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15 Best Mount Lady Cosplay From My Hero Academia

The following article is about the best 15 Mount Lady Cosplay From My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia has obtained massive popularity since its release. It hit numbers, which other anime can only dream about. The idea of character development does not stick to the protagonist but all the other characters in the anime. With a beautiful storyline, awesome animation, and outstanding fight sequences, My Hero Academia has become one of the best top three anime of this decade.

Professional cosplayers love to cosplay characters from My Hero Academia. The anime is based on superheroes, so it is challenging and fun for them to do so. One of such characters is Mount Lady. Mount Lady is one of the pro heroes whose ability is to get big or shrink at will. She has a god figure and a sexy appearance. She also teaches at the U.A in anime. For a moment, let us stop talking about My Hero Academia and solely focus on Mount Lady. Let us see the 15 best Mount Lady cosplay from My Hero Academia.


Byo Cosplay’s Mount Lady cosplay is very good. The innocence of Mount Lady is loved by the whole Otaku community. That innocence is quite clearly shown in the cosplay.


Cosplay: Byo Cosplay

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After seeing this cosplay, I am crushing even harder on Mount Lady. The cosplay of the pro hero is on point with a touch of sexiness. Cryptic Jinx did her homework good.


Cosplay: Cryptic Jinx


The costume is the main talking point of this cosplay. With everything inch-perfect, Denialism Cosplay did not have any problem securing a place for herself in the best Mount Lady cosplay list.


Cosplay: Denialism Cosplay


I cannot get over the fact how anyone can be so similar to an anime character. Starting from hair to everything is pitched perfectly. It looks like God himself made this cosplay for her.


Cosplay: Enji Night


If you have seen the anime, then you should probably know that this is a common pose for Mount Lady. A round of applause, for Faelia Cosplay, for using this posture in the cosplay.


Cosplay: Faelia Cosplay


Mount Lady is very proud of her looks. Iloshiro had that same expression as Mount Lady. Moreover, her professionalism is second to none, and this cosplay proves for point.


Cosplay: Iloshiro


Katyuska Moonfox is a professional cosplayer. You probably know her and see her in a bunch of cosplay. In this picture also, she outdid herself. Mount Lady would feel proud looking at her.


Cosplay: Katyuska Moonfox

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The color of her costume is the same as Mount Lady. In case there is ever a live-action My Hero Academia movie, she should be cast in for the role of Mount Lady.

Best Mount Lady Cosplay From My Hero Academia

Cosplay: Kinpatsu


The cosplay is perfect, and there is little to say about it. But the thing which surprised me was the background. The cosplayer’s idea of using Mount Lady’s ability is very nice. It is kind of unique.


Cosplay: Komomo Studio


Let us forget about the cosplay for a moment and look at her eyes. She has used the same lens as Mount Lady. The expression on her face, along with the pink eyes, is too hot to handle.

Best Mount Lady Cosplay From My Hero Academia

Cosplay: Kyrramarie


Mount Lady is very strong, and portraying her with muscle-flexing is quite witty, Lady Melamori did everything perfectly, and the idea is also nice. She is there on Twitter to follow.

Best Mount Lady Cosplay From My Hero Academia

Cosplay: Lady Melamori


A chubby version of Mount Lady is really cute. I am not body shaming and completely against it. But this is a unique cosplay, and it is quite good. It gives us an idea about how Mount Lady would look if she was chubby.


Cosplay: La petite Spider


Luxlo had an idea of focusing on the horns of Mount Lady. The pair of horns are cute, and it is an integral part of the Mount Lady cosplay.


Cosplay: Luxlo


A simple, yet ravishing cosplay of Mount Lady. I got to hand it to her. A simple version of a hero is quite rare to see these days.

Best Mount Lady Cosplay From My Hero Academia

Cosplay: MHA Aesthetics


Let the Mount Lady cosplay list end with a banger. Oichi’s portrayal of Mount Lady is the sexiest of the lot. The awesome background color matches her costume. Professional cosplayer nailing the cosplay all the way.

Best Mount Lady Cosplay From My Hero Academia

Cosplay: Oichi

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