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37 Top Spy Japanese Drama To Watch

Spy Japanese Drama to watch
Spy Japanese Drama to watch

Spy dramas are one of those categories which are basically enjoyed by the audience and fan following who love to watch the suspense of the story in the movie, which makes them think more and more. Well, when it comes to drama, which is kind of risky, and when we want to know the crazy story.

Spy dramas are the category in which the cast can be seen exploring another nation and company, where a character can be seen risking his life to get information out of either nation and company.

There are many storylines and plots where movies come with suspense and a risky plot, and there are many patriotic stories where one can see a policeman and an agent who goes from one country to another country to deal with secrets.

Top Spy Japanese Drama to watch

Top Spy Japanese Drama to watch

Well, here we have a long list of Japanese spy dramas where you can find yourself viewing them and thinking about what can happen next.

We would like to recommend viewers and readers find below the movies of interest that can be watched on their weekends and in their free time, so grab your favorite spot and popcorn bucket. It would be better if you had a subscription account to any of the popular OTT platforms like Netflix and Disney.


The Alive movie storyline starts with a scene when people outside start to get attacked and infected by zombies. Where Oh Joon-woo is by himself in his family’s flat. A neighbor enters while he is looking around the hallway of his flat.

Despite his pleading, he turns into a zombie and attacks Joon-woo. Joon-woo shoos him outside and shuts the door before peering through the peephole to see a huge zombie savagely attacking his neighbor. Then, Joon-woo gets texts from his family, assuring him that they are secure.

Alive 2020


Joon-woo uses his refrigerator to barricade his front entrance and publishes a plea for help on social networks. He discovers his neighborhood has now been overrun after mounting his phone to a drone to investigate the area. Joon-woo gradually loses access to telephone networks, the internet, or indoor plumbing even while the emergency electricity is kept on.

Joon-woo witnesses zombies killing a police officer outside evening. As a result of his shouts, a zombie breaks into the flat, topples the fridge, and destroys the food within. It is tricked into falling from the balcony Joon-woo.

In order to survive, he turns to alcohol, but because of both hunger and thirst, he has familial hallucinations. Joon-woo hears his family’s voicemail about their shelter being overrun as the phone system is briefly restored. He leaves the apartment to battle zombies out of wrath, but when a horde comes after him, he escapes and just manages to get back inside.

100 Yen Love 

Love for 100 Yen starts with Sikrtura Ando playing the lead role in Masaharu Take’s 2014 sports romantic drama 100 Yen Love portrayed by  Hyakuen no Koi. The movie’s Japanese debut took place in the year of 2014. as per the victory and win, this movie was chosen as Japan’s submission for the 88th Academy Awards’ Best Different Language Film category, although it did not receive a nomination. 

100 Yen Love 2014.

100 Yen Love

The storyline starts with the main character named, Ichiko, who is 32 years old and lives at home with her parents. The story shows that she spends her days engaging in self-indulgent goofy charm.

Another character named Fumiko, the younger sister of Ichiko, who recently got divorced, has returned with her little boy. After an especially contentious fight one day, Ichiko leaves the house permanently. Ichiko struggles to make ends meet and works the evening shift at a 100-yen store.

In short, the movie is all about the story of two sisters and how they tried to solve the mystery they were facing. It shows how they tried their best to determine what was important and what was not. They tried multiple jobs and wanted to survive with the little money they earned.

 Ninja Scroll 

The story begins with the main character named Yamashiro clan, also known as Yamashiro-han in the story. Viewers can see that the plot of the story mines gold covertly in Edo-period Japan and sends a consignment to the Toyotomi Shogun of the Dark.

Further, it can be seen that the goal of the main character, Shogun of the Dark, is to topple another character named Tokugawa Shogunate by purchasing cutting-edge Spanish weapons with gold.

Further in the storyline, it can be seen that the Eight Devils of Kimon, portrayed by Kimon Hachininsh, who is a supernatural ninja team working for the Yamashiro, massacre residents of the surrounding Shimoda Village in order to conceal the gold shipment after the ship goes aground into Mochizuki territory.

 Ninja Scroll (1993)

Ninja Scroll

The storyline of Ninja Scroll can be deduced from the fact that there is a main character who attempts to target a location called Mochizuki in order to gather important information for his own benefit, which might help him for future reference.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations 

The storyline begins with the main character named Han Ji-hoon, an attorney from the Seoul Central District who is transferred to the legal assistance office of the NIS after a failed attempt to indict Lee Chan-young.

Furthermore, the appointment of the chairman of Sangin Group can be seen. The story continues with Detective Yeom, who sends Ji-hoon to examine the NIS Shenyang branch. It is a highly classified black ops base linked to the North Korean response.

Director Yeom who sends Ji-hoon to examine the NIS Shenyang branch. It’s a branch that is a  highly-classified better black ops base linked with North Korean response. Ji Kang-in, the Black Team’s leader, poses as Samjin Travel Agency. In order to see how Ji-hoon will react after upsetting Kang-in by interfering with an investigation, Kang-in gets Ji-hoon falsely accused of drug and prostitution use.

Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022)

Yaksha Ruthless Operations

Well, the title of the movie itself indicates an operation that brings many ups and downs to the people and agents who are dealing with it in different terms. Well,  here is an operation that, for some reason, senior officers dropped and, after a while, was picked up again by a junior. Here is a story of drugs and prostitution, illegal activities, and then finding criminals.

Air Strike 

The story revolves all around the well-maintained Chinese Air Force’s valiant resistance against the Japanese occupation and invasion of China, which began with the Battle of Shanghai as well as Nanjing in the year 1937. After a while, the immense strength of the Imperial Japanese war machine destroyed Shanghai along with it, the capital of Nanjing.

The story revolves all-around well-maintained Chinese Air Force’s valiant resistance against the Japanese occupation and invasion of China, which began with the Battle of Shanghai as well as Nanjing in the year 1937. After a while, the immense strength of the Imperial Japanese military machine destroyed Shanghai along with its capital, Nanjing.

Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022)

Yaksha Ruthless Operations

The storyline is all about the war between china and japan, which results in an environment of conflict and horror in the eyes of all people who are living in the country. The plot continues with the dispatch of private agents who hid their identities and attempted to obtain private information from each other’s militaries in order to save their own country.

Rookie Agent Rouge 

The plot of the film begins with its lead character, Lan Yanzhi, played by Rouge, a wealthy Shanghai banker with a daughter who is also a student activist. In the story, she unintentionally acquires a letter from the Japanese Army in the era of 1937. Where further in the story, She is misidentified as a spy by Song Mian, who is a Kuomintang undercover officer.

She is misidentified as a spy by Song Mian, which is a Kuomintang undercover officer. The twist in the story comes when Yan Zhi consents to break into her best friend Feng Man’na’s house and work with Song Mian to find a shady traitor in order to establish her innocence.

Finding the spy turns Yan Zhi and Manna into bitter rivals as both become embroiled in the chaotic battle in Shanghai in the late 1930s era involving Japanese, Nationalists, and even Communists. Further in the story, there is a character named Aoki, who is the Japanese head spy and is unusually portrayed with a lot of sympathy.

Rookie Agent Rouge (2016)

Rookie Agent Rouge

Audiences can watch Rookie Agent Rouge through online OTT platforms, and now it is available and has been licensed by Netflix, so hurray to all audiences. The film has received positive public reviews and ratings, and it is good enough to be at the top of the list of Japanese dramas.

Texas to Bataan 

The storyline starts with a scene where the Range Busters, characters named Dusty, Davy, and Alibi, are chosen to transport the horses there. But before doing so, they arrest three spies who are trying to steal the horses.

They also discover that Cookie, known as the ranch cook, is a Japanese agent, though he gets to flee. They have dinner at a café in the Philippines when they run into German spies Cookie and Miller. By listening in on conversations, they discover that the Axis contact in the United States is Ken Richards, a local rancher in Texas.

The plot of the Texas to Bataan expedition progresses. After capturing Cookie and dismantling the spy network in the Philippines, they depart for Texas with the intention of settling their differences with Richards. Stor further goes on with they do so and are commended by the American government as the television announces the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the year 1941. They proceed to the closest enlistment office.

Texas to Bataan (1942)..

Texas to Bataan

In short, the plot revolves around a spy who wishes to steal private information from another country. The movie shows how risky it is to take the risk of life and move further with the area of the enemy, where anyone can kill you within seconds. Well, Texas to Bataan has gained a lot of popularity among suspense fans and has a good box office collection.

Black Dragon of Manzanar 

The storyline of Black Dragon of Manzanar starts with the main lead role as a Federal Agent named Rex Bennett, who is hired by the government to apprehend Japanese agents from the Black Dragon Society when they breach American borders.

In the storyline further, Bennett must work with a Chinese special agent named Chang Sing & British special spy named  Vivian Marsh to prevent the deadly paramilitary security chief. Another character named Oyama Haruchi is responsible for destabilizing the American war effort via destruction and corruption. This will help the United States win the battle.

Black Dragon of Manzanar (1966 TV Movie)

Black Dragon of Manzanar

The plot of Black Dragon of Manzanar takes place during World War II, and most of the scenes were shot under the influential category of “spies.”Where in the story, agents from both countries—that is, Japan and America—can be seen attempting to obtain information from each other. Agents and spies wanted to obtain private information while leaking official information.

Joker Game 

Joker Game is a popular drama series with a large fan base, but the catch is that it is written by an author. Koji Yanagi is the author of the Japanese book series Joker Games. Both a live-action movie and an anime TV show were influenced by it. The original script, Joker Game, was written by Koji Yanagi and had five stories.

