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Who Does Quinn End Up With In Scandal? Explained

Who does quinn end up with in scandal?
Credits: ABC Network

People love good Television series which make them bite their nails out of anticipation and excitement. The thrill of waiting and thinking about what is about to happen next is something that fuels a lot of people to continue watching.

That is the true essence of a good show. A show’s success can be seen in how well it has hooked its audience through its concept, and the popular American Television network known to us as ABC is pretty good at delivering such shows.

The ABC Network has been a chief contributor of fine and quality entertainment for quite a long time now. American citizens love the television network, and a considerable international audience also appreciates it for delivering entertaining shows.

ABC Network has risen to its height due to several flagship shows that it telecasted, and the TV Series known to us as ‘Scandal’ stands at one of the most vital positions in that list of top shows. The modern audience demand TV Series which doesn’t drag and bore them. They need something exciting which makes them curious about the events which are going to happen.

This is exactly what the show Scandal delivers. The Scandal was one of the most-watched Political thrillers in the whole of America, with a consistently growing viewer population. The show originally started to air in the year of 2012 and lasted till the year of 2018. The show had a total of 7 seasons with a total of 124 episodes, each nearly an hour long.

Created by Shonda Rhymes and a handful of recognized producers, Scandal went on to become one of the favorite shows to be ever aired on American television. Scandal rose to fame as it progressed from season to season.

The storyline and the way of execution were appreciated and welcomed by a lot of fans, and the casting was as per the expectations of the audience, making the show more lovable. The Scandal has won a ton of nominations and awards for being one of the most-watched American television series. 

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Plot of Scandal

The American Elite Society runs things with its powers. They are considered the society which has command over almost everyone in the country, and their influence has a very wide range. Now, elites of such nature consider something far more valuable than their lives.

It is their public image, and this is where our lead character named, Olivia Pope, comes in. Played by Kerry Washington, the character resembles someone who is dedicated to working for the protection of the elite’s public image.

Olivia left her role at the white house in order to start her very own consulting firm from scratch. She acted and accomplished her dream of becoming the owner of her very own consulting firm. But things didn’t end there as she was met with some personal and work issues.

As the storyline gets deeper and deeper, she becomes someone who uncovers the hidden truths of her surroundings. The staff she hired and the people she had worked for before, every person in her life, had some sort of secret hidden from her. 

A lot of politics and drama with the right bit of thrill is induced in the series to make it an interesting one. The viewers experience an intense turn of events and thrills as the story progresses. We will dive deep into the secrets of every key character belonging to the storyline.

Now, there is a character named Quinn Perkins, which every Scandal series fan is aware of. She is that lively individual in the workplace who has her own set of concerns to deal with.

Played by Katie Lowes, and her character development was pretty good as the storyline progressed. Now, people are wondering with whom did Quinn really end up at the end of the show? The show really made its fans get tangled in interesting events and situations.

A lot of things were concluded, and fans of the show really want to know about how the Quinn character was written off. If you are one of them, worry not! Read along and find out with whom Quinn ends up in Scandal.

Who does Quinn end up with in Scandal?

Quinn Perkins was one of the associates who worked for Olivia Pope’s consulting firm. She has her own past, which was found interesting by a huge number of audiences. The character underwent a ton of interesting events in her past.

Filled with tragedy and a lot of changes, Quinn Teller was considered one of the most active characters who faced a lot of things according to the storyline. She was kidnapped and made to live under a fake identity, She had her own issues with the law at a particular point in time, and she escaped from it. The list just goes on.

Who does quinn end up with in scandal?

Quinn with Charlie 

Popularly known as the “Baby Huck” among the Scandal fans, this interesting character named Quinn Perkins ended up with another interesting character named Charlie, who was actually an enemy of Quinn before. Charlie was a spy working under the B613 program.

Both of these characters met and shared feelings and experiences with each other, and their normal relationship turned into love. These characters are given a happy ending where the couple gets married and even have a daughter named Robin.

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