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50 Romantic TV Series to Watch in 2022

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch is what fans need to know right now because fall is officially here, and October is the month of falling in love. Well, there are shows which purely focus on love, but there are others that focus on love while also including various themes such as comedy and horror or even Drama in some cases.

Thus, we decided to jot all such down from all around the world and prepared a list of the highest-ranking shows like such. There is something about a relationship or chemistry between the characters on the screen which sells so well that even the creators enjoy making such shows. A variety of them is adopted from books or novels, which are in high demand.

Some such examples are of The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime Video. At this point, even Korean dramas, which generally are romantic in nature, are getting very popular among fans for their cheesy, slow-live love. Well, what are the top 50 romantic TV series to watch? Let us look at a list here;

1. The Vampire Diaries

I know it is cheesy and cliche, but no one can deny that this is not a classic romantic drama of our generation. We see two vampires fighting for the love of Elena, who might be the direct descendant of a girl they used to love in the past, Katherine. The Salvatore brothers are the epitome of modern romance and what the perfect guys look like.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Damon, Elena, and Stephen from TVD

2. Bridgerton

This period drama focuses on the Beidgerton family and their seven kids. Each season, we will witness one kid as they shall explore their romantic journey. The first season was all about Daphne trying to find love and literally “fixing” Simon and his childhood trauma of an abusive father.

In the second season, we see the romance between her elder brother Lord Anthony who did not want to marry because of his “daddy issues” but eventually gave in upon meeting Kate Sharma and falling in love.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Daphne and Simon from Bridgerton

3. Friends

If you ask me, this is one of those shows which has it all, romance, insane comedy, and themes of friendship. We see each of the friends supporting each other with love and finally going on to marry their significant other, except for Joey because, well, let’s just not get into that. The main relationship that represents the romance theme of this series is between Ross and Rachel. The second one is Monica and Chandler, and then we see Phoebe and Mike.


4. How I Met Your Mother

From starting till the end, the entire show is about romance but is also fused with comedy and friendship themes. We see Ted, who is a hopeless romantic trying to find his love. Although, everything is shown in flashbacks as Ted is describing to his kids how he met his mother in the first place.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

5. Love, Victor

This is one of the new shows and is originally made by Hulu. It serves as a spinoff to the film Love, Simon. We see the same universe and more or less the same storyline but with different characters. Victor is a kid who is studying in high school and is trying to deal with his sexual orientation and all the troubles which come along with it in orthodox society.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

How I Met Your Mother

6. Sex and the City

This is one of those American sitcoms that give us the glow of New York City as we focus on the lead and how she navigates her love life within this huge crowd of people. There are many themes in this show as we see Carrie Bradshaw trying to navigate her world while being a sex columnist and exploring relationships.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

A still from Sex and the City

7. How I Met Your Father

This is a new show made by Hulu and serves as a spinoff to How I met Your Mother. It is completely reversed from the 2000s sitcom but follows a similar format, just a different storyline. We see Sophie in the lead as she is trying to navigate her love life in New York with her set of friends at the same bar where the originals once sat.

Well, it happens in a flashback yet again as the year is 2050, and she is talking to her kids and explaining how she met their father in the first place. We see Valentina and Charlie, who are equivalent to Marshall and Lily in the original series. Also, there are more characters in this series than we saw in the previous one, while the mystery of who might be the kid’s father remains intact.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

How I Met Your Father

8. Schitt’s Creek

This series is set in a town where acceptance of love is at an all-time high. Thus, we see a cute little gay love story happening on the screen, and this is exactly the type of stuff that people live for. Everything is set in perfect tones, as we see the romantic theme being highlighted the most. David and Patrick are in the middle of it all, and the audience simply loves watching their story unfold.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

A still from Schitt’s Creek

9. Gossip Girl

This is one of the classic 2000s sitcoms at the peak of Y2K fashion culture and romance. And honestly, some relationships are just made for each other. We see the focus on New York socialites and their children as they study at Constance and St. Jude’s private schools. They are rich and traumatized.

This gives birth to one of the most elite lobe stories, and obviously, we are here for it all while a website called Gossip Girl follows them around and reveals all their secrets. It is a perfect combination of mystery and romance.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl

10. Being Mary Jane

We see the titular character in this series has the perfect life from the outside. She works as an anchor and has perfect professional and personal endeavors. Although, none of them are actually causing any joy to her, and instead, she is just numb on the inside.

