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There are so many things to love and pleasure. A confession might get the butterflies in your fluttering but soon after you crave for more. Intimacy, a strong physical drive, and the burning chemistry between two people are things that are pulled off beautifully in a movie leaving them imprinted into the mind for a long time. When movies include two protagonists, it’s common knowledge that will turn from strangers to lovers. It’s the “how?” that makes watching a movie specifically interesting to watch. There are so many ways to express sexiness in a story. It could be the passionate heat between characters or the bright confidence in the way they carry themselves. Such sexy movies have been created every now and then giving us a chance to list the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime.

When we talk of sexy movies, it’s not just about pure bedroom action or graphic nudity. Somehow, as movie critics or fans of the genre, people look for a story and perhaps wholesome moments they can fantasize about. It must be tiring to scroll through all the movies on Amazon Prime seeking that one perfect story filled with wholesome moments and appealing characters along with some heated scenes. This brings us to the compilations of sexy movies that you can watch on the platform. We have handpicked the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime that might interest your taste. The movies range from dramatic, wholesome to absolutely comedic. You can stream these movies on Amazon Prime and enjoy a good time watching them with a chocolate cake and dreamy eyes.

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No Strings Attached

There is nothing revolutionary in this film nor does it have a big climactic ending. However, the movie will leave a big smile on your face. One of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime, No Strings Attached features Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as the protagonists, Emma and Adam. The two main characters get involved in a “no strings attached” relationship where they decide not to get emotionally involved. They indulge in strictly only sexual qualities for a while until Adam starts harboring feelings for Emma.

No Strings Attached introduces the different issues in a person’s life. Emma is portrayed as a person with commitment phobia. She has her fears but eventually overcomes them. As for Adam, he was dealing with the tragedy of being dumped and then finding his ex-girlfriend dating his father. The two individually grow and accept the love between. It is a truly mesmerizing movie with a lot of erotic action that is definitely recommended.

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The Only Living Boy In New York

Initially, the movie makes a messed-up impression. It has so many controversial sides but it continues to pull random tricks that make it likable.  The Only Boy Living In New York is a movie about compromises. Years of compromise to create a façade of a happy family is what makes the skeletal structure of this film. There are so many factors that I have trouble framing as right or wrong. However, as the movie progresses we understand that sometimes things are not right or wrong, they just are.

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The Only Boy In New York is an enjoyable film that has a happy ending. It might not be a typically fascinating ending but it sure is peaceful. Along with the deep story, the movie has great well-choreographed erotic scenes. The build-up is heated and conveys these feelings to the viewers well.

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Two Night Stand

This coming-of-age movie of two people who point out what they did wrong in a one-night stand is indeed one of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime. Two Night Stand is a very interesting and funny movie that cannot be overlooked. It is filled with spicy and wholesome moments that will at the same time make you laugh. Other than the fact that the plot is so uniquely crafted, the movie has some of the best characters. The two protagonists are very likable and leave a great impression. They have steaming chemistry that lets the story speak louder.

Two Night Stand does come off as cliched at times. However, its crazy twists make up for it. The movie portrays young love as it is: reckless and spontaneous with sprinkles of drama. Despite its mixed reviews, Two Night Stand is a sweet and spicy story that must not be missed by any rom-com lover.

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Dangerous Beauty

This 1998 film is set in the Medieval European Society. The objectification is beautifully portrayed throughout the plot. What makes this one of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime is the absolute boldness in the protagonist, Veronica Franco. She is beautiful and defines grace in being feminine. Above all, she is intelligent and looks forward to breaking all the norms set down in that era. If you are looking for a movie that holds strong grounds with a good message, Dangerous Beauty is a must-watch.

The movie centers around Veronica, a woman of poor background. She and Marco, an aspiring senator, are in love but they cannot marry as he cannot marry someone poor. Veronica is coerced to become a prostitute. She rebels at first but agrees as she sees that being a courtesan would give her access to the library and education. Veronica raises to fame with her new occupation and even protects her country by seducing the King of France (thus asserting a military alliance). However, when a plague strikes, she is accused of witchcraft and held for execution.

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Her Composition

Mixing the concept of the art of the body, Stephan Littger brings us Her Composition, a beautiful movie with transcendental effects on its viewers. Her Composition surely contains graphic scenes of nudity and sexual encounters. But, rather than being arousing, the movie rather makes sex look, due to a lack of a better word, a sad beauty. The movie moves ahead to raise the curtains to reveal the real face of sex workers and abandons the ideals of patriarchy. Throughout its scenes, Malorie, the protagonist creates music from her experiences and the emotions embedded in them. Her Composition is a truly mesmerizing film that will either leave you baffled or in deep thought.

