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40 Best MMORPG Games Of All Time

Best MMORPG Games

MMORPGs most impacted gaming history more than any other and are still doing now. The concept of Role Playing Games is simple; the player controls one or more characters that are a part of the story of the game. Now RPGs didn’t have the capability or mechanics to support online playing or multiple players.

This is where MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gaming comes in, which previously was very successful in the community of gamers back in the 80s. In 1997 Richard Garriott coined the name MMORPG, and he created a game for the genre named Ultima Online.

So when did MMORPG become truly famous in the internet era? In the 20s, games like RuneScape, EverQuest 2, etc., took the market by storm and kept pulling in fans from all over the globe.

Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Blizzard-like companies all jumped into the new gaming genre trend to pull in the big bucks and created many games, some of which will be in this article. In today’s time, MMORPG, MOBA, and FPS are the biggest gaming genres to exist and also the way forward for esports and online gaming in general according to studies. 

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40 Best MMORPG Games You Should Try

MMORPGs have had an avid fan base since the early days of the 70s, and it still continues to do so; this list consists of games that came out since the first MMORPGs till this day, so be sure to check them out.

The games are not ranked nor listed under any merit or parameters, and the list is randomly created, so if you are interested in diving into the immersive and beautiful world of MMORPG, check out the 40 best MMORPG games of all time.

1. Guild Wars

An instant classic to start things off, the game received many awards and had seen many successful sequels in the coming years. Guild Wars’ biggest competitor when it came out was World of Warcraft, which at the time was the most famous MMORPG in the market. The developers AreaNet gave the game its massive online playing capacity that outshined all others in 2005.

Guild Wars gameplay

Guild Wars (credits: ArenaNet)

  • Creator/Developer: ArenaNet
  • Released Date: April 28, 2005
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, ‎OS X
  • Ratings: 8.4/10 


The successful and heavily detailed game TERA was created by Bluehole, who also developed PUBG and be assured that they make the best in the market products. TERA is an online fantasy MMO that revolves around dragons and knights. The game consists of a large variety of customizable items, gears, and armor. To top all that, the game provides many unique fighting mechanics and playstyles.

TERA gameplay

TERA (credits: Bluehole)

  • Creator/Developer: KRAFTON, Bluehole
  • Released Date: 25 January 2011
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 7.5/10

3. Planetside 2

This game is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game developed by Sony Interactive Studio that allows you to take on missions with your friends and fight it out in the FPS genre. The game was a big hit when it first came out, receiving excellent ratings from the public, and it is still well-known among gamers today.

Planetside 2 gameplay

  • Creator/Developer: Daybreak Game Company, Rogue Planet Games
  • Released Date: 20 November 2012
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, GeForce Now
  • Ratings: 9/10

4. Black Desert Online

BDO is a sandbox-style MMORPG that can be played online with your friends. The is unique and addictive in many categories; first, the game has a very attractive combat system and fighting mechanics; you can customize almost everything about your character, which makes the players want to stick around more and show off their gear to others. The Korean-style music and excellent graphics make this game a sight to behold.

Black Desert Online gameplay

Black Desert Online (credits: Pearl Abyss)

  • Creator/Developer: Pearl Abyss
  • Released Date: December 2014
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Android
  • Ratings: 7/10

5. Star Trek Online

Based on its franchise and its sequel game Star Trek: Nemesis, it was developed by Cryptic Studios in 2010 for the massive fan base of the already famous franchise. The game looks and sounds exactly like a fan would want if they ever wished to live their life as a soldier in the movie. You should definitely give this one a try if you are a fan of MMORPG or Star Trek.

Star Trek Online gameplay

Star Trek Online (credits: Cryptic Studios)

  • Creator/Developer: Best MMORPG Games of all time
  • Released Date: 2 February 2010
  • Platform(s): Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, GeForce Now
  • Ratings: 7/10

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6. EverQuest

EverQuest was one of the first and most influential MMORPGs back in the day. The was played in first person with a stealth-based fight and exploring system that inspired a generation of developers to implement it in their games. The graphics are out of date for today’s standards, but the feel of the game still makes its players come back.