While trying to climb the corporate ladder, she also wants to settle down and have kids who are practically impossible for someone like her. Here, we see her trying to get her life together while also dealing with the stress.

Being Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane

11. Partner Track

The concept is much similar to Being Naru Jane, as we see an Asian American woman named Ingrid in the lead. She is working at a reputed law firm in the city and trying to become a junior partner here in the 6th year itself. At the same time, she meets with the only person she has hooked up with in England, who has transferred to her office.

While dealing with the stress of work and mixing work and romance, we will witness how her story is going to develop with her friends on the side, and discrimination against women and people of color is quite high in the country, especially in corporate America.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Partner Track

12. This is Us

The show features truth as its central theme upon which the foundation of love is based. We see Jack and Rebecca, two characters who are flawed yet love each other dearly. The Pearson family story is twisted and always creates some sort of chaos which is sometimes too hard to handle.

But with this show, we see how a family is actually built and not the lovey-dovey romances which are sold to us on the screens. This is the kind of TV show which should be on your watchlist for the day.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

This is Us

13. The Summer I Turned Pretty

We know that Jenny Han writes some of the most amazing romance novels, and to see a live adaptation of the same is a blessing. This Amazon original is one such series based on her novel as we see Belly caught in a love triangle with the boy she has loved since she was a kid and the boy who loved her since she was a kid.

The summer has a special focus because Belly is looking completely different after hitting puberty and having her braces removed as she goes to spend the summer at her mother’s friend’s beach house. Along with hers, we see subplots where her mother and brother both find their respective love matches.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

The Summer I Turned Pretty

14. Outlander

This romantic and science fiction drama focuses on the love story of Jamie and Claire. The two have promised each other to love even in the hardest of times, whether it be a different dimension or timeline or a planet. The plot of the show is inspired by the novels of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. It is one of the most beloved shows in the United States right now and is still running since 2014.


15. The Bold Type

This series gives us chills while watching and also makes us want to move to New York City and start corporate work there. We see Jane, Kat, as well as Sutton in the lead role as the trio, literally the definition of work wives. The camera focuses on them as they navigate in the city, trying to find their perfect love match while being in their 20s.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

The Bold Type

16. Normal People

Hulu is rising a lot with its new dramas, and this is just one of them. The plot is inspired by a novel of the same name, which was written by Sally Rooney. We see its take on the screen as Marianne and Connell are literally the soulmates one would wish for.

Turns out that despite being made for each other, the two belong to completely different worlds. Also, do not worry. The series does not have any cliche dramas in it but just pure chemistry.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Normal People

17. Atlanta

Earn, and Paper Boi is brothers, and they are trying to find their roots in the world. Well, Earn is obviously a disappointment to his family because he dropped out of an Ivy League to pursue his career in music which is not taking off either way. As for Paper Boi, his cousin, who is trying to grow in the rap industry of Atlanta, has to face a lot of challenges.

The two combine their forces together and try to establish a business while also dealing with failed relationships and romance. Earn wants to get back with the mother of his child and will only be able to do so once he proves his worth.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch


18. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is one hell of a creative take from the mind of Mindy Kaling. The focus is on a teenage girl in high school named Devi who is trying to navigate her social life in school while also trying to lose her virginity because it is the new “it” thing.

Well, being an Indian, there are certain norms and traditions which she has to follow while also dealing with the death of her father, whom she loved very much. In the meantime, she is trying to lose her virginity and find love for herself.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Never Have I Ever

19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is one of the vampire classics, just like TVD. Although, this series is quite different from the love triangle situation that we see in TVD. In this series, the entire focus is laid on Buffy, who happens to be a vampire slayer, as you might have already guessed from the title.

She is trying to navigate her life while killing such creatures and demons, but this wall she has built for herself does not exclude her from falling in love with a vampire himself. This is a must-watch show if you are someone who loves the whole vampire arc mixed with romance.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

20. Grey’s Anatomy

This is one of the oldest-running medical dramas on television right now. Despite the fact that we see the hospital and professional careers of the doctors working here, this does not exclude us from seeing the personal lives of the doctors in question.

