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World War Z 2: Will It Ever Release?

World War Z 2 Release Date

When to expect World War Z 2? Who doesn’t love a movie filled where the world is on the verge of ending with an apocalypse going on. Even though the universe is acting on people’s worst imaginations, i.e., a whole viral pandemic going on with people locked inside their houses. Or with the market crashing. People barely have a will to work anymore. Movies with impossible things with an adrenaline rush keep people going on. Same with the movie “World War Z,” the 2013 movie that still keeps people on their toes even in the worst of times. Having a cult-like fanbase, even after seven years, the fans are still waiting for a sequel.

Directed by Marc Foster, the movie had nonother than Brad Pit in the leading role. The movie is the video adaptation of the 2006 novel “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” written by Max Brooks. The book is divided into five parts, telling the story from beginning to the end, Warnings, Blame, The Great Panic, Turning the Tide, and Good-Byes. Narrating the changes that different regions went through in various aspects like social, political, religious, economic, and environmental. That kind of sounds like a fictional look on 2020!

World War Z 2 Release Date

A Still from World War Z

What Is The World War Z About?

World War Z follows Gerry Lane. He is a former employee from United Nations. A virus erupts in the world, starting in a small part of the world, and boom! it’s everywhere in the world now turning people sick. *flashbacks to 2020 lockdown* But the twist is that the virus is turning people into zombies. Gerry, who retired from the organization thinking he is going to spend time with his family now, sees the traumatic events of people turning into zombies and attacking each other, and running for their lives; with his family.

Almost on the verge of getting infected, he reaches the navy vessel of the New York City off the coast. Protecting himself and his family, he reaches the military base and is threatened and called back to work. To find how it all began. There he finds a team of analysts and military personnel looking for the root cause.

Dr. Andrew Fassbach, a virologist, talks about the possible virus causing the eruption. To which Gerry agrees to help him and look into the matter. The force plans to fly to a military base in South KoreaCamp Humphreys, a military base in South Korea known as Camp Humphreys, where it all apparently began. Going through the different countries, documenting and finding the cause and a vaccine, and fighting the zombies, they eventually succeed. But of course, this was not the end, as another pandemic is just sitting in the corner waiting to play its move and began new chaos.

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World War Z 2 Release Date

A Still From World War Z.

What Is The Release Date For World War Z 2?

When World War Z was released back in June 2013, the sequel was announced shortly after. But since the past seven-eight years, the movie has barely made any progress in its production. The news of production and a possible release date of “World War Z 2” did make around in the industry and reached fan’s ears, but it soon died down as various issues rose up. In 2013, the production company Paramount announced that it would start working on the movie. But soon after, the issues over budget kicked in, and the production house backed out. The first part movie had a budget of around $190 to $290 million. Not getting the appropriate budget, director David Fincher offered to ask for the budget of at least $190 million for the sequel. But for Paramount Pictures, it was still too much, and they put the project on hold.

Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, who are the producers of World War Z 2, were also excited about the movie. Even Brad Pitt is in for the movie. In previous years, it was either Brad who was busy with shootings, or Fincher had other shows to direct. The duo of Fincher and Pitt is considered one of the best as they have given us gems like “Fight Club” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” The sequel was supposed to start its production in Summer 2019 but is still on hold.

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