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Games Like Huniepop (Credits: Steam)

Wondering if you can find more games like Huniepop or not. Well, that’s an easy question to answer, and you just need to look around. If you have played the Huniepop game, then you must know what sort of game it is and what type of content it presents. However, regardless of that, it is undeniable that Huniepop is one of the most interesting and adventurous games available out there.

There is no doubt that Huniepop is a fun and interesting game, although it’s not the only one. There are so many games like Huniepop available for you. While some of the games have different plots and characters, some have different gaming techniques, too.

If you are a newbie in the field and don’t know about games like Huniepop, this section is for you. Before jumping onto the Huniepop alternatives, let’s briefly discuss how to play the Huniepop game.

HuniePop is a dating sim video game designed by Ryan Koons for adults and launched by HuniePot in 2015. Since its launch, the game has been in the limelight for the theme and gameplay it presents.

Huniepop is available in two versions for macOS, Windows, and Linux computer devices or PCs. The first version is uncensored and available through MangaGamer and Humble Bundle. At the same time, the second and censored version is available through Steam.

Plot Of The Game

The game’s main plot revolves around a protagonist, who can be male and female and wants to date girls. The player has to interact with different women, and each of the women has her characteristic traits.

As a player, you can talk with women and gift them, which in turn fetch some rewards to the player. These rewards are known as “Hunie” and come in the form of in–game currency. You can use these rewards or currency to upgrade your stats, which ultimately allows you to earn more points. You become a step closer to victory when you earn these points during your dates.

Winning Strategy

If you want to progress in the game, you must interact with women, gift them, and then take them on dates. You have to play a tile-matching game, and you have to make matches of the same tokens. You have to make at least three or more same-token matches as a player. This will bring you enough points to complete your date before you run out of the moves. Each woman that you will choose for your date has a peculiar token for what they like and dislike.

You will gain more points if you match the tokens that your date one likes. If you are running short on points, then you can use “Date Gifts” during your dates. This will offer positive effects, and you will earn more points.

When you complete your date, you will get a photo of the woman with whom you went on the date. However, after each successful date, your game difficulty level will also rise, and you will need more points to win.

If you manage to complete three successful dates, then you will be able to take a woman on a night date. After you have completed this level, too, you can finally take your date to your bedroom for one final tile matching round.

Additional Tips

When you play the Huniepop game, you will see that you have limited moves to complete the regular dates tile matching. However, you will get unlimited moves when you go on a bedroom date. However, there will be a time score meter.

So, if you want to win the bedroom tile matching round, then you have to make the matches rapidly. Once the meter is full, you can’t make a match and will lose the bedroom tile matching level.

To help you with your dates and the game, you will be guided by a love fairy called Kyu. She will turn you into a romantic hero and tell you how to interact with every woman. Also, she will guide you on the game’s mechanics, and when you complete the bedroom game, you can date her, too.


If you want more games like Huniepop, Roommates is a perfect fit. Roommates was developed and published by the Winter Wolves and Ratalaika Games. Roommates is a dating sim video game available for iOS, Windows, Android, PlayStation, Linux, Nintendo Switch, and other gaming platforms.

This game revolves around six characters, where two are in the lead role, Anne and Max. Other players are Rakesh, Sally, Dominic, and Isabella. They are all dorm maters in Latin houses and must juggle up for their first college year.

Roommate Characters [Credits: Roommates]
Just like in real life, they all have to struggle between college classes, jobs, and choosing their career. And most importantly, whom to date. Each character has a personality and story, giving the game a natural touch.

Anne is a bookworm who loves to sit and read rather than socialize, while Max is an outgoing individual who loves music. Dominic is an all-rounder and a nice person, and Isabella likes to party a lot.

Rakesh is like an eccentric artist in the dorm and always ends up in trouble because of painting. On the other hand, Sally is a vegan person and loves animals and, on occasion, becomes an activist too. You can only choose Anne or Max as a playable character among all the players. After choosing your character, you have to live his or her life in the game.

Like from going to classes to making friends and dating the person you like, Roommates is a dating and life stimulation where you will encounter various real–life events. This is what adds fun to the game, and you can connect to the playing characters.

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Puzzle Of Love

Puzzle of Love is an amazing game that comes under the list of games like Huniepop. As you can guess from the name itself, this game contains a puzzle that you have to solve to reach your love.

Puzzle of Love is a dating sim game by Whee Games Limited publisher and is available for Android platforms. In the game, you are a novel writer who is searching for his next inspiration for a great novel.