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd have to be, arguably, one of the most iconic couples in the history of television, and if you are looking for a couples Halloween costume, I think this must be it for 2022. Despite the fact that initially, their relationship was on again and off again, it stabilized over the years. We see the couple being the cutest and performing surgeries together (couple goals).

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Grey’s Anatomy

21. Business Proposal

This is the beloved Korean Drama right now made by Netflix and has been topping the charts since its release. We see that Shin HaRi is working at Go Food when her rich friend, whose father also owns a huge business in Korea, arranges a date for her.

Because her friend does not want to go, she sends Shin Hari in her stead, and it turns out the guy is Shin Hari’s boss, who instantly agrees to marry her. While managing her dual personalities, we see the comedy erupt along with the much-needed, lovey-dovey romance situation that we all signed up for initially.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Business Proposal

22. Boys Over Flowers

Yet another K-Drama and a classic one at that. There have been so many remakes of this show and the whole concept on which it is based. Just last week, I finished watching its Chinese remake, Meteor Garden, and they added some new twists and turns to the series with modern touches, and it is awesome.

But, well, nothing beats the classic, right? So we see this poor girl named Geum Jan Di whose father has a dry cleaning business, and she has to work part-time jobs in order to have a little money and contribute to her home. When she delivers a uniform to this huge Shin Wa Academy high school, she literally saves a boy from jumping and committing suicide.

Thus, she is given a scholarship to study at the school and soon falls in love with the boy whose family owns the Shin Wa Group. The whole series is a total babe as we see their love story emerge between two different classes of society and also friendships that are made forever. It is just the story for you if you love the cliche romantic sort of plot.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Boys Over Flowers

23. True Beauty

You can’t blame me for not getting enough of K-Dramas, and yes, this is yet another show from Korea. Made into a limited series and based on a webtoon, True Beauty features a girl who is bullied a lot because she is ugly and does not meet Korean beauty standards.

Well, this is until she discovers the power of makeup one summer and completely renovates herself and starts grooming too. She joined another high school in the other part of the city where people did not know her and also relocated.

Obviously, now that she is pretty, people want to be her friend, and boys want to talk to her. Im Ju Kyung is obviously not used to this kind of treatment, but well, her life suddenly improves, and she even has good friends. This is until one mean girl decides to reveal her secret. Well, watch the Drama to find out how will Lee Su Ho, the boy whom she loves, will react to this along with the other people at school.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

True Beauty

24. Love Alarm

This is a science fiction love drama in which we see Kim Jojo in the lead. She is living with her aunt and her daughter as her parents are dead, and she committed suicide when she was young. Obviously, this is something that nobody heals from personally, and amidst it all, she finds love. There is an app called Love Alarm which beeps when a person falls in love and comes to their loved ones’ radius.

Sun Oh falls in love with her, and we know that she loves him too, but well, why does not her love alarm beep then? The other character and a good friend to Jojo are Lee Hye Yeong, who also loves Jojo. Well, you will literally have to watch the series to find out who she ends up with because if I say more, it’s gonna be a spoiler rain from here.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Love Alarm

25. Heirs

I am in love with Lee Min Ho, and this show proves it all. It is much of a similar concept to what Boys Over Flowers is based on, and we also see Lee Min Ho as the lead named Kim Tan, so that’s a win-win. It focuses on how this poor girl named Eun Sang gathers all of her savings and goes to the United States in order to meet with her sister, who left them a while ago.

He obviously needs to have a bond with her again and meet with her family. In the process of doing so, Eun Sang comes across Kim Tan. This guy is super rich and wealthy and heir to a huge business empire in Seoul. Turns out Eun Sang’s mother works as a maid for Kim Tan’s family. As a matter of fact, we know how difficult it is to have inter-caste marriages in Asian cultures with the consent of the parents as well.

Well, this love story focuses on just that as Eun Sang does not want to be hurt while Kim Tan is trying to manage his family pressure as well as win the heart of the woman he loves. You have to watch this classic Drama if you are a fan of Lee Min Ho or boys Over Flowers in general.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch


26. Gilmore Girls

I know, I know, don’t come at me for including this show in the list but hear me out. There is enough romantic Drama within this series, even though it is about the bond between a young mother and teenage daughter. We see Rory having her first boyfriend, Dean, and then breaking up with him. Later, she is with Jess, and viola, here is the romantic theme.