It was released by Kadokawa Shoten in the year of  2008. The same thing occurred in the novels that came after Double Joker; this book included five stories that had previously been serialized in Yasei Jidai, as well as a real article called “Black Bird” and another that was supposed to appear. Five stories appeared in Paradise Lost.

Joker Game (2016).

Joker Game

The storyline revolves around the plot, which takes place in 1937 on the cusp of World War II and concerns a shadowy spy training organization designated as the “D Agency,” where the lead role and upper-level officer is Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, who is from the Imperial Japanese Army and founded the organization.

His values drive him to recruit individuals outside of military academies and troops while also developing them as great manipulators. These agents would develop into an operational team with specific knowledge. Jirou Gamou, one such antihero spy, embarks on a perilous quest to discover the “Black Notes” papers while fending off enemies both inside and outside of his own forces.

Seventh Code 

A young woman named Akiko, portrayed by Atsuko Maeda, travels to Vladivostok to meet another character named Matsunaga, portrayed by Ryohei Suzuki, who is a young entrepreneur. In the story, it can be seen that they have only ever met once in Tokyo. Finally, Akiko locates Matsunaga.

After a while, he departs once more, cautioning her not to put her trust in people she doesn’t know in a strange land. When she attempts to follow him, thugs attack her and throw her onto the outskirts of the city. If we look at the film’s history, it begins with a lead character named Atsuko Maeda, who stars in the 2013 Japanese action film Seventh Code, composed and directed by the well-known and popular Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

Seventh Code (2013)

Seventh Code

Here is a story of a brave girl and her bravery, where it can be seen how Matsunaga tried to escape and went into another country to get information. At first, it can be seen that it is scary and deadly to perform such an action, but with time, Matsunaga started connecting the dots and got to know the clear point of such events in her head.


The Japanese film Sekigahara is about the six-hour War of Sekigahara, which ended Japan’s Warring States period in 1600, and the political maneuverings that preceded it. It is an adaptation of Rytaro Shiba’s Sekigahara, published in 1966.

The storyline The movie starts with a scene that shows, After brief flashbacks to the morning of the fight and the current, Toyotomi Hideyoshi encounters a young shrine acolyte named “Sakichi” but, impressed by him, chooses to take him into his service.

In the course of serving his new ruler, Sakichi—who is actually Ishida Mitsunari—gains money and notoriety, as well as a sizable domain. Hideyoshi is dubbed the “talk” after uniting the majority of Japan.

Sekigahara (2017).


In the story, it can be seen that Mitsunari wanted to be in an affair and forgot about his wife and kids. The war has turned everyone’s life ups and downs. Which eventually results in many incidents that confuse and surprise the audience at the same time.

It can be seen that there are many scenes of spy agents where one agent is trying to steal private info that can harm them. The intentions of the spy agency can be more clear to the audience after watching Sekigahara movie.


Here the storyline of Onihi has a character named Hasegawa Heiz, also known as Hasegawa Nobutame as a full named, who was a historical figure and a Hitsuke Tzoku Aratamekata Chkan who eventually became involved with a government agency known as the Investigation Agency, where he specialized in theft, armed robbery, and arson.

Prior to becoming his father’s successor and becoming the chief of the special police that was in charge of investigating arson robberies in Edo, he began as a licensed libertine. He was taken to the Hasegawa family when he was only 17 years old because his father and legal wife had no children.

His stepmother made Heizo feel inferior, claiming he was a concubine’s son. He disobeyed her and left the house in a fit of rage. He rose to become “the hoodlums’ leader” and had a fast life.

Onihei (2017)


In a further story, it can be seen how Hasegawa has given training to the criminal and wants to get his agenda done. Onihei has won numerous awards and prizes for its storyline and the fantastic acting abilities of all cast members. It can be seen that the reviews and critics of the movie are genuine and also focused on improvement.

Genocidal Organs 

Genocidal Orbit started with a scene that defined the audience. Firstly, the narrative by which the most powerful democracies in the world changed into surveillance governments where each person is continually watched over, wired, and monitored after Sarajevo was devastated by a manufactured nuclear weapon.

While the industrialized nations of the globe reached this stage, several genocides took place in the emerging nations of the world. In around six to eight months, those developing nations changed from being peaceful to being completely destroyed, and all of the circumstances and the evidence pointed to a single suspect—an American who named himself, as per the script, John Paul.

To discover and kill John Paul, a US Special Forces officer named Clavis Shepherd and his group of highly skilled supersoldiers are tasked with the task. They are curious as to how one individual could bring about such devastation and death.

Genocidal Organs (2017)...

Genocidal Organs

The storyline further moved with a scene where the main lead, Clavis, is finally able to locate John Paul, who reveals that he has identified a “genocidal organ” that is inherently present in humans and that it can be activated by a string of words he refers to as the “genocide grammar.”

He reveals that in order to shield America as well as the remainder of the “First World” from terror and anger in the “Third World,” he utilized it to start extensive civil conflicts throughout the remainder of the world.

