twist comes when she realizes that she is in love with her best friend’s husband. We would like to recommend a fantastic book to all people out there.

  • Author: Linda Howard
  • Released year: 1985
  • Number of pages: 256

Un orgullo tonto

Max is a businessman who can be seen as one of the most rude and aggressive men of all time. One can read that his wife is not happy with him, and she wants a divorce from him.

The fact that the divorce made him kind of the most annoying person as he didn’t want to let her go from his life. It is one of the most-read books of all time, and there is even a lot to study and understand in the book.

Un orgullo tonto
Un orgullo tonto (Credit: Audible)

Kristel is one of the most romantic writers of all time to watch, and I understand how she comes up with lots of fun and never loses to entertain her fans.

One can read how she comes with lots of fun to read, and the love stories she writes are very different. She has written many of 105 books in total and has sold amazing records out there to watch.

  • Author: Kristel Ralston
  • Released year: 2014
  • Number of pages: 234

Saving Grace

Here a story can be read from a husband’s point of view and how he wants to get out of a relationship with his wife. In the story, one can see that he asked for a divorce from his wife; here, the surprise comes his way when he realizes that his wife also wants a divorce.

In the story, one can read how when the high time comes when people want to get separated, and at this time, they also want to be with each other. Love is more confusing than anything else one can understand out there. Here we have a story of a couple who are confused in love.

Saving Grace Movie Based on same title bookSaving Grace Movie Based on same title book
Saving Grace Movie Based on the Same Titled Book (Credit: Amazon)

They fix a deal where after their son’s studies completion, they will divorce. The twist comes when the husband now doesn’t want to let go of her wife as he realizes that she is the only one who can save him.

She has the capability of saving her husband from all the chaos and sadness. One can understand that the love comes back between them when they realize that they will lose each other in a deadly game so far.

  • Author: A.D. Justice
  • Released year: 2017
  • Number of pages: 236

One Percent of You

In the story, we have our main lead named, Lucy, who is pregnant and not so happy with life. One can read how her life changes after becoming a mother, and she is no longer in a state of being an alive human.

She works all day and maintains a life where she can be seen to maintain kids’ safety and living. She had no time for herself, and it made her worse and more depressed with time.

One Percent of You
One Percent of You (Credit: Amazon)

Here she met a guy whom she called a judgmental guy who kept on talking about her physical appearance and the way she lives. As per his, Lucy is not doing well for herself, and when it comes to maintaining her, she scores zero.

Lucy is not so happy with a stranger who keeps judging her and gives them a chance at friendship with him. One can read how this man changed her whole life and way of living. One can even read that her daughter is happy with a strange man who might be harmful, but here he is harmful in only one way, and that is being judgemental.

  • Author: Michelle Gross
  • Released year: 2019
  • Number of pages: 341

The Fourth Child 

In the plot, we have our main lead named, Claire Ridgeway. Kirk is a successful husband with kids and a happy wife. One can read how Kirk turned down the whole marriage after telling her wife that he was in love with someone else, and now the whole happy life is at stake.

She has three kids, and after her husband’s affair revelation, she realized that she is pregnant with another kid and a 4th baby.

The Fourth Child 
The Fourth Child (Credit: Amazon)

This sounds like a total disaster, and now one can read how Claire manages to overcome all the possibilities of being a good mother and a good wife.

Here she wanted to be with his cheating husband, but it felt like hell when she got to know that he had been cheating on her for a very long time, and now she had no one to trust out there. We want to recommend the book to all people out there who want to watch such kinds of stories.

  • Author: C.J. Carmichael
  • Released year: 2000
  • Number of pages: 203

Ruined Secrets

The main lead of the story is named Isabelle, and she can be seen as the most amazing woman. She is attracted to an older man who is not interested in him. She was attracted to him since he saved her life, and after that, she became attracted to him in many ways.

One can read a story from the main lead character’s point of view, how she describes the man of her dreams, and she wants to be his wife. All of a sudden, all of her wishes came true when he offered her a marriage proposal from nowhere.

Ruined Secrets
Ruined Secrets is part of Neva Altaj’s series (Credit: Amazon)

Whereas Luca, as his husband, lost all of his memories and fell in love with a younger woman. To whom he finds attractive, he finds himself falling hard for her.