Also, we see that Lorelai and Luke have their own romantic chemistry even though, in the initial seasons, for a very long time, they do not accept it. Given the fact that we are loving October right now, the month of romance, I suggest you watch this show right now and if you already have, go watch it again, and that is not a request, my dear reader.

Gilmore Girls is everything and more that fall represents, and it is officially falling. It is that time of the year when you take out your boots and skirts and put on a hoodie, and watch Gilmore Girls. It’s now a religion, and you have to keep up with it.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Gilmore Girls

27. Heartbreak High

A relatively new show on Netflix right now, it has the themes of teen drama which obviously revolves around romance. By the name of it, you can already understand how it is going to shape up. It is one of the Australian dramas on Netflix right now, and we absolutely adore it.

We also see themes of friendship as Amerie, the lead character in this show is torn apart from her best friend this summer and instead makes new friends. There is gore violence, substance abuse, and sex, so if these elements are triggering for you, I suggest you stick to the softer side of the romantic genre, which is found in the other dramas mentioned on this list.

Harper and Amerie used to be best friends, and now they are not, while Amerie’s whole reputation is in the gutter because the school knows she made a sex map in the building, revealing everybody’s secret.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Heartbreak High

Harper made it, too, but nobody is calling her out, and I honestly do not know why. Also, Harper hooks up with the guy Amerie has loved since middle school, and that is a major red flag. At the same time, Amerie finds a new, decent love match for her.

28. The Empress

This new Drama focuses on the theme where an unlikely bride is chosen for the emperor. The focus is laid on the royal family of Austria (fictional), as the emperor falls in love with someone who is not a royal.

Oh, what a scandal! But well, he marries her, and now that she has become an Empress, the new monarch will have to abide by the rules and understand how things work at the royal household. That is until she gets fed up and breaks some of them in order to forge a way to her own world and do whatever she likes.

The Empress

29. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

This is yet another K-drama that I absolutely adore. It is about this entrepreneur and a business owner who looks like he has everything under his control. He is a vice chairperson at a business organization and is entirely dependent on his secretary Kim, as you might already have guessed, to manage her daily business.

But in the first episode itself, she tells him that he immediately needs to find a replacement for the post because she is resigning from the role. Well, this obviously does not sit well with Lee Yeong Jun, who is not able to imagine anything without her.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

He is literally in shock as we see a flashback of the day when Kim works with everything around him and manages his daily schedule and appointments, and takes care of employees. Soon, he thinks she is leaving because he does not love her back, and thus, he proposes to her, which she kindly refuses.

Spoiler Alert, Kim Mi So lost her entire identity when she was working for him for nine years and finally wanted to do things on her own and had to leave the service. Also, she does not want to be with him because he is a narcissistic person who does not care about others.

30. Little Things

I swear to god if you love to watch slow romance this October with a couple that has actual chemistry, is healthy in their relationship (obviously they fight), and is trying to heal each other’s past traumas while living in a middle-class environment in Mumbai, this India drama is for you. We see Dhruv and Kavya as they go on with their daily activities together and lead a very simple life through it all.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Little Things

They have their fair share of disagreements, but the way they come back stronger after it all is how we should actually follow in our lives and even in relationships. The slow romance is everything that I live for, and this is one of the perfect dramas to watch while you are in your PJs and to sip hot chocolate on a dreamy October night.

31. Indian Matchmaking

While we are already talking about Indian shows, you have got to watch this reality TV series that originates from India. The focus is laid on Sima Taparia, who is a traditional matchmaker for Hindu arranged marriages. She has a lot of clients who are of age and are trying to get married. She even has clients in the United States. The entire point of this series is to get her people married and guys, let me tell you, there is a huge load of Drama.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Indian Matchmaking

The camera follows and regularly interviews the clients who have agreed to be on the show as Sima tries to guide them through their marital journey. It’s like Tinder but live and Indian, where you have to enlist your hobbies and preferences to a human and let them find a perfect match for you.

The series also highlights everything that Indian society is and how cultures are taken very seriously in the country. If you are living abroad right now and are homesick, I suggest you watch this reality drama that has ample romance and also huge loads of comedy and controversies.

32. Ramy

Now that we have finally opened the book of Asian cultures, let us have a look at a similar title named Ramy. This show is on Hulu right now and focuses on Ramy Youssef, the titular character who is a Muslim living in the United States.