Clavis, unfazed, takes him into prison, only to watch him die during a murder committed by his own. They had been instructed to assassinate him to avoid the demise of the “peace” maintained by the surveillance governments.

After the Storm 

The storyline of After the storm starts with the main lead, Ryota, portrayed by Hiroshi Abe, who is fixated on his former success as a prize-winning novelist, spends all of his earnings as a private investigator on gaming and is unable to maintain his son or make a go of it.

In order to supplement his income, he either blackmails or offers his own services to the customers of the investigative business. He is given the opportunity to write for a manga series alongside a young artist, but he declines because of personal pride.

After the Storm (2016)

After the Storm

The story continues with a scene in which his elderly mother, Yoshiko, played by Kirin Kiki, appears to be continuing her pastimes with the neighborhood senior citizens after his father’s death.

Where Ryota discovers his sister named as Chinatsu, is constantly visiting their mother and feels she is taking advantage of her; he subsequently finds out their mother is using her social security to pay for his sister’s sister’s daughter’s current estimated skating training.

In return, his sister assumes Ryota approaches their mother to obtain money, and she tells a story about how their mother once successfully hid cash from their dad, a gambler, in an ancient hiding place. When Ryota investigates it later, he is happy to discover what he believes to be cash but is disappointed to find cardboard wrapped in a letter from his sister.

Owls’ Castle 

Owl castle is a movie which is directed by a Japanese director popularly known for his best movies Masahiro Shinoda. Here is the movie background, which has a ninja premise. It features Kiichi Nakai and also was co-written by Shinoda with Katsuo Naruse.

The plot of the story revolves around the renowned military leader Nobunaga Oda, who eliminated an assassination clan by executing every man, woman, and child he encountered in the town as he was expanding his control throughout Japan.

Decades earlier, one of the survivors hired a young, expert killer to exact revenge on those who killed his family and friends. His goal was to assassinate Japan’s emperor by breaking into the country’s most heavily secured fortress.

Owls' Castle (1999).

Owls’ Castle

In short, Nobunaga Oda can be seen as a controlling and cruel leader who wants things done his way. He desired certain changes in the town that might have an indirect impact on other natives, but he was unaware of them. He basically wanted to get his goal done and was also a mean leader who used the public to get what he wanted.


The storyline starts with a police detective, Kenichi Takabe, portrayed by Kji Yakusho and his mentally ill wife, Anna Nakagawa. Take looks into a string of odd killings where the same huge “X” is cut into the throat of each corpse, but the killer changes each time.

The murderers have always been apprehended nearby the crime scene, and while they quickly admit to perpetrating the murders, they never have a compelling reason for doing so and are unable to articulate their motivation.

Takabe and Sakuma, portrayed by Tsuyoshi Ujiki, who is a psychologist, ultimately come to the conclusion that one individual is the cause of all the murders because everyone he comes into contact with executes a murder soon after.

Cure (1997) (16)..


In the storyline, he claims that he has no memory of his past, and Mamiya frequently interrupts Takabe’s interrogation with evasive questions about Takabe’s identity. Take progressively loses his original composure as a result of this, and he almost goes nuts. His mentality begins to be affected by the futility of the case as he grows increasingly irrational and prone to violent outbursts of rage.

Takabe learns that Mamiya studied psychology and conducted research on hypnosis and mesmerism. He discovers that Mamiya is a master hypnotist who, rather than having memory problems, can instill criminal ideas in the minds of strangers by subjecting them to repeated noises, the motion of water, or the fire of a lighter.

14-sai no Haha

The storyline of the 14-sai no haha starts with a character named Miki Ichinose, who is a 14-year-old student and a vivacious and upbeat person. Another child named Satoshi Kirino is a 15-year-old boy with whom she is romantically involved.

They kept their relationship a secret from their families due to Miki’s youth and Satoshi’s demanding mother’s expectations for Satoshi to succeed academically and gain admission to a university so he could take over the family business.

One evening after a meeting, they secretly enter a treehouse to get married. Miki soon has a pregnancy suspicion and takes a urine sample, which her mother eventually discovers. She is brought to a doctor, who declares that she is pregnant.

14-sai no Haha 

14-sai no Haha

Here is a story of a girl and her overbearing mother, whom she wants to get rid of. She is also in a relationship and eventually becomes pregnant, which her mother discovers via a pregnancy test, and she gets into trouble. The story concludes with the baby’s acceptance, and her mother later decides to provide the same upbringing to her daughter’s child as she did to her.

200 Pounds of Beauty

The interesting plot of the story starts with a character named Hanna Kang, an obese part-time phone sex performer and a spirit singer for Ammy, a well-known pop artist who chooses to do the Mini Challenge rather than perform her old songs.

Another teenager named Sang-jun, who is a director whose haughty dad owns the record label Ammy is signed to, has an infatuation with Hanna. The storyline further goes with  One day, Sang-jun sends Hanna a piece of clothing with instructions to take it to his birthday celebration.

