American Idol 2023 Winner Iam Tongi Makes History

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Iam Tongi American Idol 2023 Winner
Hawaii Singer Iam Tongi Wins American Idol Season 21 (Credits: Breezy Scroll)

All time popular singing competition, American Idol, has announced its season 21 winner- Iam Tongi. The 18 -year-old singer beat tough competition from fellow finalists Colin Stough and Megan Danielle.

Iam’s heartfelt performance in the grand finale captured the hearts of both the judges and the audience. His win has created a historic moment since he is the first Hawaiian contestant to claim the American Idol title.

In the final showdown, Iam, Colin, and Megan all performed songs by the famous country music singer Keith Urban, who is also the former judge of the American Idol show. Each contestant showcased their dedication and hard work, leaving no stone unturned in their path. Iam’s all performances had a touching impact on the audience as well as the judges.

Night of Memorable Performances

For his first performance, Iam delivered the song “Making Memories of Us”. It is a song that is personal to him because it is based on his relationship with his father, who has passed away. The raw emotions in his voice moved the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. The next track he performed was “Cool Down”, written and sung by a Hawaiian music group. He sang this song to give a tribute to his hometown Kahuku in Hawaii.

American Idol Season 21 Winner - Iam Tongi
Iam Tongi singing “Making Memories of Us” on American Idol 2023 in the Top 3 Finale (Credits: Zeibiz)

Not only did Iam impress everyone with his solo performances, but he also teamed up with James Blunt for a breathtaking duet on James’ hit song “Monsters” and left the audience spellbound.

Near the end of the finale, Iam and Megan were the final only two contestants left as Colin had got eliminated. With the stage set for the announcement of the winner, Iam Tongi delivered his beautiful original track, “I’ll Be Seeing You,” which was just the cherry on top.

The star-studded finale also featured outstanding solo performances and duets with famous artists like Keith Urban, Kylie Minogue, Ellie Goulding, Lionel Richie, Pitbull, Lil Jon, and others.

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American Idol 2023 Judges - Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan
American Idol 2023 Season 21 Judges- Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan (left to right) (Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

By the end of the finale, Iam Tongi had gained more than 17 million votes, an indication to his immense talent and the support he got from his fans all around the globe. After winning the American Idol 2023 title, he also signed a recording contract. His first single, “I’ll Be Seeing You,” has already reached the 8th place on iTunes, an achievement that further solidifies that he is the new rising star.

The entire community of Kahuku erupted in celebration as friends and family rushed out onto the Kamehameha Highway in Honolulu to commemorate Iam’s momentous achievement. In a live interview near the highway, Cassanera Tongi-Kuamaeae, Iam’s aunt, expressed her overwhelming pride, saying, “He made us all proud, this whole community. Tongi’s father, my brother, saw something special in his voice and had always wanted to take Iam to American Idol. He won the hearts of everybody in our community, and I’d like to thank his fans out there who voted for him. It’s because of you guys who put him on the top.”

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Iam Tongi American Idol 2023 Winner
American Idol Season 21 Winner Iam Tongi (Credits: US Weekly)

American Idol fans from all over the world congratulated Iam and acknowledged his exceptional singing talent and the emotional journey he went through during the season. Viewers who were captivated by his story shared praises and passionate messages on social media platforms. The esteemed judging panel of American Idol also joined in celebrating Iam’s victory. In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Iam thanked everyone who voted for him and mentioned that he loves and appreciates his dedicated fans for their love and support.

Iam Tongi’s remarkable win marks a milestone for the popular singing competition and also for his hometown of Kahuku, Hawaii. With a voice that resonated with millions of people, Iam is on his way to becoming one of the rising stars. He has a lot to give to the music industry, and his fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting for him.

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