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31 Best Investigation Korean Movies To Watch

31 best investigation korean movies

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1. The Chase

This thriller crime drama revolves around a headstrong detective named Park Pyung-Dal. He spent 30 years of his life looking for a serial killer on the loose. But he couldn’t catch up to him. Now it’s been 30 years, and shockingly, multiple murder cases have been filed in the same vicinity. The story takes a different turn when detective Pyung-Dal stumbles upon a man named Sim Duk-Soo. Since he withdrew from his work, ex-detective Pyung-Dal asked for help from Duk-Soo. He’s been in the neighborhood for a very long time, so he knows everything in detail. This drama is surely one of the best Investigation Korean movies.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Chase

2. Blind

Blind revolves around the story of a blind woman named Min Soo-Ah. In this movie, you’ll find her going through multiple struggles after giving her testimony in a hit-and-run case. In her early days, Min Soo-Ah was known as an optimistic student working to join the police force. But she met with an accident and lost her brother as well as her eyesight. This movie talks about a person who’s probably involved in two cases.

A female student’s missing case and a hit and run case both had similar possibilities. As witnesses, Min Soo-Ah and Kwon Ki Sub were called. Even though she is blind, she gave her statements with utmost proximity and revealed many important points from the scene. But on the other hand, Ki-Sub provided contrasting statements. This, in turn, caused a lot of confusion. But as time moved on, Min-So Ah had to face the killer.

31 best investigation korean movies


3. A Hard Day

A Hard Day talks about the struggles of a Detective named Go Geon-Soo. One day while he was attending his mother’s funeral, he got a call from the police station claiming a search. His department was charged under a bribery case. So he left the funeral and rushed to the station. On his way, he accidentally crashes a man with his car. Geon-Soo checks upon him, but unfortunately, he’s dead. Afraid of getting convicted for hit and run and manslaughter, he decided to bury the corpse in his mother’s grave. What would the detective do if a witness gave his testimony?

31 best investigation Korean movies

A Hard Day

4. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil revolves around the story of a coalition between a gangster and a cop to find a serial killer. One day, Jung Tae-Suk, a police officer, comes across the corpse of a man in a hit and run case. Since he is a very experienced cop, he talks about this to his seniors claiming it to be the work of a serial killer. But nobody believes him. The same man tries to crash and kill a Gangster named Jang Dong-soo while he was on his way home. The hit and run were so obvious because the stranger specifically wanted to kill him. But eventually, both of them get into a huge fight, and this results in a lot of injuries.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

5. Extreme Job

Extreme Job revolves around the story of five different officers from the narcotics and drug department. Together as a team, these individuals crackdown a case related to drugs and criminal activities. But for this, they have to keep this mission very confidential. They immediately begin their work in a chicken restaurant. But things take a different turn when the restaurant becomes very popular because of them. Now, these officers are stuck in a very difficult situation.

31 best investigation Korean movies

Extreme Job

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6. Veteran

Veteran revolves around the story of a ruthless and cold-hearted Detective Seo Do-Cheol and the greedy young millionaire Jo Tae-oh. Do-Cheol is well-known for his headstrong behavior when it comes to finding the truth. He cracks a huge case related to a criminal organization, but throughout his investigation, he comes across a whole new angle. SEO digs out the involvement of Jo Tae-oh- the heir to Sinjin Group. It becomes pretty easy for him to escape these allegations with his money and reach. Now Seo has to bring out his involvement in the light.

31 best investigation Korean movies


7. The Vanished

The Vanished talks about the story of a woman named Yoon Seol-Hee. She suddenly died, and her body was stolen out of nowhere from an investigation institute. Her husband Jin-Han claims to have poisoned her with a new kind of drug that he did experiments on. But its effect can be stopped with the use of illegal drugs. So while Detective Woo Joong-Sik is busy looking for clues for her corpse’s disappearance, Park Jin-Han is scared that she is still alive. Storylines like this movie make us even more inquisitive. That’s why vanished is included in the 31 best investigation Korean movie list.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Vanished

8. Dark Figure Of Crime

Dark Figure Of Crime is based on a true story. It revolves around a detective named Kim Hyung-Min in Busan and Kang Tae-O, who’s arrested for killing his girlfriend. Hyung Min was always inclined towards solving cases rather than getting fame. In a restaurant, he meets up Tae oh- an informant. He informs him about the body he buried after someone paid him to do that. But after proper investigation, things were pretty clear that he killed his lover.

