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10 Best Boxing Anime & Manga That You Should Like

Best boxing anime are covered in the article. There are hundreds of boxing animes are available for you. However, there is a handful of sports anime that you can’t stop praising about them. The action animes involved a lot of compact and some cool fights. These hand-to-hand fights are enjoyed by fans, and their graphics and dialogues enhance the beauty of the animes.

From romantic, mystery, comedy, suspicious, action, and fantasy to sports, there are numerous genres of animes that fans enjoy. However, to get to select the best genre and best anime is truly a tough job. Nonetheless, you don’t need wordy as here we bring you the best boxing anime. These are some of the best boxing anime that has received positive reviews and are ranked on top. In the article, we will cover some of the best boxing anime.

10) Meglobox

Meglobox is yet another boxing anime that revolves around Jung Duk, who enters Magnolia. It is massive evolution of boxing and is considered to be one of the best boxing anime. With its fantastic story, it is at number 10 in the list of the best boxing anime.

10 best boxing anime to watch


9) Rokudenashi Blues

Rokudenashi Blues has a very straightforward story, and it is one of the most amazing boxing anime. The story is quite predictable, and also the anime and graphics are of the 90s, it has received positive reviews from the critics and counts as one of the best boxing anime.

It was released in 1992 and revolves around Maeda. Maeda is a high schooler in Teiken High who has a dream to be a boxing champion. However, he did not have control over his anger, and sometimes he loses his cool and even don’t mind almost hitting his teacher.

10 best boxing anime to watch

Rokudenashi Blues

8) B.B

BB stands for burning blood. The series follows the story of Takagi. It revolves around the lead getting into trouble and falling prey to the street scuffle, and ending up arrested.

However, this is something that changed his life, and he intends to learn boxing. The manga follows a beautiful story, and it is one of the best boxing manga.

10 best boxing anime to watch


7) Katsu

Katsu follows the story of a boy who has a dream to become a professional boxer. He was a junior in Koyo high school and was highly passionate to become a boxer. Katsu in Japanese means victory, and that simply depicted the story of this beautiful manga.

10 best boxing anime to watch


6) Nozomi Witches

Nozomi witches is a 1980s manga-based anime. It was inspired by a manga of the same name. It is undoubtedly one of the best boxing anime. Nozomi Witches revolved around a well-established actress Nozomi who decides to join high school. In school, Nozomi trains her schoolmate Ryotaro. Their boxing journey is shown in the anime. However, it has only three episodes.

10 best boxing anime to watch

Nozomi Witches

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5) Ring Ni Kakero 1

Ring Ni Kakero 1 is boxing anime that is yet number 5 on our list. The anime was released in the early 2000, and it follows the story of two brothers who are on a mission to fulfill their father’s dream.

Ring Ni Kakero 1 revolves around Ryuji and Kiku. Although it has a very fictional twist in it, the anime received a good response from the fans. Kiko trains his brother, and it revolves around them. It had a beautiful story.

Ring ni kakero 1

4) One Proud Gospel

One proud Gospel is the 1980s-released boxing anime that revolves around two siblings who have an interest in boxing. Kakadu is an avid boxing enthusiast however his habit of eating junk food forces him to compete with heavier opponents. Alongside, the anime also portrays the story of Angela, his sister, who is a nun. She is also training to become better at boxing.

The anime movie has received positive feedback, and fans enjoyed watching it. With its amazing and beautiful story, it is one of the best boxing anime. Here in our list, the anime holds the 4th position.

One proud sequel

One Proud Sequel

3) Ashita No Joe

Ashita No Joe is yet another epitome of boxing anime that has a perfect story and direction. Although the anime was released almost four decades back, it still considered being one of the best boxing anime. It was written by Ikki Kajiwara.

Ashita No Joe revolves around an orphan boy named Joe Yabuki. He attended some events, and there he met a boxing trainer. It is a very inspiring story where a small orphaned boy deals with hurdles and the dark, brooding world of boxing rings. With its beautiful story, Ashita No Joe is at the runner-up position in the best boxing anime.


Ashita No Joe

2) Gangbare Genki

Gangbare Genki simply mean go for it Genki. The manga is highly motivated and will encourage you to face the challenges in your life. It revolves around Genki and his father, who was a washed-up boxer. His father is struggling to earn money and fame while raising his son alone. Genki lost his mother when he was young, and he was singly being raised by his father.

Genki is a highly motivated guy who lasers wanted to be a boxer like his father. Although he went through a lot in his life, he always finds a way to cheer himself up. With its beautiful story, Gangbare Genki is holding the 2 positions in our best boxing anime list.

10 best boxing anime to watch

Gangbare Genki

1) Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo means fighting spirit. This anime revolves around Ippo, a high schooler who has been constantly bullied by his schoolmates. However, rather than losing his patience and attacking them back, Ippo used his anger and became one of the best boxers.

It has a beautiful story, and without any doubt, it is one of the best boxing anime. From its direction and characters to the story, everything is perfect about the anime and rightfully holds the number one position in the list of the best boxing anime.

Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo

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