After We Fell Ending Explained: What is in store for Hardin and Tessa?

after we fell ending explained
After We Fell (2021)

The After trilogy is quite controversial for a lot of reasons. First of all, it has followed the footsteps of Wattpad fiction into a screenplay that started with the Fifty Shades trilogy. However, After will not just be a trilogy, and people are expecting that the series will have up to four movies. Hence, all the novels will be shown on screen then. Anna Todd has managed to make a huge franchise out of her Harry Styles fan fiction, and people just went crazy for it. However, if you look at it without being obsessed with the teen drama, even you will want to have to search for the After We Fell ending.

The ending is extremely simple, but with every movie that comes out, we keep wondering what is in store with Tessa and Hardin’s relationship and will they make it? A lot of critics think that their relationship is the prime example of a toxic relationship that is glorified on screens. However, the reason it gets so much popularity is because of the engaging drama, which can hold your attention for quite some time. With Netflix releasing the movie in January 2022, everyone is wondering about the movie and what is going to happen now.

After We Fell Plot

Though the ending and the plot are extremely simple, it will be easier to go through the ending once we are done with the plot. So the story starts with Tessa and Hardin taking in Tessa’s father, who suffers from alcoholism, when they find him in the streets. Though Hardin does not approve of this, Richard claims that he wants to make things right with his daughter. However, soon enough, both of them are found in a bar, where they are fighting with a bystander. Tessa is more than angry with both of them for being so irresponsible. Soon after this, Hardin comes to know that Tessa is planning to move to Seattle for her job. This infuriates Hardin a lot.

after we fell ending explained
The boat scene from After We Fell.

In the meantime, he comes to know that his mother, Trish, is going to get married. To make things alright, Tessa and Hardin go for a vacation with Hardin’s father, Ken, and his wife, Karen, and Landon. Though things seem to be going well for the couple, soon enough, Hardin finds his friend Lilly and flirts with her as he finds out that Tessa has a bit of feeling for Trevor. In turn, Tessa flirts with the waiter Robert. All of this leads to a mess, and Tessa ends up leaving for Seattle.

Meanwhile, Hardin finds out about Tessa’s journal and is moved by how much pain he has caused her. He also dreams of her cheating on him, and he rushes to Seattle. Tessa lives with her boss Vance and Kimberly, who are expecting. They both spend some good time together when Tessa finds out she can never be pregnant.

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After We Fell Ending Explained

Hardin takes Tessa to London for his mother’s wedding. Right before the day of the wedding, he finds his mother, Trish, with Vance, and the three of them argue. Yet Trish gets married. Tessa talks to Kimberly and finds out that she knows about this and is not mad at him. In the meantime, Vance informs Hardin that he is his actual son. This twist, in the end, blew everyone’s mind, and people are wondering what it could mean for Tessa and Hardin.

after we fell ending explained
The Last Scene from After We Fell.

Hardin had some emotional issues, and hence it will be quite interesting to see how he copes with these new emotions and how he would also manage to hold on to his relationship with Tessa. However, the story does not go that way, and the last movie will release soon. Hence, it is only a matter of time before we come to know what is going to happen with them and how they will have their happy ending. The last movie’s name is After Ever Happy, so we can assume that they will have their happy ending.

You can watch the movie, here.

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