EverQuest gameplay

EverQuest (credits: Daybreak Game Company)

  • Creator/Developer: Daybreak Game Company, Darkpaw Games, Verant Interactive
  • Released Date: 16 March 1999
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo 64, DOS, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 9/10

7. Rift

Rift is a fantasy-based free-to-play MMORPG that takes place in the magical world of Telara. Some refer to Rift as the copy of World of Warcraft, which it is, but it defers in the combat system and personalization abilities that the players have. The game was also nominated for multiple awards and had a good player base for quite some time, but it steadily saw a decline when new, improved games took the market.

Rift gameplay

(credits: Trion Worlds)

  • Creator/Developer: Trion Worlds, gamigo US Inc.
  • Released Date: 1 March 2011
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 7/10

8. Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, which was set in Middle Earth by J.R.R Tolkien, then chances are you will enjoy this free-to-play MMORPG. The is set in the world of the books with immersive fighting, exploring, and customizing mechanics that will take in any fan of the books or movies. The game looks stunning, and the background scoring will take you into your fantasies pretty quickly.

Lord of the Rings Online Shadows of Angmar gameplay

(credits: Turbine)

  • Creator/Developer: Turbine, Standing Stone Games
  • Released Date: 24 April 2007
  • Platform(s): macOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 9/10

9. Guild Wars 2

The game is the sequel of Guild Wars and is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game if better graphics, sounds, content, and guild systems that take the whole franchise to another level. If you enjoyed Guild Wars, this is definitely worth a try, as it surpassed its predecessor and also continued the story and content of the previous game.

Guild Wars 2 poster

(credits: ArenaNet)

  • Creator/Developer: ArenaNet 
  • Released Date: 28 August 2012
  • Platform(s): GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 9/10

10. EVE Online

EVE Online is one of a kind as it is based on space exploration; this free-to-play MMORPG is a great way to get your hands out of traditional MMOs, and the contents of the game are huge. Players can not only fight but can decide to be a builder, miner, or explorer while being in a guild with friends or other players. 

EVE Online gameplay

(credits: CCP Games)

  • Creator/Developer: CCP Games
  • Released Date: 6 May 2003
  • Platform(s): Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, GeForce Now, Mac operating systems
  • Ratings: 7/10

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11. Runescape

Runescape has been one of the most talked about MMORPGs in the market for a long time. The game has seen 2 sequels to date, and the first one still holds more than 30,000 active players. The game has very clean cartoonish graphics, and the players can combat, fish, and explore in the game with others or alone. The has paved the path for many others like it and inspired several developers throughout the years.

Runescape gameplay

Runescape (credits: Jagex)

  • Creator/Developer: Jagex
  • Released Date: 4 January 2001
  • Platform(s): Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Ratings: 9/10

12. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in the Star Wars universe with huge content and story for players. The game was built with extra details, and the characters follow a unique storyline depending on your choice, which was a huge mechanic for the MMORPG genre at that time.

Star Wars The Old Republic poster

Star Wars The Old Republic (credits: Electronic Arts)

  • Creator/Developer: BioWare, Electronic Arts, Bioware Austin LLC
  • Released Date: 20 December 2011
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 9/10

13. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

As a mark of a testament through time, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was one of the better games from the Final Fantasy genre. The has excellent realistic graphics and a storyline, and in addition to all of that, the game has pretty engaging quests and missions that will not bore you.

The Final Fantasy franchise has a steady release of games and a solid fan base to this day, and by the looks of it, the devs are not looking to back down either. 

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn gameplay

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (credits: Nobuaki Komoto)

  • Creator/Developer: Naoki Yoshida, Nobuaki Komoto
  • Released Date: 24 August 2013
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Mac operating systems
  • Ratings: 7.8/10

14. Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is the true online MMORPG version of the Scroll games and lives up to its name. The game has massive content regarding quests, monsters, dungeons, and stories which is enough to keep the players stuck to their seats.

The game sounds and looks exactly like the Scrolls games while keeping the style of MMORPG format, and it does it brilliantly. The publisher, Bethesda Studios, made the game perfect for PC players.

Elder Scrolls Online poster

Elder Scrolls Online (credits: ZeniMax Online Studios)

  • Creator/Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios
  • Released Date: 4 April 2014
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, MORE
  • Ratings: 9/10

15. World of Warcraft

When it comes to the king of kings, World of Warcraft is your answer, the best MMORPG title ever made is this game, and for many reasons. The game had the most online players in the history of online gaming, peaking at up to 13 million players worldwide and taking over the gaming industry when it came out.