He is trying to find love in a supportive partner while also dealing with the politically divided New Jersey neighborhood. Ramy is on a spiritual journey of getting to actually know himself and make a stand for himself in this mortal world.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch


This is a brand new creative take on romance which is a major theme in the series. It also throws light on Asian cultures, and various elements reflect upon the same. We also see their family as well as her sister, who is also annoyed by the judgemental and overprotective nature that their parents have brought them up in. There are three seasons available on the platform right now, and this is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wishes to binge-watch and commits to a series right now.

33. House of the Dragon

Hear me out, hear me out. I know that this show is about politics and other stuff and clearly does not reflect romance as its main theme, but there is a subtle nature of love beneath all the Westerosi politics. We see Daemon and Rhaenyra and their chemistry from the start. Also, Ser Harwin comes in between and has kids with the Princess, even though he does not have a significant storyline.

You might think House of the Dragon is anything but romantic, but please, you have to understand that there is love. Even King Viserys loved Queen Aemma, and it all reflected in the later episodes when things started going downhill.

I swear to god, if you haven’t given in to the pressure of watching this show yet and are still waiting, I am honestly so disappointed in you right now. The themes throughout the series are so powerful and make you wanna watch the entire series again.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

House of the Dragon

Also, just another suggestion, I hope you watch Game of Thrones as well. The themes of romance, such as between Cersei and Jamie, Lord Petyr Baelish and Caitlyn Stark, Daenerys and Daario Nahaerys, or Jon Snow, it all just adds up to this brilliant Drama, and please don’t make me sell GOT to you right now because the whole universe is just awesome.

34. Modern Family

Yet another classic American sitcom that is based on the very foundation of love. We see three families in the present living in Los Angeles. They carry on with their day-to-day tasks and, in the meantime, never fail to give us the Drama and love we need.

It also has romantic themes, such as between the partners of the household. Some might call Gloria a gold digger, but we see how much she loves Jay and takes care of him. And Phil and Claire are just the perfect couples we could have asked for. Hailey and Dylan are again flawless. And Mitchell and Cam show us what it’s like to be the drama kings and yet love each other throughout.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Modern Family

35. Looking for Alaska

If you love John Green and his work, it is a kind suggestion to watch this series. And if you have already read the novel, then it is just a kind of compulsion for you to watch this show. We see a guy named Pudge (his friends name him so) in the lead. He wants to understand his life better and is obsessed with the last words of people.

In order to be away from home a bit, he enrolls in a boarding school that his father once attended. Here, he meets with Alaska Young and immediately falls in love with her. He also gets other friends, such as Takumi and Chip. We see his story throughout the episodes as the guy falls for Alaska more and more, and ultimately, the tragedy happens.

Major spoiler alert, but the story goes on after this “said” tragedy, and Miles tries to figure out how it happened in the first place. His friends help him cope with the depression that comes after it, and this is just a beautiful young adult drama that you will be left in tears after watching. If you are sensitive, I guess you are going to cry rivers, and if you are tough, you’re going to cry too because this is THAT heartwarming story.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Looking for Alaska

36. Ginny and Georgia

Well, this is yet another take on Gilmore Girls, but it makes it modern and criminal and with a traumatic past. We see Ginny moving yet again with her mother, Georgia, to a relatively white town named Wellsbury. Even though Georgia says she won’t date anyone in order to provide her kids with the stability they need, the promises are seldom kept.

As for Ginny, she finds a group of people and finally has friends, and goes on her first date ever. Everything is going well in their lives right now, and the family finally feels settled. Although, we see some flashbacks of Georgia’s past throughout the episodes, which narrate how she got here in the first place. The episodes have their narrative alternatively. Now, you will ask where the romantic theme is.

It comes in when Ginny finally starts dating someone but is actually in love with someone else (classic teenage Drama). And Georgia is venturing into her own love life as well with Ginny’s father or the town mayor himself. This Drama gives us so much to watch and take in with other themes such as crime, Drama, friendship, and, most importantly, romance.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Ginny and Georgia

37. The Alienist

Well, we know that this show is all about dark themes, but well, there is a subplot that focuses on the slow romance between John and Sara. We see the two coming from totally different worlds as they approach reality and try to solve cases. Their story kicks off when Laszlo asks them both to work on this serial killer case. Through the episodes, we see them falling in love more and more.

