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30 Best Late Night Shows That Became Iconic

30 Best Late Night Shows
30 Best Late Night Shows

The late-night tv shows cover many topics ingrained in our culture, from discussion shows to sketch comedy. As presenters and writers have increased the medium’s possibilities, the late-night television genre has evolved tremendously.

Some programs have attained legendary status by paving the way for following unique programming, but others have faded into obscurity. We have compiled a list of the 30 best late-night shows for you to watch. Despite the changing nature of late-night television, a few programs continue to be appreciated by people worldwide.

By allowing comedians, actors, and artists a forum to explore a range of subjects, these performances provide a unique perspective on current events. Get yourself comfy, grab some snacks, and prepare to enjoy some of the best television shows.

1. James Corden’s The Late Late Show

British comedian James Corden anchors the late-night conversation program, Late Show. Corden is beloved for his charisma and enthusiasm as a late-night personality. The “Carpool Karaoke” segment of The Late Late Show involves Corden and a celebrity guest singing along to radio tunes while driving around Los Angeles.

James Corden's The Late Late Show

James Corden’s The Late Late Show

Adele, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga are among the greatest names in music who have appeared in this viral video segment. The Late Late Show features a range of comic sketches and activities, such as the popular “Carpool Karaoke” and many celebrity guests.

These snippets are frequently amusing and offer a pleasant respite from the weightier daily headlines. Also, Corden is well-known for his amusing interviews with various guests. His interviews are typically amusing and engaging, but he also poses challenging questions when necessary.

Streaming platform: CBS

2. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: A Unique and Quirky Program

Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson was the anchor of the American talk show The Late Late Show from 2005 till 2014. Ferguson brought a new vitality to late-night talk programs with his offbeat sense of humor and eccentric persona.

Ferguson’s willingness to play around with The Late Late Show’s structure and formula was one of the show’s defining characteristics. Sometimes he would forgo the standard desk and couch in favor of a more relaxed environment, and he frequently opened his monologues with a freestyle rap.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Ferguson was also well-liked due to the interesting and occasionally surprising interviews he gave. His natural curiosity and wry sense of humor made for some unforgettable encounters, and he had a knack for encouraging his guests to relax and disclose something personal about themselves.

While many late-night discussion shows tend to follow a similar pattern, Craig Ferguson’s The Late Late Show offered a welcome change of pace. Fans of unusual comedy and nontraditional television were big admirers of Ferguson’s show because of his originality and willingness to take risks.

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3. The Arsenio Hall Show: A Groundbreaking Late-Night Talk Show

The Arsenio Hall Show was a late-night television staple during its ten years on the air, from 1989 to 1994. Arsenio Hall presented a talk show that was noted for its wide variety of guests, exciting performances, and innovative segments.

The Arsenio Hall Show

The Arsenio Hall Show

The Arsenio Hall Show was widely recognized for its frequent discussions of African-American culture and issues. Because of his advocacy for black artists and activists, many consider Hall’s exhibition a cultural milestone.

In addition to its political and cultural influence, The Arsenio Hall Show was well-known for its exciting performances and unforgettable moments. Bill Clinton’s saxophone solo and Madonna’s entrance in the “Like a Virgin” attire made a commotion during the show.

The Arsenio Hall Show left an indelible influence on late-night television despite its brief life. Other late-night talk shows followed Hall’s example because of his forward-thinking hosting style and commitment to presenting a diverse array of guests and perspectives.

Streaming platform: Netflix

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4. The Tom Green Show: A Wild and Wacky Ride

Originally airing from 1994 to 2000, The Tom Green Show was a late-night comedy program. The show was hosted by Canadian comedian Tom Green. As a host, Green’s willingness to test the limits of TV norms was a defining feature of The Tom Green Show.

The Tom Green Show

The Tom Green Show

Green’s behavior was stunning and unpredictable, whether it involved him drinking milk straight from the udder of a cow or spray painting a huge “X” on his parents’ automobile. The Tom Green Show was known for its celebrity interviews in addition to its comedy routines and stunts. Green’s sarcastic tone provided for some hilarious back-and-forths, and his no-holds-barred approach to asking questions prompted many revealing and frank responses.