One can read in the story how with time, it becomes obvious that love is in the air. Isabelle is confused and did not know that her husband has lost memories, and he does not know her very well.

  • Author: Neva Altaj
  • Released year: 2022
  • Number of pages: 277


Here the main lead is a player in a game who is a Goalie whose work is to prevent a ball from crossing the net. Santos is one of the best players of all time, and everyone can be seen appreciating him for being the best player.

He can always be seen always protecting the net and never missing a chance to win a game. His personal life is a mess, and he is a total mess. He can’t manage his married life as well as others.

Goalie (Credit: Audible)

His wife Marina is a simple woman, and she is afraid of her husband as he is an evil person when it comes to betrayals. One can watch how she is aware that he has cheated on her many times, and she always forgives him for his bad deeds.

In the story, the mess between them may be a fun part for readers out there. They can be seen sometimes being in love and sometimes being each other’s biggest enemies.

  • Author: M.E. Carter
  • Released year: 2017
  • Number of pages: 288

Her Ruthless Warrior 

Violet can be seen in the first scene where she was hit by a car, and now someone rescued her and saved her life. She describes him as a sexy and handsome man who saved her life, and now, she can be seen obsessed with this guy.

The twist comes when she realizes that he is one of the most arrogant and ruthless people she has ever met in her entire life, and now he is out there, making her whole life total hell. One can read that Violet thought at first she was in love but later realized that she was in love with a ruthless warrior who wanted her to die.

Her Ruthless Warrior 
Her Ruthless Warrior (Credit: Amazon)

There are many misunderstandings between them which keep getting uglier and uglier only. She realized that it was now too late for her to escape out of his fist. He breaks her heart into pieces, and she can see how the person we love most has the power to break us into pieces.

She soon also accepted that making mistakes is not acceptable in her relationship, and now she has to be aware and extra careful with that fact, though. We would like to recommend A Ruthless Warrior to all rom-com lovers out there.

  • Author: R.G. Angel
  • Released year: 2022
  • Number of pages: 457

The Kiss Thief

In the book, one can read how the writer starts the plot with the fact that how everyone wants their first kiss as amazing as heaven, but here a girl who was kissed forcefully is something way different. Here one can read how she explains that a devil with a mask on kissed her lips without any consent.

The devil with the mask on can be seen as rude and with no manners. In the story, there are two men and one girl, and it is hard for her to decide to whom she can give her heart. As per the writer, now she has to decide with whom she can go, and it is not an easy way to decide.

The Kiss Thief
The Kiss Thief (Credit: Amazon)

Here one can read how all stories do not have a happy ending, and not always people get along with the people they love. Sometimes destiny has another plan, and no one knows how people fall in love so quickly and so fall out of love.

There is suspense, and the combination of two different men makes it interesting to watch through the imagination of readers out there. We would like to recommend a book with three main lead characters to all.

  • Author: L.J. Shen
  • Released year: 2019
  • Number of pages: 320

Unbreak My Heart

Here the main lead is a musician named Brett, who lost his lover three years ago and is still grieving and in sorrow. His family advised him to go on a trip or change places so that he could heal. He decided to take the advice of his loved ones and move to another place for good.

In the book, we have another lead named Campbells, who is attracted to Brett and living on his ranch. He also realizes that Breet is a loyal partner who will never be able to forget about his lover.

Unbreak My Heart
Unbreak My Heart (Credit: Amazon)

In the story, even one can read how Brett and Campbell can be seen living with each other but still alone and lonely in their life. Campbell is in love with Brett, but he is not; Campbells decides to unbreak Brett’s heart so he can enter inside it.

He decided to make him laugh and wanted to win his heart at any cost because he was the only man he fell for. One can read how his life changed after he met Brett.

  • Author: K-lee Klein
  • Released year: 2013
  • Number of pages: 332

Life Without You

The story starts with a scene where one can read about the main lead wedding day; here, Zoe is the main character of the book, and one can read how she is wanted to marry the only love of his life Jamie. At her wedding, a phone call changed the whole mood of the great day.

She realized that there was a phone call about her mother being arrested, and now she has to choose between her marriage and her mother. Zoe realized that her mother was now in a situation of remembering nothing and lost her memories.

