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45 Best Psychic Movies To Watch

45 Best Psychic Movies to watch- Otakukart
45 Best Psychic Movies to watch. Credit Google images

Are you interested in psychic abilities? If your answer is yes! Or are you still searching on your screens for something psychic to watch and want to learn more about all of these? Then, you’ve come to the right place where you can fulfill your wish. I hope this post will help you when choosing which psychic movie is the best. Without giving it much thought, Let’s go through the article.

There are so many movies when it comes to showing what it’s like to have psychic powers, as Psychic movies are all the rage right now. These movies will give you a profound understanding of what it takes to be a psychic and how to use your abilities for good.

So, if you are just starting out on your psychic passage or you are looking for something latest to inspire you. There are a number of psychic movies have been released that cover psychic territory. That includes some measures of Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Psychic Powers, etc. List of Top 45 Psychic Movies:

Here is the list of the 45 best psychic movies we have put together. Our top picks are there. Check out our list of the best psychic film available to watch. Grab a cup of coffee and push yourself to dive into the psychic world. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. The Sixth Sense

This is one of the best psychic movies to watch. The story of this classic horror movie shows a boy child whose name is Cole Sear, who denies believing in ghosts but sees dead people and doesn’t know the reason. “Why?”. He tries everything to know what his life is up to and why he sees dead people. Whenever he tries to tell someone about his condition, no one believes him.

The Sixth Sense- Otakukart

The Sixth Sense- This is one of the best psychic movies to watch. Not every gift is a Blessing.

Eventually, the boy went to the psychiatrist, who gave him prescriptions. After taking some pills, he feels better than before. The Sixth Sense movie is very popular as Bruce Willis starred as the main lead; it tells how one’s mind works when someone is being afraid and perplexed.                   

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2. Minority Report

This Sci-fi movie tells how a cop arrests criminals who did not commit because he was told by someone that these people will commit crimes further in their life and will be arrested in the future by other police officers.

Minority Report- Otakukart

Minority Report- This is also the top-rated psychic movie, released in the year 2002

The main lead of this movie used his psychic power to know the future and tried to prevent this crime from happening. But unluckily, he stops himself from doing so and saves his own life instead of protecting others’ life. If you are the one who is fond of action movies, this action and sci-fi flick from Steven Spielberg is one for you! Tom Cruise has seen as a special agent in this psychic movie.

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3. Time Bandits

Want to watch something High concept? Time Bandits offers time travel films. In this movie, you’ll see Terry Gilliam, who plays the role of Kevin, a boy who uses the stolen “Time Crates” magic cubes to travel through time.

Time Bandits- Otakukart

Time Bandits- Time Bandits offers time travel films, psychic, scary, and horror movies

He wants to go into the past in the urge to look for his lost father and save his grandmother, who was killed by Hitler’s people during World War II. This movie was released in the year 1981.

4. The Butterfly Effect

Ashton Kutcher starred as a college student who uses his psychic power to change past events. In this movie, a man falls in love with a girl who is suffering from a brain tumor, and she could die at any time.

The Butterfly Effect- Otakukart

The Butterfly Effect

Later she died and returned to life with her lost memory. She is desperate to find out her murderer but ends up falling in love with a man who is also suffering from a brain tumor. The Butterfly Effect is based on one of the novels written by Steven King.

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5. Tales from the Hood (1995)

This movie’s name is self-explanatory, as Mr. Simms (a creepy mortician) tries to scare the drug mule Stack and his friends by telling them scary stories.

Tales From the Hood (1995)- Otakukart

Tales From the Hood (1995)- the Four horrifying tales are waiting for you. Must watch this Psychic movie

He recites four horrifying tales. One story is about a guilt-riddled cop, and the other one is about a meek schoolboy who has psychic powers. Apart from these, two more stories are also there. 

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6. The Gift

Cate Blanchett plays the main role of Annie Wilson, who lives in a bayou. She is a widow having three sons and is gifted with the capacity to have a psychic vision.

The Gift- Otakukart

The gift- the gift which made her prey, every gift is not a blessing for everyone.