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video 

5. The Jim Jefferies Show: A Comedy Program with a Political Edge

Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies hosted The Jim Jefferies Show on Australian television from 2017 to 2019. The Jim Jefferies Show was known for its boldness in discussing controversial subjects and questioning accepted wisdom. For example, in his segments, Jefferies frequently brought up contentious topics like gun regulation, global warming, and immigration, all prompting vigorous debate.

The Jim Jefferies Show

The Jim Jefferies Show

Jefferies was also gifted at using humor to simplify difficult concepts for his audience. Many fans tuned in to his show because of his take on politics and current events. Jefferies paved the stage for many of the political comedy shows that came after him by taking risks and tackling taboo issues.

Streaming platform: Netflix

6. Real Time with Bill Maher: A Long-Running Political Talk Show

Bill Maher, a stand-up comedian, and political pundit, has hosted his show Real time since it premiered in 2003. Maher’s guests discuss politics and current events on his show, and he is recognized for his biting humor and uninhibited comments.

Diversity in guest political and ideological perspectives is a characteristic of Real-Time. Panel discussions on Maher’s show are known for stoking heated debate and disagreement because of his openness to hearing out opposing viewpoints.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher

Maher is well known for his bold words and unabashed viewpoints. His admirers, although he has been called out for insensitive remarks, admire him for his boldness to question accepted norms of thought and behavior. Due in large part to Maher’s sharp humor, impressive knowledge, and boldness, his show has become a mainstay of the late-night talk show genre.

Streaming platform: Hulu

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7. Desus & Mero: A Hilarious and Insightful Look at Current Events

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero host a show called Desus & Mero. The show debuted on Showtime this year and shows the two comics debating timely issues in both politics and pop culture. The show is humorous and enjoyable thanks to Desus and Mero’s signature wit and irreverence. They can make light of the situation while simultaneously providing insightful comments about it.

The hosts, Desus and Mero, provide their take on the news of the day in addition to interviewing celebrities. It’s no secret that “Desus & Mero’s Bodega Boys,” in which the hosts provide their opinions on the week’s top news items, is a fan favorite.

Desus & Mero

Desus & Mero

Desus & Mero is an exciting new option for late-night television. The hosts’ skill at balancing comedy and knowledge has made the show a critical success.

Streaming platform: Showtime

8. The Bob Newhart Show

From 1972 through 1978, The Bob Newhart Show was a sitcom. The sitcom, which starred comedian Bob Newhart as Chicago psychologist Dr. Robert Hartley, was noted for its sarcastic wit, imaginative writing, and ensemble cast.

Due to his deadpan delivery and neurotic personality, Newhart rapidly became a fan favorite, and his encounters with his oddball patients and adoring wife, Emily (Suzanne Pleshette), provided numerous possibilities for laughter.

The Bob Newhart Show

The Bob Newhart Show

The show’s supporting cast, which included actors like Marcia Wallace, Peter Bonerz, and Bill Daily, was as excellent. It was a well-rounded ensemble comedy because each member provided their quirks and humor.

The Bob Newhart Show was notable for its portrayal of therapy and mental health, which were taboo at the time. The show’s thoughtful and funny portrayal of these topics assisted in dispelling preconceptions and fostering more acceptance.

Throughout its run, the program received several Emmy awards and great appreciation from reviewers and viewers. It also led to Newhart’s fame as a comedy legend and cleared the door for other popular sitcoms with unorthodox premises, notably Taxi and Cheers.

Streaming platform: Hulu

9. The Charlie Rose Show: An Intellectual Talk Show with In-Depth Interviews

From 1991 through 2017, the legendary journalist Charlie Rose held his talk show, The Charlie Rose Show. The show often included interviews with significant personalities in politics, industry, and the arts. Rose was an expert interviewer who got frank comments from his respondents on a variety of topics.

It was rare for television at the time for him to take his time and go into great detail when conducting interviews. Together with its host, The Charlie Rose Show was lauded for its profound talks and thought-provoking topics. Rose’s willingness to explore difficult themes and challenge the opinions of his guests resulted in fascinating and introspective talks.

