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facts about tokyo revengers
Tokyo Revengers.

Among action series, Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers shines bright. It was recently adapted into an anime as well as a live-action movie. It’s rare for fans to receive all three media (manga, anime, and live-action) with so much love. Tokyo Revengers has become the most significant anime of 2021 so far in terms of popularity. Muse Communications and Crunchyroll licensed the anime, and shortly after its release, fans began filling up forums with positive reviews. If you haven’t watched the series, we highly recommend it. Tokyo Revengers has an amusing story and an exciting execution that has several fans hooked on to it. The show concluded this week, leaving behind a lot to ponder upon. Quite amazed by the anime, we also found some amusing Tokyo Revengers facts that I bet several fans do not know!.

Tokyo Revengers revolves around Hanagaki Takemichi, an unemployed loner who finds out that his girlfriend from middle school has died in an accident. But after leaping 12 years into the past, he finds a way to help her survive in the future. Takemichi finds himself amidst delinquents and gangs, determined to alter every possible event that led to the dark future of Hina, his girlfriend from middle school. Now caught up in the midst of Touman, Takemichi resolves to change the future by fixing his past.

The story of the anime is unique. It blends notions of fiction and reality to build something quite believable and optimistic. Here are some cool facts about Tokyo Revengers that you may have missed in the anime!

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1. Fun Fact – The Success of the Tokyo Revengers Manga

The first Tokyo Revengers fact for the day is about how the manga was quite popular even before the anime came along. Shortly after it was published by Kodansha, Tokyo Revengers won the 44th annual Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category. The Kodansha Manga Award is a prestigious award bestowed by Kodansha to the best-serialized manga in three categories: Shonen, shojo, and general. After the anime came out, the manga’s sales sky-rocketed. S per the count of February 2020, the manga had sold about 3 million copies. In May 2021, the manga sold more than 17 million copies after the anime’s release. The number increased to 20 million in June and to 25 million in July. As per the most recent statistics, the Tokyo Revengers manga has sold up to 35 million copies in August.

Tokyo revengers manga facts
Tokyo Revengers Volume 7 Cover

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2. Why is Manjiro Sano called Mikey?

Like many other characters, the protagonists also have nicknames, and Manjiro Sano’s nickname is Mikey. The name fits his adorable as well as his intense side. But how did the name come along? Ken Wakui did us the pleasure of leaving behind a cute story for Manjiro’s nickname. “Manjiro” means “ten thousand” (万) (man), “next” (次) (ji), and “son” (郎) (to). His grandfather brought up the character along with his elder brother. When he was in elementary school, Emma Sano joined their family. Emma’s foreign name stood out a lot. Manjiro, an adorable older brother starts calling himself Mikey so that Emma does not feel left out. Of course, it eventually also became one of the most feared names among several delinquents. 

"mikey" manjiro sano tokyo revengers facts
Mikey: Tokyo Revengers.

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3. Izana Kurokawa is voiced by Yuki Kaji

One of the lesser-known facts about Tokyo Revengers is that it has cast some of the best voice actors in the industry. If people are unaware, Yuki Kaji is one of the most popular voice actors in Japan. He has voiced several well-known characters like Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan), Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia), and Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins). The very fact that they have cast someone as necessary for Izana, who barely has a scene in the first season, is a significant indication of the vital role that Izana will be playing in the upcoming seasons.

Season 1 also gave us a quick preview of more characters who will play an essential role in the upcoming season. This includes Inui Seishu, who is voiced by Junya Enoki (Yuji Itadori, Nasa Yuzaki), and Kokonoi Hajime, who is voiced by Hanae Natsuki (Tanjiro Kamado, Ken Kaneki).

kaji yuki va of izana kurokawa tokyo revengers anime
KajiYuki: V.A of Izana Kurokawa.

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4. Takemichi’s Puzzle Solving Abilities –

Can we not involve Talemichi when discussing facts about Tokyo Revengers? The man is filled with mysteries! When Takemichi was injured, he took three days to solve a puzzle (which was sadly ruined in a second). It is often indicated that Takemichi is pretty good at solving puzzles. Every time he would fail at altering the future, he could find a quick solution and know what to change. Although calling him a genius would be an exaggeration, Takemichi did come off as pretty clever. In a pickle, people believed that Takemichi could solve anything.

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More than his brains, Takemichi can be considered one with some keen instincts. Although he knew most of the future, he could quickly figure out what to change in the past. This quality led him to defeat Kisaki, the mastermind behind Toman’s destruction, eventually.

Draken and Takemitchy - Tokyo Revengers Facts
Draken destroys Takemichi’s puzzle.

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5. Theories of Time Leaping in Tokyo Revengers – FACT

Time travel in Tokyo Revengers is unique. It has an exciting trigger, which is Takemichi’s will to save others and the other person’s will from being saved. While this may be the case, later in the manga, it is heavily implied that Tokyo Revengers has another time leaper. There are several theories about who it may be, and one possible character who fits the part is Shuji Hanma. It is yet to be confirmed, but another time leaper in the series can come off as a big shocker and be the next big plot twist. Of course, Shuji Hanma being a time leaper is not canon. However, nevertheless, this theory gives us a lot to think about.

hanma as the next time leaper? Tokyo Revengers Facts
Hanagaki Takemichi and Shiju Hanma: Time leaper theories.

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6. Draken’s Favourite Bike

Draken or Ken Ryuguji has become many fans’ favorites over the past few episodes. He has a fascination for bikes and even takes it up as his career in one of the futures. Draken has a lot of mechanical knowledge too. Although it has never been explicitly revealed, it is still indicated that Draken’s favorite bike is his Kawasaki Zephyr 400. He is often seen riding it around and fixing it as well.

tokyo revengers facts
Draken on his Bike.

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7. Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Movie Facts

A live-action movie based on Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers was released in July 2021. Unlike most live-actions films, the movie was a big hit in Japan. The success of the film is perhaps one of the most overwhelming facts about Tokyo Revengers. By the end of the first opening, the movie had taken over the fans with its brilliant direction and accurate casts. The movie earned more than  3.5 Billion Yen at Box Office and even dominated several other films like Let Me Eat Your Pancreas. It stood almost on par with the Rurouni Kenshin movies that were released earlier this year.

tokyo revengers live action adaptation facts
Tokyo Revengers: Live-Action Adaptation.

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8. Other Manga By Ken Wakui

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers began serialization in 2017, and by 2021, it was adapted into an anime and a live-action anime. However, the mangaka debuted back in 2005 with Shinjuku Host, which was later serialized as Shinjuku Swan. The manga has a seinen demographic and is based on the nightlife of Japan. It features several dark themes such as human trafficking, violence, prostitution, rape, and drugs. The intense plot of the manga leaves a profound psychological impact on its readers, making them question humanity’s dark side.

facts about Tokyo revengers
Shinjuku Swan.

The manga revolves around Shiratori Tatsuhiko, who must do what it takes to earn more money and survive amidst gangs. In 2015, it was adapted into a live-action movie starring Go Ayano and Yusuke Iseya.

The Tokyo Revengers anime is available to stream on Anime-Planet.

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