35 Best Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime In 2023

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OTT platforms have brought a revolutionary change to the modern world. These platforms have brought the world of entertainment to a different stage single-handedly. Movies, TV shows, and animations have been all around us, thanks to these media platforms. Yet, with so many OTT platforms available to us, Amazon Prime Video has been one of the great options chosen.

Amazon Prime Video has been one of the big distributors of this entertainment media. It provides several features and facilities for easy access and good binge-watching. There is a wide range of movies from all around the globe. These movies have come across various genres, languages, and acting styles, creating diversity and making one debate while picking up a movie. So, to make it easy for you, here are some of the best movie recommendations on amazon prime.

1. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Starting off the list with this renowned movie of all time. The Wolf of Wall Street has successfully established itself by achieving several Academy Awards and many more. The creators welcome the life of a group of brokers live.

After getting the gist of working as a broker at a Wall Street firm, Jordon makes a fortune out of his talent. But he is yet to face the crisis and accusation that falls on him after his big financial growth. This Academy Award winner movie has been adapted from a book published by Bantam Books.

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)
The Wolf Of Wall Street (cr. Surrender to the Void)

2. Manchester By The Sea (2016)

This story of Lee Chandler and his nephew, Patrick Chandler, touches every heart of its audience through the story they narrate to us through this movie.

After the death of his brother, an already depressed Lee Chandler comes to know about his nephew. After learning the news, he moves to Manchester-by-the-sea, where he meets his nephew, Patrick. After knowing that he is the legal guardian of Patrick, Lee stays with his nephew. However, he must face the past that he once tried to forget.

Watch this movie to see how Lee heals by spending time with Patrick.

Manchester By The Sea (2016)
Manchester By The Sea (cr. Rotten Tomatoes)

3. You Were Never Really Here (2017)

Based on the novel by Jonathan Ames, You Were Never Really Here brings the first thriller to this list. This psychological thriller introduces us to the story of a man named Joe, who has been brutal in his hunting ways. Yet when a politician’s daughter has been taken and abducted, he gets on his mission with his aim to get the daughter no matter what it takes.

The movie is a psychological thriller with action, drama, and other impacts. Watch the movie to find out what happens to the daughter in this crime film.

You Were Never Really Here (2017)
You Were Never Really Here (cr. Hindustan Times)

4. Emma (2020)

Jane Austen’s books have been a phenomenon and are widely enjoyed by people. Not to mention the movies of her books have been equally favored by a wider audience. This movie is one such movie that has brought her characters out of the book pages and given them life. The story itself revolves around the lady after whom the title has been named. Emma is a lady living in the German-regency era. No doubt in her appearance, brains, and riches, Emma has grown to be an ideal woman in her town.

However, Emma is tangled up in misguided matches and romantics that she is yet to learn about.

Emma (2020)
Emma (cr. The New York Times)

5. The Wolf Of Snow Hollow (2020)

The world of thrillers presents a different story that challenges beliefs and fears within a person. The Wolf Of Snow Hollow shows the life of a police officer, John Marshall, an alcoholic with anger management issues. He is taken away from his ex-wife and his daughter for his problems. However, his situation doesn’t look much important in front of the murder case that happens on every full moon.

With the spread of false danger, the officer tries to find the real culprit behind these murders and the truth of the possible “wolfman”.

The Wolf Of Snow Hollow (2020)
The Wolf Of Snow Hollow (cr, Rolling Stone)

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6. The Northman (2022)

Revenge is sweet? Not in everyone’s case. The Northman is filled with an exciting plot, mind-blowing elements, and brilliant acting that has been eye-catching to its growing audience.

Story: A well-grown and educated prince Amleth has been groomed to become the king he has always meant to be. Yet the turn of events where his father was murdered and his mother gets abducted, all done by his uncle. After being lost for two decades, he once gets down to his path of revenge after crossing paths with a seeress.