It was actually Ammy who said it because she wears the same thing intentionally to make Hanna feel bad. Then Hanna hears Ammy telling Sang-jun that although they are only using her for her vocals, they must be gentle with her so she won’t leave them while she is sobbing in the restroom. 

200 Pounds of Beauty...

200 Pounds of Beauty…

In the movie storyline, it can be sensed by the audience that Hanna is so stunning and slim after spending a year in isolation to recover from the operation and weight loss that indeed her best friend who is Jung-min, initially fails to recognize her.

She re-auditions for Ammy’s covert vocalist position but ends up with her own recording contract. Ammy worries that if her second movie’s release is delayed, her secret of not being able to sing will be revealed.

Time spent with Hanna’s father, who is in the hospital due to Alzheimer’s, helps her urgently try to locate Hanna, but Sang-jun tells her to stop and threatens to cancel her agreement if she doesn’t.

In short audience and viewers can get a conclusion where in the story it can be seen the level of body shaming among college students. It is obvious how dangerous it is to find yourself in situations where you do not fit in with society.

A Town and a Tall Chimney

The storyline of the movie starts with the son of a landowner who resides in a picturesque town. A mining engineer warns him of the dangers associated with the smoke pollution from the nearby community of Hitachi Mine.

Additionally, it is discovered that his grandfather, portrayed by Nakadai Tatsuya, gave permission to mine 30 years ago. Sekine resolves to fight against air pollution instead of pursuing his dream of becoming an ambassador.

A Town and a Tall Chimney...

A Town and a Tall Chimney

In the name of economic development, industrialization is destroying entire regions. The air in the farming community of X in the Ibaraki Prefecture is so filthy that the crops in the fields wither, and breathing is impossible due to the thick fumes.

However, in the story, Saburo, who is the village elder’s grandson, can no longer tolerate this and organizes the peasants’ opposition. He discovers a surprising friend in Junpei, the enthusiastic Hitachi employee, and the two of them strive to find a solution to save the hamlet.

Laundry Cleaning

The storyline starts with the main character, Yakumo Miko, who unfortunately lost her father when she was only five years old. After Miko’s mother vanished the following year. When Miko was 18, her grandmother passed away, and she was no longer living with her.

She isolates herself socially. Another cast as Ikazuzi Goro, her maternal uncle, suddenly shows up one day. He arranges for Miko to have a place to reside as well as a place where she may work part-time. Room laundry is one of her side jobs. Miko notices spirits soon after starting her job.

She tries to ease the concerns of the ghosts residing in the rooms. Ikazuzi Goro informs Miko that because her mother could see ghosts, it had an impact on her. He is tasked with finding Miko’s mother.

Laundry Cleaning

Laundry Cleaning

Further, we can understand in the story that as part of her “room laundering” duties, Miko Yakumo, portrayed by Elaiza Ikeda, keeps working. She is battling to put an end to the spirits’ concerns in the room. Whereas Akito Nijikawa’s portrayed by Kentaro Itowith, whom she is in a romantic relationship with, Miko Yakumo, is also growing.

Well, it is an interesting story that revolves around ghosts and a girl. Here in the story, ghosts are always there in the room to disturb her, but she tries to ignore them so she can continue with the stuff she is doing.

Another world

As mentioned in the title of the movie that it is something about another world, as in the story, a little spirit saved unharmed from humans will never remember the innocent little child who died as a result of an indelible sin.

They cross paths in a different universe where nothing has changed. As their love for one another grows, the little ghost is hesitant to take the young girl to leave the other realm and enter reincarnation. It is a sweet-flavored melancholy tale that makes you think about dying, overcoming obstacles, and rebirth.

Another world

Another world

In short, the story is all about reincarnation, guilt, and love, where a spirit finds a boy whose innocence made him think twice and which, after, gives birth to reincarnation.

The story is interesting to everyone, but it is even more enjoyable to watch with friends who are more into spirits and ghost stories or who enjoy horror movies. Another World has done well at the box office over the years. It is obvious that movies must have gotten good reviews along with negative reviews too. 

Beautiful Life 

When Shuji & Kyoko cross paths at a crossroads one day on their motorcycles, they have a brief fight about Kyoko’s riding. However, at the library where Kyoko works, they are interested in one another.

Kyoko is being wheeled around by Shuji. They got acquainted that way. Shuji never considers Kyoko as a crippled person, so when they start talking, she feels respected. She waits for Shuji to arrive at the library as her emotions gradually shift.

Shuji is a hairdresser at the well-known HOT LIP salon. The owner advises Shuji and Satoru to locate a cut pattern on their own and that he will select the greatest haircut when a fashion magazine requests the salon to pick its best cut for an editorial.

Shuji finally decides to ask Kyoko to model for his cut. She initially declines, scared about both her looks and her disability, but Shuji reassures her that he will remove all barriers for her, so she need not worry.

Beautiful Life 2000.

