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Is Sasuke Uchiha Going To Die In Boruto Anime & Manga?

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is yet to reveal Sasuke’s future since the battle continues after Isshiki’s arrival. The anime is showing Kwaki’s arc, but the trio has stepped up to face Isshiki. Let’s take a look at how Sasuke survived death until now. Sasuke has been recently out on duty to investigate the truth behind Otsutsuki, which puts his life in danger since he has faced many dangerous encounters. After recovering from his last battle with Jigen, he returned to Leaf and reunited with Naruto, and they began to observe Kawaki’s situation. Sasuke also learned the truth about Isshiki from Amado, but when the battle arrives, Naruto forbids Boruto to join him.

Sasuke saw something within Boruto and decided to remain behind and talk to Boroto. Naruto heads out to face Isshiki while Sasuke device a new plan to encounter Isshiki. The teacher and students planned to use Boruto’s new Karma, but Sasuke reminded Boruto that he had to be ready to die. Sasuke told Boruto that Naruto was willing to die in this battle, and that is why he forbids him. Boruto accepts and borrows Sasuke’s headband as they plan on how to send Isshiki away.

Later the two head to the battle, and Sasuke was pulling all the strings witch surprised Naruto. In the other dimension, Sasuke uses his tricks against Isshiki, and he is one step ahead. He even saved Boruto when Isshiki was choking him from death.¬†During the battle, Sasuke got beaten by Isshiki, but he continues to fight with the help of Naruto, giving each other strategies on how they can take down Isshiki. Sasuke also uses Chirodi, but it didn’t pierce Isshiki’s body since he seems to be unbeatable.

Will Sasuke Die After Losing His Rinnegan?

The two used all the tools they had to death Isshiki, but they failed. Isshiki uses his steel weapons and pierces Sasuke’s body who goes to the ground. Naruto sacrificed his clone when Isshiki wanted to smash Sasuke with giant black cubes. Isshiki locked Naruto inside the cubes and said he was the first to die. Boruto helped a buried Sasuke to get out of the piles of rocks. Isshiki said that Sasuke was the next one to die. Sasuke notices Isshiki, and he uses his body as a shield to protect Boruto. Boruto is surprised to see himself in the position of Sasuke, and Sasuke appears where he is standing.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Sasuke vs. Isshiki

Isshiki knew that Sasuke would block his attacks, but he kept on showering Sasuke with blows. Boruto uses Rasengan to stop the cube from killing Sasuke. But he failed, and Isshiki shrinks that cube. Boruto wonders why Isshiki stopped killing him and Sasuke. Sasuke reveals Isshiki’s plans, the one involving the Divine Tree that Amado mentioned. Boruto realizes that they are planning to use him to plant that tree after feeding him to the Ten-Tails, and it requires a living Otsutsuki. He thought that he could use Kunai to end his life, but Isshiki ruined that plan. Sasuke suffered a beating since Isshiki kept smashing him, and he got mobilized due to the weapons around his body. Amado also told others in the village about the Chakra Fruit.

Kawaki thought that if Sasuke and Naruto got defeated, everyone would die. But Naruto didn’t allow that to happen, and he entered his news form to face Isshiki and protect Boruto and Sasuke. Later they defeated Isshiki using Naruto’s Byron mode, and Sasuke lost his Reinengan when Momoshiki possed Boruto. Sasuke’s death didn’t take place since he lost Rinnegan in the climactic battle against Isshiki. Sasuke has survived countless death in the various arcs of Boruto Naruto Next Generations until the current Kawaki’s arc. Sasuke has many clashes that will appear and play an important role, but he keeps surviving death. Until now, his death is not near.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Sasuke and Boruto

Borruto anime has revealed clues about how the next episode will be focusing on. This can be seen after each episode’s ending, where we get to see what the next episode will be centered around. So, for now, let’s wait to see how the action will unfold over the episodes to come.

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