Like some of the previous recommendations, this movie is based on Legend of Amleth by Saxo Grammaticus.

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The Northman (2022)
The Northman (cr. YouTube)

7. Candyman (2021)

To kick start the genre of horror in this list, Candyman becomes the best option to be the first in this list. The movie starts with a tale that talks about a killer. Described to be supernatural and with a hooked arm, this killer has been on the mind of people who were working on the housing projects of Chicago’s Cabrini-Green.

However, the scenario changes in the present day. When the curiosity of an artist, Anthony, gets him involved in the mysteries of the Candyman, it brings the terrifying fate in front of him.

Candyman (2021)
Candyman (cr. Polygon)

8. Ambulance (2022)

Desperate time calls for desperate measures, that’s how the typical saying goes. This movie has depicted the meaning of this phrase in the most interesting way possible.

When his wife’s medical bills start making him feel financially unstable, Danny starts to think of a better source to obtain money from. However, after talking with his brother, Will, this veteran finds himself in a heist to rob a bank.

But when the plan falls out of their grasp, they are caught up in a high-speed chase, with a stolen ambulance, a wounded cop, and an EMT worker trapped inside it.

Ambulance (2022)
Ambulance (cr. IMDb)

9. A Hero (2021)

Amazon Prime Video also offers language diversity for a larger audience that spreads out the entire world. A Hero becomes one of our first Persian movie recommendations that has gained high viewership for its intense plot.

The plot stands by with a story of a man named Rahim. A man who has been living under the heavy debts he has taken in his life.  Since he could not pay the prize, he ends up making his way to prison. However, when he tries to persuade his creditors to make a few exceptions for him, the plan that Rahim goes not go too well.

A Hero (2021)
A Hero (cr. Filmy Sasi)

10. Sound Of Metal (2019)

This heartbreaking movie not only tells us the life of the protagonist but for love for the music they have shared all their life. The plot of this movie starts with a very famous duo, Drummer Ruben and his girlfriend, singer Lou. While all their tours and other gigs become famous and rising day by day, Ruben finds himself in a great crisis of losing his hearing ability.

Ruben tries to do everything to get back to performing what he loves so dearly, but things start working against him. Watch Ruben as he concludes his future.

Sound Of Metal (2019)
Sound Of Metal (cr. IMDb)

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11. His Girl Friday (1940)

How about we go down memory lane of the history of old movies and take a look at this movie? His Girl Friday released in the year 1940, shows us the beginning essence of Hollywood.

The story speaks of a newspaper editor, Walter, who tries to get a hold of his ex-girlfriend, an investigative reporter, Hildy. But while his attempts to get her back from an engagement start with Walter’s story about a convicted murderer Earl William, the curiosity in Hildy’s investigative instinct starts working up.

Watch this suspense comedy and know how the story comes to an end with the characters.

His Girl Friday (1940)
His Girl Friday (cr. The Criterion Collection)

12. Election (1999)

Running for an election is not always an easy procedure. Whether it is political or a simple student council, you know the rest.

However, this movie is more centered around the school and how the election plays a role in it. A story between a school teacher and a student who has been under a bad radar. The teacher, Jim, tries to take off the cover of the student, Tracy, by giving her a competition for the election.

The movie is very interesting as we see a series of events that makes both Jim’s and the student’s life pretty chaotic.

Election (1999)
Election (cr. The Script Lab)

13. The Lost City Of Z (2016)

A story that will determine to leave everyone in awe is what this movie, The Lost City Of Z, tells us about. Based on the book of the same name, the plot describes the life of a young British officer named Percy Fawcett, who has discovered a distinct land in the Amazon.

This land becomes the home of a lost civilization that now has been disconnected from the world, and the people have been ruled as savages. However, his will and determination to bring them out to the world despite the challenges and dangers, watch Percy going for his only shot.