A few months later. Tae approached Kim and confessed to him about six other murders. He also told him to help him because other detectives had fabricated his case. Kim promises him to do so, and after finding out about all the other murder cases, he also proves that his previous case was fabricated. Even though Kim trusted him, Tae betrayed him. But in the end, Kang is convicted of all the murders and punished with life imprisonment.

31 best investigation Korean movies

Dark Figure Of Crime

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9. Believer

Believer revolves around the concept of the drug war. It talks about the story of an unidentified man named Lee, who’s responsible for selling illicit drugs in various organizations. Since there is no proof of his existence, many people pretend to be him. As time moves on, Detective Won-Ho works with his former group member Rak and finally catches the actual Mr. Lee – the boss of Asia’s biggest drug ring. This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation Korean movies


10. Door Lock

Door Lock talks about the story of a very normal girl named Kyung Min. Since she started to work, she lived all by herself in her apartment. Everything was going fine at first until one day she noticed that her door lock would be left open sometimes. This is a scary experience for someone who’s living alone, so she decides to change the password for her door look. Things started to be good for her from thereon.

However, one day as she was about to go to sleep, she heard someone trying to open her front door. Scared to death, Kyung Min calls the police. But they didn’t show any kind of interest in her case and shrugged it off, calling it a mere coincidence. However, Kyung realizes that she’s not safe and decides to figure out everything by herself. She finds some fingerprints, cigarette buds, and many other small clues through which she understands that there is someone in her house.

31 best investigation Korean movies

Door Lock

11. The Drug King

The Drug King revolves around the story of Lee Doo-Sam in the 1970s. He started working as a normal drug dealer, and later, he turned on to become the lord of drug dealing. He started his work by smuggling items like gold and watches. Gradually, the law started to look for clues and caught Doo-sam, but he pretended to be his boss and served his time in the prison.

After he stepped out of prison, he started dealing and manufacturing heavy drugs. Lee began expanding his organization and joined many wealthy and powerful people. Moreover, he even gained a heavy addiction to a very strong drug. In his journey, he meets a man named Kim In-Goo, and he targets Lee as his main catch because many dealers took bribes from him.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Drug King

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12. The Witness

The Witness revolves around a man named Han Sang-Hoon, one day, while he was about to sleep, he heard the painful cries of a woman and decided to peek outside the window. While he was trying to figure out what exactly happened, he saw a man chasing and hitting a woman.  Before Sang-Hoon could step back inside, the man saw him, and they looked at each other for a second.

Still scarred by the fact, Sang-Hoon did not inform about this to anyone, and the woman’s corpse was found the next day.  Apart from the police, there was a detective named Jang Jae-Yeop, he investigated the case, this is how he got to know about another man, who gave his testimony for the case and was found dead the next day. Now, what will Sang-Hoon do to protect himself and his family?

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Witness

13. Revenger

Revenge revolves around the story of an ex-detective named Yool. For a very long time, he longed for vengeance for the murder of his loved ones. One day, he decides to take revenge and arrives in a very isolated place, an island where the whole place works as a prison for criminals that commit hideous and brutal crimes. How will he get revenge for the deaths of his innocent family? This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation Korean movies


14. Wretches

Wretches revolve around the story of a young high school student who was urgently admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with pesticides in his body. A boy named Yang-Hoon decides to take over everything since the most popular boy is hospitalized. This, in turn, becomes a huge mistake by him, and he harasses many other students, including Jae-Young. One day, Yang-Hoon becomes too attracted to a girl named Yeri because she’s similar to his previous crush Bo-Young and he had been infatuated with her from the very first day. So he makes Jae-Young follow her and get all the details. As he is often bullied by him, he had to listen to him to avoid severe harassment and bullying.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Wretches

15. The Villagers

The Villagers revolve around the disappearance of a young high school student. The movie starts with a former boxing trainer named Yeok Gi-Cheol, who moved to the countryside school as a physical education teacher. But the actual reason behind this is the missing female student. Apart from him, her friend, Yu-Jin, is always concerned about her. Where is she? And how will they find her?

