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K-pop Idols Who Openly Came Out To Be From The LGBTQ Community – From Holland To 2PM’s Kwon

K-pop idols from the LGBTQ Community

Many K-pop idols, despite the discrimination and hate they would receive, have openly come out to be a part of the LGBTQ community! As many people might know, the country of Korea is very conservative. If an idol has a tattoo, they will hate them, if an idol does not fit the Korean beauty standards, then they are hated too, and if idols just are their real self, they still get hate. So it does not comes as a surprise that the country is still not open to K-pop idols who have openly announced that they are from the LGBTQ community.

If a K-pop idol does that, they better brace themselves for heavy cyberbullying and even getting physically harmed! All in all, it would take great guts to admit your real sexuality out in the open if you are a K-pop idol or even a Korean, although things are slowly changing for the better. Even after all of these circumstances, some K-pop idols have bravely come forth and even spoke up about the rights of the LGBTQ community. For your information, they get hate for that by so-called ‘fans’. Keep reading to find out about K-pop idols who have confirmed that they belong to the LGBTQ community!


LIONESSES is the first group where all of the members have openly come out. The group aims to be a lighthouse for LGBTQ youth in Korea and even the whole world!


9. Seungho, B.Nish, And Hyeongseong

The three K-pop idols are from the group D.I.P. Seungo, and B.Nish had announced that they were dating each other even before the group’s debut in 2016, which caused quite a stir online. This is when the group’s leader Hyeongseong also said that he liked both men and women.


8. Choi Hanbit

Choi Hanbit is an open transgender Korean model. They were also a part of the girl group Mercury which has been rumored to be disbanded. Choi Hanbit has said that through an operation she went through in 2006, she got transformed from a male to a female.

LGBTQ K-pop idols

Choi Han Bit

7. Navinci

Navinci, who was a former TOPP DOGG member, has announced himself as asexual. The k-pop idol says that he does not feel any attraction toward another person and just loves himself.

LGBTQ K-pop idols


6. Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon is a member of the popular boy band 2AM. The 2AM members have stated themselves as genderless and have been praised countless times for spreading awareness about the LGBTQ community!

LGBTQ K-pop idols

Jo Kwon cr: JYP Entertainment

5. Jiae

Jiae is a former Wassup member who is one of the K-pop idols who announced that they are from the LGBTQ community through Instagram.

Lesbian K-pop Idols


4. Som Hein

Som Hein, before becoming a soloist, was an ulzzang, aka an Internet Goddess. When she debuted as a soloist, she confidently announced that she was bisexual and liked girls. She even introduced her girlfriend, but they, unfortunately, parted ways in 2020.

first female K-pop idol to come out as bisexual

Som Hein

3. Aquinas

Aquinas came out as a bisexual through his Instagram account. Posting a photo with the pride flag, Aquinas captioned his post with “I am bisexual’ both in Korean and English. In an interview that followed soon, Aquinas talked about how frustrating it was for him to hide his identity all this time!

Bisexual K-pop Idols

Aquinas cr: Erta Ale


MRSHLL came out as a gay K-pop idol in a 2015 interview with TIME OUT Magazine. He has talked about the discrimination they face but is also happy with the changes taking place in society!

Gay K-pop idols


1. Holland

Holland is one of the first K-pop idols who have come out as a part of the LGBTQ community. He left his agency to become an independent artist as his agency did not allow him to openly come out as a gay K-pop idol. Holland, whose real name is Go Tae Seob, chose the name Holland since the place is very LGBTQ-friendly. He has revealed his thoughts as a gay K-pop idol through his music and was beaten up to reveal his sexuality.

Gay K-pop idols

Holland cr: Holland Entertainment

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