His mission in the game is to approach and date several women to get inspiration. Now, to succeed in the game, you have to take ladies on dates and play puzzles. To move closer to the finish line, you have to unlock plot events.

Puzzle of Love
Puzzle of Love [Credits: Puzzle of Love]
For all this, you must use your dating tactics and attract ladies with your charisma. The puzzle of love is full of pleasant twists and turns in the story plot. In the game, you can flirt and date via the Match 3 puzzle genre and show your moves to the ladies. Moreover, you can access special items and gift your ladies to win their hearts.

Amber’s Magic Shop

For those who want more games like Huniepop, Amber’s Magic Shop is swoon-worthy. Amber’s Magic Shop is a dating sim game published by the Winter Wolves. In the game, there is a dark elf named Amber who was abandoned by her parents in the woods. Then, a prophet named Vin found her as a baby, all alone in the woods, and took her in.

He provided her shelter, gave her support, and made her an alchemist. When Amber became 16, Vin sent her to Icesilia to become a more successful mage. Amber’s specialty is to make magic potions based on the requirements of her customers.

Amber's Magic Shop
Amber [Credits: Amber’s Magic Shop]
In the game, you can select Amber’s figure, her clothes with graphics, and her surroundings. There are three routes in the game for dating with their own paths and plots. Among these routes, one is Otome, with three male characters, Bernard, Daniel, and Lair. One route is Yuri with the female character Ruby, while the third one is poly with Lynn and Cosmina. Each character has its own story and ambitions in the game.

Thus, Amber has six potential love interests, and you can choose any route based on your interests. As the game’s main character, you have to handle your love life with your magic shop.

On the one hand, you have to make the right decisions for your love. On the other hand, you have to make appropriate potions. Only when you satisfy your customer’s need will you get XP, which is important to move further.


Nicole is perhaps one of the best games, like Huniepop, with a thriller and suspense theme. This game is published by the Winter Wolves and revolves around the female main lead, Nicole.

In the game, you are playing the role of a nice girl who has been taken to the campus and assigned a university residence. This is the point where Nicole’s personal story begins and soon starts taking shocking turns.

After shifting to her university, she found out three girls from the same residence were missing. Now Nicole is investigating the matter just to find out that she is the next target.

Nicole [Credits: Nicole]
To make the game plot more interesting, developers have introduced some other characters. Nicole can date any of them; however, one of them can be the culprit, too. The main theme of the game is romance, and the subplot is of mystery. As the player of the game, you have to stalk civilians to maximize your clues.

Meanwhile, you have a dating life, and you have to focus on that equally. After you have got the required clues, you can unlock the final scene and find out who the real culprit is.

Mystic Messenger

If you want games like Huniepop with real–life elements, then Mystic Messenger is just the right match for you. Mystic Messenger is a South Korean otome game developed and produced by the Cheritz.

In the game, you will be in the role of a main heroine with various male characters. The game has two plots or storylines. One starts when the female character downloads a mysterious app and ends up in a closed and secured apartment.

Mystic Messenger
A Still From The Game [Credits: Mystic Messenger]
In the second storyline, a character tricks her and brings her to the Mint Eye HQ. Both storylines have different characters and plots. The main attraction of the game is that you will receive calls and text messages in real-time. This gives a realistic touch to the game, and you feel like you are living in the game.

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Kitty Power’s Matchmaker

One of the games, like the Huniepop, is a matchmaking game for those who like to craft other’s romantic life. Kitty Power’s Matchmaker is an excellent adult dating sim game developed by Magic Notion. It is available for Android, Windows, iOS, OS X, PlayStation 3, and other gaming platforms.

As it is available for mobile phone users too, now you can play this from anywhere at any time. To ace this game, you must be a master of dating or will become one, if not already.

Kitty Power's Matchmaker
Kitty Power’s Matchmaker [Credits: Kitty Power’s Matchmaker]
In the game, you will be a newly hired assistant of the Drag Queen Diva Kitty Power. Your role will be matchmaking under the assistance of Drag Queen Diva for her newly opened matchmaking agency.

As a player, you can personalize your character and create your own profile after a personality quiz. While playing this game, you have to match your client’s preferences with those of their prospective dates.

If you have successfully matched two corresponding clients, then it will be a successful date. Otherwise, it’s a ruined date. You can hold dates at one of the various restaurants themed around several countries.