31 best investigation korean movies

The Villagers

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16. Snatch Up

Snatch Up revolves around the story of a man named Min-Jae who’s in desperate need of money for his mother’s operation. He successfully gets his money through his deposit, but the rude and cold-hearted Baek takes his money and gives it to a gangster. Baek is entangled in a lot of debt with the gangster, so he decides to get him assassinated. He hires a killer and gives him a gun too. But the gun accidentally reaches Min-Jae. This story is a complete blend of action and twists. Three men are entangled together for a gun and a bag full of money.

31 best investigation korean movies

Snatch Up

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17. Youngju

Young-Ju revolves around the story of a young girl named Young-Ju. Everything was happy and fine for her until she lost her parents in a car accident. Even though she was heavily depressed, Young-ju had to support herself and her younger brother. So she decided to work as a part-timer. The sudden death of her guardians took a huge toll on her, and this caused a lot of problems for her. Mentally and financially, she was completely ambushed. She wanted to know the reasons behind her parents’ death.

31 best investigation korean movies


18. Deja Vu

Deja Vu revolves around the story of a woman who encountered a life-threatening incident. Things were going really well until Ji-min and her boyfriend Woo Jin went for a ride, and on their way, Woo Jin accidentally crashed his car onto a woman. Before they could do anything, the woman was dead. They leave her corpse on the road and run off. At first, things were okay, but soon, she started visualizing that woman’s face everywhere she went. Immersed in her guilt, she decides to file a complaint and talks to a detective about this. But, things take a different turn when she is informed that nobody was declared dead that night.

31 best investigation Korean movies

Deja Vu

19. The Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos

The Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos talks about the story of a detective named Oh Gu-Tak’s struggle to find world-class criminals that escaped from the police transporting vehicle. The vehicle goes through an accident and is completely turned over. This resulted in these prisoners’ escape. Apart from this, they even had people who worked for gangsters. Now the cops have to come up with a new strategy to catch the prisoners. This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos

20. Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Svaha: The Sixth Finger revolves around religious conspiracies. Pastor Park comes across a religious cult group named Deer Mountain and decides to expose them because of their illegal acts of killing people while they pose as religious groups. Park is a man with the utmost respect for Buddhism. On the other hand, the cops are desperately looking for a member of this cult group because he is suspected of murdering a girl whose body was found inside the cement.

31 best investigation Korean movies

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

21. Bad Police

Bad Police has also known as Jo Pil-Ho: The Dawning Rage. The story revolves around a corrupt homicide detective. Since his money is stuck in a real estate deal, he tries to steal money from the police station warehouse with his informant. But the warehouse blows up after they’ve entered kill his informant and this, in turn, makes Jo unconscious. He soon stumbles upon a young girl named Mi-na, and she claims that his informant sent her a video that can help him to clear his name. This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation korean movies

Bad Police

22. The Accidental Detective

The Accidental Detective revolves around the story of a normal man named Kang Dae-Man, whose life is opposite on the outside. Apart from working and running a book store, he also happens to be a person who loves to write blogs about criminal cases. Whenever he would pass from the police station, he often interfered in their interrogations and cases. One of the most prominent detectives named Noh Tae-Soo hates him like anything. Soon the tables are turned when Dae-Man’s good friend and detective Noh’s partner is arrested and suspected of murder. So he teams up with Detective Noh and solves the case.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Accidental Detective

23. The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

The Accidental Detective 2 is the sequel of The Accidental Detective. This movie revolves around three characters. Kang Dae-Man, Noh Tae-Soo and Yeo-chi. The book store owner has finally come up as a detective after selling his store and opening up an investigation bureau. Noh Tae-soo has finally retired from his post, and now he works in Dae-man’s agency. Together they work with Yeo-chi, the cyber specialist. At first, they work for trivial cases like finding missing pets or cheating. But one day, they receive a huge case wherein a lady steps in and asks them to find reasons behind her fiance’s death. This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

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24. Bluebeard

Bluebeard revolves around the story of Byun Seung-Hoon’s disturbing encounter with series of murders. He is a physician, and after a long time, he finally decided to open a colonoscopy clinic in Seoul. But it failed miserably, and he lost everything. As time moved on, everything began to fall on track. Seung-Hoon started working at his friend’s hospital in Seoul. One day, his sedated patient confesses to murdering his victims, and soon everything turns upside down when Seung-Hoon is suspected of committing different murder cases after a woman’s body is discovered. Moreover, it is connected to all the other murder cases.