Beautiful Life

Kyoko is embarrassed when she sees Shuji’s hairstyle, even though it was picked for the magazine. Everybody believes the magazine selected Shuji’s design due to the “impact” it has, not because Kyoko was in a wheelchair in the photograph. Sachie quickly informs Kyoko, though, that she shouldn’t worry about her looks.

In the above lines, one can assume that it is a basic love story, but in fact, it is not. Here, one person is affable, and another person is supportive towards her as a supportive stranger, which makes it more than a love story. We would recommend this movie to all the hopeless romantics out there; it might give you an idea of what love might look like.

Black Cinderella 

A storyline where the plot starts with a 17-year-old high school student named Kamiya Manaha who lacks self-confidence. She has, however, always had the ambition to compete in the Miss Seiran Competition, which selects the school’s most attractive students.

Manaha, who considers herself mediocre, decides to take the opportunity and enter the competition. Manaha encounters Shimamura Sora, a mysterious transfer student, and Tachibana Keigo, who is a charming narcissist, while getting ready for the competition. 

Black Cinderella ...

Black Cinderella

The twist in the story comes when Kamiya Manaha is convinced that she is an ordinary person who would not fit in the beauty pageant she has always wanted to enter.

She does, however, accept the invitation and finally enters that she is an ordinary person who would not fit in the beauty pageant she has always wanted to enter. She does, however, accept the invitation and finally enters.

However, a mishap makes Manaha relapse into self-hatred. Well, Moreso is a typically romantic drama that revolves around teenagers who are trying their best to find out what life will bring them. We would like to recommend Black Cinderella to all teenagers who want to know their true worth and how much it matters to find true passion in life.

Avalanche 2021

In the story, the fear becomes real among the rich and corrupt people who have a lot of cash and are now afraid of the Avalanche group. They are afraid because they are powerful together and can steal all of the money from them in a planned robbery which no one knows when can happen.

It can happen in a blink of an eye. The fear is real among the people about this group which is causing danger in a few places in japan. This puts pressure on the police administration, and even the cops are powerless to help. We strongly recommend Avalanche to all suspense fans out there.

Avalanche 2021

Avalanche 2021

Indeed, if you are a big fan of Netflix movies, this is another perfect fit for you to watch with your friends who share the same taste. It is a robbery that will make you wonder how a group of a few people can do this.

Battlefield Baseball 

The storied Koshien Stadium Championship is the goal of every high school baseball club. Seido High School has a shot for the very first time in many years thanks to star player Gorilla Matsui, who has actually given the squad a chance at success.

Principal Kocho is elated about this possibility the most. The very first game would be played against the Gedo High School, who are notorious for ruthlessly killing all of their rivals, the Head Teacher announces to him. Instantaneously, Kocho loses all hope—for the lives of his kids and for winning the contest.

Battlefield Baseball 2003....

Battlefield Baseball

Megane, Seido’s hapless catcher, often known as “Four Eyes” because of his glasses, gets cornered by a group of banned students while attempting to retrieve a stray ball. Jubeh, a recently transferred student, shows up and protects Four Eyes from the group.

Kocho observes Jubeh defeat the head of the dropouts, Bancho, in a game of “fighting baseball.” Kocho, who is impressed, urges Jubeh to rejoin the baseball, but Jubeh declines since he made a commitment. However, Bancho makes a comeback and joins the team when Jubeh’s blows heal the wounds that kept him from competing.

In a nutshell, it’s a love story and a friendship story centered on a baseball game. Where players find friends, love, competition, and passion all at the same pace, so here audience can find them doing and adjusting to life, whether it is personal or professional.

Black Kousoku 

Black Kousoku is all about a high school girl, and Sora feels almost completely invisible at school. Even though Chuya, Sora’s friend, is very different from him in personality and does strange and shocking things, they both share a crush on Kio.

Further, the target of their desire has brown hair and won’t really change it. Therefore, she won’t go to school. In their pursuit of her, they take a stance opposing their school’s absurd standards, which demand that all pupils have black hair.

Soraku has a classy appearance at a high school, while Nakaya is a tune. To challenge the “black school regulations” of the high school that values discipline, two people who are in opposition to one another create a figure.

Black Kousoku 2019.

Black Kousoku 

Here in the storyline of the movie, the audience and viewers can relate to the school group that is really active and fond of rules and regulations. Here are the rules that are made only for certain students to maintain discipline among themselves

Discipline is very important in life to obtain the concept that consistency is another key to it. We would like to recommend Black Kousoku to all students who are into school and college politics.

Black Lizard 1968

Sanae Iwase, the daughter of jeweler Shobei Iwase, serves as a club hostess. Another character named Sanae is introduced to Yamakawa, a young entrepreneur from Tokyo, by Mrs. Midorikawa during her trip. He tried to kidnap Sanae & stuff her into a trunk when they went to his room to gaze at an engagement doll.

Black Lizard 1968..