Each date will have a different difficulty level, making the game more interesting and challenging. However, your work doesn’t end with matching two profiles. You have to guide your clients on their dates, too. On their dates, you have to guide them through minigames. Moreover, you also need to deal with typical dating questions like employment, personality, hobbies, or other topics.

Kitty Power’s Matchmaker is a traditional cartoon-style dating sim game that gives you nostalgic vibes. In this way, through this game, you can be a master of real-life dating.

Heileen 3: New Horizons

Heileen 3: New Horizons is a continuing game series of Heileen. This game was developed and published by the Winter Wolves. The story continues right after where it ended in the previous part with its female main character. In Heileen 3: New Horizons, you are traveling in the Caribbean islands with a Morgan Pirate.

On this journey, you have to find your lost friends, and there are chances of getting the love of your life, too. In the game, you will have a fixed amount of in–game time to unlock endings. It can be a romantic ending or a professional ending.

Heileen 3: New Horizons
Lead Character on Her Journey [Credits: Heileen 3: New Horizons]
You can invite characters to maximize your points, and your achievements are directly related to romance or a professional ending. Just like in the previous game, in this game, you have accounts of virtues and sins.

If you love sea animals and criminals, then this game is going to be your forte. Because of its excellent storyline and customization elements, it is one of the best games like Huniepop.

The Flower Shop

If you have played The Flower Shop – Summer in Fairbrook, then you will know why it is one of the best games like Huniepop. If not, then don’t worry because this game is easy to understand and play.

The Flower Shop is a game by Winter Wolves, a well–known name in the gaming industry. There are two parts to the game. The first is The Flower Shop – Summer in Fairbrook, and the second is The Flower Shop – Winter in Fairbrook.

The Flower Shop game is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS users. The major highlight of the game is its exciting storyline that continues from the first part.

The Flower Shop
Girls From The Game [Credits: The Flower Shop]
The Flower Shop is a classic visual novel gameplay featuring crop farming in the first part and gardening in the second one. So, as you can guess, you have to do farming and gardening in the game.

In the game, you will be Steve, a scholar who is trying with his classes in school. At the same time, he is also indulged in gardening to earn money. You have to take care of the plants, keep them safe from insects and weeds, and then sell them for money.

With all this, you will also get a chance to date some smart and pretty girls. In the game, there are four different female personalities with whom you will interact.

You will not only communicate with them but also impress them with your magic and gardening skills. What surprises the players is the ending, which depends upon the decisions they make.

Hatoful Boyfriend

For animal and bird lovers, Hatoful Boyfriend is a brilliant game with a very unusual game plot. Hatoful Boyfriend is a Japanese otome-based series developed by Mediatonic and Hato Moa and published by Epic Games.

This game is available for Windows and OS X and comes with interactive and test-based visual novel games. The storyline of the game takes players into the future, where birds are ruling the world.

There is a complete background story of the game explaining the mass extinction of humans and the rule of birds. Now, in this world, a human that is you finds himself accepted as a sophomore student in the prestigious St. PigeoNation’s Institute.

Hatoful Boyfriend
A Still From Game [Credits: Hatoful Boyfriend]
All your classmates, juniors, seniors, professors, and principals are birds, with you being the only human student. In this game, as an only human student, you will come across various faceless women presented as birds.

Among all these faceless heroines, you have to find the love of your life and date her. Also, meanwhile, you have to get rid of the tedious and irritating birds. In a world full of birds, from gangs of bird cyclists to chatting with birds of all wings, you have to make your way.

Also, you will discover numerous unknown stories and wonders with various endings. Just like other dating sim games in this game, your choices will lead your way. The decisions you make will determine the ending you will get. At every point, you will get a twist where you have to make decisions, branching off the plot line.

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Never Forget Me

If you think that games like Huniepop end with love confession or dating, then you are wrong. Never Forget Me is a sequel to Always Remember Me by Winter Wolves with a unique storyline. Both games are connected, and the latter comes in continuation of the first one. In the first game, Always Remember Me, there is a lead heroine, Amy, with four male characters.

As a main character, you have to date the four characters and choose the right life partner for you. The first game ends here, and the second part, Never Forget Me, just starts right from here. Never Forget Me starts with Amy marrying one of her love interests in the first part.

Never Forget Me
Amy With Eddy [Credits: Never Forget Me]
That is why this game is completely different from other games, ending with love confessions. Never Forget Me dives into the real-life situations of a couple. It is different from usual dating sim games, and just like the first one, endings are determined by the choices we make.