The games allow you to play as part of a team and fight each other or monsters in the game using a ton of gear, spells, armor, and heroes. You simply cannot miss this game if you are a gamer or a developer.

World of Warcraft gameplay

World of Warcraft (credits: Blizzard Entertainment)

  • Creator/Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Released Date: 23 November 2004
  • Platform(s): macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems
  • Ratings: 8/10

16. Ultima Online

If you are looking for a PvP experience in a fantasy-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, then Ultima Online is the crown jewel for it that inspired many and set the ball rolling for this type of game. This game made it possible for players to be a certain character in the game and interact with others without any restrictions, thus building a solid community of players.

Ultima Online gameplay

Ultima Online (credits: Electronic Arts)

  • Creator/Developer: Electronic Arts, Origin Systems, Mythic Entertainment
  • Released Date: 24 September 1997
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 7.4/10

17. Anarchy Online

Anarchy is the first MMORPG that took all the wizardry, spells, and magic out of the game entirely to make it more futuristic with guns, missiles, and advanced technological gears/armor that the player can use. The game is set in a world named Rubi-ka, where you go to gather resources, but the civilizations there will try to stop you.

Anarchy Online poster

Anarchy Online (credits: Funcom)

  • Creator/Developer: Funcom
  • Released Date: 27 June 2001
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 9/10

18. Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot revolutionized the MMO genre by introducing an all-out PVP mode that allows you to join a guild and fight with other guilds for their resources, buildings, and control over land. The game is what you can choose when you want violence and strategic fighting in your MMORPG experience. The modes are unique in this game, and the maps are huge, with various fighting control and abilities to play around with.

Dark Age of Camelot gameplay

Dark Age of Camelot (credits: Electronic Arts)

  • Creator/Developer: Electronic Arts, Mythic Entertainment, Scott Jennings
  • Released Date: 9 October 2001
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, DOS
  • Ratings: 9/10

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19. Final Fantasy XI

As the eleventh installment into its franchise, you would expect detailed, well-made mechanics with multiple questline, character-building options, and many factions to keep from; fear not because this game is exactly that. The game has a vast set of characters and jobs that you can pick from while simultaneously doing other stuff in the game. It’s a lot of fun and visually looks very clean and beautiful.

Final Fantasy XI gameplay

Final Fantasy XI (credits: Square Enix)

  • Creator/Developer: Square Enix, Square
  • Released Date: 16 May 2002
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
  • Ratings: 9/10

20. Second Life

When it comes to MMORPGs, you would think that the most you could do are be a wizard, mage, soldier, or farmer, but what if you can be anything you want in the world that you live in? Second Life was your answer. When the game came out in 2003, it impacted many lives around the globe as the player could basically dress their character up in any way, shape, or form they wanted and do anything they wanted in the virtual world.

Second Life poster

Second Life (credits: Linden Lab)

  • Creator/Developer: Linden Lab
  • Released Date: 23 June 2003
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Mac operating systems, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 8/10

21. Star Wars Galaxies

For fans of Star Wars, this game will bring tears of joy as this is a Star Wars-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game where you can be one of the movie characters and explore, fight or just chill with your friends. Sadly the game didn’t do too well because of its limited budget and lack of updates which resulted in its quick demise.

Star Wars Galaxies gameplay

Star Wars Galaxies (credits: Daybreak Game Company)

  • Creator/Developer: Daybreak Game Company
  • Released Date: 25 June 2003
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 9/10

22. City of Heroes

NCSoft developed this game in the hopes of reigniting the passion for MMO among the fans when it came out; the game basically lets you build your own hero that you can play as and go to wars. The game looked and felt good visually, but the main story and gameplay were subpar and out of date, which eventually led to its shutdown permanently.

City of Heroes gameplay

City of Heroes (credits: Cryptic Studios)

  • Creator/Developer: Cryptic Studios, Paragon Studios
  • Released Date: 27 April 2004
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, macOS, Mac operating systems, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 8.1/10

23. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Based on the famous Warhammer franchise and its style of gameplay, this game is a massively multiplayer online game that has great action, hero-building, and a good storyline. You should definitely give this a try, as the visuals are great, as well as the scoring. 