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Malorie loses her scholarship despite being a talented composer. Later she is also dumped by her boyfriend and eventually is on the verge of losing her apartment. Desperate to keep what she has, she starts delivering sexual favors in return for money to different clients. With every encounter, she comes up with new ways to see her music. It could be one of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime but it holds much more meaning than mere raw sexual tension.


Looking for the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime with tons of humor? Striptease is just the movie you are looking for. I would lure people into having high expectations from the film. It has a plain plot but it sure does have bits of its moments that make watching it fun. Demi Moore’s portrayal of Erin is worth appreciating, and I don’t mean simply as a stripper. I feel she does plenty of good efforts into portraying the mother who would go to heights for her child.

When FBI agent Erin Grant loses custody of her daughter to her criminal husband Darell, she vows to get her daughter back. To make it possible, she begins working as a stripper in Miami to save up enough money to appeal for custody. Keeping the erotic parts of the movie aside, Striptease carries a thrilling notion to its story as it deals with thugs, cops, and murders.

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American Pie The Book Of Love

Among the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime is American Pie The Book Of Love. Much like its prequels, the movie makes use of double entendres and immature sexual-themed humor. As expected from any American Pie movie, the movie stands inches apart from turning into a full-fledged pornographic edition.

Honestly, there is not much to say about the movie. However, if this is the kind of comedic genre you are into, then the movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Hate Story IV

Released in 2018, this is the fourth addition to the Bollywood movie series Hate Story. The movie is filled with mystery and thrill. A lot of things are likable in the movie, despite the flaws. Its plot is actually quite interesting and the mystery totally hits different. There is a lot of sexual tension among the characters that add to the spice in the film. Urvashi Rautela as Tasha exhibits an alluring sex appeal through her acting. Hate Story is not a general movie filled with animalistic sexual sequences. It is a revenge story that is sure to fill you with an adrenaline rush.

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Tasha, the main protagonist is hell-bent on turning two brothers against each other. For an unknown motive, she uses all her charms to break them apart. Watch Hate Story IV on Amazon Prime Video to watch this steaming thriller movie.

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The Escort

If you are expecting something exhaustingly sexual, The Escort might not be the movie for you. However, if you are looking for a movie with a sincere plot containing sex that has a meaning, The Escort is just what you are looking for. The story takes its time to form and the build-up is what makes the steaming scenes between Mitch and Natalie worth looking forward to. You would realize is sex is more than just two people trying to fulfill their desires as the two protagonists grow from friends to lovers. They unfold each other’s personalities, embracing their flaws and sharp edges.

Mitch, a sex addict man seeks to be hired in a magazine after being fired from his previous job. The editor of the magazine sets up a condition that he will only be hired if he manages to write an article better than the other candidates. He decides to write about Natalie, who is a sex worker. Bits by bits, he starts knowing more about her. The Escort features a wholesome love story between a sex worker and a sex addict. Those who are often shunned by society, accept each other.

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The Handmaiden

If this is not one of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime, I would not know what is. Coated with political and traumatizing sexual issues, The Handmaiden proves to be a brilliant movie. It has a messy beginning. However, slowly the pieces add up and you will understand the brilliancy packed in the movie. The Handmaiden surpasses expectations on many grounds. The cinematography is commendable and so is its plot execution. Centered amidst the political wars, the movie’s explicit scenes are steaming with the burning heat between the character’s chemistry. A truly phenomenal cinema, The Handmaiden is a must-watch movie for a thriller, suspense, mystery, and erotic genre lovers alike.

The Handmaiden is a Korean film that centers around Lady Hideko and her large fortune that everyone has an eye on. Various characters in the film play a crucial role. The con-man, Fujiwara wishes to marry Hideko to gain her fortune, Sook-Hee, a pickpocket hired by Fujiwara to pretend as Hideko’s maid. Kouzuki, Hideko’s uncle, is a traitor to his own country and finally, Hideko, was sexually abused by her uncle from a young age craving freedom. In the twisted battle for Hideko’s inheritance, these characters entangle to commit sins and seek pleasure.

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The above-mentioned movies are strictly age-restricted. While some have a laid-back romantic theme, some hold strong significance. Amazon Prime has a wide range of movies to select from. Among its amazing collection, these are some of the sexiest movies that we have handpicked as per the different preferences.

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