Katie Marsh Writer of
Katie Marsh, Writer of Life Without You, reading her other book (Credit: Amazon)

In the story, one can read how Zoe has suffered more than anything, and now she is in a state of being in a state where she has to choose between only one person, and she chooses her mother.

Her lover Jamie is disappointed, and now it is not easy for him to forgive her for destroying their big day together. Zoe is finding ways to win the heart of Jamie once again, and it is one of the toughest battles she has ever fought. We would like to recommend the book to all rom-com and suspense lovers out there.

  • Author: Katie Marsh
  • Released year: 2016
  • Number of pages: 296

Accidental Witness

Here the main lead is Vince Morelli, who was stalked by a strange girl who wanted to know more about her all the time. She stalks him in school and everywhere. One can watch and read how with time, after keen observation, she realized that he is one of the most dangerous and he has some kind of evil effect.

One can watch how her whole life changed when she got along with him in his crimes, and eventually, she finds out that her whole family is also in crime. Now one can read that she can be seen struggling in her life to get away from the crime family and a lover who is in chaos and nothing else.

Accidental Witness
Accidental Witness (Credit: Amazon)

One can watch and read how she can be seen in chaos; she has realized that she is the only person who is responsible for what happened to her. In the story, one can enjoy the whole crime show with mystery and suspense. We would like to recommend a book with crime scenes and all that.

  • Author: Sam Mariano
  • Released year: 2017
  • Number of pages: 360


The main lead’s name is Troy, and he is one of those people who are famous in Boston, and one can watch how he is known by his dead father. Everyone has come up with a rumor about him that he can break and make Boston City.

Now he is the husband of Sparrow Raynes, who is not in a happy marriage. He kidnaps her and forcefully marries Sparrow; now she is in a cage from here she can never get out of it.

Sparrow (Credit: Amazon)

In the book, one can read how her husband Troy killed all of her dreams, and now she is all alone in a marriage. A marriage where life is total hell and no one can save her from the hell of her husband named Troy.

One can watch and read these kinds of books altogether. We want to recommend the book to all readers out there. One can even read how marrying the right person is very important.

  • Author: L.J. Shen
  • Released year: 2016
  • Number of pages: 312

53 Letters for My Lover

It is one of those love stories which comes with lots of evil and God’s deeds. In the story, one can read how a couple becomes toxic to each other. Here the main lead is named Shayda Hijazi, who can be seen as perfect in everything she owns.

One can read how she was always avoiding love and affection from everyone, and now she is no longer in a state of being in love. Her whole life changed when a thing she had been hiding from came into her life again. Troy is another lead character, and his life changed when he met Hjazi once again in his life and fell in love.

53 Letters for My Lover
53 Letters for My Lover (Credit: Amazon)

They both have their own lives and can now be seen struggling in their own lives. One can read a novel where the love story is sensual, romantic, and passionate. The novel may give you many things to read. Here the couple can be seen having the best of love and the worst of hatred too.

  • Author: Leylah Attar
  • Released year: 2014
  • Number of pages: 396

It Ends with Us 

One of the best romance novels of all time. The main leads here are Alex, Lily, and Ryle. They all can be seen as part of a story where Lily’s first love is named Alex, and her husband is named Ryle. She can be seen in love with both of them, and Ryle attacks her when he realizes that Alex is someone Lily loves more than him.

Lily loved his husband and was even pregnant with a baby, but she realized that living with a man who has anger issues is no good and it could cause a kind of mess for her daughter too.

It Ends with Us 
It Ends with Us (Credit: Amazon)

She divorced him and soon started meeting Alex and fell in love again with a guy she always wanted to be with. One can even watch and read how Ryle became a possessive boyfriend and started feeling like he couldn’t lose Lily in his life.

A story where a sweet Lily wants to be with her first lover, but Ryle, as her husband, is one of the most toxic people he ever met in her life after her father, who used to beat her mother to death. One can even read how Lily’s love story of Lily becomes a total disaster for her.

  • Author: Colleen Hoover
  • Released year: 2016
  • Number of pages: 386


Here it is a story of a human and a vampire, they both fell in love, and one can read a war started after that. Edward, who is a vampire, wants to kill werewolves, and he is also not a big fan of humans, but he falls for one of the humans; in the story, one can read how Bella has to decide between a werewolf and a vampire.

