32 Card Games Anime Series Of All Time: Best Storyline, Action & Thriller!

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Anime reaches many different genres, like superheroes in My Hero Academia, horror in Death Note, and best transformation in Dragonball. In the early 2000s, anime based on playing card games was at its peak. Some anime-inspired trading cards, such as Pokémon, but others featured a card game important to the story itself, like in Yu-Gi-Oh!, one of the best card game anime of all time.

Cards make anime more fascinating, isn’t it? Animes with such themes & plots gain more anime fans and become famous. This type of anime has become more popular among children because they are funny and entertaining to watch.

How wonderful would that be, right? If we will see our favorite character in the card games anime. When I was in school, I used to collect cards, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and many more.

32 Card Games Anime Series Of All Time List 

Suppose you love to watch cards and anime like Yo-Gi-oh! You are at the right place. Here is a list of the 32 cards games and anime series of all time.

1. Yu-Gi-oh!:

Yugi Moto, an introverted high-school student, his grandfather gives him an ancient Egyptian artifact fragment piece known as the Millennium Puzzle. When Yugi assembles all the pieces, he is possessed by an ancient spirit of the pharaoh (3000 years old).


Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the most renowned trading card anime of all time. The franchise reaches a great height in the card anime world, with its 10 spin-offs, four animated movies, and more than 20 video games for its most dedicated fans. It’s unimaginable to get exhausted from this classic piece.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 7.22
  • Original Run: April 1998 – October  1998
  • Genres: Action, Comedy & Fantasy

2. Z/X: Ignition:

Z/X: Ignition is a very short anime series that only has 12 episodes. Although it is a very short anime, it has got everyone going crazy and falling in love with it. It’s because of its amazing theme and plot that fans from all over the world love it most.

Z/X: Ignition
Z/X: Ignition anime is produced by Telecom Animation Film.

Z/X: Ignition is set in the future, where “Five Big Black Holes” have occurred in different areas all over the world. But these big black holes are not only some common holes; strange monsters appear from them, which can only be eliminated by a rare card.

What’s going to happen now? Is the world going to be destroyed? Watch the anime to find out.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.49
  • Original Run: January 2014 – April 2014
  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure & Fantasy 

3. Chihayafuru:

Chihayafuru revolves around Chihaya Ayase, who seems to be a tomboy. She used to live with her lovely sister and had no desires for herself. She was living a normal life until she met Arata Wataya.

Arata was a transfer student, and they became friends. Arata introduced Chihaya to a unique card game, which she immediately fell in love with, and they started their adventure to become one of the best Karuta players.

Chihayafuru is one of the finest anime. It is well-known for its unique character designs, extraordinary animation, and plot.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 8.19
  • Original Run: October 2011 – March 2012
  • Genres: Drama & Sports 

4. Cardfight!! Vanguard:

This series is different from other card game anime. Cardfight!! Vanguard sets in a new world where every person is obsessed with card games, and the craze of these card games are spreading vigorously like a virus.

Aichi Sendou, the main plot of the anime, is a young boy always bullied by others due to his appearance, but his life changes after gaining Blaster Blade Card.

Blaster Blade Card is a very rare card that he uses when he feels sad. Everything changes when his card is stolen by his bully, and Aichi has to fight against them to get it back. Can he get it back?

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.72
  • Original Run: May 2018 – May 2019
  • Genres: Action

5. Duel Masters:

The story revolves around Shobu Kirifuda, a young talented kid who is best in card games. His ambition is to become a great world-class Duel Master like his dad, and to do so, he must pass through difficult battles. The greatly skilled duelists are known as Kaijudo masters.

Shobu Kirifuda is a great well-known player at his local playground and strives to become a great world-class duel master. His first stage on the road to becoming a duel master begins with winning a local tournament. Rather than worrying that he would be destroyed by the best Kaijudo master, he decides to go on the road to becoming a great duelist.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.83
  • Original Run: October 2002 – April 2003
  • Genres:  Action, Comedy & Fantasy

6. KaKegurui:

Kakegurui is an anime that shows how bad gambling is. There are many various types of gambling, and after watching this anime, you’ll be introduced to a different new world of gambling.