The Lost City Of Z (2016)
The Lost City Of Z (cr. Straight From a Movie)

14. Heathers (1968)

Caught in all the school drama, we see the movie Heathers coming up next on the list to tell us all about it. The story starts at Westerburg High School, Veronica finds herself in the group of the famous three Heathers. She accompanies the three Heathers and puts a blind eye to their unjust acts around the school. However, her blooming relationship with the newcomer, Jason, makes her realize the reality she was trying to normalize.

This movie holds a variety of elements that makes this interesting. The black comedy adds up the drama that everyone is very fond of.

Heathers (1968)
Heathers (cr. Pinterest)

15. The Neon Demon (2016)

The horror of the ruthless and lustrous world is what the movie, The Neon Demon, tries to bring out to us with this movie. A girl who wants to live her dream of getting into the world of modeling. Her passion and glow for the career have been too bright and innocent to the world she opens up to when she moves to Los Angeles after her 16th birthday.

After she learns about the harsh and ruthless world around her the hard way and tries to fight for her safety and the competition that she looked once prepared for.

The Neon Demon (2016)
The Neon Demon (cr. IMDb)

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16. The Handmaiden (2016)

By being one of the major contributors to the entertainment world of this generation, this Korean movie has been catching a lot of people’s attention recently.

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The Handmaiden is a movie based on the famous novel, Fingersmith. The story from the book changes and is brought to Japanese colonial-ruled Korea, where it revolves around an orphan girl, a spy working as a handmaid of a Japanese heiress.

The plot churns in the course of betrayal, lust, revenge, and greed bringing out the perfect theme of this movie. Actress Kim Tae Ri and Kim Min Hee carry on as the key characters of this movie.

The Handmaiden (2016)
The Handmaiden (cr. BBC)

17. Ash Is Purest White (2018)

People have highly appreciated Chinese movies and dramas, and this movie, too, has been relevant and highly recommended by its audience.

The movie gives us a taste of a relationship built between a young dancer Qiao and a mob gang leader, Bin. Just the flow of their relationship gets interesting from the very beginning of the story. Their love for each other blooms through the odds of their life.

Yet when the dangers of Bin’s life start involving their relationship, the consequences are what the movie is worth watching!

Ash Is Purest White (2018)
Ash Is Purest White (cr. Rotten Tomatoes)

18. Vivarium (2019)

Science fiction has always been a favorite among the mass and this movie comes in this category too! Just like Inception and Interstellar, Vivarium has depicted its plot in a world created that rest beyond our imagination.

When a troubled couple moved to a suburban neighborhood to find themselves a perfect “dream” house, that’s when the chaos starts. With so many identical houses in the same neighborhood, they find themselves back in the trance of the confusing labyrinth.

Watch them sorting out their path as they keep arriving at their beginning point.

Vivarium (2019)
Vivarium (cr. IMDb)

19. Let The Right One In (2006)

Based on the book of the same name, the movie presents us with a live version of Let The Right One In. This Swedish movie brings to life a boy, Oskar, who has lived 12 years of his life being bullied in school. After moving to the suburban parts of Sweden, he finds his neighbor, Eli, a gloomy girl who is much distant from her peers. Friendship blooms between the two, and it doesn’t take Oskar long to open up to his new friend.

But when Eli does the same, the movie’s theme turns into a mysterious horror that no one comes prepared for.

Let The Right One In (2006)
Let The Right One In (cr. Fangoria)

20. Hellraiser (1987)

This movie is quite familiar and famous to the audience before we even talk about it. The Hellraiser has been a sensation all around the world. The box that gives him access to open the gates to hell, Frank becomes the prime victim of vengeful beings from the other world. Through him and his sexual longing, the Hellraiser was born in the old house where Frank lived.

The movie has managed to give goosebumps in every movie in its franchises. It is equally filled with thriller, horror, action, and mystery that has been very well appreciated by the viewers.