In the book, the interesting part is how Bella as a human, has to choose between these two warriors. She chooses Edward, and the war begins as the werewolf can be seen angry at her for being like this.

Twilight (Credit: Amazon)

There is lots of suspense and mystery to watch and read; even the best part is Twilight comes with a plot where a human becomes a vampire and gives birth to a kid who is half human and half vampire. There is a movie based on it, and people can watch the movie too, as it comes with lots of fun to watch and experience it.

  • Author: Stephenie Meyer
  • Released year: 2005
  • Number of pages: 498

My Dark Vanessa

It’s a remarkable, engrossing read that marks the powerful debut of an amazing new writer, addressing the psychological intricacies of the interaction between a clever yet naive young girl and her alluring and manipulative instructor.

Bright, aspirational, and longing for maturity, the fifteen-year-old main lead named, Vanessa Wye, is involved in an affair with her alluring and cunning 42-year-old English instructor, named Jacob Strane.

My Dark Vanessa
My Dark Vanessa (Credit: Amazon)

 A reckoning is imminent amid the escalating tide of accusations leveled against strong men. Vanessa received word that Strane had been convicted of sexual abuse by a former pupil who contacted her.

At this point, Vanessa is forced to make the impossible decision of whether to keep quiet, steadfast in the conviction that her younger self deliberately entered into this connection, or to redefine herself and what happened in her past. We would like to recommend a fantastic story to all readers out there with a murder mystery to read with lots of suspense.

  • Author: Kate Elizabeth Russell
  • Released year: 2020
  • Number of pages: 373

Ugly Love 

Tate Collins recognizes that she didn’t fall in love with an airline pilot named Miles Archer at first sight. Even if they were to consider themselves pals, they wouldn’t. There is no denying that Tate and Miles are attracted to one another.

They realize they have the ideal situation once their desires are made clear. The only option left is sex because he doesn’t want love, and she doesn’t have time for love. If Tate can follow the two guidelines Miles has for her, the setup might be surprisingly easy. 

Ugly Love 
Ugly Love (Credit: TikTok)

In the story, there is a kind of infatuation but not love, but it seems like it is more than love. The main theme here is that no one will ask for the past or a kind with no strings attached. One can even read how love, with time, gets ugly and a kind of attachment that gets uglier with each day.

Promises get broken, and even all the rules get shattered. We would like to recommend Colleen Hoover’s best of books when it comes to romance.

  • Author: Colleen Hoover
  • Released year: 2014
  • Number of pages: 333


Tessa is an excellent girl who has a good, trustworthy partner at home. She has ambition, direction, and a mother who is determined to keep her on track. However, she hardly settled into her freshman apartment when she encountered Hardin.

He is attractive in everything, and girls find him attractive and want to be his girlfriend. In the book, one can read

After (Credit: Amazon)

He is extremely rude, even to the point of cruelty. Tessa ought to despise Hardin for all of his attitudes. And she does until she discovers that they are both alone in his room. She is drawn to his melancholy demeanor for some reason, and when they kiss, she experiences a passion she has never felt before.

In the story, one can read how these two become lovers, and even one can read how they show readers out there that no matter how different soulmates might be from each other, they will meet each other someday.

  • Author: Anna Todd
  • Released year: 2014
  • Number of pages: 582

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me

The story’s main lead is named Freddy, whose brain is whirling over their on-again, off-again romance, and his buddies don’t know why she keeps coming back. In the book, one can read how a toxic story started. Freddy is unhappy with the guidance she receives after consulting the assistance of a local mystic, the enigmatic Seek-Her.

However, something has to give since Freddy’s heart is subsiding slowly, and she may be ready to lose both her best friend and the last vestige of her self-respect. Thankfully, Freddy has made some new pals.

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me (Credit: Amazon)

A charming and colorful story of young love is brought to life by Mariko Tamaki and another one by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, and it challenges us to think about what happens when we let go of the poisonous relationships we want and accept the healthy ones we want.

There is lots of suspense and stories to watch in the book. A love story is fascinating to read and, at the same time, regretful.

  • Author: Mariko Tamaki
  • Released year: 2019
  • Number of pages: 289


Readers can read a story from the point of view of the main lead named, Tate. Who starts the story by telling readers that his name is my Tate.  But he doesn’t similarly refer to me. If he ever referred to me, he would never do it casually.