Kakegurui anime is produced by MAPPA.

Kakegurui centers around the story of Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the students of the elite class study. Almost every student is a kid of the world’s richest people, and the academy has features that differ from the others.

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During the day, it works as a regular school where teachers are used to lecturing different subjects and languages. However, at night, it converts into a casino, where the students are taught the art of gambling and manipulating.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 7.25
  • Original Run: July 2017 – September 2017
  • Genres: Drama & Mystery

7. Hunter x Hunter: Green Island:

I’m sure that everyone has aware of Hunter x Hunter, but I’m’ not sure whether you’re familiar with this season of Hunter x Hunter. This season is mainly focused on the dynamic duo of HxH, Killua & Gon, and their extraordinary adventures.

Hunter x Hunter : Green Island
Hunter x Hunter anime is produced by Nippon Animation.

Gon and Killua are only interested in one thing: acquiring a unique game known as Green Island. Furthermore, they are making an effort to get this game for the 2nd time after failing the 1st time. Gon has developed a strategy to acquire it, which I will not disclose since I don’t wish to spoil anything for you. It has an incredible story, and, most important, it is kid-friendly anime.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 8.19
  • Original Run: February 2003 – April 2003
  • Genres: Action, Adventure & Fantasy

8. Bakugan Battle Brawlers:

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a great anime that involves cards, and this is one of the best! It features the story of Dan Kuso, whose normal life suddenly changed when he caught a very rare card from the sky when it was raining cards.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Bakugan Battle Brawlers anime is produced by TMS Entertainment, Dentsu Inc., and Nelvana Limited under the direction of Mitsuo Hashimoto.

These are not normal playing cards; they possess greater supernatural powers. They have the ability to summon powerful creatures from another world. This card game has become extremely popular among all children worldwide. Our Dan founded a team with his friends to conquer the card game’s leaderboard in the world ranking.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.41
  • Original Run: April 2007 – March 2008
  • Genres: Action & Fantasy

9. Mix Master:

Mix Master is a very beautiful story of a card game anime. A crazy experiment turns the real world into a game world, and this anime shows how interesting the game world can be.

Not only this, all the powerful creatures that were in the game world left the game world and came to the human world and started destroying the human world. What happens next? Will there be a hero to stop them, or will they destroy the Earth?

  • MyAnimeList Score:
  • Original Run: October 2005 – July 2006
  • Genres: Animated cartoon, Animated series, Animation

10. Dragon Collection:

Dragon Collection, which revolves around the story of Hiro Enryuu, a normal kid. Everything about his life totally changed when he was trapped in a game world known as Dragon Collection.

This is the realm of Dragon World, where gods, humans, and monsters live together. Dracolle Battlers are those who travel the world using a magic book called a Grimoire and use cards to summon monsters and strive for treasures using dragon abilities.

In his confusion, Hiro becomes a Dracolle Battler, together with the friends he meets there. And they go on a journey with him to become a renowned Dragon Master!

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.18
  • Original Run: April 2014 – March 2015
  • Genres: Fantasy

11. Build Divide: Code Black:

This anime revolves around Kyoto City, where everyone’s value is determined by their ability to play Build Divide (a card game). There is one very curious thing about this city: if anyone defeats the King of this city in battle, the King will grant one wish of him.

Teruto Kurabe, our main character, enters and pledges to defeat the king so that his wishes will be granted by the king.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 8.16
  • Original Run: October 2021 – December 2021
  • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy & Romance

12. Cardcaptor Sakura:

Cardcaptor Sakura is a classic anime based on the life of Sakura, a 10-year-old girl. Sakura was going through her daily routine when she came upon a charming book filled with playing cards.