Although, the society in which they are living in, will not allow them to fall in love in a way romantically. Thus, it is very interesting to see them developing their love but also hiding from society. It is like a sweet scandal to be a part of, and if you like such a theme that is mixed with crime and horror, I suggest you watch the show today.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

The Alienist

38. The Bisexual

This romantic drama series is based on LGBTQ themes and originated in Britain. We know how hard it is for people, even today, to come out in society, and thus, we see the focus on this girl who is still trying to figure out if she is bisexual or not. She was in a relationship with this girl for a long time.

Leila really wants to explore her sexuality. She starts dating men but is still struggling inside. Well, this show sorts it all out as we see her in the lead while trying to figure out her true self. This show is for all those closeted people who want to relate to something more than the average man-woman romance.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

The Bisexual

39. Euphoria

Euphoria is the epitome of romance if anything. I know that it focuses on various teen issues such as depression, drug abuse, and sex, but it has a considerate share of romance as well. We see Jules and Rue falling in love, and Maddy and Nate are an all-time couple.

Kat, too is trying to find her own love interest after being shy her whole life. This is such a wholesome series but well, be aware of the trigger warning because there are just so many scenes in this series that might be disturbing to some audiences.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch


And do not worry, there is no crime involved, at least not in season 1. The show is a very progressive take on the issues that are seen in the suburban kids and how they try to deal with all of it. Throughout the show, these kids are trying to find what real love actually means and if they have a purpose in the world.

That goes without saying. We see tonnes of Drama embedded inside and violence, too, yes. The second season is a bit more gruesome and traumatizing than the first one, so I suggest you go on at your own risk.

40. Dawson’s Creek

This is a teen drama from the 9ps, which has a classic storyline. It has the infamous love triangle, and if you loved the fashion of that era, I suggest you really do watch the show. It shapes up the kids’ character arc in such a way that they try to find true love in this selfish world. The show has been an iconic one for ages and has given a backbone to all the teen dramas that followed after it.

We see a love triangle between Joey, Daeson as well as Pacey, and it raised so many arguments among the fans at that time that you would just have to watch the show to understand it more. On the other hand, we see Jack finally coming out of the closet and kissing a boy for the first time. It is a delight to watch in the 20s right now because even though it is old, we see so many relatable themes within it.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Dawson’s Creek

41. Love Life

One of the very best romantic anthology series out there, we see Love Life focuses on the “love life” of its characters throughout the different seasons. Each installment focuses on a couple whose story shapes up in a way that they have considerable chemistry. The episodes take us through a journey of their first loves till the last ones. The first season of the series starred Anna Kendrick in the lead role of Darby.

She is trying to find her love match and goes on considerable dates and tries out many men before settling for the one. Darby is seen experimenting with love as she explores why her relationships fail and whether or not her friends are actually there for her or not.

It is a beautiful journey if you wish to focus and learn from someone else’s love life rather than your own (just kidding) and not make the same mistakes as they did. In the second season, however, we see William Jackson Harper in the lead as he tries to find love in such a difficult situation with a totally different storyline.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Love Life

42. Felicity

This show aims to give so much power to young love and how strong and passionate it can be that a person is ready to do everything in order to be close to the person that they love. We see the titular character Felicity going to New York City to attend college. Her ulterior motive for moving to the city was to be closer to her high school crush Ben. Was this very question of her? Yes. But did she do it anyway? Also yes.

Now that the two youngsters are finally here in the busiest city in the world, they get into a love triangle that is between Ben, her, and Noel. The story does not only focus on their love story but also the one which takes place between Sean and Meghan. We know how dangerous their sub-plot is, but the two decide to continue nevertheless.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch


43. Pride and Prejudice

You can never go wrong with a Jane Austen classic, and this miniseries adaptation from the 90s proves the point. There are a million versions of this novel, but none can compete with this classic 90s Drama where we see Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in their complicated romance.

The period drama focuses on how Elizabeth despises Mr. Darcy, who talks ill of her without even knowing her. The two absolutely loathe each other, but soon, it starts becoming complicated between them. The relationship starts to transform into romance as the two fall in love. You have to watch this period drama show if you already cannot get enough of the slow-burn romance theme.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Pride and Prejudice

44. True Blood

This is yet another take on a vampire series, just like the fan-favorite TVD. But well, the vampires do not have to hide in these series as the world has advanced, and the use of synthetic blood is what keeps these creatures sane. Although, society is still torn between whether or not these creatures should be allowed in their midst and whether it is safe for humans or not.