Black Lizard

According to Detective Akechi, Black Lizard persuaded Junichi Amamiya, a despondent man, to abduct Sanae under the guise of Yamakawa. Having this suspicion, Akechi sends his men to pursue Amamiya, and he is fortunate to rescue Sanae. Mrs. Midorikawa is actually Black Lizard, according to Akechi. Black Lizard disguises himself as a man in order to get out of the hotel undetected.

In short, the storyline revolves around the kidnapping of a girl named Shobei, which becomes a serious case for the police to solve, and after a while, the police become active and want to solve the case for justice. It is more suspenseful and mysterious to watch a drama like Black Lizard.

Close-Knit 2017

11-year-old Tomo Ogawa is a mistreated child. She shares a tiny apartment with her single, negligent mother, who deserts her when she develops feelings for another man. When that occurs, Tomo relocates to her uncle Makio’s home.

The difference this time is that Makio is living with his transsexual partner, Rinko. The turmoil that plays out in an unorthodox household and Tomo’s support of LGBT individuals are both depicted in the movie.

Close-Knit 2017....


Close-knit is a storyline that depicts the emotion and living of transgender identity in society, and the writer and producer of the film emphasize the importance of understanding people’s identities.

The film also shows the LGBTQ community and how it supports the rights of different identity groups. We would like to recommend this movie to all the people who are still fighting for their real identities to come out in society.


The storyline of the confession revolves around the main character, Yuko Moriguchi, a junior high school teacher who tells her disrespectful, boisterous students that she will be quitting before spring vacation.

She goes on to say that she used to take Manami, her fourth daughter, and his husband, who is HIV positive and requires medical attention. Manami was discovered dead in the school’s swimming pool one day.

Manami’s things included a little bunny purse that Yuko discovered was missing, prompting her to interrogate one of her pupils, Shuya Watanabe. Here another student, Shuya, quickly acknowledged killing Manami and made fun of her sympathetic response by saying, “Just kidding.”

Confessions 2010


The real twist comes when audiences learn that it is a psychological thriller about a heartbroken mother who becomes a cold-blooded assassin with a complex plot to exact revenge on those who killed her daughter. It is a brutal revenge by a mother on the killers who murdered her daughter. She planned a murder because she wanted to punish the killers at any cost.

More like the thriller, it is a fair story where a mother fights for revenge and justice for what happened to her personal life; where she is not seeking justice from the government, but she goes for it to fight for her own justice.  

Death Note 

The intriguing plot begins when Light Yagami discovers the Death Note, a notebook with the ability to kill, and decides to rid the world of offenders, sparking a conflict between the two greatest minds in history.

Light Yagami, a brilliant university student who despises criminality and corruption, is incredibly clever. When he finds a strange notebook, known as the “Death Note,” on the ground, his life is drastically changed.

According to the directions for the Death Note, if a human’s name is written inside of it, that individual will pass away. Light initially doubts the Death Note’s veracity, but after playing around with it, Light comes to believe it.

Death Note 2006 (30).

Death Note 2006

Interpol and a mysterious detective going by the name “L” are soon interested in the increasing number of unusual murders of reputed criminals. L figures out right away that the murderer, known as Kira, is in Japan.

L also comes to the conclusion that Kira is capable of killing others without touching them. A psychic “cat and mouse” battle between Light and L starts when he understands that L will be his biggest enemy. Death note is also available in the anime version, which is with the same plot. Here is a writer’s imaginative approach to justice and more.

Ie Uru Onna

The storyline of Ie Uru Onna, a Japanese drama, starts with a scene where excellent real estate agent Machi Sangenya will go above and beyond for her clients, even if it means meeting their relatives and resolving their personal issues, in order to sell them a house.

Furthermore, the plot can be understood by understanding that housing sales are extremely competitive for only four years till Tokyo hosts the 2020 Summer Games. At this point, Sangenya Machi, the main lead, a top-notch real estate agent, shows up.

Thirty years old, single, and nice in looks. Machi needs to make a buy. Machi has a special strategy to persuade her clients to purchase houses.

2016 Ie Uru Onna.

Ie Uru Onna.

As part of her distinctive approach, she engages in the issues that her clients’ families are facing. She then resolves their issues. All of Machi’s clients buy homes from her thanks to her clever methods.

Machi, the main character in this story, is greedy in her business and wants to get what she wants at any cost. Here she is really competitive, and she wants to sell her house for a good amount. Ie Uru Onna received good reviews from the audience for the acting skills of the cast and for the plot line.

Risou no Kareshi 

Here in the story, we have our main character, Onodera Yumeko, who is a competent professional who works for a startup, yet she shabbily maintains her home. She expects her lover to propose but instead gets a surprise breakup.

Well, Her world is turned upside down when she encounters a mysterious man who resembles her first. Her world is turned upside down when she encounters a mysterious man who resembles her first love.