The Charlie Rose Show

The Charlie Rose Show

You had to tune in to The Charlie Rose Show if you wished to hear incisive discussions on significant social, cultural, and political problems. The popularity of the show can be ascribed to Rose’s skill as an interviewer and his dedication to exploring contentious themes in depth. In 2017, allegations of sexual harassment against Rose stained the program with controversy, which ultimately led to its cancellation and damaged its legacy.

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10. Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher: A Talk Show with a Political Edge

Bill Maher hosted the show Politically Incorrect, is a comedian and also a political commentator. Religion, politics, and popular culture were among the hot-button themes frequently addressed by show guests. The program would involve a panel discussion with Maher and guests from many fields, including politics, show business, and journalism.

The show was revolutionary in that it promoted unrestricted discussion and debate, which regularly degenerated into heated clashes between guests with opposing viewpoints. Politically Incorrect was a hit due to Maher’s sharp wit and the irreverent tone of the program. He did not hesitate to criticize and expose the hypocrisy of renowned politicians and media personalities.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher

Overall, Politically Incorrect was a breakthrough discussion show that introduced several innovative television concepts. The likes of The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher followed in its footsteps by engaging in similarly candid political and cultural discussions.

Streaming platform: Comedy Central

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11. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: An Interactive Talk Show Experience

Watch What Happens Live is a late-night discussion program hosted by Andy Cohen that has been airing on Bravo since 2009. Producer and host Andy Cohen is well recognized for his work on the Real Housewives series on Bravo. Watch What Happens Live is unlike any other late-night chat show because of its focus on audience participation.

During the show’s “Plead the Fifth” section, in which guests are asked three contentious topics and given the option to pass on one, callers are encouraged to ask questions. In a “Clubhouse Playhouse” section, Cohen and his guests reenacted classic moments from the Real Housewives series using kid-friendly props.

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

To sum up, those who enjoy the Real Housewives series or reality television would enjoy Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. Cohen’s boundless excitement and the show’s participatory segments make for a fun viewing experience that stands apart from other late-night talk shows.

Streaming platform: Bravo Tv

12. The Ellen DeGeneres Show: A Feel-Good Talk Show

Ever since the American reality show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show premiered, it has been loved and praised worldwide. Ellen DeGeneres hosts the show. She is recognized for her lighthearted and funny approach to the interviews and segments she hosts. Celebrity interviews, live performances, and comedy skits all make up the show’s format.

‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ is a fan-favorite part of the show in which viewers play crazy games for the chance to win prizes. The show frequently highlights touching moments, such as surprise reunions and acts of charity, in keeping with DeGeneres’ reputation for generosity and kindness.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

In sum, anyone in need of a dose of optimism throughout their day will like The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres’s wit and good nature make for a fun show, and the emphasis on feel-good anecdotes makes it stand out from the crowd.

Streaming platform: Netflix 

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13. The Graham Norton Show: A Chat Show with a Twist

The Graham Norton Show, a BBC conversation program that debuted in 2007, quickly gained widespread attention in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Graham Norton, who has a reputation for being witty and sarcastic, hosts the show.

Variety interviews with famous people are interspersed with musical performances on this talk show, which is notable for its unconventional structure. Instead of doing interviews with guests one at a time, Norton has them all sit on a couch and have a roundtable discussion.

In a segment dubbed “Red Chair,” audience members share a personal story with the show’s special guests. If the audience loses interest, they may simply flip the chair over, and the storyteller will be sent spinning.

The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show

In sum, The Graham Norton Show is a great talk show for individuals who enjoy a touch of anarchy and the unexpected. The show’s unconventional style, plus Norton’s quick wit and irreverent humor, make it an enjoyable watch.

Streaming platform: BBC

14. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 

Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal is a political satire program that has been airing on TBS since 2016. Samantha Bee, formerly of “The Daily Show,” now hosts and provides biting analysis on timely political and cultural themes. Bee and her staff of writers analyze news items with wit and humor to bring attention to serious but underreported problems.

The show features a monologue as well as humor sketches, field reports, and in-depth interviews with celebrities. The show has received high praise for its progressive approach towards issues, including women’s rights, climate change, and LGBTQ+ rights, and Bee has earned a reputation for being bold and unapologetic in her approach to approaching these matters.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Full Frontal has garnered attention for both its political satire and its activism. With the help of her team, Bee has organized several successful projects, including the sale of “Nasty Woman” t-shirts, which brought in over $1 million for Planned Parenthood.

