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Is Tiktok Safe For Kids? All You Must Know

Want to know, if Tiktok is safe for kids? Well, nowadays, most of us are highly inclined toward social media platforms, be it Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. We invest the majority of our time on this, without knowing if it is impacting us badly. We aren’t talking about the influencers who pursue their career in these, but the kids, for sure. Tiktok is a platform for creative people, where one can showcase their talent and inspire others. If we consider this, then it can be a kid-friendly zone.

Kids are hitting the download button on Tiktok, which is making the parents wonder if that’s safe for their kids. You must follow some safety measures for this. You are exactly at the right place. Scroll down.

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Is Tiktok Safe For Kids?

Everything has its good side and bad side. Tiktok isn’t an exception to this. As mentioned earlier, it can be made kid-friendly, if your child is using it too much. There is nothing to worry about. Before that, you must know how Tiktok can be a bad impact on your kid.

  1. We all know that Tiktok is such a platform where random people can reach anyone virtually, anywhere in the world (obviously, he or she must be on Tiktok). So, there can be a possibility that your kid might be texting someone unknown and there is a risk. Kids don’t have the ability to judge whether the person on the other side of the screen is a predator or not.
  2. Tiktok often features content that is way too sensitive and can potentially disturb the users seeing them on their feed. Not only this but also the sarcastic comments and reactions of some people can impact your kid badly, doing self-harm. Things can get worse if your kid is already quite depressed or deals with anxiety. It feels bad to say that some people even openly encourage others to commit suicide on this platform. It can directly cause disturbance to the mental health of your kid. Cyberbullying also leads the same and that is very popular on this platform.
  3. How can we forget about some of the trending challenges? These include- The Blackout Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge, and many more.

Knowing these, now it’s time for the parents to follow some safety measures to keep their kids safe from getting impacted badly.

  1. Kids using Tiktok, who are below 15 years old, will not be receiving any Push Notifications after 9:00 p.m. They don’t have the access to direct messages.
  2. The ones who are 16 years to 17 years old, will stop receiving the same after 10:00 p.m. Parents must make sure by actively switching the settings to enable direct messages.
  3. The privacy should always be the main concern of any individual, be he is a kid or an adult. The ones who are below 16 years old, can publish videos by customizing the privacy settings. By this, we mean they can always select who they want to see, post comments, and react to their content.

There is this new feature, “Family Safety Mode”, launched at the beginning of 2020. It enables the parents to link their Tiktok accounts to the accounts of their kids. By doing this, as a guardian, one can also control their account. This can include managing screen time, restricting the genre of content, limiting direct messages, and so on. You must know that Tiktok is a very good platform for those who are above 13 years old. But, there are some children who use a fake date of birth and appear to be older than their real age. That enables them to view content that is reported to be inappropriate for the. Make sure that your kid doesn’t do that. It’s nothing wrong if your kid enjoys doing Tiktok, but the content he is exposed to matters a lot.

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