She got to know that a promiscuous daughter of a prominent citizen and school principal’s fiancée Jessica is missing. Annie uses her psychic powers and leads the police to Donnie’s Pond, where her body is thrown up. She uses her power to unwind the maze behind her death.

7. The Dead Zone

In this movie, a young schoolteacher named Johnny Smith met a horrible accident when he was leaving his fiancée’s home, which led him into a coma for five years.

The Dead Zone- Otakukart

The Dead Zone – is one of the top-rated psychic movies, must watch

When he wakes up, he learns that he has the power to see into others’ lives and not only predict others’ lives but also have the ability to alter them once they come in physical contact with them. He becomes able to see other people’s past and future. When the police got to know about johnny’s powers, the police caught him on the charges of murder. Later, his powers raise more problems and get him into trouble.

8. Final Destination 1

The story is about a high school student Alex Browning goes on a trip to Paris with his classmates. When the plane was about to take off, he experienced the happening. Before they took off, Alex sensed that the plane was not functioning well and would explode in mid-air, and passengers, along with his classmates, would be killed. He informs everyone about it, but no one believes him.

Final Destination- Otakukart

Final Destination- The movie tells how one person’s life is connected to all of the others and how they must try to save themselves. 

He panics prior to the events when his vision begins to happen in reality and is removed from the flight with his classmates. No one believes his psychic vision except his friend Clear Rivers. When they were removed from the flight, the plane exploded in a fireball in front of them. Death is inevitable. Unluckily they all begin to die in a terrifying way, one after another. Alex and Clear escaped from death in this series.

9. Final Destination 2

Kimberly is the main character in this 2nd part of Final Destination. She also has the power to see one’s future and predict the entire future happening. Once Kimberly, with her friends, is heading onto the highway and has an intuition of an accident in which many lives along with her and her friends get die soon.

She restricts the vehicles, but in the midst, the policeman comes, and the accident occurs. Kimberly recollects her past memories, which happened one year ago, and tries to link the occurrence with that similar event. She goes into her past memories and remembers the same day she had her premonition and the incident of Flight 180.


Final Destination 2- Otakukart

Final Destination 2

She learned that the death phenomenon had been interrupted after sharing her thoughts with Clear Rivers, who is the only person survivor of the Flight 180 catastrophe. Kimberly got to know the people who were supposed to die will be dead in this accident as she knows that they are still on a Death list. In this movie, the people agreed to follow Kimberly and Clear to prevent themselves from death one more time for the time being. But Clear dies in the end.

10. Final Destination 3

After Final Destination, parts 1 and 2, Final Destination 3 is on the list of one of the top-watched psychic movies. The story of part 1 continues after six years when the high school student and his classmates head on a trip to Paris and successfully escape from death.


Final Destination 3- Otakukart

Final Destination 3


In the third part of Final Destination, Wendy Christensen, another teen, was also gifted with the ability to see one’s past, present, and future, similar to Alex and Kimberly. She has an intuition that she and her friends met a terrifying roller coaster accident.

After her premonition, she tries to warn everyone and finally gets off the rollercoaster before the incident comes into reality. Her friends and other people, including Christensen, cheat death for the time being. 

11. Final Destination 4

This fourth series of Final Destinations tells the story of an incident that was a premonition of a young man Kevin. After four years of that roller coaster ride (Final Destination3), nine years ago, a car accident on Route 23 happened, and ten years ago, a Flight 180 disaster occurred. Finally, this part talks about how one’s premonition saves others’ lives and avoids death for the time being.


Final Destination 4- Otakukart

Final Destination 4


12. Final Destination 5

The main character Sam has a psychic vision, a premonition of the incident in which he, with many other people, crosses the bridge, and the bridge begins to collapse. Suddenly his horrifying vision ends, and that incident starts to happen in reality. Immediately, he took action to save the lives of many people. But death is inevitable, and they died one after another in that accident.


Final Destination 5- Otakukart

Final Destination 5

All the parts of Final Destination spin around a person who has a premonition and psychic powers, the ability to see the future. They try to save many lives who are on the same vacation, and somehow the main lead manages to escape from death and save the lives of many people but dies later from fatal accidents.

