John Wick 2 Ending Explained: John Killed At The End?

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john wick 2 ending explained
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John Wick 2 is a mind-blowing American action and thriller film that was extremely successful at the box office. This film broke a lot of high-flying records of the box office. Today, we are here to share a complete glimpse of the ending of this film and will be completely explaining the ending of this film and will also throw some light on the plot. This film started with John Wick recovering his Ford Mustang from the brother of the late Viggo, Abram Tarason, that got stolen. He consigned the men of the Tarasov in a violent run riot that cause heavy damages to the Mustang, but he spared Tarasov under the promise of peace and finally returned to his home.

Later, John gets a surprise visit from Santino D’Antonio, who was the Camorra crime boss, and he reminds John that he was the one who helped John complete his impossible task, which allowed him to finally retire and marry Helen. In return for that, John has promised to marker to him. Santino then presented the marker to demand some services from John who declines. Later, in anger Santino destroys the house of John. John then travels to Continental Hotel in New York, where Winston made him remember that if he rejected the marker, then he will be breaking one of the two unbreakable rules of the underworld.

John Wick 2 Ending Explained: Is John Killed At The End?
A Glimpse from This Movie

After this, John finally accepts it and met Santino, who tasked John to kill his sister Gianna so that he can claim her seat at the High Table. Meanwhile, Santino was still not trusting John completely, and hence, he sends his mute bodyguard to observe John throughout the mission. Then in Italy, John reached to Gianna and told her all the truth, and Gianna chooses to commit suicide by slitting her twists. As she died. John shoots her in the head to fulfill the marker. As he was leaving, he was attacked by Gianna’s bodyguard. John escapes from there, and he bumped into the henchmen of Santino and killed all of them.

But then He was pursued by Cassian, and they reached the reception area. John explains everything to Cassian, but Cassian wants revenge and wanted to kill John in order of respect. John later returns to New York after completing the mission. Santino opens a contract of $7 million to kill John under the false statement of avenging his sister. This leads to a lot of assassins trying to kill John, but everyone was unsuccessful. Cassian then met John in a subway and attacked him with a knife leaving him unconscious.

John Wick 2 Ending Explained: Is John Killed At The End?
A View From John Wick 2

Then badly injured, John asked for help from an underground crime boss knows as Bowery King, and his team helped John is recovering from the injuries. Bowery King then gave John a gun with only seven bullets and send him to an art museum where Santino was present. John kills all the henchmen and Also killed Ares, and Santino tried to flee from their, but despite Winston’s warnings, John shoots and killed Dantino in the lounge, which leads to the breaking of the policy. John flees from their and Winston doubled the contract on him and banned him from all the privileges to the underworld.

John Wick 2 Ending Explained: Is John Killed At The End?
John Wick: The Lead Character Of This Film

John Wick 2 Ending Explained

But at this film, stated moving on towards its end, Winston delays announcing the ex-communication of John by one hour in order to give him a head start and also provided him with a marker for the use in the future. But before leaving, the very brave and confident John advised Winston to explain every assassin for the High Table to whoever will try to hunt him will be killed by him. John then departs from there with his dog as Winston finally announced that of making the ex-communication of John active within an hour.

As the contract is finally activated, all the cell phones around him started ringing, and he finally begins to run. Here this mind-blowing action and crime film finally ends on a very high note with a cliffhanger leaving behind. This was done by the creators intentionally as they were already having a mind-blowing storyline in their minds for the third installment of this film. As of now, we have shared all the major details about the ending of this film, and we hope everything might have got clear now and for more updates like these, just stay tuned to this site.

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