There are persons of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community within the show’s writing and producing staff, and this has been noted. Overall, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has become a leading voice in the world of political satire, and it continues to motivate and amuse viewers with its fearless and uncompromising style.

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video 

15. Chelsea Lately

From 2007 until 2014, E! aired Chelsea Lately, a late-night discussion show hosted by Chelsea Handler. Chelsea Handler, a stand-up comedian, hosted the show and provided her hilarious spin on the latest in Hollywood and contemporary culture. Discussions between Handler and her guests about current events and rumors were a staple of the show.

Chelsea Lately’s uniqueness lies in its emphasis on female performers. Female comedians, performers, and musicians were regulars on Handler’s show, where they could be heard and their ideas heard. She also spoke up about women’s difficulties, like self-esteem, romantic partnerships, and achieving professional success.

Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately

Comedy sketches, parodies, and prank phone calls were regular features of Chelsea Lately, in addition to the show’s signature roundtable conversations. Handler was a talented comedian whose willingness to experiment and break new ground set her program apart from the competition.

Chelsea Lately was a smashing success for E! and boosted Handler to comedic stardom. In the years following the cancellation of Chelsea in 2014, Handler worked on other projects, including a chat show for Netflix.

Streaming platform: Netflix 

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16. The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show ruled late-night television for a long time. From 1962 through 1992, Johnny Carson served as the program’s host. Carson was known for his quick wit, kindness, and funny skits and sketches.

The Tonight Show was highlighted by Carson’s hilarious and timely monologues. He had a flair for finding humor in severe situations, and his remarks frequently helped audiences temporarily forget their troubles.

Another highlight was the guest interviews on The Tonight Show. Carson had a gift for putting people at ease and generating humorous and insightful stories from them. He was very skilled at interacting with guests and eliciting their quirks and personalities.

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

The personalities and routines that Carson and his coworkers created for The Tonight Show are unquestionably the most appealing aspect. Carnac the Magnificent, a turbaned fortune teller who “divined” the answers to inquiries sealed in envelopes, and Art Fern, a cheesy talk show host who continually had a new product to advertise, were among the most well-known. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was a classic television program that transformed late-night talk shows.

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video 

17. John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight

Oliver is the host of the program, which premiered in 2014. Last Week Tonight is known for its in-depth investigations. In these parts, Oliver simplifies a complex topic such as healthcare or police accountability amusingly and educationally. Oliver’s in-depth analyses are frequently eye-opening and provide a fresh perspective on challenging topics.

Another virtue of Last Week Tonight is Oliver’s willingness to address contentious topics that other shows may ignore. Oliver has handled topics like government espionage, corporate greed, and the refugee crisis from a fresh and humorous perspective.

The most remarkable aspect of Last Week Tonight is, without a doubt, its global impact. It is so inspiring to watch Oliver use his humor and knowledge to effect constructive change in society and politics.

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a revolutionary program that addresses serious political and social issues using humor, intelligence, and investigative journalism.

Streaming platform: HBO

18. The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon

The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon is a late-night talk show that premiered in 2014, succeeding Jay Leno. The show’s popularity among viewers and critics is partly attributable to Fallon’s peppy and humorous hosting style.

The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon featured the “Lip Sync Battle,” which is one of the most-watched segments. In this segment, Fallon and his celebrity guests take turns lip-syncing to popular songs, frequently while wearing elaborate attire.

Jimmy Fallon’s musical performances on The Late Show are another highlight. Due to his tremendous passion for music, Fallon usually features both new and established artists. He routinely incorporates musical interludes into his comedy sketches, demonstrating his versatility as a performer.

The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon employs technology in unique ways, which is perhaps its most defining characteristic. Fallon has fully embraced social media and other digital platforms, finding inventive ways to incorporate them into his broadcast. With the video-sharing app TikTok, for example, he routinely develops viral dancing challenges and other sections.