No, he won’t even talk to me much. He still won’t let me be alone, though. Once, we were best friends. Then he turned against me and set out to destroy my life. Throughout high school, I endured humiliation, exclusion, and rumors.

Bully  Penelope Douglas
Bully by Penelope Douglas (Credit: Amazon)

As time went on, his jokes and rumors grew crueler, and I felt terrible trying to avoid him. To avoid him, I even spent a year in France. Here one can read that all the lines are from Tate’s mind and point of view.

Here Tate is aware of the toxic students and never lets anyone bully him again in his life. One can even read how there is adult and mature content it contains. The book is only available to the 18+ kids out there.

We would like to recommend a passionate story to all readers out there to read. Here they can view the story from Tate’s point of view and understand how he feels about the world around him when he is in love.

  • Author: Penelope Douglas
  • Released year: 2013
  • Number of pages: 333

Acts of Desperation

Our unnamed character meets a charismatic writer named Ciaran in the first chapter of this daring gut-punching novel and, despite her better judgment, is completely sucked into his charm. He unexpectedly rejects her after an instantaneous all-consuming affair, driving her into a spiral of jealousy, obsession, and desire. She vows to protect him and his affection at all costs.

Acts of Desperation
Acts of Desperation (Credit: Amazon)

Acts of Desperation portray an awareness split between revolt and surrender, escaping humiliation and romanticizing it, and loving and being beloved. It is equal parts frenzied confession and lucid analysis. Nolan deconstructs one of life’s most evasive riddles with disturbing, electrifying accuracy.

Acts of Desperation, which mark the birth of a brilliant new creative talent, question the nature of fantasies, desire, and power. We would like to recommend the Act of Desperation to all people out there who want to read such kinds of books

  • Author: Megan Nolan
  • Released year: 2021
  • Number of pages: 288


To locate enough information to get her begun, Lowen went to the Crawford residence prepared to go through years’ worth of Verity papers and outlines.

Verity’s incomplete autobiography, which she did not intend for anybody to read, is something Lowen does not anticipate finding in a disorganized workplace. Page after page of horrifying confessions, including Verity’s account of the events that transpired on the day her daughter passed away.

Verity (Credit: Amazon)

Knowing that the manuscript’s revelations would destroy the already distraught father, Lowen resolves to keep it concealed from Jeremy. But as Lowen’s affections for Jeremy become stronger, she realizes how much she would gain if Jeremy received his wife’s letter.

Even though Jeremy is dedicated to his hurt wife, as per the record audience and readers loved the book and its sad ending, and even one can read the book in their free time.

  • Author: Coolen Hover
  • Released year: 2018
  • Number of pages: 336

After Ever Happy 

If you have read After by Anna Todd, she comes with another sequel. It follows Christian Vance’s admission that he is Hardin’s father, where one can read how Hardin and Tessa returned to his mother’s wedding celebration, where Hardin confronted Tessa about the lie.

In response to Vance’s attempts to defend himself, Hardin rushes off with a bottle of whisky. Tessa discovered a drunk Hardin sneaking into Trish’s home that evening and setting it on fire.

After Ever Happy 
After Ever Happy (Credit: Amazon)

As the fire department approaches, Hardin realizes his error and makes futile attempts to put out the blaze. Vance, however, shows up and sneaks Hardin out of the rear of his car. The following morning when Hardin awakens, Tessa informs him that Vance told the police he had started the fire himself. Driving to a hill, they engage in sexual activity.

No one can deny how much Tessa and Hardin love each other, but they can be seen as equally toxic to each other in many ways too. There is another part of the book which comes with a further story of After book. In the book, one can read how fantastically Anna repressed the love birds, and there are even movies made on both books.

  • Author: Anna Todd
  • Released year: 2015
  • Number of pages: 512

After We Fell

In another sequel to After novel written by author Anna Todd, here the story of Hardin and Tessa can be seen moving forward. Here one can read how Tessa’s every decision depends on Hardin, and she depends on him more than before.

They are both soulmates and even more than that. Hardin’s jealousy and anger make life miserable with a tome for Tessa, and it can be seen she finds it difficult now to keep up with the pace of the relationship.