Well, that does not stop our lead character Sookie from having her share of romance with these mystical creatures. She worked as a waitress and originated from Southern America. We see her getting involved in the world of fairies, werewolves, witches, and especially vampires very quickly as she hooks up with Bill, who is quite compassionate and taking it slow kind of guy.

Then she has a relationship with Eric, who is the ancient bad boy kind of creature, and lastly, she gets together with Alcide, who is a smoking hot werewolf.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

True Blood

45. Good Trouble

This is a classic American sitcom that serves as a spinoff to The Fosters. We see Callie and Mariana, the sisters in the family who have traveled to live in Los Angeles. They get accommodation in the apartments called The Coterie. The two are already done with their graduations and have decided to start their career.

One is trying her hand in the tech industry while the other sister explores the legal world of the city. Both of them have ups and downs while living in brand-new environments but guess what? They have each other. As for the “romance” theme, which you all might be wondering about, it comes when the sisters try their fate in dating and finally settle down in their lives. You can watch the show on Hulu right now.

46. Killing Eve

Well, if you are someone who loves that passionate kind of romance, I suggest this series to you. The show focuses on these two women who are caught up in a cat-and-mouse chase with each other, and the audience has no idea whether they are going to kiss each other or kill.

It is so electrifying to watch the lead characters enacted by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. The whole sexual tension thing is such a vibe, and if this is what you love about romance, I suggest you watch the same.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Killing Eve

47. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

This is yet again a Korean drama that is set in a small village rather than that usual Seoul theme in most dramas these days. We see Yoo Hye Jin in the lead, which is quite intelligent and works as a dentist. Although, she lost her job in the city after a whole event of a tragedy that surrounded her.

Turns out that Yoon Hye Jin accused a superior of being a part of unethical activities, which ultimately blasted her name online. This means that she is not welcome into the medical community in Seoul ever again. Well, given the fact that her name is now in ruins, she moves back to her hometown in order to start her own practice.

She meets with the male protagonist named, Hong Du Sik, and the two slowly start to fall in love. In this show, we get to see the deeper culture of Korea and how Asian households in smaller towns carry out their tasks. If you are someone who loves this aesthetic, I urge you to watch this Korean Drama.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

48. Sex Education

I mean, I don’t think you have not already heard about this show, given its popularity among teens these days. But despite all the “education” part in the series, we see a considerable focus on romance as well. If you are someone like me who gets the ick from just hearing a lot about sex, I assure you that this series also has an ulterior storyline that balances out the sheer “sex” part.

There are other themes explored in the series as well, such as friendships and teen issues. The series throws light on the lives of people who study and teach at Moordale High School. We see comedy, thrill, and Drama all infused in one with romance.

This is a casual drama that you can very well commit to while trying to rest. It is the perfect definition of “Netflix and Chill” as you see teenagers trying to balance romance and Drama in their lives.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch

Sex Education

49. Scandal

You have got to agree with me when I see this show has so much Drama in it. Obviously, “romance” is what it is based on, but Drama is what keeps the passion alive in the series throughout the episodes. It throws light on Olivia Pope, who has got herself entangled in the day “scandal” with the President of the United States himself.

She is having an affair with the man. On the other hand, Olivia is leading a relationship with a co-worker, which is far less dangerous or scandalous in this scenario. The show follows her as she is finally trying to understand where her interests lie and whether or not these men are worth it. You can watch the series on Hulu right now.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch


50. Atypical

This is a brand new take on autistic children and dramas regarding them. We see a nuclear family in the lead where each member has a story of their own. We see comedy in the main themes where Sam is a teenager and is growing up autistic, and his mother is dedicating almost all her time to him. He is finally in high school, and it is time to find his own footing in the world where people mostly bully him or call him names.

50 Romantic TV Series to Watch


He is to stand in this school without the support of her sister Casey who has been accepted into a private school based on her athletic venture. The romantic bits come with Elsa, their mother, finding out where she stands in her relationship with their father and Casey trying to figure out her sexuality.

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