That was no regular book; powerful monsters had been bound inside it, but when Sakura opened it, they all escaped. Sakura is the only one who can capture those monsters, but how can a 10-year-old girl defeat them? Watch to know what happened.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.40
  • Original Run: April 1998 – March 2000
  • Genres: Fantasy

13. Battle Spirits:

Battle Spirits is a story of a young boy named Dan Bashin who has been taken into a strange world. He is supposed to be the chosen soldier to save the world and to do so, he must defeat all the monsters of the other realm by using his card ability.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.35
  • Original Run: September 2008 – September 2009
  • Genres: Adventure

14. Future Card Buddyfight:

This is one of the best card game anime adapted from its game. The story of this anime is set in a more developed era of the present day. This card game links to a parallel world through unique cards that utilize as portals.

Future Card Buddyfight
Future Card Buddyfight anime is produced by OLM.

They invite powerful monsters to Earth so that they might make friends with humanity. They play combat challenges known as Buddyfights, where individuals of any age compete in friendly, non-harmful tournaments through friendship and courage. Gaou Mikado recently started Buddyfighting, and it’s’ been charming to see him growing and learning.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.71
  • Original Run: January 2014 – April 2015
  • Genres: Adventure

15. Digimon Tamers:

Digimons are great kids-friendly anime with cute creatures who can speak and understand anything.

Digimon Tamers
Digimon Tamers anime is produced by Toei Animation.

Takato Matsuda is the main plot which is obsessed with card games and Digimons. One day, he and his friends were trapped in a gaming world populated by Digimons. Digimon is a lovely anime with a great storyline. They are good creatures and help the children to get back to their world.

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  • MyAnimeList Score: 7.63
  • Original Run: April 2001 – March 2002
  • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama & Fantasy 

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16. Kaiji:

Kaiji is an incredible anime that shows how gambling can destroy anyone’s life. Kaiji is the story of Kaiji Itou, a loser who is obsessed with drinking beer. All he wants is only drink beer and steal things to drink more beer. One day, he was fooled by his colleague to join an illegal gambling business aboard a cruise, and the moment he decided to join that, his life became hell. He is now stuck at a place where he can’t return.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 8.26
  • Original Run: October 2007 – April 2008
  • Genres: Suspense

17. Aikatsu:

Aikatsu is an anime about an academy where girls from rich families are admitted to becoming cheerleaders.

Aikatsu anime is produced by Bandai Namco Pictures.

Aoi Kiriya, with Ichigo, applied at Starlight Academy to become like their hero, Mizuki Kanzaki. Aikatsu cards feature outfits and accessories worn by famous models that are required for the females for the audition. But the main point is how can they get those cards?

  • MyAnimeList Score: 7.44
  • Original Run: October 2012 – March 2016
  • Genres: Slice of Life

18. Shadowverse:

Shadowverse is a fantastic anime that revolves around Hiro Ryugasaki, the main character of this show. He only wants one thing, and that is to fight and defeat the total world population at once. Many people have different views about this anime, but I think it’s’ entertaining. However, if you are looking for a card game anime that is kid-friendly, then this is for you.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.70
  • Original Run: April 2020 – March 2021
  • Genres: Fantasy 

19. Weiß Survive:

Weiß Survive is a fascinating card game anime that shows Takeshi, a lazy person. One day, he met Michi, and that’s the time when everything changed in Takeshi’s’ life. Michi is the loveliest girl in the school, so you can imagine what happens when the prettiest girl in the school is moved into another world with a normal guy. Takeshi has to win the card tournaments to return home.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.04
  • Original Run: June 2009 – September 2009
  • Genres: Fantasy

20. Selector Infected WIXOSS:

Selector Infected WIXOSS is an amazing card game anime story of Ruuko Kominato. She recently shifted to a new place because she is an introvert. She doesn’t have any friends and does not even interact with others.

Watasitachi, Luck Logic-bu!
Watasitachi, Luck Logic-bu! is produced by Hideyuki Yoshimura

His brother handed her a Wixoss, a popular card set, because he didn’t see her like this. After gaining Wixoss cards from her brother, she notices something not good about them.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 7.23
  • Original Run: April 2014 – June 2014
  • Genres: Fantasy

21. Fantasista Doll:

Fantasista doll is an anime that revolves around reincarnated dolls into the human world and being grateful to their owner for bringing them there.