Onodera Yumeko may appear intelligent from the outside, but when it comes to housework and appearance, she is a complete disaster. Yumeko is extremely awkward in relationships and constantly fantasizes about her high school first love, whom she still considers the perfect man. Yumeko continues to run into one problem after another.

Risou no Kareshi 2022.

Risou no Kareshi

The plot then shifts to how her junior coworker misled her and how the boyfriend she thought would marry her ended up splitting up with her. Yumeko experiences heartbreak, but she then meets a young man who is an exact replica of her first love, and the course of her everyday life alters dramatically.

Risou no Kareshi is a total package of all the mixtures of love, romance, friendship, competition, and office life, where “move” depicts how Onoder tried her best to go ahead and solve all of the problems that life threw at her.


Nobuko Oba is certain that her aspirations of finding love and pursuing a career will come true so long as she loses weight. She receives a task to interview the shop’s new pastry shopkeeper for a feature story once she meets her weight goal and is employed by a famous fashion publication.

Nobuko is forced to choose between her ideal identity and her passion for cooking. It is more like a comedic story about a woman trying to move on from a breakup. Sadly, she only dates guys that make her self-confidence even worse.

Nippon TV broadcasts the Japanese rom-com drama tv show Rebound. Where the main lead  Saki Aibu, who weighs 85 kg and wears special cosmetics, performed the starring part. It may be found on Crunchyroll.

Rebound 2011.


As we can see, the story is about a passionate girl named Nobuka who is dealing with her body image and the pressure society places on her to be slim. Apart from it, she wants to be a chef, and her love for cooking can be seen in the movie.


The storyline starts with the show’s premise: KARA is a for-hire criminal assassin whose missions call for her to make the men she targets fall in love with her rather than kill them.

Every week, they are given a new target by an enigmatic employer; they may be powerful politicians, kabuki performers, or regular salarymen, and they will employ whatever means necessary to achieve their objective. But because of their lack of experience with love, they encounter a number of issues while on their assignments.

URAKARA 2011..


In the film, we see the five characters played by members of the well-known South Korean girl group. The drama revolves around the Kara group. Five girls who share the same identity and name as Kara perform like them on missions centered around love.

Here Urakara comes with a plot where a group of five girls with the same have a target to complete, But the twist comes when they fall in love with the target they want to kill. Urakara makes an image in the cinema world of japan, where people appreciate their work and talent on screen.

Winter Sonata

In an effort to find his biological dad, Joon Sang transfers to a new high school. In the story, Although Sang Hyuk aspires to be more than a friend, Yu Jin views Sang Hyuk as a brother. While Yu Jin and Sang Hyuk are close schoolmates, as they grow closer, she softens his hard heart. But fate and circumstance predict that their love will never be realized. They suddenly lose him from their life.

Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata

The former high school friends reunite ten years later to commemorate the impending nuptials of Yu Jin and Sang Hyuk. The twist in the story is that Joon Sang was the love of Yu Jin’s life. Joon-sang, portrayed by Bae Yong-Joon, the son of a well-known singer, moves to Chuncheon, a rural South Korean city, at the start of the narrative.

Ikemen Desu Ne 

The storyline starts with a brave girl named Miko, a 20-year-old woman. She is honest but tends to make mistakes. She resided at an asylum with her twin brother named Mio Sakuraba, ever since her musician father passed away. She is currently a nun in training at a monastery.

However, because her brother is abroad, a mysterious man by the name of Mabuchi begs her to join the band. Once she agrees, the plot begins to involve more characters and develop into something greater than a love triangle.

Ikemen Desu Ne 2011.....

Ikemen Desu Ne 

Further in the story audience can create it. There is a love triangle in the movie and most likely some heartbroken stories, too, which lead to broken people by heart at the end of the story.

Miko, in the story, is dealing with family issues; she lost her father and is now living with his brother in an orphanage. The film has received many positive reviews for the cast’s acting abilities, and it also shows how difficult life is for an orphanage whose residents try their hardest to survive.

 Gibo to Musume no Blues

Here in the story, the plot line gives us a view from the perspective of a father of an 8-year-old daughter named Miyamoto Ryoichi.

In the end, proposes to the woman of his life and marries Akiko Iwaki, who is a 32-year-old lady with a focus on her profession. It occurs when a career-driven woman who has never before been a parent must now assume additional responsibilities as a stepmother.

Akiko Iwaki is a professional who puts a lot of effort into her work. The story further explains that Ryoichi Miyamoto, who has a daughter, is the man she marries. Akiko is now responsible for caring for her stepdaughter and doing chores.

2018 Gibo to Musume no Blues..,

Gibo to Musume no Blues

The story revolves around a father and husband named Akiko Iwaki, who is 32 years old. A career-driven lady accepts Miyamoto’s marriage proposal. In the story, his story of life goes into a deep hole when he realizes he is married to the wrong woman who doesn’t support him and her daughter. He can be seen in the movies doing chores and dealing eth the upbringing of his kid alone.

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