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35 Best God Of War Cosplay Ever From PlayStation Exclusive

Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

What is the best “God of War” cosplays? God of War is one of the most successful game franchises of Sony Playstation exclusives. This action-adventure game was developed by Santa Monica Studios, whereas Sony Interactive Entertainment released this game as an exclusive for their PS consoles. The gameplay and the mechanics differed from other games, and they attracted a lot of attention. God of War never failed the audience. It always provided the best experience for the fans. The developers will release the next installment of the game in 2022 for both PS4 and PS5, and it will follow the events after the 2018 game.

The plot of the game revolved around a Spartan warrior, Kratos. The Greek God of War, Arês, tricked him into killing his family in return for the power to win wars. Filled with guilt and rage, Kratos leaves on a journey to kill the Gods to avenge his family. After killing the Greek Gods, Kratos lived in the Norse realm, Midgard. Further, he had a new family there. But after losing his second wife, Freya, Kratos sets on a new journey with his son to spread her ashes from the highest peak in the nine realms. On this adventure, Kratos and his son come across Norse gods while unraveling many secrets about themselves and Freya. We all fell in love with the game’s character. Therefore, many God of War fans cosplayed characters from the game. Thus, we will look at the best God of War cosplays ever in this article.

35. Joe Colton

Kratos is back to slay the Gods living on Mount Olympus. However, instead of looking ferocious and bloodthirsty Spartan God of War, Kratos returned as a beautiful “Goddess of War”. Joe has done an amazing job with the costume, and her beauty just adds a brilliant touch to this female Kratos cosplay.

Joe Colton Cosplay's Kratos, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Joe Colton’s Kratos Cosplay.

34. Cynthetic

Looking at this cosplay, I thought that if Kratos was a girl and instead of being a God of War, Kratos was the God of Cuteness. Cynthetic looks adorable in the Kratos costume, and her unique take on this cosplay makes it different from others.

Cynthetic's Kratos Cosplay.

Cynthetic’s Kratos Cosplay.

33. Brain J Cooper

You all know that after settling in Midgard, Kratos has grown wilder and wiser. Now he can remain calm and compose. However, this God of War’s calm doesn’t mean he forgot to fight. As he’s still the Spartan warrior, he was once. Brian did an amazing job in capturing the calm of the Old Kratos while keeping Spartan eyes full of rage in his cosplay.

Brain J Cooper's Kratos Cosplay

Brain J Cooper’s Kratos Cosplay

32. Celcius Sama

Who knew that gender-bent Kratos could be so deadly. I don’t whether this “Goddess of War” has the Spartan Rage or not, but she does have beautiful eyes to kill anyone with just her stare. Cosplayer Celsius sama’s cosplay as Kratos has petrified me.

Celsius Sama's Gender-bent Kratos Cosplay.

Celsius Sama’s gender-bent Kratos Cosplay.

31. The Rising Thor

Kratos has worn some awesome cosplay throughout the history of the Game of War series. Cosplayer, The Rising Thor, has done an amazing job of creating the Guardian Shield Gauntlet and the Blades of Chaos. The props are so amazingly detailed that it feels like they are the real deal that came from the game itself.

The Rising Thor's Kratos Cosplay

The Rising Thor’s Kratos Cosplay.

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30. Joey Pinto

The costume and prop are the souls of cosplay. A magnificent cosplay depends on the preparation done on the costume. Without a doubt, Joey did a great job at replicating Old Kratos’s armor from the God of War (2018).

Joey Pinto's Kratos Cosplay

Joey Pinto’s Kratos Cosplay.

29. Manoela Castejon

Valkyrie Gunnr is one of the nine Valkyries that Kratos fights and frees her corrupted soul. This Brazilian cosplayer and make artist has just brought the character to life. The details in the wings and the armor are just mind-blowing.

Manoela Castejon's Valkyrie Gunnr Cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Manoela Castejon’s Valkyrie Gunnr Cosplay.

28. Jessica Kerr

This British cosplayer has done a gender-bent cosplay of Kratos. But even if it is a female version, you can still feel the vibe of the original male Old Kratos. You can see the calm and wise Kratos in Jessica’s cosplay, but you can also see the Spartan warrior hidden inside.

Jessica Kerr's Kratos Cosplay.

Jessica Kerr’s Kratos Cosplay.

27. Manulys

Freya, is that you with Mimir’s head? Manulys has done a great job in this cosplay of the former Valkyrie queen. She has literally brought the God of War character into real life. Valkyrie would have been really proud after seeing this costly.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Manulys’s Freya Cosplay.