Hellraiser (1987)
Hellraiser (cr. YouTube)

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21. We Are Still Here (2015)

If you are losing count of horror movies to watch, how about this movie recommendation? We Are Still Here is a horror movie that is here to give you nightmares and shivers.

Moved into a house that has been empty for a whole 30 years, a couple mourns for their late son while they shift to the branded haunted house. Without knowing the truth about the house’s history, the couple chose to ignore the haunting happening around them. Yet it doesn’t take them long to realize the haunting will get after them too.

We Are Still Here (2015)
We Are Still Here (cr. NZ On Screen)

22. Paterson (2016)

A heartfelt movie is what describes this movie the best. Paterson is just another movie that is here on this list for the theme it has presented throughout the plot.

Paterson is a bus driver who lives a very undisturbed life and enjoys every bit of his daily activity. From doing his job, he gets to observe the life that goes around him. Apart from his hectic life, Paterson is also seen to give his time to work on his poems. His poems become a heartwarming gift to his wife, Laura.

Watch this movie to feel the warmth it promises.

Paterson (2016)
Paterson (cr. IMDb)

23. The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

With the suspense and mystery running through this list, The Silence Of The Lambs is a very iconic thriller of the last century. Giving us the story of a life Clarice Starling was leading as the lead student in the FBI’s training academy. Yet being the best has brought her off the classrooms to the real world of crime, where she meets a violent psychopath, Hannibal Lecter, who was also a psychiatrist.

The two people’s life was tangled in ways that Clarice never expected to see. Watch this movie to see how this psychological thriller will pace your heartbeats!

The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)
The Silence Of The Lambs (cr. IMDb)

24. Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)

If the culture of cowboys has been famous among the people, all the credit goes to this one movie from the late 1960s. Once Upon A Time In The West opens up with the story of a bunch of people with different goals and plans.

Planning to own the single flagstone, the story starts. The plot gets built up in thriller, action, and drama that is much more entertaining throughout the movie. This movie has also provided some of the most iconic scenes that are yet today reenacted. Watch the movie to see what a small flagstone can do.

Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)
Once Upon A Time In The West (cr. Frame Rated)

25. The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings saga has been well known and well acknowledged by people all around the world. The books have been extraordinary, and the movies have given them more shine to it.

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However, the first movie is much loved by its audience, as it gives a perfect beginning and a thrill of excitement. The story describes the fate of the civilization depending on the One Ring, which has been lost for years and disappeared in time.

However, when this fate comes to a young Hobbit named Frodo Baggins, everything changes, and the legend is alive again.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (cr. Radio Times)

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26. Paper Moon (1973)

When the characters are revealed to be close in real life, it makes the movie much more interesting and enjoyable than before. The movie Paper Moon brings out the chemistry of a real father and a daughter who go out on a road trip and their role as con artists. Being in urgent need of financial help, Moses Pray gets stuck in helping little Addie get her Missouri.

Yet, the story takes a turn when the big Moses partners up with little Addie, and they attempt to swindle into a con. Watch Ryan and Tatum O’Neal play out the roles beautifully.

Paper Moon (1973)
Paper Moon (cr. mxdwn Movies)

27. Pride (2014)

Pride is a movie that talks about morals and shows history from a different perspective but most entertainingly and differently. During the reign of Margaret Thatcher in 1984, the world was stunned and shaken by the activities taking all over the country. Yet when a bus full of gays and lesbians make a stop in Welsh, they find themselves having a march and rising funds to help the families of the striking workers.

The movie has more than the actual description. With a little fun and hard work, all the characters get together to end the hard times.

Pride (2014)
Pride (cr. Time Out)

28. A Quiet Place II (2020)

Of the great response and appreciation from the first movie, A Quiet Place II makes its way to the people as a sequel that has been equally enjoyed. Living their lives in absolute silence, the Abbott family remain to live like that, for they fear the creature who hunt by the sound around them. The dangers and harm these monsters have brought to the family have been enormous, yet the family is yet to know about the other dangers they are yet to fear.

