Final Destination 5 Ending Explained: Nobody Can Cheat Death

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Final Destination 5 Ending Explained
Final Destination 5 Ending Explained

The Steven Quale horror gore film Final Destination 5 has an ending that needs to be discussed again, so we are here to get it explained. Firstly, if you haven’t heard of Final Destination, it is a series of gore films, comic books, and novels. In each installment, a group of people tries to cheat death. Usually, after one of the members of the group has a sudden premonition before a massive tragedy with multiple casualties takes place. While the initial group gets spared from the tragedy, death comes to knock on their doors in often weird, bloody, and mysterious ways.

Final Destination is an innovative series. Because instead of portraying the bad guy as a physical entity, the threat isn’t there. There’s no psychopath with a mask and a knife behind the door. Instead, the screenwriters come up with creative circumstances in the environment to kill the characters. And you got to give them in regards to creativity. While some are scary, all of them are violent, and that’s the movie’s hook for sure.

Final Destination Ending Explained

Sam is a worker at a company, and he has a company picnic. Molly Harper, his girlfriend, and coworker wants to break up with him over the phone before they meet up. Candice is flirting with Peter, Olivia is conversing with the punk driver, and Sam is conversing with coworker Nathan. They travel to 180 Corporate Consulting, and Sam has many visions of the future at the start of the journey. While construction is underway on the North Bay Bridge, traffic is halted in their lane.

Until a cable detaches from suspension, a drum plunging down the road and into the river reveals that the day is windy. Something is wrong, and he tells Peter. Meanwhile, we notice cracks in the bridge, and Candice falls on the other side of the gap as they hurriedly disembark from the bus. She collides with a hull, which smashes her body and kills her.

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Final Destination 5 Ending Explained
Who makes it out alive in Final Destination 5?

Sam’s Turn

Isaac is the next to perish, falling into the North Bay river. And, chronologically, Olivia, Dennis, Nathan, and Sam all meet a harrowing end. Sam returns to reality to the sound of “Dust in the Wind” on the radio. Sam cautions everyone, especially Molly, and asks her to trust him. When the pair disembarks from the bus, Dennis dispatches Peter to deal with the situation. Candice, as well as Dennis, Isaac, and Olivia, follow. They are among the lucky eight who survive the disaster, while seventeen Presage Papers employees perish. But, as a mysterious man at the funeral reveals to Sam, death will eventually catch up with him.

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Candice’s Deadly Gym Death & Isaac’s Buddha Demise

Candice horribly dies while doing an elaborate gym routine after the balance beam collapses, triggering a chain reaction, as per his advice. Her spine breaks as she falls on the uneven bars. Peter is deeply disturbed as Candice dies in front of him. Isaac meets the Grim Reaper in an acupuncture session after she. Isaac makes a poor attempt at flirting with the receptionist, and his offensive jokes land him in a painful session with the reserved Asian woman.  The woman leaves her station after putting the needles in place. However, the incense stick’s smoldering ash falls onto the table’s paper, which begins to burn. Meanwhile, Isaac collapses to the floor, and the entire room catches fire. When Isaac breathes a sigh of relief that he is safe, the Buddha statue falls and smashes his head into a pulp.

Olivia’s Eye

Olivia is the next person to die after Isaac. Olivia, agitated by the tragic turn of events, seeks medical help to correct her myopia once and for all. The surgery will be difficult, but Olivia is ready to take the risk. The doctor covers her eye with a beam, clips it in place, and exits the room. By accident, a chain reaction activates the laser beam, causing Olivia’s eyes to be damaged. In the meantime, Sam, Molly, and others arrive on the scene to help Olivia.

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They arrive on the scene to find Olivia in a bloody state, but that’s not all; she also trips over her teddy bear’s dislodged eye and falls out of the building. Her eye pops out of her head, only to be squashed by a car moments later, adding to the horror. Three survivors perish in a row, and the deaths cannot be attributed to chance. The mysterious person, on the other hand, appears to the group again and suggests that they might be able to avoid death.

Final Destination Season 5 Ending Explained
Olivia’s ocular death in Final Destination 5

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The Ending

Death is still after the survivors, and Sam is told that if he wants to live, he must murder somebody who was never supposed to die on the bridge and claim their remaining lifespan. Peter tries to kill Molly because he is envious of her survival over Candice’s. He lives long enough to become a detective agent, but Sam kills him before he can kill Molly.

Later, Sam and Molly board a plane to Paris, which turns out to be Flight 180 from the first movie. Molly is sucked out of the plane when the fuselage is ripped apart by the exploding engine fragments, while Sam is burned to death in the resulting blast. Because the coworker whose life he claimed had a terminal illness and was due to die “any day now,” the landing gear is sent flying in flames towards New York City and explodes into a nightclub, killing Nathan.

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Final Destination 5 Trailer:

Where to Watch Final Destination 5?

If you want to chill your spine watching this horror movie, you have a few options available for you on the internet. Firstly, the movie is available on Netflix. And that makes it fairly easy to watch. For starters, Netflix is the leading streaming platform on the planet. For just US$ 9, you get access to a vast catalog of movies, series, and shows of all genres, ad-free and from any device. But if you can’t get Netflix, no worries, because Final Destination 5 is also available for rent or purchase from platforms like Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and Apple iTunes.

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