The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon

The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon

The honest chats he has with his famous guests are a staple of Fallon’s program. Visitors enjoy participating in Fallon’s program because he makes them feel at ease and encourages them to offer humorous or insightful comments. To maintain the engagement and attention of his subjects, he frequently incorporates games and other interactive elements.

The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon is a humorous and cheerful program that provides a unique perspective on the late-night chat show style. Check out Fallon’s show if you’re looking for a good laugh and some juicy celebrity news.

Streaming platform: NBC

19. The Oprah Winfrey Show

The Oprah Winfrey Show had 25 seasons, and it ended in 2011. Oprah Winfrey’s talk show was a global phenomenon due to her empathy and ability to communicate with her audience. Celebrity interviews, self-help segments, and charitable activity reports were all included in the broadcast.

Winfrey frequently featured segments in which she discussed topics such as addiction treatment, boosting confidence, and spirituality. Important themes such as racism, sexual assault, and poverty were also tackled in the series.

The Oprah Winfrey Show

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Despite its tremendous appeal, The Oprah Winfrey Show was not without criticism. Oprah has been criticized for encouraging the use of the anti-cancer drug laetrile, whose scientific validity has been questioned. The program was also condemned for exploiting and sensationalizing its vulnerable guests.

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20. Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show

Craig Kilborn hosted the show from 1996 until its cancellation in 1998. Jon Stewart served as host from 1999 until Trevor Noah succeeded in 2015. Since taking over as host, South African comedian Trevor Noah has given the show a new perspective. He regularly uses his experiences to shed light on current events and recounts his South African childhood.

Trevor Noah's The Daily Show

Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show

Noah has also been recognized for his wit and composure under pressure. The segment Between the Scenes, in which Noah greets the audience directly during commercial breaks, is a fan favorite. These shorts, which frequently go viral, provide viewers with a closer look at Noah’s personality and beliefs.

Several honors have been bestowed upon The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, including Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Variety Talk Series in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Streaming platform: Comedy Central

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21. The Beverly Hillbillies

Sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies, ran from 1962 until 1971. The sitcom followed the Clampett family, a group of rural, working-class Ozarks residents who became wealthy after discovering oil on their land. They eventually migrate to Beverly Hills, California, where they strive to acclimatize to life in the lap of wealth.

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies

It was famous for its broad comedy and eccentric characters, such as Buddy Ebsen’s charming but inept father, Jed Clampett, and Donna Douglas’s feisty, no-nonsense daughter Elly May. Although its lighter humor, The Beverly Hillbillies dealt with serious subjects such as the separation between rural and urban life and the corrupting influence of money.

Streaming platform: Plex

22. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Tom and Dick Smothers, a folk music and comedy combo, hosted The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour on American television from 1967 to 1969. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was renowned for its sarcastic comedy and political commentary, which frequently criticized the government and the Vietnam War.

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour frequently clashed with network censors. The show’s willingness to explore contentious topics and push the boundaries of what was regarded acceptable on television paved the way for following programs such as Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show.

Streaming platform: CBS

23. The Steve Allen Show:

The Steve Allen Show was a groundbreaking variety program hosted by the multitalented Steve Allen. The Steve Allen Show featured comedy routines, musical performances, and in-depth interviews with important personalities such as authors and performers.

The “Man in the Street” interviews, in which Allen would walk out into the community and ask ordinary people about current events and cultural trends, are among the most enduring features of The Steve Allen Show. These portions pioneered the use of “vox populi” or “voice of the people” journalism, paving the way for later, more interactive, audience-focused programming.

The Steve Allen Show

The Steve Allen Show

The Steve Allen Show was a cultural landmark for many Americans, particularly those interested in jazz, Beat literature, and counterculture. Allen was adored by both audiences and other artists for his inquiring mind, fearless character, and enthusiasm to try new things.

24. The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show:

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show was the fan favorite due to its hilarious writing, impeccable timing, and unrivaled chemistry between Burns and Allen. The program focused on the Burns family, with Burns playing the straight man to Allen’s wacky and disorderly character. But what truly distinguished The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show was its humor that broke the fourth wall.

Allen would frequently address the audience directly, stating that the program was scripted and encouraging audience participation in the gags. This was a revolutionary concept for television at the time, establishing Burns and Allen as the forefathers of the contemporary sitcom.