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning gameplay

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning (credits: Mythic Entertainment)

  • Creator/Developer: Mythic Entertainment
  • Released Date: 18 September 2008
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Leopard, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 9/10

24. Neverwinter

If you love Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter is your MMORPG; the game is set with spells, magics, and abilities that propose a lot of variety in gameplay and makes it very interesting. The game has classic MMO-style graphics, and the sounds aren’t great, but it is interesting enough to keep stuck in it.

Neverwinter gameplay

Neverwinter (credits: Cryptic Studios)

  • Creator/Developer: Cryptic Studios
  • Released Date: 20 June 2013
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 7/10

25. Lost Ark

Lost Ark probably has the best graphics and places in this list as the environment is designed in Unreal Engine with a Scroll and Diablo-style look; overall, you will enjoy the game as the player count is more than a million and has many unique accounts coming in each month.

Lost Ark gameplay

Lost Ark (credits: Smilegate Entertainment, Inc.

  • Creator/Developer: Smilegate, Tripod Studio, Smilegate RPG, Smilegate Entertainment, Inc.
  • Released Date: 4 December 2019
  • Platform(s): GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 7/10

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26. Romans: Age of Caesar

If you love the fast action, gorgeous settings, and unique worlds of many modern MMOs, this isn’t your game. The graphics are basics, and you/should take your time deciding what to do and how to do it. The classic MMO-style world-building game isn’t for everyone but is sure to impress the ones that take an interest in this genre.

Romans Age of Caesar gameplay

Romans Age of Caesar (credits: Firefly Studios)

  • Creator/Developer: Firefly Studios
  • Released Date: 27 April 2022
  • Platform(s): GeForce Now, Android, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 6/10

27. Wizard101

If you wish to be a young wizard in a magical world and train with magic, this one is for you. As a player, you have to save the fictional world named Spiral, which will need saving from evil forces from time to time. The game is clean and bold looking, but the overall story and play type are inclined towards children.

Wizards101 poster

Wizards101 (credits: KingsIsle Entertainment

  • Creator/Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Released Date: 2 September 2008
  • Platform(s): Mac operating systems, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 9/10

28. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an MMO action shooter with RPG elements throughout the player-building stage. You play as a superpowered guardian who, along with many others, is given the mission to protect the last city where all of humanity resides. The game has stunning graphics and gameplay modes with an overall huge database of enemy types and places to explore and loot. 

Destiny 2 poster

Destiny 2 (credits: Bungie Inc.)

  • Creator/Developer: Bungie Inc.
  • Released Date: 28 August 2017
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 9/10

29. Trove

This game is a pretty great MMORPG and is free-to-play, with clean graphics and scoring that can pull new players. The game is very similar to Minecraft, with MMORPG elements that make the game appealing at first. The biggest letdown and the main reason for this game’s demise is the pay-to-win element that upset a lot of players.

Trove poster

Trove (credits: Trion Worlds)

  • Creator/Developer: Trion Worlds, gamigo US Inc.
  • Released Date: 9 July 2015
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems
  • Ratings: 9/10

30. ArcheAge

ArcheAge is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is a fully fascinating sandbox experience, but it still requires a lot of development and refinement before it can truly become something spectacular. The game is bland, and the material appears monotonous at times, which is annoying. If you want to try something new or recommend anything, this one is worth it.

ArcheAge poster

ArcheAge (credits: XLGames)

  • Creator/Developer: XLGames
  • Released Date: 15 January 2013
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, GeForce Now
  • Ratings: 6/10

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31. Albion Online

If you like medieval weapons or military strategies that let you fight with others, this one is for you. Albion is a free-to-play MMORPG that was initially inspired by Guild Wars to implement a unique PVP mode where you need to be crafty and patient to progress further in the game.

Albion Online poster

Albion Online (credits: Sandbox Interactive)

  • Creator/Developer: Sandbox Interactive GmbH, Sandbox Interactive
  • Released Date: 17 July 2017
  • Platform(s): Android, macOS, Linux, GeForce Now, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems
  • Ratings: 7/10

32. Lord of the Rings Online

One of the finest MMORPGs ever created, Lord of the Rings Online is a mind-bogglingly massive experience that everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime. The game isn’t only for Tolkien fans but is also a great MMO where you can live out your Middle-earth dream – simply bake pies as a hobbit or become an elf and fight in massive battles against orcs. It’s all your choice.