26. Shay Ann

Ann’s Kratos cosplay looks like she is ready for the war and just waiting to slay some gods and demons with her Leviathan Axe. Further, you can’t miss the unique hairstyle she went with for the Lady Kratos.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Shay Ann’s Lady Kratos Cosplay.

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25. Savannah Poison

God of War Kratos is known for his rage and bloodthirsty nature to kill gods. However, fitness model and cosplayer Savannah Poison added a new twist to the character. Because she changed not only Kratos’s gender but also added a touch of cuteness to the character, but you should never cross the line with her to this Goddess of War might chop your head off with her Leviathan Axe.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Savannah Poison’s Kratos Cosplay.

24. Nubia Em Detalhes

Who said that a female Kratos could never showcase the rage and bloodthirsty nature of the original Kratos? The Brazilian cosplayer, Nubia, did an amazing job in her Kratos cosplay. It is so good that for a second, you might even think that Kratos should have been a Goddess instead of a God in the first place.

Nubia Em Detalhes

Nubia Em Detalhes’ Kratos Cosplay.

23. Kalinka Fox

Kalinka’s Kratos Cosplay can petrify anyone. The God of War no more needs Medusa’s head for petrification. Her adding the sexiness to the Kratos cosplay made it a deadly weapon. Therefore, you should be careful when you see this cosplay.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Kalinka Fox’s Lady Kratos Cosplay.

22. Nayoa Création

French cosplayer and performer Naoya is looking so good in the Kratos outfit. However, her Lady Kratos looks so adorable and innocent, like she hasn’t yet been through the horrors Kratos did in the game. But this makes her version one of the best God of War cosplay ever.

Nayoa Création's Innocent Lady Kratos cosplay.

Nayoa Création’s Innocent Lady Kratos Cosplay.

21. Sean Bane

Kratos is famous as the Ghost of Sparta because of his white skin, which he got after a temple’s oracle cursed him for wearing his dead family’s ashes. Further, Kratos adorned the red tattoos after his brother, Deimos, “death”. Cosplayer Sean has done a mind-blowing job in replicating the white skin and red tattoos in his Kratos cosplay.

Sean Bane's Kratos Cosplay.

Sean Bane’s Kratos Cosplay.

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20. Thousand Faces

This Kratos cosplay is perfect. There is nothing to say much about it. But what I liked was that the cosplayer portrayed the scene from the 2018 game. When Kratos go backs to retrieve his old Blade of Chaos. The idea to portray a game’s scene was really awesome.

Thousand Faces' Kratos cosplay.

Thousand Faces’ Kratos cosplay.

19. Evgeny Batorevich

This Russian bodybuilder has tried his hands into cosplaying. He nailed the cosplay of the God of War, Kratos. Looking at Batorevich’s cosplay, it feels like his physique was meant to cosplay as the blood-thirsty Spartan.

Evgeny Batorevich' Kratos Cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Evgeny Batorevich’ Kratos Cosplay.

18. Paolo Spartano (Classic Kratos)

Looking at this cosplay it feels so real. Spartano nailed the cosplay of young Kratos. You can clearly see the violent and bloodthirsty nature of Kratos during his days as a God Slayer. Further, he has even mastered the classic Kratos pose.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Spartano’s Classic Kratos Cosplay.

17.  Paolo Spartano (Old Kratos)

Spartano made a second appearance on this list. Paolo just doesn’t use the name Spartano for sun; he himself is the Ghost of Sparta. Not only he did an awesome classic Kratos cosplay, but he also looks good as the wiser and Older Kratos from the latest God of War game.

Spartano's Old Kratos cosplay.

Spartano’s Old Kratos cosplay.

16. Badgerlock

If there are ever any plans for a God of War live-action movie, then they should consider Badgerlock for the role. This cosplayer looks so good in this role that sometimes it feels he’s the real Kratos. Not to forget, he did an amazing job with the armor for the God of War cosplay.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Badgerlock’s Kratos Cosplay.

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15. Ailyta

If there are ever going to be any plans for a God of War live-action, then they should definitely contact Ailyta for the role of Freya. This Swiss cosplayer has done an amazing job in this cosplay. It is so hard to say that it’s cosplay.

Ailyta's Freya Cosplay.

Ailyta’s Freya Cosplay.

14. FredWolf

When did the Kratos come out of the game? At looking at this cosplay, it feels so real that it’s hard to say that this is actually just a cosplay. FredWolf had done such a wonderful job in replicating Kratos’s God of War armor, the Blades of Chaos, and he also mastered his classic fighting stance. This cosplay deserves to be one of the best God of War cosplay ever.

FredWolf's Kratos Cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

FredWolf’s Kratos Cosplay.