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video 

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

25. The Perry Como Show:

The Perry Como Show was hosted by singer Perry Como. The show was noted for its relaxed atmosphere thanks to Como’s soothing voice and gentle manner. The show featured a combination of musical performances, comedic routines, and famous guests.

Como frequently sang duets with his guests or did humorous sketches with them. The Perry Como Show typically included emerging musicians and songwriters in addition to renowned performers.

The Perry Como Show

The Perry Como Show

But what distinguished The Perry Como Show different was its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Its commitment to diversity shaped American society and supported the continuing civil rights struggle.

26. The Dinah Shore Show

The Dinah Shore Show was a musical variety show that ran from 1951 to 1957 and was hosted by the same name. Each week, the show would combine music, humor, and celebrity guests, with Shore serving as both host and performer. She would begin each episode with her memorable slogan, “See the U.S.A. in Your Chevrolet,” which became iconic with the show and worked to promote Chevrolet automobiles.

The Dinah Shore Show

The Dinah Shore Show

But, The Dinah Shore Show served as more than just a promotional platform. Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong participated, giving it a showcase for some of the era’s finest musical talent. Additionally, Shore utilized the show to promote and introduce the public to promising newcomers such as Johnny Mathis and Tony Bennett, so contributing to the development of their careers.

27. The Andy Griffith Show

From 1960 until 1968, The Andy Griffith Show was a sitcom. The show featured the life of Sheriff Andy Taylor, portrayed by Andy Griffith, and his friends and family in the little North Carolina town of Mayberry. The sitcom was recognized for its benign, down-home humor and its charming characters, like Andy’s clumsy deputy, Barney Fife, played by Don Knotts, and his Aunt Bee, played by Frances Bavier.


The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show has now become an American television classic, spawning spin-offs, merchandise, and even a theme park in Mount Airy, North Carolina, which is supposedly the inspiration for the fictional town of Mayberry.

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video 

28. The Carol Burnett Show:

The Carol Burnett Show was hosted by the late Carol Burnett. Burnett was famous for her comedic flair and her ability to inhabit several roles, from the bumbling housewife to the glamorous movie diva. With a variety of amusing sketches, musical performances, and famous guests, each edition of the show was a masterclass in humor.

The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, among others, helped to the show’s enormous success alongside Burnett. The Carol Burnett Show’s opening theme song, which featured Burnett tugging on her ear as a clandestine communication with her grandmother, was one of its highlights. This became a trademark of the show and an indication of Burnett’s affection for her audience.

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video 

29. The Alan Thicke Show

Alan Thicke presented a talk show titled The Alan Thicke Show between 1980 and 1983. Alan Thicke, a Canadian actor, and musician, introduced the show, which was noted for its entertaining celebrity interviews and musical performances.

The Alan Thicke Show

Alan Thicke

Due to Thicke’s warm and engaging demeanor, his talk show was a big success. The musical performances on The Alan Thicke Show were among its most notable features. Rick Springfield and Olivia Newton-John were just two of the many modern music luminaries who performed on the show.

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video 

30. The Phil Silvers Show

The Phil Silvers Show, which ran from 1955 to 1959, was affectionately referred to as “Sgt. Bilko” by its fans. Phil Silvers as Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko, a fast-talking, cunning army sergeant who was constantly seeking a way to earn a quick buck or get out of work. The episode centered on Bilko and his platoon of outcasts and took place in Fort Baxter near Roseville, Kansas.

The Phil Silvers Show was unique for its day since it was one of the first television programs to use a multi-camera setup for recording, allowing for more sophisticated and thrilling camerawork. The concert also had a live crowd, which contributed to the funny timing and energy of the acts.

The Phil Silvers Show

The Phil Silvers Show

The show was a critical and financial success, collecting three consecutive Emmys for Best Comedy Series from 1956 to 1958. Silvers got the Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Performance for his performance as Sgt. Bilko in 1956.

Because of the show’s ongoing appeal, reruns have remained airing for years after it ended. Based on the novel, Sgt. Bilko: The Musical was a blockbuster on Broadway in the 1990s.

Streaming platform: Not available 

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