After we Fell
After We Fell (Credit: Amazon)

There are lots of fights in this book between Tessa and Hardin, and even Tessa already knows that he will never hurt her. Here one can read how she understands that the bond of love between them is what keeps them alive, but when it comes to self-respect, one has to leave. Now Tessa understands that love is not everything, and it is high time for her to move on or end the relationship here for good.  

  • Author: Anna Todd
  • Released year: 2014
  • Number of pages: 837

After we collided

Here in the last series of After, one can read how Hardin keeps breaking his promises and breaking Tessa’s heart too. Where one can read that Tessa is a woman who can be seen keeping forgiving Harding because she loved him even after he cheated on her.

In this series, one can read how Tessa continues a life where she leaves everything behind and is now in a whole new phase. It could be the best match for you all to read and understand the toxic love.

After we collided
After we collided (Credit: Amazon)

Here Anna can be teaching her readers that obsessive love becomes hard to understand and how it becomes peace disturbing for all people out there.

The arguments between the couple can make you feel sick and even feel like how two people can be in love, but at the same time, they are harmful to each other peace. The twist here comes when Hardin and Tessa keep getting with each other. We would like to recommend the latest book series to all Anna fans out there.  

  • Author: Anna Todd
  • Released year: 2013
  • Number of pages: 674

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Hollywood movie legend Evelyn Hugo, a glitzy and secretive figure, is now prepared to open up about her glitzy and controversial past. The main plot is that she chooses Monique Grant, who can be seen as an unknown journal reporter, for the position.  The questions that are going to arise are why she is there and what she has done in recent years. 

Monique isn’t exactly in the best possible shape. Her career is stagnating, and her husband has left her. Whatever the reason Evelyn chose Monique to write her biography, she is eager to take advantage of the chance to launch her career.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (Credit: Amazon)

Monique is invited to Evelyn’s opulent flat and watches in awe as the actress delivers her tale. Evelyn tells a story of relentless ambition, surprising relationships, and a great illicit affair from the 1950s when she first arrived in Los Angeles to the 1980s when she decided to quit the entertainment industry.

Of course, she also mentions the seven marriages she had along the way. As Evelyn’s tale draws to a close, it becomes apparent that Monique’s life has tragically and irrevocably intersected with that of the renowned celebrity, and Monique starts to feel a very genuine connection to the legendary star.

  • Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • Released year: 2017
  • Number of pages: 389

In the Dream House

Carmen Maria Machado has had trouble explaining what she went through in an abusive same-sex relationship for years.

Here one can read Machado uses a variety of narrative devices, including well-known horror concepts, to create a unique book that is destined to become a classic in this incredibly honest and drastically inventive memoir.

One can even read how Machado approaches a dark and difficult life liable with wit, creativity, and an inquiring mentality.

In the Dream House
In the Dream House (Credit: Amazon)

Well, a same-sex marriage, where the one who has suffered a lot and now in the book can be seen opening up about it to the world. How a partner can be abusive and treat another person as hell.

One can even read here that sometimes it takes lots of patience and ability, and even courage to get out of a relationship. We here recommend a book based on LGBT and author Carmen teaching readers out there about how to get out of a toxic relationship and how important it is. 

  • Author: Carmen Maria Machado
  • Released year: 2019
  • Number of pages: 251

A Court of Mist and Fury 

The sensuous and enchanting A Court of Thorns and Roses sequel debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list. Feyre has endured more hardships than a single human woman can bear inside her.

She is troubled by her stay Under the Mountain and the awful acts she committed to protecting Tamlin and her people’s lives, even though she has been given the abilities and longevity of the High Face.

A court mist and fury
A Court of Mist and fury (Credit: Amazon)

Feyre experiences nightmares and a sense of hollowness as her marriage to her husband, Tamlin, draws near. She discovers that she is divided into two separate people: one who maintains her agreement with Rhysand and another who spends the rest of her days with Tamlin.

A bigger evil lurks as Feyre negotiates a complex web of politics, desire, and stunning power. If she can control her terrifying gifts, mend her broken spirit, and choose how she wants to live her life and the life of a world in turmoil, she might just hold the secret to halting it.

  • Author: Sarah J. Maas
  • Released year: 2016
  • Number of pages: 624

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