Kim Tae Ri’s Net Worth: The Twenty Five Twenty One Starlet’s Earnings

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Kim Tae Ri net worth
Kim Tae Ri

After winning the grand prize at the 58th Baeksang Awards, Kim Tae Ri has become the talk of the town. With her recent outing in tvN’s Twenty Five Twenty One, she has managed to become a household name. With her ever-growing popularity, fans also want to know what is the net worth of their favorite actress. Here, I will tell you all about Kim Tae Ri’s net worth and her notable works.

Kim Tae Ri born on born on 24 April 1990, is a South Korean actress. She is known for her work in the acclaimed thriller-erotic film “The Handmaiden”. Her story of success is inspirational on a lot of levels. Her aspiration to become an actor emerged when she was in the second year of her college. Tae Ri’s initial work was behind the scenes, working with the technical crew. She has even tried her hand at filmmaking. Talk about a multitalented career-oriented woman.

Net Worth of Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 million. Most of her net worth is from her successful run in the movies and dramas she has starred in. She has starred in some of the biggest dramas of South Korea and worldwide famous films. Because of her great achievements, she got some major endorsements from big names.

During Twenty Five Twenty One’s airing, Kim Tae Ri ranked the highest in the month’s actor’s rankings. She is also the brand ambassador of the clothing line “POLHAM”. The actress is also the endorser for a major furniture brand, ILOOM. Kim Tae Ri was announced as the brand ambassador of the Italian luxury house Prada. Furthermore, her other endorsement projects include the bag brand J.estina and the luxury perfume brand Flower by Kenzo.

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Kim Tae Ri net worth
Kim Tae Ri for Prada

From her accomplishments, it is quite clear her net worth is only going to go up from here onwards. Kim Tae Ri’s net worth is very impressive given her limited but quality work in the industry. With her comeback with Twenty Five Twenty One, her popularity has increased phenomenally and proved that she’s here to stay

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Notable works and Achievements

Kim Tae Ri is popular for her choice to join the industry much later than her contemporaries. She debuted in films with Park Chan Wook’s directorial “The Handmaiden”. The film is set in the time period of the Japanese occupation of Korea. Kim Tae Ri’s character Sook Hee becomes a handmaiden for a Japanese heiress.

Though she is hired by a con man to deceive her but ends up falling for her. The movie’s explicit depiction of a lesbian relationship stirred a lot of buzz. Kim Tae Ri’s role was much appreciated. Critics were shocked at the fact that it was her first time starring in a film. Furthermore, she swept all the major awards after the release of the film, gaining a worldwide reputation.

Another one of her most notable works is the drama Mr. Sunshine. She starred alongside the veteran actor Lee Byung Hun. It is also a period drama during Korea’s independence era. It’s the sixth highest-rated K-Drama in Korean Cable history. The show had its share of controversies as it was accused of distorting history. But nevertheless, the show is considered iconic, and Kim Tae Ri’s acting gained praise.

Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri

The latest feather to her cap is tvN’ Twenty Five Twenty One. The show is set in the 90s during the IMF Crisis. The show revolves around Tae Ri’s character Na Hee Do who aspires to be a national-level fencer. Her character appears to be bubbly from above, but her personal relationships had never been good.

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Though she is later supported by her newfound solace Baek Yi Jin. Her character experiences major personality changes from episode 1 to the finale in 16. Hee Do’s character was able to touch the hearts of many. 90s kids would have probably so much, I believe.

It’s no doubt Kim Tae Ri’s net worth is impressive. After all, her work has been too impressive too over time. She will soon be seen in the movie Alien with actors Kim Woo Bin and reuniting with “Little Forest” co-star Ryu Jun Yeol.

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