The main character of this anime is Uzume, a young girl but a skilled card game player. One day she signed a contract that resulted in her acquiring five beautiful dolls, which everyone wanted to snatch. When things started getting fun, instead of fear, she started challenging people. If someone defeats me, I will give my doll to him.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.16
  • Original Run: July 2013 – September 2013
  • Genres: Fantasy & Sci-Fi

22. Live On Cardliver Kakeru:

This anime revolves around Kakeru, a young boy who loves to watch Live On card games, and also he is a big fan of it. Kids love to watch games like this. However, Kakeru loves to play card games daily, but he never wins, no matter how hard he pushes himself.

One day when Kakeru saves a small creature like a dog chased by people, his life changes. The “dog” is a Created Monster which gives Kakeru a unique card. Kakeru has to protect his new friend and gets involved in something he did not wish for.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.41
  • Original Run: October 2008 – September 2009
  • Genres: Fantasy

23. Baku Tech! Bakugan:

Baku Tech! Bakugan is a TV anime adapted from  BakuTech! It is a card game for the new generation in “Baku Tech” different fighters compete with each other for Bakugan.

The manga series shows the daily lives of Harubaru Hinode, Raichi Kuronashi, and Tatsuma as students of Master Shimo’s Bakugan Dojo. Each episode is six-minutes and features different BakuTech play styles and fast-paced brawling action.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.90
  • Original Run: April 2012 – March 2013
  • Genres: Action

24. Watasitachi, Luck Logic-bu!:

This anime is based on a short comedy that follows four lovely girls who are former members of the Luck Logic Club, and their sport is playing the Luck & Logic card game. Watashitachi, Luck Logic-bu! is approximately one minute long in each episode of the main series. This is very funny and worth of time.

Watasitachi, Luck Logic-bu! is produced by Hideyuki Yoshimura
  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.44
  • Original Run: January 2016 – March 2016
  • Genres: Comedy

25. Soul Buster:

Soul Buster is set in Keishuu, China; the history books say that this land was a place of never-ending war, the Three Kingdoms war against each other in their era. Sonshin, a young high school boy who hates his city’s history, is troubled by a certain dream. 

Strange things always happen when he wakes up from the dream, one after another, every day, and without understanding what is happening to him, he suddenly finds himself in front of Gien. He is one of the generals from the Three Kingdoms who wanted to kill him!

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Just before Gien’s strikes Sonshin house, a mysterious, gorgeous woman appears in front of Sonshin. After witnessing the terrible battle between two generals of the Three Kingdoms, what Sonshin is waiting for?

  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.76
  • Original Run: October 2016 – December 2016
  • Genres: Action, Adventure & Fantasy

26. Dinosaur King:

This anime revolves around a great Dr. Taylor, who was on a paleontology mission in Africa with his son “Max.” Max’s best friend Rex also joins them. One day max and his friends, named “Zoe and Rex,” checked some magic stone with the dinosaur’s image, and they found that dinosaurs were calling for help.

Dinosaur KIng
Dinosaur King anime is produced by sunrise.

“Alpha Gang” is an evil organization run by the nefarious Dr. Z, who traveled history to hunt and capture the dinosaurs. Their mission is to conquer the world by using those dinosaurs as a weapon. Everything now depends on Max, Rex, and Zoe; they need to travel all over the world and stop the Alpha Gang.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.32
  • Original Run: February 2007 – January 2008
  • Genres: Action & Fantasy

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27. Mon Colle Knights:

Mon Colle Knights anime revolves around two psycho scientists named “Professor Hiiragi and Count Collection” who are working on a project called “Sixgate World,” and they manage to open a wormhole to a parallel world where myths become a reality.

Professor Hiiragi forms a team with his daughter “Rokuna” and her friend “Mondo” to be Mon Colle Knights and help him to collect six magical items before Count Collection. These six magical items can create a barrier when dimensions are contacted and allow humans to use them peacefully to have the magic of the Sixgate world. What happens next? Will the real change in Sixgate be worse or taken over by monsters?

