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28 Greatest Anime Quotes of All Time

Sailor Moon Anime

So Anime quotes are quite something, they taught us a lot of life and its hardships and some quotes are so heart touching that it’ll even make us cry.

Here are 28 Brilliant Anime Quotes That Are Really True even in real life.

Oreki Houtarou (Hyouka)

I’m not stupid. I’m just too lazy to show how smart I am.

Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu No Index)

The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re ok.

Hachiman Hikigaya (Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru)

Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.

Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

No single thing is perfect by itself. That’s why we’re born to attract other things to make up for what we lack. I think we start walking in the right direction only after we start getting our counterparts beside us.

Hachiman Hikigaya (Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru)

Hard work betrays none, but dreams betray many.

Armin Arlelt (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I don’t like the terms “good person” or “bad person” because it’s impossible to be entirely good to everyone or entirely bad to everyone. To some, you are a good person, while to others, you are a bad person.

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what’s happened and continue living.

Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)

If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be!

Kurotsuchi Mayuri (Bleach)

I hate perfection. To be perfect is to be unable to improve any further.

L Lawliet (Death Note)

I have two rules: First, I’m never wrong. Second, if I’m wrong… back to the first rule.

Jiraiya (Naruto)

Knowing what it feels to be in pain, is exactly why we try to be kind to others.

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Hurt me with the truth. But never comfort me with a lie.

Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)

We have to live a life of no regrets.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

How can you move forward if you keep regretting the past?

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future.

Rock Lee (Naruto)

If you believe in your dreams, I will prove to you, that you can achieve your dreams just by working hard.

Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

Tears are how our heart speaks when your lips cannot describe how much we’ve been hurt.

Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

In our society, letting others find out that you’re a nice person is a very risky move. It’s extremely likely that someone would take advantage of that.

Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

The best way to remove your lies is to make them come true.

Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

What is right? What is wrong? In this mixed-up world, deciding what is right and wrong is not easy. You can’t just go by somebody else’s rules. If you let yourself be controlled like that, you’ll just become a puppet that can’t make decisions on it’s own. You have to live by your rules.

Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

People cry, not because they’re weak. Its because they’ve been strong for too long.

Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

In this world, wherever there is light – there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers. The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars and hatred is born to protect love.

Nara Shikamaru (Naruto)

It’s stupid to talk about things you’re not. Be yourself and you’ll be fine.

Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

You’ll only realize that you truly love someone if they already caused you enormous pain. Your enemies can never hurt you the way your loved ones can. It’s the people close to your heart that can give you the most piercing wound. Love is a double-edged sword, it can heal the wound faster or it can sink the blade even deeper.

Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Time flows constantly, it doesn’t care about the people who are struggling.
The World cannot be changed With pretty words alone.

Pain (Naruto)

Love is the reason why there is pain. When we lose someone precious to us, hate is born. Vengeance is the product of that hate and so death follows. But in death there is only more death. This will give rise to more pains. In this cursed world we live in, it is a cycle of hatred that will not cease. You and I seek the same thing that Jiraiya-sensei wanted. Let me ask you this: How will you confront this hatred in order to create peace?

C.C. (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

There are times in life when you have to distance yourself from those you love, because you love them.

Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)

When people are protecting something truly special to them, they truly can become… as strong as they can be.



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