In total, there are five endings, two sad, two happy, and one neutral, that are brought to you by your choices. As it is based on real–life circumstances, developers have introduced sad endings too. The ending which you will get depends on your choices and decisions. That is why, right after the game begins, you have to choose your path carefully.

The path you choose will have a specific theme, and meanwhile, on the journey, you have to make several decisions. All these decisions will lead to your final destination, whether it’s happy or sad. Thus, you need to be careful with your choices and make wise decisions. Never Forget Me is a unique game with a realistic storyline.

C14 Dating

The name of the game can be confusing. However, it is sufficient to hint at an idea about the game plot. As you can guess yourself, the game is based on an archaeological study theme. This game is a mixture of friendship, love, and archaeology.

Developed by the Winter Wolves, this game provides players with an adventurous trip full of surprises and twists. On the one hand, the C – 14 Dating game presents information about anthropology and archaeology. It offers romantic relationships, too.

C - 14 Dating
Deandre With Other Characters [Credits: C – 14 Dating]
C – 14 Dating is an otome dating sim game available for Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. With its robust storyline and segments, it never ceases to surprise the players. In the game, you will be in the role of Melissa Flores, a 3rd Year Undergraduate. You have been offered a summer internship in Belgium for eight weeks.

When you shift to Belgium, some new characters pop up. These characters are Kyler, Shoji, Deandre, Hendrik, Joan, a girl, and each character has two endings. Now, based on your preferences, you can either make one of the characters your friend or date them.

Thus, there can be a total of 8 endings in the game according to the decisions you make. There is one more possible ending where to decide to friend zone them all and remain alone.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given the option to choose your location of work, a lab, or a cave. Based on your location, you will encounter characters, and the game moves on. For each week, you will get activities to do, and each activity corresponds to a specific stat. In the game, you will encounter various mini-games, story mode segments, and stats raising.

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Ace Academy

If you want to play games like Huniepop with a robotic theme, then Ace Academy is just for you. Ace Academy is an interactive and comedy dating simulation game that is based on the future world of robots. Also, in this game, you will get one of the best voice–acting elements that comes with decent and fun characters. Ace Academy was developed and published by PixelFade and offers a unique and exciting love story to players.

What makes this game stand apart from other dating sim games is its engaging visual novel life. Moreover, unlike other games, it has hundreds of choices that craft a personalized story. So, this game is new to every player based on their choices.

Ace Academy
Characters of Ace Academy [Credits: Ace Academy]
The story of the game revolves around a future time where mechanized robots, commonly known as GEAR, have been developed. Although primarily developed for military usage, with time, they took over the commercial, sports, and entertainment world too.

This background game starts with a premier school for Cenorobotics, Ace Academy, a new academic field. Due to unforeseeable events, the protagonist of the game finds himself transferred to the school.

Now, the main character of the game is in Japan with his outdated American outlook. He is struggling to find a team that can accept him.

Just right in time, he comes across a team desperate to welcome a new member on board. At this point, the real game begins to win the intramural tournament, where the protagonist has to win with his team.

Ace Academy is a fully voice-acted game loaded with comedy, sci–fi, romance, and entertainment. In this game, you can find a balanced mixture of comedy and romance with science. 

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One more name in the list of games like Huniepop is Dandelion – Wishes Brought To You. Dandelion is a Korean otome-themed game created by the well–known Cheritz. Just like its category, it is a heroine-centric game with a sensational storyline.

In addition, the dandelion also has stunning artwork with unique dating simulations and melodious music. You can play it online on your PC, and it is available for Windows and macOS OS X.

Talking about the storyline or game plot, Dandelion is a female-oriented game with the lead character of Heejung Kim. She has moved out of her mother’s house as her mother is obsessed with her education terribly.

Dandelions - Wishes Brought To You
Jisoo [Credits: Dandelions – Wishes Brought To You]
After moving out, Heejung is trying to find her real dream and what she wants to do in life. Heejung has business administration as her major in school; however, she has average language skills with decent grades.

She is not very popular in her school, and the only thing she is interested in is the Art Club. Now, her graduation is near, and she is worried about her career and future. In the middle of all these things, one day, she found a mysterious basket at her doorstep.

The basket was full of cute little kittens and bunnies. This is the point where her story takes a turn as she starts to take care of the little animals. One day, all those animals turned into humans.

Now, there are five new characters in the game: Jisoo, Jihae, Jiyeon, Jiwoo, and Jieun. The game is about a girl who is lost in the chaos of her life and how the new characters are solving or adding to her chaos.

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