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13. Over Her Dead Body (2008)

Henry and his fiancée Kate were about to marry. Unluckily, His fiancée Kate met in an accident and died. After Kate’s accident, Henry is depressed, to help out Henry, his sister recommends that he can contact Kate and live happily with her, but he doesn’t believe in her.

Over Her Dead Body (2008)- Otakukart

Over Her Dead Body (2008) In this movie, Henry, a veterinarian, and his fiancée Kate are about to marry. 

Once her sister hands over Kate’s diary to a psychic, Ashley, she convinces him and starts the treatment. Later they are attracted to each other, and Kate turns into a ghost, deciding to spoil Henry’s relationship with a psychic.

14. Don’t Look Now (1973)

This movie is about the story of a couple, John and Laura Baxter, who go to Venice, Italy. At the same time, John has been authorized to rehabilitate a church. But the couple is depressed over their daughter’s (Christine) accidental death.

Don't Look Now- Otakukart

Don’t Look Now. You must watch this psychic movie.

Later, Laura meets two sisters with psychic powers who suggest that they can contact her daughter’s spirit. She becomes serious, but John denies it until he himself sees his daughter around there.

15. Giulietta Degli Spiriti (1965)

In a Nutshell, this movie frames the story of a wife who gets to know about her husband’s philandering. She gathers with her friends one night and tries to get in touch with the spirits when she learns about her gut-wrenching past and also knows about her husband. He is really a philanderer.


Giulietta Degli Spiriti- Otakukart

Giulietta Degli Spiriti


16. The Witch Part 2, the other one

This is a story of a girl who was the only survivor of a bloody raid, she is being protected by two civilians, and they later get to know that they are not safe, although the danger is still there ahead.

The witch- part2. The mothman prophecies, The fury- Otakukart

The Witch Part 2


17. The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

This movie revolves around a woman whose husband is a journalist. Before being killed in a car accident, she got a psychic vision and learned about future happenings. Later, he finds that the moth-like vision is an omen.

The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies

18. The Fury (1978)

In the European Theatre, the Allies made their final action in April 1945. War daddy commands his crew of five men and a Sherman tank on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

The Fury

The Fury

19. Paranormal Activity (2007)

A couple, Katie and Micah, move into a Suburban house, where they soon realize the presence of evil spirits. In order to get evidence of the presence of the spirits, they set up cameras in the house. The installed cameras capture all the activities of those evil spirits in the house. But they themselves were not prepared for the terrifying happenings. 


Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity (2007) All activities are going to be captured 

20. The Legend of Hell House (1973)

A group of people goes to investigate the haunted Belasco House to find out the secrets of the mysterious haunted house, where many guests have died, along with most of the paranormal experts.

The Legend of Hell House- Otakukart

The Legend of Hell House: 31 days of horror

A group includes a young female psychic, a physicist and his wife, and the only survivor of the previous visitors’ revisits to the Belasco hell house. Those people who visited earlier to this house become mad or die. 

21. Dreamscape (1984)

This movie is Sci-fi and horror mix, in which a man, Alex, has psychic power and uses his abilities to assist a government bureau. He uses his skills to stop the president’s nightmares before they turn into reality.

Dreamscape, Red Lights, Harlequin- Otakukart


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22. Red Lights (2012)

Dr. Margaret Matheson and her assistant are paranormal researchers. Tom Buckley reopens the case of Simon Silver, a blind illustrious psychic. Dr. Margaret contradicts those ideas of possessing Psychic powers.

Red Lights

Red Lights

23. Harlequin (1980)

A priest who possesses psychic powers and controls the senator and his family. Although a senator is a powerful man, he has nothing to do with that priest who has psychic powers.



24. John Dies at The End (2012)

John and David are college dropouts who don’t have jobs. This movie revolves around these two characters who want to save humanity. Soy Sauce is a drug that makes one’s body out of control with every single dose. On the street, it is called Soy sauce, and it is sent to its users all over the world. But the ones who come back from this journey are no longer human. John and David try to stop but are defeated.

John Dies at The End

John Dies at The End

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25. Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

Arthur receives his ghost-hunter uncle’s spectacular glass house. When he entered the eccentric house with his two children. The family experiences revengeful ghosts in that house. The house owns a terrifying agenda all its own.