13. Justine Jey

The God of War Kratos is known for his rage. Justine Jay’s pose showing her shouting with anger is a smart idea to portray  Kratos’s infamous Spartan Rage. And it looks like it would be better not to mess with this spartan, or she might send you to Helheim with her Blades of Chaos.

Justine Jey's Kratos Cosplay.

Justine Jey’s Kratos Cosplay.

12. Karlenkova Natalia

If the game developers ever think of creating Kratos in an alternate universe, where the Spartan is not a God but a Goddess of War. Natalia did a great job with the cosplay, and the Spartan Rage, in her eyes, is just on point. It feels like she will kill anyone who comes near her.

Karlenkova Natalia's Kratos Cosplay.

Karlenkova Natalia’s Kratos Cosplay.

11. Skathi

Geirdriful is one of the nine corrupted Valkyries, whom Kratos eliminates to free their soul. Skhathi’s cosplay as Valkyrie Geirdriful looks so real. And looking at the amount of work she did on the armor just blows my mind. She did such detailed work on the armor, and those Valkyrie wings look so cool that I also want them.

Skathi's Valkyrie Geirdriful cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Skathi’s Valkyrie Geirdriful Cosplay.

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10. Marye Le Fay

Fay’s Valkyrie Hildr cosplay from God of War is just breathtaking. Looking at that costume and especially those wings, I cannot even imagine how much hard work and time she took to make this magnificent costume. The cosplay doesn’t disappoint a bit, and without a doubt, it is one of the best God of War cosplay ever.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Marye Le Fay’s Valkyrie Fay Cosplay

9. Burrovolo

You don’t see one of the nine corrupted Valkyrie, Gondul, hanging out in your neighborhood park. Burrovolo has really worked hard to make that Valkyrie costume, as it looks so real that it feels like the Valkyrie came out of the game.

Burrovolo's Valkyrie Gondul cosplay.

Burrovolo’s Valkyrie Gondul Cosplay.

8. Abi

Boy, is that you?  Abi is also known as Opal Ink Cosplay, has just nailed the cosplay of Atreus, son of Kratos. Not only she created a mind-blowing Atreus costume, but she also matched the eye color. Her cosplay looked so real that for a second, I thought it might be a screenshot from the upcoming God of War Ragnarok.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Abi’s Atreus Cosplay.

7. Romina (Kara)

This swiss cosplayer appears again on this list of the best God of War cosplay ever. It seems Romina loves to be a Valkyrie, as apart from Rota, she also did a Valkyrie Kara cosplay. Both her cosplay is so good, and especially those wings are worth appreciating.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Romina’s Valkyrie Rota Cosplay.

6. Romina

This swiss cosplayer appears again on this list of the best God of War cosplay ever. It seems Romina loves to be a Valkyrie, as apart from Rota, she also did a Valkyrie Kara cosplay. Both her cosplay are so good and especially those wings are worth appreciating.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Romina’s Valkyrie Kara Cosplay.

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5. Ibelinn

This Norwegian cosplayer did a mind-blowing cosplay of Freya. Further, Ibelinn added a touch of innocence in this cosplay. She is looking so adorable as Freya that it made me fall for this character even more.

Ibelinn's Freya cosplay.

Ibelinn’s Freya Cosplay.

4. Strength Sensei

The cosplayer Strenght Sensei brought Baldur, the “immortal” Norse God of Light and the main antagonist of the 2018 game, to life. The cosplayer has not only matched the attire, beard, and tattoos, but he also has the same eye color as Baldur from the game.

Strength Sensei's Baldur cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Strength Sensei’s Baldur Cosplay.

3. Alex Wolf

Wolf is a professional cosplayer and actor. You might have heard his name and have seen his many cosplays before. In every cosplay, he just overcomes himself. So did he in this cosplay. It’s so hard to say that this is a Kratos cosplay and not a screenshot from the game.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Alex Wolf’s Kratos Cosplay.

2. Lydi Scott

Scott is one of the most famous cosplayers, and she has done many cosplays from popular shows, animes, and games. She even cosplayed as Freya from God of War. However, in this cosplay seeing the Former Queen of the Valkyrie dancing like this just melts the heart. Since watching this, I’m crushing even more over Freya.

Lydi Scott's Freya Cosplay.

Lydi Scott’s Freya Cosplay.

1. Octokuro

Lady Kratos cosplay should be made illegal. As Octokuro’s cosplay as a female Kratos is just over the top. Octokuro doesn’t even need the Leviathan Axe. She can just kill you with her beauty. The cosplay is perfect, and her touch of sexiness into the Kratos cosplay is just the cherry on the top.

Best God Of War Cosplay - Octokuro

Octokuro’s Kratos Cosplay.

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