The movie is full of elements like horror, suspense, mystery, and thriller. Enjoy the movie but with the minimum sound made.

A Quiet Place II (2020)
A Quiet Place II (cr. Hindustan Times)

29. Journey’s End (2017)

Life at war has never been easy for anyone, no matter the post they serve. Just like that, Journey’s End is a movie that shows this way too well. Based on R.C. Sherriff’s book speaks of a story of a young officer Stanhope. After the horrors of the sudden attack made by the Germans, bring the lieutenant shows his fears and weakness through it.

With his mental health weakening every day, he tries to stand up to face the war in front of him. This movie brings the best aspects of a periodic piece with thriller, drama, and action.

Journey's End (2017)
Journey’s End (cr. The New York Times)

30. The Hunger Games (2012)

The story that Suanne Collins has portrayed in the book series, The Hunger Games is also well executed in the movies as well. With a bunch of youngsters who are exhibited to the whole world through a television show, they are left in the wild to compete against each other. The survival competition becomes ruthless to each one of them as they try to remain the “only one” surviving in the end. Yet Katniss Everdeen, from District 12, has to figure out how to choose between life and love. Watch the movie to see what is her decision!

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The Hunger Games (2012)
The Hunger Games (cr. Forbes)

31. Black Bear (2020)

Coming down to the comedy that accompanies the thriller, Black Bear is here on this list to make sure you have some good recommendations. Centered around a filmmaker, Allison, who seems to have a lack of inspiration for her next work. After being drained by the stress and pressure, she finds herself in an empty, isolated lake house. However, things start going south, and it brings to a different side she was living in. Watch the movie as she tries to escape from the harsh reality that she lives in and the things she does to get her inspiration.

Black Bear (2020)
Black Bear (cr. The Guardian)

32. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Johnny Depp’s Edward Scissorhands is a famous movie in the industry, not only for the pot it has but the appearance of Johnny Depp and the signature “Scissorhands” shown in it.

After the death of his creator, Edward, a laboratory human being, lives his life with dysfunctional scissors hands, causing most of the distraught to the people around him. After being taken in by Peg, Edward is shown to the world outside the scientist’s lab, where he learns so many things and even ends up falling in love too!!

Enjoy this little adventure of Edward Scissorhands!

Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Edward Scissorhands (cr. Variety)

33. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Now how about a competition between two con artists? That is what Dirt Rotten Scoundrels is all about! A very well-skilled con artist, Lawrence Jamieson lives a luxurious life in a resort with all the riches he has ever stolen. With his long-term stay in the resort, he finds a new man coming into the resort, who is later identified as Freddy Benson.

Freddy becomes Lawrence’s rival, and it hurts his ego after seeing Freddy’s ways and techniques. And this is what leads to the ultimate competition between the two: a competition to determine who stays and who leaves.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (cr. Radio Times)

34. Coherence (2013)

Coherence comes down with the thriller and more suspense in this list. This science fiction movie is well-equipped with elements of mystery which make sit much more fun.

Emily and Kevin are out for a dinner party with several others who are present at the party. However, the evening does not remain peaceful after the few alterations happen in the party after the sudden lights out. The tension rising between the couple and the comet sighting tangles the situation, it becomes a whole new chaos. Watch the movie to see how they get out of such a mess.

Coherence (2013)
Coherence (cr. The Hollywood Reporter)

35. Thirteen Lives (2022)

Lastly, to this list, we add Thirteen Lives which is filled with thriller and rushing feelings within the viewer. Calamity takes its course and traps the whole soccer team in underground caves in Thailand. The team finds them in a situation where they can’t leave so recklessly, and on the other hand, they can’t stay in the flooding caves. A rescue team is arranged to save them from the cave.

This survival movie has other genres like action, drama, and thriller, making the movie much more interesting and fun to watch.

Thirteen Lives (2022)
Thirteen Lives (cr. Yahoo News)

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