Thir13teen Ghosts- Otakukart

Thir13teen Ghosts


26. After Midnight (1989)

In this movie, two college students on the Psychology of Fear, Allison, and Cheryle, are taught by their professor Edward Derek. One day, a student of Derek urinates in his pants while attempting an experiment and is humiliated.

After Midnight- Otakukart

After Midnight- This movie by Tony Gomez Rodriguez depicts the best psychic movie that was released in the year 1989

This incident spread in the university, to which Edward Derek responded and called the students to his home, where he recited the horrifying three stories to the students. The Old Dark House, A Night on the Town, All Night Operator.

27. Host (2020)

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the six friends decide to keep in touch through zoom video meetings weekly. One day, their friend Haley hires Seylan (a psychic), who leads them in an online seance. During this session, each of them starts noticing strange things happening around them in their homes.

Host- Otakukart

Host, someone new has joined the meeting

28. Drag Me to Hell (2009)

This movie tells the story of a lady Loan officer, Christine Brown, who has a caring and loving boyfriend who works at a Los Angeles Bank. Everything seems to be happy in her life before she gets a curse from an old lady for whom she refuses an extension on her home loan. Once Cursed by an old lady, her life became hell and turned into a living nightmare.

Drag Me to Hell (2009)- Otakukart

Drag Me to Hell (2009) You must watch this movie

29. Sisters (1973)

A journalist, Grace Collier, witnesses that her neighbor has murdered a man brutally and calls the police to take quick action, but they do not find anything when the detectives arrive at the scene. Grace forcibly takes matters into her head. Then she hired an investigator who assisted her in unraveling the mystery of her twin sister.

Sister. Stir of Echoes- Otakukart


30. Stir of Echoes (1999)

This is a story of a blue-collar family man Tom Witzky who possesses a psychic vision and feels a psychic connection with his son and sometimes feels a connection with his teenage neighbor Samantha. One day he uses his psychic power and leads him to a girl who puts his life into a life-threatening situation.

Stir of Echoes

Stir of Echoes

31. Profondo Rosso (1975)

A man who possessed psychic vision, Macha Meril, was murdered painfully. A musician Marcus Daly and a reporter Gianna Brezzi work together to solve the case and uncover the mystery. When they get to know that Marcus’s friend was also murdered by the same killer, in order to save their lives, they both work fast to unravel the murderer.

Profondo Rosso (1975)- Otakukart

Profondo Rosso: This movie was released in the year 1975. Let’s unravel the mystery of the murderer

32. Whispering Corridors (1998)

Whispering Corridors is a Korean movie in which a Korean student dies at Eunhee’s old school, where she is the head girl and becomes a ghost and returns to take revenge. Other students experienced horror in the toilets and the corridors of the school when no one was present there. 

Whispering Corridors- Otakukart

Whispering Corridors

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33. Solace (2015)

A psychic doctor John Clancy assists an FBI agent in solving the case and uncovering the murderer. Soon, they get to know that the serial killer also possesses psychic powers, and his powers are far ahead of Clancy’s.



34. A Quiet Place in the Country (1968)

Leonardo Ferro has a series of nightmares, so he and the agent Flavia who has psychic abilities, have decided to work together to uncover the mystery. In order to work, they search for a villa. The villa they find is haunted by the presence of unholy spirits of the people who died during World War II.

A Quiet Place in the Country (1968)- Otakukart

A Quiet Place in the Country: This movie was released in the year 1968. You will also like must watch

35. The Face of Fear (1982)

It is the story of an agoraphobic woman, who has psychic vision, once when she leaves her house for the very first time with her dog. She sees through the window of the nearest house and finds that someone is being murdered.

 The Face of Fear (1982)- Otakukart

The Face of Fear (1982) is a story of an agoraphobic woman with a psychic vision.

Panicky, she informs the police to arrest the murderer, but when the police arrive, nothing happens there. No one believes her, the only person who believes her is her psychologist Dr, Rainer. Then, she begins to find out the truth before things get problematic for her. 

36. Sole Survivor (1984)

Denise Watson, a TV station worker, is the only survivor of a plane crash in which she was completely fine. But she was not happy with her survival as the dead people came in her dreams and strange things happened to her. She hears strange voices calling her name, which others cannot hear. She always has a feeling unworthy of survival as those people begin coming after her to take her.

Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

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37. Dark Water (2005)

The plot of this movie revolves around a woman named Dahlia who is separated from her ex-husband and goes away to live separately with her daughter Ceci. They both live in an apartment where Dark Water drips through the ceiling of the apartment. She fixes the ceiling, but from now on, she has a series of nightmares about the water leaking. She gets herself and her daughter into a troublesome situation.

Dark water- Otakukart

Dark Water

38. Supernatural

This series has 15 parts. It tells that two brothers go to investigate where they experience strange happenings and paranormal events. They both trace their father’s impression and fights evil of different kinds, such as monster and demons.

Supernatural- Otakukart

Supernatural- A father with two sons, ready to fight evils of different kinds

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They kill those things that roam in the night as were taught by their father. Their mother, Mary, was killed by an evil spirit of a human when they were kids. Once, the two brothers Sam and Dean go to travel and investigate such cases.

As Sam has psychic power, and he can see whatever will happen before it happens in real. His father dies with that same evil supernatural being. That time the two decide to kill the devil.

39. Lucy (2014)

Lucy is a student who was kidnapped by thugs and turned into a drug courier. The packets contained drugs implanted surgically in her body, but the packets leaked into her body. Due to this, she gains unbeatable physical and mental strength after the drug is set in her body. She possesses superhuman powers. Later, she takes revenge.

Lucy (2014)- Otakukart

Lucy (2014)- A girl student whose life turned into hell after being kidnapped by the thugs

40. Satan’s Slave (1976)

In this supernatural series, a woman named Catherine Yorke, whose parents die in an accident, gets to know her ancestor was burned terrifically as a witch. Later, Catherine visits her uncle and her cousin’s house to celebrate her 20th birthday, but they have wicked plans for her birthday. 

Satan's Slave- Otakukart

Satan’s Slave, she comes for the last child

41. The Amityville Horror (1979)

This movie story tells about the haunted villa Amityville which has its own haunted history, the tenant was possessed by the devil, and he killed his family. After their death, a couple, George Lutz and Kathy, come with their daughter to the small town of Amityville. They find that place perfect as they buy that house at the very cheapest rates. Soon, they believe that the home is haunted, so they find a pastor to help them from the devil.

The Amityville Horror (1979)- Otakukart

The Amityville Horror (1979) Must watch this psychic movie. A family is in danger.

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42. Maaya (2014)

It is a suspense movie in which a reporter who has the psychic ability can see one’s future, falling in love with an articulate designer. But her childhood friend has devilish plans for her and turns her life into hell.



43. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 

Alice is the main character who has psychic abilities in this movie and tries to save the lives of people after surviving the catastrophe. She learns that the Umbrella Corporation has launched a new T- Virus that has spread all over the world and is turning people into living dead Zombies, monsters, and demons. Alice was once a member of an Umbrella Corp, turned herself into a warrior, and saved many lives.

Resident Evil- The Final Chapter- Otakukart

Resident Evil- The Final Chapter

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44. Bones (2001)

Jimmy Bones is supposed to be a respectable and legendary protector of his neighborhood. But he was murdered brutally by a cop. After 20 years of his death, Bones becomes a ghost, and his evil spirit comes back to take revenge on those who killed him.



Some young people turned his home into a nightclub, and the spirit of Bones tortured everyone there. His murderers are unaware of the fact that Bones’s spirit is chasing them and trying to kill them as they kill him.

45. Doctor Sleep (2019) 

It is a fantasy talk about an adult Dan Torrance who was struggling to forget his past events. While doing so, he meets a little girl named Abra Stone, who is gifted with psychic abilities.

Doctor Sleep (2019)- Otakukart

Doctor Sleep: This movie was released in the year 2019, in which a doctor is struggling to forget his past and meet a girl named Abra Stone. 

But her powers make her prey, and the true Knot was searching for her to consume the powers and remain immortal. The true Knot is the tribe of people who live in America and make prey on children with such powers. Dan Torrance when meets Abra and her spectacular Gift, and he tries to save that girl from the True Knot. 

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