Lord of the Rings Online gameplay

Lord of the Rings Online (credits: Standing Stone Games)

  • Creator/Developer: Turbine, Standing Stone Games
  • Released Date: 24 April 2007
  • Platform(s): macOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS
  • Ratings: 9/10

33. New World

This game is based on World of Warcraft but is simpler in every aspect; you don’t need to choose from so many heroes or characters. If you wish to change your playstyle, just pick another armor and weapon. The game looks stunning, and the storyline has a smooth overall flow with many side quests that you can complete. The game gives you great PvP modes and engaging fighting mechanics that takes the bar up.

New World gameplay

New World (credits: Amazon Games)

  • Creator/Developer: Amazon Games
  • Released Date: 28 September 2021
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 6/10

34. AdventureQuest Worlds 

Adventure Quest Worlds is a nostalgic MMORPG that is simply wonderful; there are hundreds of classes with four completely different skills and many places to explore in this Online 2D world would definitely recommend it, and although it may not appear to be much on the surface, you may find yourself enjoying this game more than you bargained for.

AdventureQuest Worlds gameplay

AdventureQuest Worlds (credits: Artix Entertainment, LLC)

  • Creator/Developer: Artix Entertainment, LLC
  • Released Date: 2 June 2008
  • Platform(s): Web browser, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 6.4/10

35. Age of Conan: Unchained

This game is a fantasy-themed, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes you on a tale adventure unlike any other on our list. You may pick from a variety of character customization choices, gear, and armor to build your own unique hero in the game. The fans were initially dissatisfied with the game since it was riddled with bugs and had poor playability.

Age of Conan Unchained gameplay

Age of Conan Unchained (credits: Funcom)

  • Creator/Developer: Funcom
  • Released Date: 20 May 2008
  • Platform(s): GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
  • Ratings: 6/10

36. Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus is a unique breath of fresh air in the massively multiplayer online role-playing genre. The game is about you fighting with other players or against other players on the back of dragons that you can choose from and customize along with your character, gears, and armor. You can free roam, fight, or gather resources for your own guild or join other players in their quests to fight things off.

Riders of Icarus poster

Riders of Icarus (credits: WeMade)

  • Creator/Developer: VALOFE, WeMade
  • Released Date: 6 July 2016
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 6/10

37. Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 is one of the largest open-world MMORPG games on this list, where you can be a futuristic soldier who can explore, hunt or fight with other players in a PvP format. The game is a third-person shooter that has very good mechanics and smooth game controls. The game has decent graphics and sound but lacks content and side quests that should have been added over time to keep the players interested.

Defiance 2050 gameplay

Defiance 2050 (credits: Trion World)s

  • Creator/Developer: Trion Worlds
  • Released Date: 27 April 2018
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 8/10

38. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The game is an online-only MMORPG game that allows you to work with other clans on your own or go on completing missions with your friends. The different factions are unique; they have their own characteristics and animations, and style of fighting; as an RPG shooter, you need to constantly check what gear you have, gun upgrades, and skills, which keeps you constantly engaged.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 poster

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (credits: Massive Entertainment)

  • Creator/Developer: Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment
  • Released Date: 1 March 2019
  • Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Ratings: 6/10

39. Warframe

Warframe is an awesome and very well-made MMO game with many RPG elements. The game will get you hooked from the first minute and has the potential to keep you interested. The different combinations of weapons, wireframes, companions, as well as enemies, mod combinations, missions, and content, make the game exciting and challenging while keeping the servers always running smoothly.

Warframe gameplay

Warframe (credits: Panic Button Games)

  • Creator/Developer: Digital Extremes, Panic Button Games
  • Released Date: 25 March 2013
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows
  • Ratings: 9/10

40. Star Conflict

 The game is a free-to-play dynamic massively multiplayer online space action game, which lets you fight with other players in PvP or PvE modes using spaceships that you can customize to a great extent. You can fight with other players or just do an open-world exploration with your friends.

Star Conflict gameplay

Star Conflict (credits: Targem Games)

  • Creator/Developer: Targem Games
  • Released Date: 24 July 2012
  • Platform(s): GeForce Now, Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, SteamOS, Mac operating systems
  • Ratings: 7/10

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