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Top 10 Anime Similar to Tokyo Revengers That You Will Definitely Like

anime like tokyo revengers
Tokyo Revengers.

After Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Revengers became the next big anime of 2021. The anime received a massive response from its viewers all around the globe, many emerging as fans of the series. Tokyo Revengers is an action thriller anime based on Ken Wakui’s manga by the same name. Kodansha published the manga in 2017. It was very popular in Japan and even ranked very high in Oricon’s list of half-yearly sales. However, it grew equally popular worldwide after the anime came out in the spring of 2021. The anime is close to its conclusion, and the final episode is scheduled to air on 19 September 2021. Leaving behind several good memories, Tokyo Revengers is an anime several fans are going to miss. As we wait for the season’s renewal, find some anime like Tokyo Revengers to keep yourself busy!

People loved Tokyo Revengers for several reasons. The anime was built uniquely. Its protagonist is far from being the strongest character physically. However, he inspires people never to give up and save those in need. Takemichi is not the only inspiring character in the story. The series also dives through Mikey, a leader who seeks to protect those who follow him with all his heart, and Draken, who holds Mikey from drifting off to a darker path. As much as we adore the characters of Tokyo Revengers, the series would not have been so popular without its entertaining plot and steaming plot twist.

After the series ends, I bet people would miss the action and mystery as much as they miss the adorable characters. Here are our handpicked anime like Tokyo Revengers that you would totally enjoy if you liked this anime!

Anime Like Tokyo Revengers

It’s interesting to note that the series took over the anime community pretty quick. Soon after the anime was released, people began pick up on the manga as well. With the several thousand fans waiting for another season, we have compiled the ten best anime like Tokyo Revengers. These anime belong to different genres, from slice-of-life to packed action based on the similarities they share with the popular anime. While some have the touch of time travel and a motive to save another character, the others take us back into the world of delinquents that we fell in love with through Tokyo Revengers.

You can always read the manga and catch up with the story too on INKR Comics.

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Re: Zero

When talking about anime related to time travel, Re: Zero is one that cannot be missed. Like Hanagaki, Subaru uses time travel to save Emilia again and again. Re: Zero is an isekai and fantasy anime and has several differences from Tokyo Revengers in terms of plot and the setting. But, the anime will be equally enjoyed if one really likes good action and time travel stories. Re: Zero also has several great characters that make watching the series even more entertaining.


Re: Zero.

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Banana Fish

Tokyo Revengers became popular among many fans for its delinquent theme. If you love shows with gangs and guns, we recommend you go for Banana Fish next. The series is highly appreciated for its great action. Like Tokyo Revengers, characters in Banana Fish fight for power using psychological and political means (as can be seen in the ways of Kisaki Tetta). Banana Fish is an amusing show with several mind-blowing moments. As the show progresses, we are taken in by the darkness in its plot.

banana fish

Banana Fish

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Shiguang Dailirien

Although several people fail to notice it, Shiguang Dailerien is very similar to Tokyo Revengers. If you are missing Tokyo Revengers already after its end, we recommend you pick up Shiguang Dailerien and enjoy a good supernatural and mystery anime. The anime is about Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who use their abilities to fulfill certain jobs. The two travel through time to change the future. Shiguang Dailirien is very entertaining, and the suspense in it is worth investing your brain cells in. If you loved Tokyo Revengers, you might as well add this anime to your watchlist.

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Shiguang Dailirien.

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Were you looking for good anime like Tokyo Revengers? Durarara!! Is not to be missed if you are. Although Durarara!! Uses no essence of time travel, the anime still has several supernatural elements that make it very exciting. In addition to this, Durarara!! Is very similar to Tokyo Revengers as it is also all about gangs and chaos. Like Touman, Durarara!! Features a gang named “Dollars” that stands out a lot in the plot. With similar feels but different plots, one must watch Durarara!! If you liked Tokyo Revengers and are saddened by the anime’s end, then this is something very similar to that.

anime like tokyo revengers


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Yes, Orange does make it to the list even though this is a very slice-of-life type of anime contrary to Tokyo Revengers’ action genre. However, the basic plotline of the two remains the same. The two anime uses time travel elements (both in a different way) to save someone in the past and alter their dark future. The efforts of Tokyo Revengers are rather physical, while Orange has a lot of emotional efforts when it comes to saving the characters in danger.

orange anime


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91 Days

This is an anime about vengeance, set amidst mafia and chaos. 91 Days has several similarities to Tokyo Revengers and should not be missed action is your cup of tea. Both the anime are very dark and have a lot of bloodsheds. They have similar gangster-like vibes along. However, Tokyo Revengers tries to neutralise the darkness with some humour, but 91 Days remains dark throughout. 91 Days is one of the best revenge anime that one could come across and is a must-watch for people who love action thrillers and the psychological genre. The fight scenes in the anime are very well coordinated and animated very well too.

anime like tokyo rebvengers

91 Days

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is an anime like Tokyo Revengers in more ways than one. The anime revolves around Tsunayoshi Sawada, a protagonist who resembles Hanagaki Takemichi a lot. He is rather weak but has strong willpower which wins over several other characters he encounters over time. He meets Reborn, a very strong character who belongs to the mafia. Although the plot of the story is very intense, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! makes sure to balance the darkness with light-hearted humour that makes the show very entertaining to binge. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is a highly recommended anime to anyone who fell in love with the vibe of Tokyo Revengers.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou

If you liked Tokyo Revengers because of all the delinquents, you would probably take a liking towards Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou. The only difference between the two is that while Tokyo Revengers is a drama, Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou is a comedy. Based in a very intense setting surrounding delinquents, the anime is a classic comedy that can fill anyone with tickling laughter. The anime revolves around Takashi Kamiyama, an average boy who joins a school of delinquents for mysterious reasons. It is a light-hearted anime that anyone would enjoy on a sunny weekend.

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Steins; Gate

One of the first anime that comes to mind when thinking of time travel is Steins; Gate. An anime like Tokyo Revengers, Steins; Gate has an intense and intriguing plot. However, Steins; Gate lacks majorly in action but makes up for it with its outstandingly done build-up. As the story progresses, the anime continues to grab on to its audience’s attention with its spicy plot twists. Like Tokyo Revengers, Steins; Gate tries to underline the importance of friends and friendship as the protagonist works hard to work to save these bonds. Amidst the intensity, anime makes use of humor to lighten the mood so that the tension does not wear the viewer out. If you like Tokyo Revengers, we highly recommend Steins; Gate despite its lack of action.


Steins; Gate

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Tokyo Revengers is compared a lot to Erased, the 2016 anime from A-1 Pictures. The series shares a similar plot to Tokyo Revengers, where the protagonist travels through time to alter the future and save his friends. However, Erased does not have any action and is a pure mystery anime. The flavor of Erased lies in the suspicious chain of events. Satoru Fujunima, the protagonist, seeks to find a serial killer who killed his classmates back when he was in Elementary School. Erased is all about mind games, psychological thrills, and suspense. While the basic plotline of the two anime remains the same, Erased and Tokyo Revengers take different roads to express their story. 

anime like tokyo revengers


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