Games Like Getting Over It That You Must Play

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Games Like Getting Over It
Games Like Getting Over It (Credits: OtakuKart)

What are you doing if you haven’t heard of Getting Over It? You are seriously missing out on some of the most annoyingly good video games. Getting Over It is as iconic as it can get. Seriously. The video game also teaches you a whole lot. It truly tests your patience. 

The ultimate objective of the video game is to help you learn to embrace failures without getting offended. The more frustrated and agitated you become, the further down you tumble.

This is to say that any time you become enraged over anything, you allow your rage to rule over you, leading you to fail far more horribly and sink deeper since you cannot perceive things clearly because of your agitation. Cool, huh? Who knew a video game could do so much?

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Games Like Getting Over It

If you love Getting Over It just like I do but are tired of playing it repeatedly and are looking for something similar to this video game, I Gotchu! I’m going to be suggesting some video games like Getting Over It. Sit back and enjoy!

Boxman’s Struggle

This one, my guys and gals, is very. And I mean VERY similar to Getting Over It. You’ll see what I mean. Boxman’s Struggle is about ascending an absurd hill in a cardboard box.

You can jump using just a few clicks on your mouse. Imagine the difficulty of ascending a steadfast hill when the forces of gravity oppose you. You will surely get an itch in your gut every time you drop. See? It’s Getting Over It, but make it a box.

Jump King

So, what is this one about? You are supposed to climb an upward terrain while taking strategic hops to keep from plummeting.

To win the video game, you must guide a monarch who can relocate by hopping to the summit of a large structure. The jumps have an impact that determines the extent to which you advance after a successful leap.

Jump King Gameplay
Jump King Gameplay (Credits: Nexile/ Ukiyo Publishing Limited)

There are a million ways to ascend the structure and win. So, explore! A “smoking hot babe” is also at the tower’s highest point, as hinted in the video game’s opening speech. *shoulder nudge*

Golfing Over It

Again, after the massive success of Getting Over It. There have been many similar ones mimicking the legendary. This one’s one of those.

Golfing Over It looks at climbing a mountain top, not with a golf club, but with a golf ball. You heard it right. We saw a cardboard box first, and now we’ve got a golf ball. Who knows what’s going to come next? 

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Baldi’s Basics

This one differs slightly from the classic platformer climbing a mountain with objects. The game unfolds in a classroom. You need to avoid getting discovered by Baldi. How? You have to look for seven notebooks that contain maths questions.

This one’s a puzzle-based horror video game parodying educational video games from the 1990s. You need to find these books and not get in the eyes of Baldi. A major Squid Games statues game moment! The only difference is you don’t get shot here. :p

Baldi's Basics
Baldi’s Basics Gameplay (Credits: Micah McGonigal/ Basically, Games!)

The mathematical topic usually appears in two basic arithmetic questions per notebook, but the third question becomes impossible to answer starting with the second book.

Baldi advances quicker and gets more difficult to evade if you keep making mistakes on difficult problems. He will show up to felicitate you when you have collected each of the seven notebooks before Null yells, “Get out while you still can!” Interesting?

Joshua’s Legs

In this video game, a spider searches for his stash of long-lost mechanical legs. A worldwide mystery can only be revealed to experienced climbing enthusiasts, so trek there and collect all of Joshua’s prosthetics by following the designated route or exploring his hideout.

He can jump, grab things, and shoot webs to sway or stop himself from falling. This title’s complexity level is far more challenging than in standard platformers. It has commands that are trickier to learn than those common to many video games.

We hope this little recommendation guide on Games Like Getting Over It helped you spice up your video game collection! Comment down any more games you know that teach such valuable soft skills! Until next time, ciao!

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