Sixgate World only has a detailed version in the Japanese version.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.52
  • Original Run: January 2000 – December 2000
  • Genres: Action, Comedy & Fantasy

28. Rebirth:

Rebirth anime is based on kids, where you can enjoy comedy and drama. This anime series revolves around a group of 12 high school students who love to play the trading card game Rebirth For You. Will you start watching now? It will be fun. This anime series has a special episode series name Rebirth: Special Episode; it has only one episode.


  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.90
  • Original Run: January 2020 – June 2021
  • Genres: Comedy

29. Gigant Shooter Tsukasa:

Gigant Shooter Tsukasa is an anime based on the Gigant Shooting game. The anime revolves around Tsukasa, who wants to become a great Gigant Shooter in the world.

The Menko card called “King Menger” his father left for him to be his partner. Tsukasa’s friends, who are gamers, are cute except for three tsundere Koide Miruko the spectacled bully; Numata Manabu, the realist; and Doumoto Ataru, the sharp-tongued. Does he become the great Gigant Shooter in the world or not?

  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.90
  • Original Run: April 2014 – February 2015
  • Genres: Action & Comedy

30. Zenonzard The Animation:

Zenonzard The Animation anime set in the year 20XX where Humans called “Concords” and ultra-high-performance AI called “Codeman” team up to compete in the card battle game Zenonzard. People are going crazy and wild with excitement for the world championship, “The Zenone.”

Zenonzard The Animation
Zenonzard The Animation series produced by Studio 8-bit.

One day an average high school student, “Azuma Souta,” is challenged by a mysterious woman, “Eilietta Lash,” for battle. She reveals herself as Codeman, and the intention is to team up with Azuma to participate in The Zenon. Azuma agrees to team up. Azuma Souta and Eilietta Lash’s first opponent is the world-famous player “Saionji Shion,” who attends Souta’s school with her buddy “Ash Claude.”

  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.92
  • Original Run: January 2020 – October 2020
  • Genres: Action & Fantasy

31. Mazica Party:

MAZICA PARTY anime is a story of wizards who are gathering “mazica” in order to protect the earth. Kezuru is a junior high school student who suddenly wakes up after a strange dream and finds himself as a wizard, a creature called “Mazin,” and a mysterious girl. The next day, his friend “Kuracchi” shows him the newly launched Mazica Party card game. Kezuru was shocked all the characters of the cards were just like his dream.

Meanwhile, Kezuru receives a message from Mazica international company for an event. Kezuru goes to Mazica Store to meet the CEO of Mazica, Jeff Johns, as the message directs. Johns hands over the Mazica Gear to Kezuru and says, “I have great expectations for you.”

Kezuru is attacked by a creature on the way back home before he thinks his Mazica Gear appears as a magic book when he takes a card from the magic book and signs a contract with Barunya, the “Mazin” creature.

Anya, the mysterious girl, says Kezuru will become “the powerful wizards who save the earth.” Kezuru was admitted to the Mazica Academy and enrolled in Mazica Party card battles with his partner.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 5.92
  • Original Run: April 2021 – March 2022
  • Genres: Fantasy

32. Shinzo(Mushrambo):

The Shinzo(Mushrambo) anime series is adapted from the famous 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West and created a futuristic science fiction anime.

Shinzo or Mushrambo revolves around the world where human life comes to an end. When a deadly virus became the reason for the extinction of mankind, a new race called was created to save life on Earth named “Enterrans.”

However, the bond between the Enterrans and their creators broke, and soon a war broke out between Enterrans against humans and their robots. The battle was won by the Enterrans. In honor of the victory, they named Earth “Enterra.”

Mushrambo or Shinzo
Mushrambo is adapted from the Chinese Novel

When humanity was on the verge of extinction, there were few remaining scientists. He put his daughter(Yakumo Shindou)in a sleeping capsule. He held hope that his daughter would one day reawaken and find Shinzo (human sanctuary) to retrieve humanity and peace between humans and Enterrans.

Over centuries have passed after the war; Yakumo awakens and meets “Mashura” an Enterran who vows to complete her mission. Mathura’s friends Sago and Kutal form a team to locate Shinzo and Yakumo’s missing memories. They started their journey to restore humanity.

  • MyAnimeList Score: 6.94
  • Original Run: February 2000 – September 2000
  • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

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