31 best investigation korean movies


25. Confidential Assignment

Confidential Assignment revolves around the story of two different detectives named Im Chul-Ryung and Kang Jin-tae from North and South Korea. Chul-ryung reaches a warehouse where fake money is printed. So at the warehouse, many of his team members are killed, and Chul flees to South Korea. He has to get his senior back to North Korea because he was the reason behind the printing of fake money. While he is in Seoul, everybody agrees to help him because he’s only provided with three days for his mission. But nobody trusts him. That’s when another detective named Kang Jin – Tae is appointed to keep an eye on him.

31 best investigation Korean movies

Confidential Assignment

26. The Outlaws

The Outlaws revolve around the story of a gangster from China named Jang Chen. This story is based on true events from the Heuksapa Incident in 2007. Jang Chen is a loan shark that works in Seoul’s Chinatown area. He works along with two of his men, and they will opt for any method for acquiring money. The story takes a different turn when the detective Ma Seok-do enters the scene. He’s known for keeping stability. So, Seok-do has to maintain the same peace while two bloodthirsty gangs try to take over their land. This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation korean movies

The Outlaws

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27. My First Client

My First Client revolves around the story of a lawyer Jung Yup, who finds a young little girl named Da-Bin while working at a childcare center. Even though she placed a complaint about her stepmother harassing and hitting her, nobody gives attention to her words. Since he couldn’t do anything, he started spending more time with Da Bin and her younger brother Min-Joon. They would visit the center every day. Jung Yup was well aware that their stepmother hated them a lot. But there wasn’t anything that he could do to help her. One day he left without any indication because he found a job in a law firm. That’s when things became strange, as he got to know that Min-Joon is dead and Da-Bin is the main suspect.

31 best investigation Korean movies

My First Client

28. Phantom Detective

Phantom Detective revolves around the story of a young and ambitious detective named Hong Gil Dong. He’s known for his exemplary memory, but he works in an agency that’s not authorized. His main goal is to get Kim Byeong-Dul because he is the reason behind his mother’s death, and since then, Gil-dong has gained a very strong memorizing ability. But he learns that Kim is kidnapped and he has to find him. Soon, Gil-dong understands that he has to fight against Gu-group and prevent them from performing a genocide.

31 best investigation korean movies

Phantom Detective

29. The Wailing

The Wailing talks about the story of a quiet and happy village that never encountered any crime. But suddenly, this village was mysteriously taken over by series of brutal murders. Without any research or confirmation, the cops are pretty sure that the reason for death is mushroom poisoning. Everybody had their doubts about an old man that lived around the outskirts of the village. So the cops began to investigate, and soon they found a witness. As time moves on, officer Jong Goo notices that his daughter has the same problems that all the other people had. This creates a huge doubt in his mind, and he heads out to his main house, that’s situated somewhere in the mountain. However, after finding his place, he comprehends that his daughter is going through an exorcism. This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation Korean movies

The Wailing

30. Forgotten

Forgotten revolves around the story of a young man named Jin-Seok. He had a strange encounter with a man who looks like his brother, but in reality, he is not. The movie moves on with him moving to a new place with his family. Everything was going well until his brother got kidnapped, and after 19 days, he mysteriously returned home without any sign of trauma. Apart from this, he doesn’t even remember anything that happened to him. Things become very strange for him when he begins to hear strange murmuring voices from a closed room that they never planned on opening. Because it was stored with all the things of the previous homeowners. Since his brother had a bizarre change to his behavior, Jin-Seok decides that he will find out the truth behind his brother’s kidnapping.

31 best investigation korean movies


31. Chronicles Of Evil

Chronicles Of Evil talks about a Detective named Choi and his accidental murder.  Happy with his new promotion. Chief Choi has been waiting for this advancement for a very long time. Everything took a different turn after he accidentally murdered a taxi driver, who tried to pull a knife on him. To protect his identity and to get the promotion, he keeps this a secret and decides to cover up the crime. The next day, the media reported the case, and Choi misguided the officers. Soon, he encounters a man who claims to be the killer, but he shows his true colors to him by blackmailing him into opening an old case. This is one of the Best Investigation Korean Movies.

31 best investigation Korean movies

Chronicles Of Evil

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