Top 10 Anime Characters Stronger Than Eren Yeager

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Eren Yeager

With the last Episode of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 marking the end of the Season, fans have been left confused and frightened about the ending, which was yet another cliffhanger. Eren seems unstoppable now, and with his huge Founding Titan form, one can only think of a negligible number of ways that can defeat him from destroying the rest of the world. That leads us to think – there are many OP anime characters (especially the MCs) with special skillsets and power systems. Could there be any anime characters stronger than Eren Yeager?

Hence we have put down this article – a compilation of anime characters stronger than Eren who could possibly have stopped the Rumbling if they were present in the AOT universe and were at their fullest potential.

1. Akira

We have seen the unlimited strength and powers that Akira possesses in the form of Amon. Although Titans are strong, there is nothing demons cannot do as well – flying, physical prowess, supernatural powers, and the connection with the other world – demons have it all covered. Eren sure does have the powers of the Founding Titan and three others. Let us not forget that Akira is possessed by Amon – the strongest demon ever.

Anime Characters Stronger Than Eren
Amon (Akira) from Devilman Crybaby

Throughout the series of Devilman Crybaby, Akira has defeated countless demons and even has the ability to merge with them to get their abilities. Tell us if the skill is not OP? The only being that had ever defeated Amon in the show was Ryo – who is literally Satan himself. Eren does not stand a chance against Amon.

2. Shigaraki

Shigaraki Tomura has possibly the most overpowering quirk in the series of My Hero Academia. All he needs to do is touch someone with a finger to turn them into crumbles right away. For fans of MHA, the question of how even Midoriya will defeat him is a topic of discussion.

Anime Characters Stronger Than Eren
Shigaraki from My Hero Academia

Talking of him fighting Eren, no matter what form Eren takes or how many titans he sends over, all will turn to decay at the touch of Shigaraki. Plus, Eren’s final form is awfully slow to move in, and there is no sort of technology in the AOT verse which could possibly bind the man’s hand. Shigaraki would be a tough contender for Eren.

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3. Mob

Despite his plain looks, Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob, as we lovingly know him, is the most silent but most OP anime protagonist of all time. Each time he feels something too deeply and emotionally, the world is at a risk of getting obliterated in seconds – which is why he has been keeping his powers in check since a very young age.

Anime Characters Stronger Than Eren
Mob from Mob Psycho 100

If Eren were to go on his Rumbling rampage and Mob existed in that universe, it is very likely that with his kind and gentle personality that always thinks of others, he would most likely be very affected by the state of humanity and obliterate Eren in seconds.

4. Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z has the most OP characters due to their power system. It is a known fact that Goku can defeat almost any anime character – to the point that it has become a meme. Vegeta is also a Saiyan – and one of the strongest warriors in their community. He has brute strength and power that can defeat gods as well.

Anime Characters Stronger Than Eren
Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

Goku can, of course, beat up any OP character in anime, and Vegeta is his competitor like there always is in shonen. If he can go neck-to-neck with a literal God and even be a commendable rival to him, Eren will definitely have a hard time – especially with titans that possess zero intelligence and the main body that is very difficult to move in.

5. Kaneki Ken

By the end of Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki has reached his final ghoul form, which is technically unbeatable in the universe. While Eren has the ability of three titans plus the Founding titan, some of his abilities are newly possessed. Kaneki became a ghoul right at the beginning of the series and has struggled, been tormented, and was shaken to the core at the cost of mastering his ghoul abilities.

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

He has far more experience, as well as great agility and speed. If Eren and he was to go for a one-on-one fight, Kaneki, with his intelligence, skills, and powers, would have no problem cutting through Eren’s nape – making him the stronger and superior one of the two main characters.

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6. Giorno Giovanna

Giorno has often been called the best Jojo by fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. He does justice to the title as he is the strongest in the series as well. His Stand, Gold Experience can do a lot of things – from punching at godspeed to producing plants. No opponent can stand against his final form – Gold Experience Requiem.

Giorno Giovanna from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Against someone with as much life experience from a young age and an insanely strong ability, it is no wonder that Giorno is one of the anime characters stronger than Eren. One hit by his Requiem and Eren’s freedom will be gone forever and cause him death which will be the most torturous to him – dying in a loop for all of eternity.

7. Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail is known for its signature ‘power of friendship’ trope, but if you seriously analyze its power system and the abilities of the characters, you would understand that the anime does possess some of the strongest mages/characters in anime. Natsu not only possesses amazing powers as a dragon slayer. His final form not only one-shots a war god, but he also defeats the strongest evil mages of all times, burning all of his magic away.

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Sure, Natsu is driven by emotions and the power of friendship – he would do anything to save his friends and those in need. If his power grows stronger through the kindness he feels, Eren will surely end up like Armin after going against Bertholdt – burnt to a crisp with Natsu’s flame.

8. Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru is the sole member of the Gojo clan and is insanely overpowered. Not only does he possess physical strength and abilities, according to the manga, but the whole balance of the universe was also altered when he was born. He possesses various abilities, including control over space and a crafty mind that no one can read due to his prankster personality.

Anime Characters Stronger Than Eren
Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen

It is one thing to be strong and another to be smart – but to possess both makes the person a threat to humanity. Eren does have his own strength and prowess, but Gojo has been the strongest sorcerer since a very young age. It will take him seconds to figure out how to defeat Eren, who is just a kid in comparison to him.

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9. Madara Uchiha

If there is anyone who can take control of the Rumbling situation with the same-scaled attack as Eren and his Rumbling, it is Madara Uchiha. Eren could have looked into Madara’s future, but the latter has the ability to take control of it with his Sharingan. With his Rinnegan that has been mixed with Hashirama’s DNA, as well as Indra’s and Asura’s chakra, there is no way any of Eren’s attacks would cause him any harm.

Anime Characters Stronger Than Eren
Madara Uchiha from Naruto

Not to forget, Madara’s Susanoo is far larger than any Colossal titan, and a single sweep can probably blow Eren and his whole Rumbling away. Even though Eren is the ultimate hero and villain in Attack on Titan, he stands no chance against the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan – making him one of the unparalleled anime characters stronger than Eren.

10. Levi Ackerman

This last addition to the list opens room for discussion – because technically, Levi can really go against Eren, being in the same universe as him. Some people might disagree, but Isayama handicapping Levi in the Final Season was probably because humanity’s strongest soldier does have the ability to defeat Eren’s final form. We offer this point because it has happened before – apart from the times when the plot is an inconvenience to Levi (like breaking his ankles in his fight with Annie or Pieck rescuing Zeke just in the nick of time), Levi has never failed to fulfill anything that he sets his mind to.

Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

He seems like a character who is unfairly as strong as the plot demands him to be and yet raises questions due to his unmatched abilities. Sure, he has a disadvantage on flat land, but the Founding Titan has bones to hang on to and a speed that is no match for Levi’s. Levi also has years of experience killing titans, so it looks like only the plot is stopping him from severing Eren.

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